SETUP_EN.TXT Driver File Contents (WinnerII.exe)

        | README file for ELSA ELSA graphics driver Setup
        | ELSA graphics driver Setup for Windows NT 4.00 Build 1381
        | Version:
        | Copyright (c) 1993-99 ELSA AG, Aachen (Germany)
        | ELSA AG                  Internet   :
        | Sonnenweg 11             LocalWeb   : +49-(0)241-938800
        | D-52070 Aachen
        | ELSA Inc.                Internet   :
        | 2231 Calle De Luna
        | Santa Clara, CA 95054
        | USA
        | ELSA Asia Inc.           Internet   :
        | 7F-11, No. 188, Sec. 5
        | Nanking East Road
        | Taipei 105
        | Taiwan, R. O. C.
        | ELSA Japan Inc.          Internet   :
        | Mita Suzuki Building 3F
        | 5-20-14 Shiba, Minato-ku
        | Tokyo 108-0014
        | Japan
        | 06/24/1999, SKuklik

        Table of Contents:

        1.      Introduction
        2.      Installation


1       Introduction

        This file explains how to configure the ELSA graphics
        driver setup.

1.1     Requirements

        This software only runs on Windows NT 4.0.


2       Installation

        NOTE:   This software was designed for full functionality
                under Windows NT 4.0 only!

        There are several ways to use the ELSA setup:

        - Using the default setup wizard        (2.1)
        - Using commandline switches            (2.2)

2.1     Using the default setup wizard
        This is the option users should usually choose.
        Start setup by double clicking the executable.
        Setup guides the user through the installation process.
        The user is informed if conflicts or problems are detected, 
        and asked for interaction.
2.2     Using commandline switches

        This method is for advanced users (System Administrators) 
        to help them setting up machine in a comfortable way.

        WARNING: Using any of the provided commandline switches 
                 is highly dangerous unless you do not exactly know
                 what you are about to do.

2.2.1   The commandline switches

        All commandline switches do not need leading - or / to 
        function correct. So do not provide these chars otherwise
        setup may not function as desired.
        You may provide the switches in any order. If you enter an
        option twice, the first occurance is used.

        SILENT   Using this option forces the setupwizard to work 
                 without most of the userinteraction.
                 If the setupwizard encounters conflicts or 
                 problems during the installation process, the
                 setup terminates.
                 ( i.e. Graphics adapter and display driver do 
                 not match.)

        FORCE    This option passes any conflicts which have been 
                 detected during the setup process.
        REBOOT   If this switch is given, setup does automatically
                 reboot the system upon finishing the installation

        XRES=XYZ At the next reboot the system will start with the
                 provided horizontal resolution. Where XYZ is the
                 decimal value in pixel.

        YRES=XYZ At the next reboot the system will start with the
                 provided vertical resolution. Where XYZ is the 
                 decimal value in pixel.

        BPP=XYZ  At the next reboot the system will start with the
                 provided colordepth. Where XYZ is the decial value
                 in bits per pixel.

        HZ=XYZ   At the next reboot the system will start with the
                 provided frequency. Where XYZ is the decimal value
                 in hz.

        Expecially the switches concerning the predifined resolution
        are extremely dangerous. If your attached monitor or display
        adapter do not function with the provided values, you may 
        even destroy your hardware. Therefore use these switches 

        Example: setup.exe XRES=1024 YRES=768 BPP=32 HZ=75
                 forces the system to start with a resolution of 
                 1024x768 in true color at 75 hz.

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  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

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