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[ DigiCell ] MSI Motherboard/Audio/Communication/MegaStick integrated utility  

Power-on-agent support list : 

Auto-Log-in support os : Windows Me/2000/Xp/Xp64

Audio chip support list :
	RealTek 655,658,850,880,882,883
	C-Media 9880
	ADI	888

On-board LAN support list:
	Intel(R) PRO/1000 CT Network Connection			(82547EI)
	Intel(R) PRO/1000 PM Network Connection			(82537E/V)
	Intel(R) PRO/1000 MT Network Connection			(82541PI)
	NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller
	Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC		(RTL8100C)
	Realtek RTL8139/810x Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC	(RTL8100C)			
	Realtek RTL8169/8110 Family Gigabit Ethernet NIC	(RTL8110S)
	Realtek RTL8168/8111 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC		(RTL8111B)
	VIA Networking Velocity Family Giga-bit Ethernet Adapter(VT6122)
	VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter			(VT6103)
	Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller		(BCM440)
	Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet			(BCM5788)
	Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet			(BCM5751)
	Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T Adapter(Marvell 88E8053)
	Marvell Yukon 88E8053 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (Marvell PCI-E)

Wireless LAN support list:
	Ralink 11g 						(Ms6833/34/35)
	Intersil 11g/CSR bluetooth				(Ms6852)

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	version (04/13/2004)
			new release
			add BluetoothAvoidChannel()

	version (05/11/2004)
			add C-Media 9880 audio
		new mainboard : 
         		MS-7028 (BCM5751,CMI9880) 
         		MS-7052 (Marvell 88E8053,CMI9880) 
			MS-7058 (Marvell 88E8053,CMI9880) 

	version (06/01/2004)
	        add Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network.
	        modify CMOS Address of MS-7028 V1.0 for Power On Function.
	        add equalizer and environment supports for VIA1617A of MS-7047 & MS-7043
	        modify CMOS Address of MS-6702E for Power On Function.
		new mainboard : 
         		MS-7053 (BCM5751/Intel 82562EZ,ALC861) 

	version (06/11/2004)
	        fix Via audio message
		rebuild for communication team 
		new mainboard :
			MS-6702 v2.0 (RTL8110S,RealTek 655,A6702VMS.552)

	version (07/22/2004)
		rebuild for communication team
	        fix DigiCell key 3 and key 4 error
		new mainboard :
			MS-6728 v3.0 (RTL8110S,ALC850)

	version (09/03/2004)
		rebuild for communication team

	version (09/30/2004)
		modify CMOS Address of MS-7058 for Power On Function.

	version (11/05/2004)
		new mainboard :
			MS-7125 (NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller,ALC850)
			MS-7100 (NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller,Creative)
			MS-7066 (Marvell PCI-E,ALC880)
			MS-7088 (RTL8100C ,ALC655)
			MS-7133 (RTL8100C ,ALC880)
			MS-7135 (NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller,ALC655)

	version (12/08/2004)
		new mainboard :
			MS-7093 (RTL8100C ,ALC658 ,W7093AMS.395)
			MS-7140 (BCM440 ,ADI888)
			MS-7143 (BCM440 ,ADI888)
			MS-7062 (RTL8100C ,ALC880)
			MS-7166 (RTL8110S ,ALC655) 
		support vcenter in digicell for MS-7143/7140
		support pcalert in digicell for MS-7062 
		fix support CoreCenter in digicell for MS-7066 

	version (04/19/2005)
		new mainboard :
			MS-7181 (VT6103 ,VT1617) 
			MS-7159 (BCM5788 ,ALC655) 
			MS-7185 (NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller ,ALC850) 
		add erase button to disable rtc setting
		support pcalert in digicell for MS-7181

	version (05/13/2005)
		new mainboard :
			MS-7160 (NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller,Creative) 
			MS-7160(v2.0) (NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller,ALC850) 
			MS-7176 (82537V,ALC882) 
			MS-7158 (82537E,ALC882) 
			MS-7191 (RTL8110S ,ALC880) 
		add "NetworkCards" registry for Len.(on installshield)
		fix support CoreCenter in digicell for MS-7166 
		fix audio error for MS-7166 
		fix audio speaker string error for MS-7139
		changed audio (ALC880 to ALC882) for MS-7139

	version (07/29/2005)
		support 64/32 bit os
		new mainboard :
			MS-7175 (82541PI ,ALC880 ,A7175IMS.10D)

	version (08/30/2005)
		new mainboard :
			MS-7178 (RTL8110S ,ALC880)
			MS-7194 (RTL8110S ,ALC880)
			MS-7210 (RTL8110S ,ALC880)
			MS-7208 (RTL8100C ,ALC655)
			MS-7207 (RTL8201 ,ALC880)

	version (10/18/2005)
		new mainboard :
			MS-7220 (88E8053 ,Creative)
			MS-7203 (RTL8110S ,ALC880 ,A7203NMS.10D)
			MS-7173 (RTL8201  ,ALC883 ,A7173AMS.105)
		MS-7058 power on func support BIOS(A7058IMS.180)

	version (1/4/2006)
		new mainboard :
			MS-7246 (BCM5751 ,ALC883 ,W7246IMS.109)

	version (3/17/2006)
		remove MAIL TO MSI button

	version (3/27/2006)
		new mainboard :
			MS-7226 (NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller ,Creative ,A7226NMS.901)
			MS-7242 (RTL8100C ,ALC883 ,A7242AMS.302)

	version (3/31/2006)
		new mainboard :
			MS-7250 (NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller ,ALC883 ,A7250NMS.10G)

	version (5/18/2006)
		fix audio type error for MS-7173

	version (5/23/2006)
		fix audio and network type error for MS-7226
		MS-7226 power on function support A7226NMS.901 
		auto detect RealTek audio chip(ALC655,ALC880,ALC883)for MS-7173
		supprot dual core center for MS-7226

	version (6/7/2006)
		auto detect audio chip for MS-7173v1.0(ALC655/ALC HD) and MS-7173v2.0(ALC655/ALC883)

	version (6/8/2006)
		fix power on function for MS-7028(BIOS VER = A7028IMS.195)

New Version:		Build Date: 2006.06.27
	1. new mainboard :
		MS-7238 v0B(A7238IMS.104, RTL8111B, ALC883)
	2. modify MS-7173 v1.0 show "ALC655" and "ALC HD" for ALC880,883
			  v2.0 show "ALC655" and "ALC883"
	3. add Creative Audio UninstallString "Sound Blaster Audigy" in registry
		- effective models: MS-7100,MS-7160 v1.0,MS-7220 v1.0,MS-7226 v1.0
	4. fix power on function for MS-7238 v0B(A7238IMS.105)
New Version:		Build Date: 2006.08.31
	1. fix power on function for MS-7238 v1.1(A7238IMS.10D)
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