README.TXT Driver File Contents (CanonUTW390.exe)

           Canon Digital Camera TWAIN Driver README file            
                 for Canon digital cameras
                       Version 3.9.0
             Copyright (c)1997-2001 CANON INC.

Thank you for your purchase of the Canon Digital Camera.
This README file contains some information which may be helpful 
in diagnosing problems with the Canon Digital Camera TWAIN driver
or the Canon digital cameras. 

Since the TWAIN standard is being updated on a regular basis, and
software application companies try to address these changes, you
may occasionally experience some minor problems caused by
applications that are not fully TWAIN compliant.  Canon works
closely with software manufacturers on compatibility issues to
ensure user's a trouble-free experience.

1. General Notes
2. Application Specific Notes
3. Un-Installing Canon Digital Camera TWAIN driver

1.  General Notes
(1)  Disk space usage

     The TWAIN driver may create several temporary files on your 
     hard disk. These files are erased when the TWAIN driver is 
     If your system ever crashes for any reason while the TWAIN 
     driver is in use, the files will be left on the hard disk. 
     Each time TWAIN driver starts, it will look for and erase 
     such files.

(2)  16-bit vs. 32-bit TWAIN

     The Canon Digital Camera TWAIN driver is fully 32-bit. If your 
     application allows selection of multiple TWAIN data source 
     managers, take care to select "TWAIN_32".

2.  Application Specific Notes

We have tried to ensure that the TWAIN driver works with most TWAIN-
compliant applications and machine configurations. However, we have
discovered the incompatibilities and problems listed below. In many
cases more recent versions of the applications solve the problems.

(1)  256 color video drivers

     Some applications such as Adobe PhotoShop and Micrografx Picture
     Publisher do not manage palettes correctly and may cause corruption
     of thumbnails displayed by the TWAIN driver. This does not affect
     the actual data, only the way it is displayed on the screen.
     Fix/workaround: contact vendor for new version of the software,
     or increase number of colors displayed.

(2)  keyboard shortcuts

     Some applications such as Adobe PhotoDeluxe, Ulead iPhotoExpress,
     Ulead PhotoImpact, Ulead ImageEditor, Micrografx Picture Publisher,
     and Microsoft Picture-It! may cause the TWAIN driver to not 
     be able to properly respond to keyboard shortcuts.
     Fix/workaround: contact vendor for new version of the software.

(3)  Accessing TWAIN driver twice from same application

     Some applications such as Paint Shop Pro and Adobe PageMaker 
     do not handle this situation correctly and cause the application 
     or the TWAIN driver to crash.
     Fix/workaround: contact vendor for new version of the software,
     or avoid launching the TWAIN driver twice from the same 

(4)  Removing PC card while accessing Canon Digital Camera images on it

     Some PC card drives may cause the system to hang if the PC card
     is removed while the Canon Digital Camera TWAIN driver has open 
     image files on it.

(5)  PhotoAccess does not work with Canon Digital Camera TWAIN driver

     Older versions of PhotoAccess have a bug which cause the TWAIN
     negotiation to fail.
     Fix/workaround: contact vendor for new version of the software.

(6)  Some applications create extra files on PC cards

     Applications such as PhotoImpact Explorer, iPhotoExpress Explorer,
     and Paint Shop Pro (using File|Browse feature) may create extra
     files on CompactFlash or PCMCIA cards inserted into a PC Card
     reader. PhotoImpact Explorer and iPhotoExpress Explorer create
     files with names such as IMAGE*.PE* and Paint Shop Pro creates 
     files with names such as PSPBRWSE.JBF. These files are neither 
     recognized nor removed by the Canon Digital Camera TWAIN driver 
     or the Canon digital cameras,
     but they will occupy space that would be otherwise available 
     for camera images.
     Fix/workaround: erase the files to release the space on the
     the memory cards before re-inserting them into the camera. 
     In Paint Shop Pro, access the Browser tab in the File|General 
     Preferences dialog to uncheck "Save browser files to disk". 
     In iPhotoExpress Explorer, access the Explorer tab in the 
     File|Preferences dialog to uncheck "Save Folder Reference Files".

(7)  Micrografx Picture Publisher 7.0 crashes when saving pictures

     Picture Publisher may crash after acquiring images from the 
     camera when a save file dialog box is displayed.
     Fix/workaround: go to Tools menu, select Options, and check 
     the "Disable Prompt on New File" check box in Undo tab. Click 
     on Apply followed by OK to commit the change.

(8) "Unable to open the file" message when exiting Canon Digital 
    Camera TWAIN

     Paint Shop Pro 4.1x displays this message after exiting from
     Canon Digital Camera TWAIN Driver without acquiring an image.
     Fix/workaround: This problem has been fixed in Paint Shop Pro 5.0.
     Contact Jasc Software Inc. ( to upgrade your

(9) Micrografx Picture Picture 7.0 crashes when exiting application

     Picture Publisher may crash when closing the application while 
     the following two conditions are met: a) Canon Digital Camera 
     TWAIN user interface is still open, and b) there are one or 
     more unsaved images open in edit windows.
     Fix/workaround: This problem has been fixed in Picture Publisher 8.0.
     Contact Micrografx Inc. ( to upgrade 
     your version.

(10) Considerations for Communication between the Canon Digital 
     Camera TWAIN Driver and the Canon Digital Camera

     Do not operate the camera switches, remove the CF card or 
     battery pack, or detach the interface cable while a connection 
     is open to a Canon digital camera. These actions may cause a 
     malfunction with some computer systems.  

(11) Part of the TWAIN window is not displayed normally.

     The TWAIN window may not be displayed normally when some of 
     video cards are used. This can be corrected by upgrading the 
     video driver to the latest version. Inquire with the relevant 
     manufacturers regarding how to obtain the latest version of 
     the video driver.

(12) Connecting to a USB Port

     Please do not place your computer into standby mode while the 
     camera is connected to its USB port. If the computer is placed 
     into standby mode while the camera is connected to the USB port, 
     do NOT disconnect the USB cable from the camera or computer. 
     Try to revive the computer. If the USB cable is detached while 
     the computer is in standby mode, some models of computer may 
     not return to active mode correctly. For instructions regarding 
     the standby mode, please consult the manual accompanying your 
     computer and operating software.

(13) Movies and Downloading 

     Movies cannot be downloaded from the camera using the Canon 
     Digital Camera TWAIN Driver since this program is based on 
     TWAIN standards.  

(14) Image Properties for Bulb Exposures 

     The shutter speed data for images shot for 100 or more minutes 
     with the bulb exposures may not record correctly.

3.  Un-Installing Canon Digital Camera TWAIN Driver

To uninstall Canon Digital Camera USB TWAIN driver please carry out
the following procedure:

(1)  Click the Start button, point to Settings, and then click 
     Control Panel.

(2)  Double-click the Scanners and Cameras icon.

(3)  On the Devices tab, click "PowerShot S10" / "PowerShot S20" / 
     "PowerShot S100" / "DIGITAL IXUS" / "EOS D30" / "PowerShot G1" / 
     "PowerShot Pto90 IS" / "PowerShot S300" / "DIGITAL IXUS 300" / 
     "PowerShot A10" / "PowerShot A20" / "PowerShot S110" / 
     "DIGITAL IXUS v" / "PowerShot G2" / "PowerShot S30" / 
     "PowerShot S40", and then click Remove.

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