release.txt Driver File Contents (6863b.exe)

           VIA VT686A/686B/8231 AC'97 Audio Device Driver Release History       
                         ³  Full Release Version 2.20a  ³     
* 2001/12/13 (Ver 2.20a)
                           (a) Include MS combo WHQL Logo CAT file into this package.

                         ³   Full Release Version 2.20  ³     
* 2001/11/26 (Ver 2.20)
                           (a) Add Enabled "mono out" function to OEM.REG.
                           (b) Fixing the issue that WinNT Terminal server can't be installed. 
                           (a) Changing driver to fix DXDIAG of DX8 testing for hardwate
                               accelerator. It show a message "not supported hardware buffer".
                               The VT1616 codec issue in the same failure also was fixed.
                           (b) Changing driver to patch ViaVoice application bug that always tunes
                               wrong wave out volume setting in PC speaker.
                           (c) Add new SUBSYS ID for new VIA AC'97 codec in VT1612A series to INF file.
                           (d) Add Mic2 selection to topology for AC'97 codec, the default is disabled
                           (e) Patching NEC/FIC howling issue when the NB is booting, the failed
                               probability is 2/3000.
                           (f) Fix the HP Berumda wake up from S3 no sound problem that cause by the
                               Crystal Codec wake up too late.
USER\WIN9x\*.*  (VXD driver)
                           (a) Change version to 4 items "" for pass S3 verify test.
                           (a) Support new software SRC algorithm to get good audio quality.

                         ³   Full Release Version 2.10c ³     
* 2001/11/01 (Ver 2.10c)
                           (a) Add MS WHQL LOGO CAT file into each directory.
                           (a) Support Linux RedHat 7.1.

                         ³   Full Release Version 2.10b ³     
* 2001/10/17 (Ver 2.10b)
Installation Program
                           (a) Enable OEMREG method for Win98SE/WinMe/Win2K/WinXP 
                               in Setup program in order to let the user control the behavior of 
                               the Mixer control lines
                           (b) Fix SPK icon missing problem for MS SNDVOL32.exe in Win2K environmet
                               after we install WDM driver through VIA Setup Program.
NT4.0 Driver
                           (a) Increase the Dispatch Level of IRP processing routine to 
                               avoid some critical problem like as IBM e-phone bug.
                           (b) This driver has been passed MS WHQL ceritified program, and
                               have gotten the LOGO.

OS/2 Driver
                           (a) Fix the chopping sound issue when we play AVI file.
                           (b) Fix System Hung problem in some playing case.
                           (c) Add Pause function
                           (d) Enhance Position handling function
                           (e) Provide multiple wave file playing function.

                         ³   Full Release Version 2.10a ³     
* 2001/10/05 (Ver 2.10a)
Installation Program
                           (a) In Win98, we just use VXD driver to replace WDM driver in
                               order to match O.S. requirement.
WDM Driver for WinXP
                           (a) Include MS WHQL Windows XP LOGO CAT file into this package.

* 2001/08/31 (Ver 2.10)
Installation Program
                           (a) Support Windows XP driver installation.
                           (b) Fix the system dynamic hung problem after we install 
                               driver into Win98SE if O.S. is enumerating the Game Port 
                           (c) Provide some parameters in .ini file in order 
                               to let MB Manufacture to decide whethter the 
                               system reboot is required for each O.S. or not.

WDM Driver for Win98SE, Win2K, WinMe and WinXP
                           (a) Support Windows XP.
                           (b) Use Windows XP in-box driver code base, in other
                               word, we use the qualified source code base to 
                               build up this driver binary file.
                           (c) Fix wrong driver information checked by the driver verifier 
                               tool published by S3 company.
                           (d) Support AC3 over S/PDIF through VIA CODEC VT1616/VT1612A

VXD driver for Win95, Win98:
                           (a) Support the HPP/HPS function of VIA VT1612A
                           (b) Solve the no-sound problem if the Master Out 
                               is routed from Headphone of the AD1885 codec.   
NT4.0 driver:
	   		   (a) Fix SW SRC bad quality issue reported our customer. 
                           (b) Change our default setting as following: 
                               Playback Mode: (1) Mute the MIC
                                              (2) Enable MIC 20dB boost
                               Record Mode:   (1) Set MIC to be as default recording source.
                           (c) Fix wrong driver information checked by the driver verifier 
                               tool published by S3 company.
                           (d) Fix our customer E-phone Application problem: Playback 
                               sound will be break after 55 seconds.

Linux driver:   	   
	   		   (a) Support Mandrake Linux 8.0 driver binary.
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