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ReadMe for HomePing WLU

   Table of contents

   1. Overview
   2. Contents
   3. Installation
   4. Program options
   5. Disclaimer
   6. Copyright notices


1. Overview

   HomePing is the Wireless lan utility 'WLU' for the Diamond Multimedia
   HomeFree Wireless LAN line of cards and adapters for Windows 95, 98 and ME
   operating systems, supporting PCMCIA, ISAPNP and PCI cards and adapters.

   HomePing provides lowlevel test capabilities to select suitable locations
   for computers, detect misconfigurations and change advanced network para-

2. Contents

   HomePing for Windows 95, 98 and ME consists of the following files

   BIGSKYLN.VXD - The VxD Memory trace device
   HOMEPING.EXE - The HomeFree wireless lan utility
   HOMEPING.TXT - This file


3. Installation

   During installation of the HF000X driver package all components of
   'HomePing' are copied to there default locations.
   Main program default location (depending on country)



    C:\Program Files\HOMEFREE\WLU 

   You may 'drag and drop copy' its main program, creating a shortcut
   on the computers desktop.


4. Program options

   Application Layer Activity

    Statistic values reporting received and transmitted data packets from
    and for localy used protocol drivers (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, etc.)
    send by and from running HomePing instances. If more than one protocol
    driver is installed, packets will be counted in packages of two and more. 


      Resets you application layer statistics.

     Send One Packet

      One probing transmition in every protocol installed to force every
      listening client - running HomePing - to echo the request.

     Send Packets Continuously

      Continuous probing transmissions requesting answers usable as a
      beacon for location tests.

     Echo All Incomming Packets

      All interpretable packets are counted and - if requests - acknow-

     Computer Name

      A list of all answering clients running HomePing -, the computers
      names of the visible nodes.

   This Computers Settings

    Settings found in the local machines registry.

     Computer Name

      The local computers name supplied during windows installation.


      The local computers workgroup setting as specified during adapter


      HomePing allows to apply a new CoNetId, the standart Network Identi-
      fication for a HomeFree network. You must restart the computer to
      make the setting permanent.  

      To change the ID enter the desired one, up to 32 characters long in
      upper and/or lower case.

     MAC Address

      The unique (world wide) hardware identifier of your HomeFree network
      card or adapter as reported by the HomeFree driver during bootup.

   Link Layer Activity

      For security reasons HomePing will report a mismatching Network ID,

       -> Receiving Packets From Another CoNet

      but not display the actual value, except for the localy applied one
      and report matching nodes, the computers names and there workgroups.

       -> Receiving Packets For This CoNet

      The local computers name and workgroup may be visible, depending on
      protocol drivers installed. Other computers are visible only while
      running HomePing, too.


5. Disclaimer

   All information provided is subject to error and knowledge. No liability
   is taken for accuracy and completness.

   The author is not affiliated with any company mentioned, nor is any support
   available from them.


6. Copyright notices

   BIGSKYLN.VXD is Copyright (C) Alation Systems, Inc.
   HOMEPING.EXE is Copyright (C) Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc.
   HomeFree (R) is Registered Trademark (TM) Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc.
   Windows (R) 95, 98 and ME are Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp.
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