README.TXT Driver File Contents (WinnerII.exe)

        | README file for
        | ELSA flashtool for updating the BIOS of
        | ELSA WINNER II
        | (FLASH_S.EXE version 1.41)
        | Copyright (c) 1997-99 ELSA AG, Aachen (Germany)
        | ELSA AG                    Internet   :
        | Sonnenweg 11               LocalWeb   : +49-(0)241-938800
        | D-52070 Aachen
        | ELSA Inc.                  Internet   :
        | 2231 Calle De Luna
        | Santa Clara, CA 95054
        | USA
        | ELSA Asia Inc.             Internet   :
        | 7F-11, No. 188, Sec. 5
        | Nanking East Road
        | Taipei 105
        | Taiwan, R. O. C.
        | ELSA Japan Inc.            Internet   :
        | Mita Suzuki Building 3F
        | 5-20-14 Shiba, Minato-ku
        | Tokyo 108-0014
        | Japan
        | 04/06/99, GCopoix

        Table Of Contents

        1.      Overview
        2.      Disk/CD Contents
        3.      Usage Notes
        4.      Release Notes
        5.      Notes & Warnings (!)
        6.      Bugfixes & Changes


1.      Overview

        FLASH_S.EXE is a utility to easily update the BIOS on an
        ELSA WINNER II graphics board.

        You will find a list of supported ELSA graphics boards
        in section 4.1.


2.      Disk/CD Contents

        The program disk/CD contains the following files:

        FLASH_S.EXE     the executable program

        DOS4GW.EXE      DOS extender used by FLASH_S.EXE

        README.TXT      this text file, including notes on the
                        current program release

        LIESMICH.TXT    German version of the text you are currently

        IMAGES (DIR)    Subdirectory containing the BIOS images which
                        are used for update. You will find a list of
                        these images in section 4.1.


3.      Usage Notes

3.1     Standard BIOS update

        If you want to update the BIOS on your ELSA WINNER II
        graphics board just call FLASH_S.EXE from MS-DOS by:


        The program will look for supported ELSA graphics boards.
        If the program will find one of the supported graphic boards
        in your computer, it will search for the correct BIOS image
        in the directory IMAGES.

        After confirmation the program will save your old BIOS to the
        file C:\OLD_xxxx.bin (xxxx is a number, i.e. C:\OLD_0000.bin,
        C:\OLD_0001.bin, ...) and program the new image to your
        ELSA graphics board.


        - If the BIOS currently installed on your ELSA graphics board
          is the same version than the BIOS in IMAGES, no update is

        - If the BIOS currently installed is older than the one in
          IMAGES, you will be asked if you really want to program
          an older BIOS version to your graphics board.
          If you confirm with 'y' your current BIOS will be saved to
          C:\OLD_xxxx.bin and the older image will be programmed
          to your ELSA graphics board.

3.2     Command Line Parameters

        FLASH_S.EXE [filename]

        It is possible to pass the filename of the BIOS image, you want
        to program to your graphics board to FLASH_S.EXE.
        If you i.e. pass the name of the saved image to FLASH_S.EXE it
        is possible to restore your saved BIOS version to your
        ELSA graphics board:

        (e.g.: FLASH_S.EXE C:\OLD_0000.BIN)

        FLASH_S.EXE will check if the BIOS matches your graphics board.
        If not you will get a note.


4.      Release Notes

4.1     Supported graphics boards

          ELSA WINNER II                 (IMAGES\W2_xxxxx.apn)

        The program FLASH_S.EXE will check if the BIOS image is valid
        and useable with your ELSA graphics board.


5.      Notes & Warnings

5.1     Don't corrupt your BIOS!

        Please make sure that while programming a new BIOS to your
        ELSA graphics board you

        - don't reset,
        - don't switch off
        - don't interrupt your computer in any way until it's finished!

        If you interrupt FLASH_S.EXE in any way before finishing your
        BIOS, you will corrupt the BIOS of your graphics board.
        In this case, please phone our support.

        Please wait, until FLASH_S.EXE has finished programming the new
        BIOS to your ELSA graphics board.

        The program FLASH_S.EXE will give you a note after it has
        successfully finished the bios programming.

5.2     Windows DOS-boxes, OS/2

        Please note that the program FLASH_S.EXE doesn't work in a
        Windows (98/NT) DOS-box or under OS/2.

        You have to boot a DOS system.

6       Bugfixes & Changes

6.1     AMD flashes will be supported
6.2     new filename system
6.3     added support for ELSA ERAZOR II
        some other minor bugfixes
6.4     added support for ELSA ERAZOR II PCI & ELSA Synergy II
6.5     added support for ELSA ERAZOR II
6.6     added support for some more FlashROM devices
6.7     added support for ELSA ERAZOR III & SYNERGY II,
        added support for some more FlashROM devices
6.8     added support for WINNER II
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