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AT Command Format

When issuing AT commands, you must abide by the following syntax conventions:

* A command line consists of a prefix, body, and terminator.  Each command
  line must begin with "AT" (except A/, A> and +++).
* AT commands must be terminated by a carriage return (except A/ and A>).
* Commands entered upper or lower case are accepted.
* The body is a string of commands restricted to printable ASCII characters
  (032 - 126).
* Space (ASCII 032) and control characters other than CR (ASCII 013) and BS
  (ASCII 010) in the command string are ignored.
* The default terminator is the ASCII <CR> character.  Characters that
  precede the AT prefix are ignored.
* Missing decimal parameters (n) are assumed as 0.
* The modem recognizes the backspace character for editing.  When echo is
  enabled, a backspace or delete is echoed a backspace character, a space
  character, and another backspace.  The code used for the backspace character
  is programmable through register S5.  Values equal to 0 or greater than 32,
  or the carriage return character value, cannot be used for the backspace
* The AT sequence may be followed by any command sequence, except for ATZ
  (reset), ATD (dial), or ATA (answer). Commands following these commands on
  the same command line are ignored. 
* The maximum number of characters on any command line is 60 (not counting
  the initial "AT").
* If a syntax error is found in a command, the remainder of the line will be
  ignored and an ERROR code will be returned.
* Most commands entered with parameters out of range will not be accepted and
  the ERROR response will be returned to the DTE.
* The next command will only be accepted by the modem once the previous
  command has been fully executed.
* Execution of commands D and A, either as a result of a direct command or a
  re-execute command, will be aborted if another character is entered before
  completion of the handshake.

Command Quick Reference

&$    HELP, Ampersand Commands       Mn    n=0  Speaker Off
A/    Repeat Last Command                  n=1  Speaker On Until CD
A>    Continuously Repeat Command          n=2  Speaker Always On
AT    Command Mode Prefix                  n=3  Speaker Off During Dial
A     Answer Call                    On    n=0  Return Online
Bn    n=0  V32 Mode/CCITT Answer Seq       n=1  Return Online & Retrain
      n=1  Bell Answer Seq           P     Pulse Dial
Dn    Dial a Telephone Number        Qn    n=0  Result Codes Sent
      n=0..9#*TPR,;"W@!()-                 n=1  Quiet (No Result Codes)
DL    Dial Last Phone Number               n=2  Verbose/Quiet On Answer
DSn   Dial Stored Phone Number       Sr=n  Sets Register "r" to "n"
D$    HELP, Dial Commands            Sr?   Query Register "r"
En    n=0  No Command Echo           S$    HELP, S Registers
      n=1  Echo Command Chars        T     Tone Dial
Fn    n=0  Online Echo               Vn    n=0  Numeric Responses
      n=1  No Online Echo                  n=1  Verbal Responses
Hn    n=0  On Hook (Hang Up)         Xn    n=0  Basic Result Codes
      n=1  Off Hook                        n=1  Extended Result Codes
In    n=0  Product Code                    n=2-4  Advanced Result Codes
      n=1  Checksum                  Yn    n=0  Next reset to &W0 settings
      n=2  RAM Test                        n=1  Next reset to &W1 settings
      n=3  Product ID string               n=2  Next reset to &F0 settings
      n=4  Current Settings                n=3  Next reset to &F1 settings
      n=5  NVRAM Settings                  n=4  Next reset to &F2 settings
      n=6  Link Diagnostics          Zn    n=0  Software Reset
      n=7  Product Configuration           n=1  Reset to &W0 settings
      n=10 VXD Configuration Screen        n=2  Reset to &W1 settings
      n=11 V.34 Link Screen                n=3  Reset to &F0 settings
Ln    n=0  Lowest Speaker Volume              n=4  Reset to &F1 settings
      n=1  Low Speaker Volume              n=5  Reset to &F2 settings
      n=2  Medium Speaker Volume        +++   Escape Code
      n=3  High Speaker Volume         $     HELP,  Command Summary

Dial Commands  (See Dn in the Command Quick Reference)

0-9 Digits to Dial
*   Auxiliary Tone Dial Digit
#   Auxiliary Tone Dial Digit
T   Tone Dialing
P   Pulse Dialing
R   Call an Originate Only Modem
,   Pause (Wait for S8 Time)
;   Remain in Command Mode After Dialing
"   Used to Dial Alpha Phone #'s
W   Wait for 2nd Dial Tone (X2,X4)
@   Wait for an Answer (X3-X4)
!   Flash Switch Hook

Ampersand Commands

&An   n=0  Disable /ARQ Result Codes   &Pn   n=0  N.American Pulse Dial
      n=1  Enable /ARQ Result Codes          n=1  UK Pulse Dial
      n=2  Enable /Modulation Codes    &Rn   n=1  Ignore RTS
      n=3  Enable /Extra Result Codes        n=2  RX to DTE/RTS high
&Bn   n=0  Reserved                    &Sn   n=0  DSR Always On
      n=1  Fixed DTE Speed                   n=1  Modem Controls DSR
      n=2  Reserved                    &Tn   n=0  End Test
&Cn   n=0  CD Always On                      n=1  Analog Loopback (ALB)
      n=1  Modem Controls CD                 n=3  Digital Loopback (DLB)
&Dn   n=0  Ignore DTR                        n=4  Grant Remote DLB
      n=1  On-Line Command Mode              n=5  Deny Remote DLB
      n=2  DTE Controls DTR                  n=6  Remote Digital Loopback
&Fn   n=0  Load Factory Configuration        n=7  Remote DLB With Self Test
      n=1  Hardware Flow Control Cnfg.       n=8  ALB With Self Test
      n=2  Software Flow Control Cnfg. &Un   n=0  Variable link rate floor
&Gn   n=0  No Guard Tone                     n=1  Minimum link rate: 300 bps
      n=1  550 Hz Guard Tone                 n=2  Minimum link rate: 1200 bps
      n=2  1800 Hz Guard Tone                n=3  Minimum link rate: 2400 bps
&Hn   n=0  Disable TX Flow Control           n=4  Minimum link rate: 4800 bps
      n=1  CTS                               n=5  Minimum link rate: 7200 bps
      n=2  Xon/Xoff                          n=6  Minimum link rate: 9600 bps
&In   n=0  Disable RX Flow Control           n=7  Minimum link rate: 12000 bps
      n=1  Xon/Xoff                          n=8  Minimum link rate: 14400 bps
      n=2  Xon/Xoff Chars Filtered           n=9  Minimum link rate: 16800 bps
      n=3  HP Enq/Ack Host Mode              n=10 Minimum link rate: 19200 bps
      n=4  HP Enq/Ack Terminal Mode          n=11 Minimum link rate: 21600 bps
      n=5  Xon/Xoff for non-ARQ Mode         n=12 Minimum link rate: 24000 bps
&Kn   n=0  Disable Data Compression          n=13 Minimum link rate: 26400 bps
      n=1  Auto Data Compression             n=14 Minimum link rate: 28800 bps
      n=2  Enable Data Compression           n=15 Minimum link rate: 31200 bps
      n=3  Selective Data Compression        n=16 Minimum link rate: 33600 bps
&Mn   n=0  Normal Mode                       n=17 Minimum link rate: 28000 bps
      n=4  ARQ/Normal Mode                   n=18 Minimum link rate: 29333 bps
      n=5  ARQ Mode                          n=19 Minimum link rate: 30666 bps
&Nn   n=0  Highest Link Speed                n=20 Minimum link rate: 32000 bps
      n=1  300 bps                           n=21 Minimum link rate: 33333 bps
      n=2  1200 bps                          n=22 Minimum link rate: 34666 bps
      n=3  2400 bps                          n=23 Minimum link rate: 36000 bps
      n=4  4800 bps                          n=24 Minimum link rate: 37333 bps
      n=5  7200 bps                          n=25 Minimum link rate: 38666 bps
      n=6  9600 bps                          n=26 Minimum link rate: 40000 bps
      n=7  12000 bps                         n=27 Minimum link rate: 41333 bps
      n=8  14400 bps                         n=28 Minimum link rate: 42666 bps
      n=9  16800 bps                         n=29 Minimum link rate: 44000 bps
      n=10 19200 bps                         n=30 Minimum link rate: 45333 bps
      n=11 21600 bps                         n=31 Minimum link rate: 46666 bps
      n=12 24000 bps                         n=32 Minimum link rate: 48000 bps
      n=13 26400 bps                         n=33 Minimum link rate: 49333 bps
      n=14 28800 bps                         n=34 Minimum link rate: 50666 bps
      n=15 31200 bps                         n=35 Minimum link rate: 52000 bps
      n=16 33600 bps                         n=36 Minimum link rate: 53333 bps
      n=17 28000 bps                         n=37 Minimum link rate: 54666 bps
      n=18 29333 bps                         n=38 Minimum link rate: 56000 bps
      n=19 30666 bps                         n=39 Minimum link rate: 57333 bps
      n=20 32000 bps                   &Wn   n=0  Store Configuration 0
      n=21 33333 bps                         n=1  Store Configuration 1
      n=22 34666 bps                   &Yn   n=0  Destructive
      n=23 36000 bps                         n=1  Destructive/Expedited
      n=24 37333 bps                         n=2  Nondest./Expedited
      n=25 38666 bps                         n=3  Nondest./Unexpedited
      n=26 40000 bps                   &Zn=s Store Phone Number
      n=27 41333 bps                   &Zn?  Query Phone Number
      n=28 42666 bps
      n=29 44000 bps
      n=30 45333 bps
      n=31 46666 bps
      n=32 48000 bps
      n=33 49333 bps
      n=34 50666 bps
      n=35 52000 bps
      n=36 53333 bps
      n=37 54666 bps
      n=38 56000 bps
      n=39 57333 bps

S Register Functions

S0  Ring to Answer On                  S24 Reserved
S1  Counts # of Rings                  S25 DTR Recognition Time (1/100sec)
S2  Escape Code Char                   S26 Reserved
S3  Carriage Return Char               S27 Bit Mapped
S4  Line Feed Char                           1 = V21 Mode
S5  Backspace Char                           2 = Disable TCM
S6  Wait Time/Dial Tone (sec)                4 = Disable V32
S7  Wait Time/Carrier (sec)                  8 = Disable 2100hz
S8  Comma Time (sec)                        16 = Enable V23 Fallback
S9  Carrier Detect Time (1/10sec)           32 = Disable V32bis
S10 Carrier Loss Time (1/10sec)             64 = Reserved
S11 Dial Tone Spacing (msec)               128 = Software Compatibility Mode
S12 Escape Code Time (1/50sec)         S28 V32 Handshake Time (1/10sec)
S13 Bit Mapped                         S29 V.21 Answer Mode fallback timer
      1 = Reset On DTR Loss            S30 Reserved
      2 = Reduced Non ARQ TX Buffer    S31 Reserved
      4 = Set DEL=Backspace            S32 Connection bit mapped operations.
      8 = Do DS0 On DTR                      1 = V.8 Call Indicate Enable
     16 = Do DS0 On Reset                    2 = Enable V.8 Mode
     32 = Reserved                           4 = Disable V.FC modulation
     64 = Reserved                           8 = Disable V.34 modulation
    128 = Escape Code Hang Up               16 = Disable V.34+ modulation
S14 Reserved                                32 = Disable x2 modulation
S15 Bit Mapped                              64 = Disable V.90 modulation
      1 = MNP/V.42 Disabled in V.22        128 = Reserved
      2 = MNP/V.42 Disabled in V.22bis S33 V.34 & V.34+ Connection setup
      4 = MNP/V.42 Disabled in V.32        bit mapped control flags.
     32 = Disable MNP Level 3                4 = Disable 2800 Symbol rate
     64 = Unusual MNP-Incompatibility        8 = Disable 3000 Symbol rate
    128 = Disable V.42                      16 = Disable 3200 Symbol rate
    136 = Disable V.42 detection phase      32 = Disable 3429 Symbol rate
S16 Test Modes                              64 = Reserved
      1 = Reserved                         128 = Disable Shaping
      2 = Dial Test                    S34 V.34 & V.34+ Connection setup
      4 = Reserved                         bit mapped control flags.
      8 = Reserved                           1 = Reserved
     16 = Reserved                           2 = Reserved
     32 = Reserved                           4 = Reserved
     64 = Reserved                           8 = Reserved
    128 = Reserved                          16 = Disable Non linear coding
S17 Reserved                                32 = Disable TX level deviation
S18 &Tn Test Timeout (sec)                  64 = Disable Pre-emphasis
S19 Inactivity Timeout (min)               128 = Disable Pre-coding
S20 Reserved                           S35 Reserved
S21 Break Length (1/100sec)            S36 Reserved
S22 Xon Char                           S37 Reserved
S23 Xoff Char                          S38 Disconnect Wait Time (sec)

server: web4, load: 0.19