README.TXT Driver File Contents (WinnerII.exe)

        | README file for ELSA WINNER II
        | ELSA graphics driver disk for Windows NT 4.0 build 1381. 
        | Version:
        | (c) 1999 ELSA AG, Aachen (Germany)
        | ELSA AG                   Internet   :
        | Sonnenweg 11               LocalWeb   : +49-(0)241-938800
        | D-52070 Aachen             
        | ELSA Inc.                Internet   :
        | 1630 Zanker Road         
        | San Jose, CA 95112
        | USA
        | ELSA Asia Inc.           Internet   :
        | 7F-11, No. 188, Sec. 5     
        | Nanking East Road
        | Taipei 105
        | Taiwan, R. O. C.
        | ELSA Japan Inc.          Internet   :
        | Mita Suzuki Building 3F
        | 5-20-14 Shiba, Minato-ku
        | Tokyo 108-0014
        | Japan
        | 10/08/1999, MWolf/MKreiten

        Table of Contents:

        1       Introduction
        2       List of Installation Files
        3       Installation
        4       Known Problems


1       Introduction

        This file explains how to setup and to configure the ELSA
        Windows NT driver software for your graphics board.

1.2     Further Information

        For more information on configuring installed ELSA graphics
        drivers, refer to the Windows Help or to the help files to
        ELSA Utilities.


2       Installation       

        NOTE: This driver was designed for full functionality under
              Windows NT 4.0 only!

2.1     Installation of the ELSA graphics driver

        NOTE: First install the Standard-VGA driver, then shut down
              your computer and exchange the graphics board with
              the WINNER II.

        In the Taskbar/Start/Settings, click on "Control Panel" and
        then select "Display Properties". Alternatively, you can
        right-click the desktop and in the appearing popup menu,
        select "Properties". Select "Settings" and then "Display
        Type". In the upcoming window you can use the "Change"
        button to select your ELSA graphics board. You will get the
        "Change Display" dialog box with a variety of available

        On the lower right-hand of the dialog box select the button
        "Other...". The dialog "Install from disk" appears with an
        indication of path or floppy drive ("A:\"). Change the
        entry to the path where the driver files for your board are
        located (e.g."\WINNERII\WINNT40") and confirm with
        "Continue". Now a list of ELSA graphics drivers is
        displayed. Select the driver for your board. Confirm the
        dialog. The driver is installed after confirming the
        warning that a third-party driver will be installed.

        NOTE: Under Windows NT 4.0, graphics drivers cannot be
              loaded dynamically. This is a limitation of the
              operating system.

        To activate the ELSA driver the computer has to be
        restarted. Please press >>Yes<< in the relevant dialog.
        The system will reboot and the initial installation is

        The initial installation of ELSA drivers for Microsoft
        Windows NT 4.0 installs the driver in a resolution of
        640*480 pixel at 60Hz refresh.

        NOTE:   With the installation of the Windows NT 4.0 driver,
                the ELSA OpenGL driver is automatically installed.

2.2     Making Installation Disks

        To create installation disks for the ELSA graphics driver
        you will need an empty floppy disk labeled 
        "ELSA Windows NT 4.0 DISK 1".
        Copy the files from the according graphics board directory
        on the driver CD-ROM to the prepared disk.
2.3     Testing the Installation and Determining the Driver Version

2.3.1   Testing the Installation

        From the Start menu, select "Settings" and in the Control
        Panel launch "Display". Select the tab "Settings" and then
        the button "Change configuration...". The following dialog
        gives information about the manufacturer, the version
        number and the current driver files.

        NOTE:   If you see "Version Information missing ", you did
                not set US English as the system language. This
                problem will appear in all non-American NT
                installations. This is a limitation of the
                operating system.

2.3.2   Determining the Version Number of the Driver via the Driver

        Use the Explorer to inspect the file properties for one of
        the files EWIIM.SYS or EWIID.DLL. The file EWIIM.SYS can be
        found in the directory System32\Drivers, the EWIID.DLL file
        in the System32 directory of your Windows NT installation.


3       Known Problems

        - If you do not have installed the Service Pack 3
          (or higher) for NT4, AGP display cards only run in
          standard VGA mode. Please install a service pack 3 or 
          higher to fix this problem!

        - If you own a multi processor board with BX- or GX-
          chipset you have to install the Service Pack 4.
          Otherwise the system may not work correctly.

        - The display driver is installed successfully, but after
          rebooting the system the driver is not activated.
          Your graphics board requires an IRQ. Please assign a 
          unique IRQ to the slot which is related to your graphics

        - Video playback may result in pixel errors. 
          Please install the Intel Indeo 5 video codec.

        - OpenGL games show bad performance on K6-II systems and
          occasionally system crashes. The next driver will 
          probably fix these problems.

        - There are display errors in Excel 3D-Charts. Grid lines 
          will be corrupted


4       History

        - first released driver for ELSA WINNER II

        - EXCEL 3D-chart bugs fixed

        - misrepresentation on flatpanel monitors fixed
        - problems with some older Logitech drivers fixed

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