92XXD8-1.INI Driver File Contents (sigmatel_audio_xp.zip)

stac97.cpl = 0x25
stsystra.exe = 0x24
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\Volume Control\SigmaTel C-Major Audio=Yes
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppletsVolume Control\SigmaTel High Definition Audio=yes
HideTrayIcon = dword: 1
PollingPeriod = dword: 500
RecordPriority = dword: 0
ShowEventDialog = dword: 1
InitVerbs               = hex: 34,e4,17,00
TraceFlags 		= dword: 0x89b3
CPL_UserControlsPowerManagementSettings = Hex: 0
CPL_EnableJacksPage = Hex: 1
RegVersion = dword: 1
idEffect = dword: 8
Load = dword: 1
order = dword: 899
bypass = dword: 0
cfgdflt                 = dword: 0x02214030
action                  = hex: 0x81,0xd,0x81,0xc,0x81,0xb,0x81,0xf
cfgdflt                 = dword: 0x01A19021
cfgcurr                 = dword: 0x01119013
AltCfg			= hex: 21,90,A1,01,13,90,11,01
cfgdflt                 = dword: 0x01111012
cfgdflt                 = dword: 0x01114010
cfgdflt                 = dword: 0x02A19020
cfgdflt                 = dword: 0x01117011
cfgdflt                 = dword: 0x01813122
cfgdflt                 = dword: 0x400001F0
cfgdflt			= dword: 0x400001F1
cfgdflt			= dword: 0x400001F2
UniqueId 		= hex: 0
LegacyIoctlHere 	= hex: 1
CaptureConverter 	= hex: 6
RenderConverter 	= hex: 2, 5, 3, 4
DisableSPDIFControl	= hex: 1
EnabledPcmRenderBitsAndRates = dword: 0xfffffffe
EnabledPcmCaptureBitsAndRates = dword: 0xfffffffe
EnableSetFormatSupport  = hex: 1
EnableInputMonitor      = hex: 1
KeepAdcAlwaysOn         = hex: 1
EnableHwSpeakerConfigurationSupport = hex: 1
MasterControlsIndependentMixerInputs = hex: 1
MicIn = dword: 0x000c0000
Mic2In = dword: 0x000c0000
Mic2In = "{A72A6A9C-896A-45ce-AD88-6BB096B11B36}"
InpMonitor = "{AD16E140-C319-4381-98AB-AB72A3C26892}"
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