boshelp.txt Driver File Contents (

			HSFbooster (SE edition) version 2.07
				  The user's guide.
I.  Installation
    After you will unpack archive, in a directory will be there are two files: setup.exe and 
boslite.exe. First of all it is necessary for you to start setup.exe. After you choose OS, the list of the 
modems installed in system will be offered. Choose modem (or driver) and press "Save settings". 
After that HSFbooster it is ready to work.
II. Adjustment
    After start of the program, you will see the following window:
1. 	 Protocol - the protocol for connection
2. 	 Automatic - the enable\disable  automatic choice of the protocol at connection.
3. 	 MinRX speed - the minimal receive speed 
4. 	 MaxRX speed - the maximal receive speed
5. 	 MinTX speed - the minimal transmit speed 
6. 	 MaxTX speed - the maximal transmit speed (for V92, the maximal speed may be up to 
48000 for HSF and HCF-USB). HCF can't support PCMupstream now. Don't work on HCF.
7. 	 TXlevel - a level of a transmit signal.
8. 	 OFFset + \--the amendment to a level of a transmit signal. (some modems expose 
incorrectly TXlevel, therefore for more exact adjustment it is necessary to use this 
9. 	 Interpolator - a level of interpolation. To me technical realization of this parameter is not 
known. However, by own experience can tell, that the increase of this parameter results in 
amplification of capacity of the receiver\transmiter and to partial decrease of high 
frequencies, that sometimes raises stability on bad lines.
10. 	 3.3V - parameter with which help as it is possible to lift a level of a target signal and 
sensitivity of the receiver.
11. 	 Line quality - aggression of the modem - the the toddler is closer to "Speed", the 
speed of connection will be higher. However simultaneously with the risk of  lower speeds 
12. Get stat - statistic of your connect. The statistics displays as the modem worked on a line 
during connection and may help with adjustment of the modem. 

III. Advanced
1. "Busy" the parameters of singnal "Busy". 
2. IMPORT\EXPORT Relays - Parameters of work of the relay. It is one of 
the most important parameters which contains all codes for 
Opening \close the relay (connect modem to line) and the description of inclusion of some 
modes of operation. Because of discrepancy of this parameter, at installation 
the new driver users see an inscription < No Dial Tone >. Very conveniently 
to use this opportunity at installation of new drivers. Before reinstallation 
,ake export of relays , reinstall the driver and import this parameters.
3. Import\Export voice futures - Export \ Import of the basic parameters of the modem. 

IV. Warnings

1. 	 Program erases and copies initialization string (UserInit), registering there a line «AT+MS=ï. 
It is a unique way to leave on the certain protocol. Be careful and preliminary keep a line of 
2. 	 Interpolator works only on HSF modems (soft56k).
3. 	 On HCF modems, the level of a target signal on  V90\V92 will be always -15db. It is 
incorporated in drivers. For fine tuning under a line, try to change the countries.
4.       On HCF modems can't work TXmax speed options.

V. System requirements
The minimal system requirements:
Intell Pentium 100 +
Memory: 16mb
HSF\HCF\HCF-USB conexant modem
OS: Window 95\98\98se\ME\2000 pro\2000 server\XP

VI. Author: Dmitry Mishchenko aka 'Doctor' Acorp Int. 
            please send bug on
            e-mail: modemhelp'at'
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