PMXUSB.INF Driver File Contents (

; Samp.INF  -- Windows Still Image Setup File for the DDK
; Copyright (c) 1997 Microsoft Corporation

; Leave thse lines as they are
LayoutFile=layout.inf, layout1.inf

DefaultDestDir=11               ; LDID_SYS that is, \windows\system

; remove comment from this line for PnP devices
; ExcludeFromSelect=*


; Replace PnPIDINformation with the hardware ID generated by your
; device for PnP identification
%G2.CCD.300.Viceo.PMX% = Samp.Scanner, USB\VID_0461&PID_0300
%G2.CCD.600.Viceo.PMX% = Samp.Scanner, USB\VID_0461&PID_0380

%G2E.CCD.300.E1.PMX%   = Samp.Scanner, USB\VID_0461&PID_0301
%G2E.CCD.600.E1.PB%    = Samp.Scanner, USB\VID_0461&PID_0381

%G2E.CIS.300.E2.PMX%   = Samp.Scanner, USB\VID_0461&PID_0302
%G2E.CIS.600.E2.PMX%   = Samp.Scanner, USB\VID_0461&PID_0382

%G2E.CCD.300.E3.PMX%   = Samp.Scanner, USB\VID_0461&PID_0303
%G2E.CCD.600.E3.PMX%   = Samp.Scanner, USB\VID_0461&PID_0383

%G2E.CCD.300.E3.Visi%  = Samp.Scanner, USB\VID_04A7&PID_0221
%G2E.CCD.600.E3.Visi%  = Samp.Scanner, USB\VID_04A7&PID_0211
%G2E.CCD.600.E3.6100%  = Samp.Scanner, USB\VID_04A7&PID_0231

%G2E.CCD.300.E1.PI%   = Samp.Scanner, USB\VID_0461&PID_0340
%G2E.CCD.600.E1.PI%   = Samp.Scanner, USB\VID_0461&PID_0360

%G2E.CCD.300.E3.PI%   = Samp.Scanner, USB\VID_0461&PID_0341
%G2E.CCD.600.E3.PI%   = Samp.Scanner, USB\VID_0461&PID_0361

%G2E.CCD.600.E3.KYE%   = Samp.Scanner, USB\VID_0458&PID_2001

; Since video devices also use the class installer you must identify still image devices
; scanner = 1, camera = 2
; Put here any number you want to identify subtypes. These are vendor specified.

; bit 1 = can generate events, 2 = requires polling
; To Enable additional property pages for this device in the CPL
; To add to the property pages you need to attach them

; These name events that are to trigge application launching.
Events="Name of Event 1,Name of event 2"

; Forward reference to ancillary device data
; Forward reference to registry information
; Forward reference to those files to copy
; Forward reference to those files to delete on uninstall
; Forward reference to uninstall instructions

; Ancillary data to be associated with this device.
; TwainDS, ICMProfile, and ISISDriverName are known identifiers
TwainDS="Samp TWAIN DS"
ICMProfiles="profile 1,profile 2"
; You can also attach additional information to any device.
SpecialInfo="My very special information"

; This all depends on which kernel services you need
; list system driver here if required such as this line for SCSI devices using MS SCSISCAN

; Replace the GUID in these four lines with a new GUID from guidgen
; Also change it in Sampusd.h
;Change the dll name at the end of this line
HKCR,CLSID\{0A2FCEA2-31B2-11D1-B5BA-0080C869E344},,,"Samp STI USD"

; any required sys file such as these two for SCSI devices

; User mode minidriver

; If you have extended the control panel's property pages


; If you have extended the control panel's property pages

Mfg="Primax Electronics Ltd."
G2.CCD.300.Viceo.PMX = "Primax G2-300 USB FB SCANNER PID:300"
G2.CCD.600.Viceo.PMX = "Primax G2-600 USB FB SCANNER PID:380"

G2E.CCD.300.E1.PMX  = "Primax G2E-300 USB FB SCANNER PID:301"
G2E.CCD.600.E1.PB   = "ReadyScan 636i USB Scanner"

G2E.CIS.300.E2.PMX  = "Primax G2-300 USB FB SCANNER PID:302"
G2E.CIS.600.E2.PMX  = "Primax G2-600 USB FB SCANNER PID:382"

G2E.CCD.300.E3.PMX  = "Primax G2E-300 USB FB SCANNER PID:303"
G2E.CCD.600.E3.PMX  = "Primax G2E-600 USB FB SCANNER PID:383"

G2E.CCD.300.E3.Visi = "Visioneer OneTouch 5300 USB"
G2E.CCD.600.E3.Visi = "Visioneer OneTouch 7600 USB"
G2E.CCD.600.E3.6100 = "Visioneer 6100 USB"

G2E.CCD.300.E1.PI   = "Colorado USB 9600"
G2E.CCD.600.E1.PI   = "Colorado USB 19200"

G2E.CCD.300.E3.PI   = "Colorado 600u"
G2E.CCD.600.E3.PI   = "Colorado 1200u"

G2E.CCD.600.E3.KYE  = "Genius ColorPage-Vivid Pro USB"
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