pdif88_driver_history.txt Driver File Contents (pdif88_updpr39.zip)

Prodif 88(TM) Driver Version History

Version 4.05.1014 (6/21/2004):
1. Enable record channel sync mode configuration option.
2. Update "Driver Support Policy" in ReadMe.txt.
3. Allow for product branding options.
NOTE: this driver requires firmware version 6 (PCI Rev 002) or later.

Version 4.05.1013 (11/5/2003):
1. Improve DAC and PLL reference clock selection logic.
2. Fix word clock frequency display when clock is running at 32 kHz.
3. Fix digital output channel status sample rate bits at 88.2 and 96 kHz.
4. Add support for rev C hardware.
NOTE: this driver requires firmware version 6 (PCI Rev 002) or later.

Version 4.05.1012 (9/29/2003):
1. Don't allow word clock on outputs when using AES/EBU clock on inputs.
2. Add "Driver Support Policy" to ReadMe.txt.

Version 4.05.1011 (12/3/2002):
1. Change ASIO driver start() sequencing to reduce record/play latency.
2. Fix error message loop when master/slave card configurations conflict.
3. Disable record channel sync mode configuration option.

Version 4.05.1010 (10/14/2002): [beta test release]
1. Add double sample rate mono stream support to wave driver.
2. Add additional support for manufacturing test software.
3. Clarify ASIO driver installation instructions.
4. Increase number of supported devices.
5. Change ASIO driver sample/system time reporting to match ASIO 2 spec.
6. Improve performance of ASIO driver.

Version 4.05.1009 (7/10/2002): [beta test release]
1. Add configuration option to disable channel synchronization.
2. Improve response time of driver cleanup when applications crash.
3. Improve AES/EBU monitoring support.
4. Fix problems with ZLM on AES/EBU outputs.
5. Add support for ASIO direct input monitoring.

Version 4.05.1008 (6/6/2002):
1. Update trademark information.
2. Update ASIO install instructions in README.TXT.

Version 4.05.1007 (5/9/2002):
1. Add support for manufacturing test software.
2. Delay after starting DMA to allow FIFO prefill.
3. Allow time for multichannel unpause to synchronize with L/R clock.
4. Add support for consumer mode (requires 001.4 firmware and rev B card).
5. Add ASIO 2.0 support.
6. Update README.TXT and .INF files.
7. Reset digital transmitters when clock master incoming clock changes.

Version 4.05.1006 (4/10/2002):
1. Reset digital transmitters when clocks change.

Version 4.05.1005 (4/3/2002):
1. Change ASIO driver DLL name to meet 9x .INF 8.3 filename requirement.
2. Implement ZLM for AES/EBU outputs.
3. Add Windows 2000/XP readme file to clarify driver install/update instructions.
4. Fix sync record+play configuration option selection bug.
5. Set clock divisor bits for slaves when master is on internal clock.
6. Fix display in "Clock + Sync" configuration page for slave cards.
7. Add space for extra configuration pages in multi-card configurations.
8. Fix driver error when removing devices after "Configuration" page displayed.
9. Remove extra reset when clearing sample data state machine.

Version 4.05.1004 (1/29/2002):
1. Fix channel sync enable.
2. Reset sample counters properly in sync mode.
3. Allow time for sample counter reset to propagate through state machine.
4. Add extra reset to clear sample data state machine.
5. Fix debug log wrap logic.
6. Add sync record+play configuration option.
7. Properly clear active sample rate when last open device closed.

Version 4.05.1003 (1/21/2002):
1. Use correct PLL word clock ranges.
2. Don't try to sync channels after all channels have been paused.
3. Enforce correct clock rules when doing direct AES/EBU in->out monitoring.
4. Change name of "Monitor" tab to "Analog Output" to be consistent.

Version 4.05.1002 (1/8/2002): [beta test release]
1. Rebuild 4.05.1001c driver using standard driver build procedure.

Version 4.05.1001c (1/8/2002): [beta test release]
First beta test driver release.
Please see the file "ReadMe.txt" for more details.

Prodif 88(TM) Firmware Version History

PCI Rev 002, Version 7 (3/2/2004):
Updated firmware release for rev B/C/D Prodif 88(TM).
1. Clean up DMA state machine sequencing.
NOTE: this firmware requires driver version 4.05.1013 or later.

PCI Rev 002, Version 6 (10/21/2003):
Updated firmware release for rev B/C Prodif 88(TM).
1. Add support for rev C hardware.
NOTE: this firmware requires driver version 4.05.1013 or later.

PCI Rev 001, Version 5 (9/15/2003):
Updated firmware release for rev B Prodif 88(TM).
1. Use PLL to increase clock stability when slaving to AES/EBU inputs.

PCI Rev 001, Version 4 (5/6/2002):
Updated firmware release for rev B Prodif 88(TM).
1. Add support for consumer mode (requires 4.05.1007 driver and rev B card).

PCI Rev 001, Version 3 (3/26/2002):
1. Fix inter-card sync.
2. Fix sample data state machine reset logic.

PCI Rev 001, Version 2 (1/29/2002):
1. Fix channel sync enable.
2. Properly synchronize inter-channel sync.

PCI Rev 001, Version 1 (1/8/2002):
Original firmware release for rev A Prodif 88(TM).

Prodif 88 is a trademark of SEK'D America.
Windows and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
Cubase and VST are registered trademarks and ASIO is a trademark of Steinberg Media
Technologies AG.  All other trademarks are property of their respective holders.
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