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File Description:  56K AC-Link Voice Modem (Brookings) 
Revision:  3.05.28
Operating System:  Windows XP  
Driver Part Number:  7511679 

Table of Contents
Applicable Part Numbers

This is the Windows XP modem driver for the Conexant 56K AC-Link Voice modem integrated on the Brookings motherboard.

The 56K AC-Link Voice modem is integrated on the Brookings motherboard.  The BIOS version specifically identifies the Brookings motherboard.  The BIOS version can be viewed by entering the BIOS Setup utility.  When turning on the system, begin pressing the F1 key at 1-second intervals until the word "WAIT" appears in the middle of the display screen.  The BIOS version is listed on the Main menu and should begin with "0AAVI."  This prefix specifically identifies the Brookings motherboard with the integrated 56K AC-Link Voice modem.  

The following instructions are written specifically for the Brookings motherboards identified below with the operating system, Windows XP, already installed.  Only the motherboard part numbers identified below are qualified for Windows XP.  The 7511679.exe file is a self-extracting file that extracts a larger number of files into the C:\Drivers\7511679 directory on the hard disk drive.  

1.  From the Start menu, click Run. 

2.  In the Run dialog box, in the Open text box, type the path and location of the 7511679.exe file, for example,  C:\Drivers\7511679.exe.  Click OK.  

3.  The files are extracted to the C:\Drivers\7511679 directory.

4.  From the Start menu, click Control Panel.

5.  In Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance.

6.  In the Performance and Maintenance window, click the System icon.

7.  In the System Properties dialog box, click the Hardware tab.

8.  On the Hardware tab, click Device Manager.

9.  If the modem drivers have not been installed, the modem device is listed under Other Devices as PCI Modem.  If the modem drivers were previously installed, the modem device is listed under Modems as 56K AC-Link Voice Modem.  

Note:  Click on the plus sign (+) located to the left of the category to expand and display the installed devices listed under that category.  

10.  Double-click the appropriate device, either PCI Modem or 56K AC-Link Voice Modem.

11.  In the PCI Modem Properties dialog box, click the Driver tab.

12.  On the Driver tab, click Update Driver.

13.  In the Hardware Update Wizard dialog box, select Install from a list or specific location (Advanced), and then click Next.

14.  Verify that Search for the best driver in these locations is selected.  Click to clear the Search removable media (floppy, CD-ROM) check box.  Select  the Include this location in the search check box.  In the text box, type the location of the drivers, for example, C:\Drivers\7511679.  Click Next.

15.  Click Finish.  

16.  In the 56K AC-Link Voice Modem Properties dialog box, click Close.  

17.  Close Device Manager.  

18.  In the System Properties dialog box, click OK.

19.  Close the Performance and Maintenance window or Control Panel.

Although it is not be required, restart the computer to initialize the updated driver.

1.  From the Start menu, click Control Panel.

2.  In Control Panel, click Add or Remove Programs.

3.  In the Add or Remove Programs window, select 56K AC-Link Voice Modem, and then click Change/Remove.

4.  The modem is successfully removed.

Applicable Part Numbers
Gateway Part Numbers
Brookings Motherboards:  2515103, 2515104, 2515110, 2515112, 2515113, 2515114

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How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

For more help, visit our Driver Support section for step-by-step videos on how to install drivers for every file type.

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