Unidriver 0018.TXT Driver File Contents (PCT789C1.exe)

Conexant HSP 56k V.90 and V.92 Micromodem Driver Release Notes

This document contains the latest update information for the Conexant HSP 56k V.90 
and V.92 Micromodem Driver Release Notes.  Communications standards mentioned in 
this note are available through Bellcore, European Telecommunication Standards 
Institute (ETSI), International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Sales, Telecom-
munications Industry Association (TIA), or Global Engineering Documents.

Driver version	12.0300.0018
Release Date	8/31/03
Modem features	DataFaxVoiceSpeakerPhone
Supported OS	Win9x, WinMe, WinNT4.0, Win2k and WinXP
Customization	Generic

Driver changes from last production release (11.0300.0014).

Supports standard WDM PNP/POWER architecture (DSP, CTL, SYS)
PTT Parametric improvements(CTL)
Support S1 cold reset and WOR for A530.rev2 and Ali1563 applications (CTL, SYS)
Windows Install shield support (CTL, SYS)
Supports Transmeta TM5800/5500 CPU detection (SYS)
Supports WinNT4.0 (DSP, CTL, SYS)

Manufactured or Licensed under one or more of the following patents:
4,290,139		4,394,767		4,471,489		4,694,450
4,809,300		4,811,360		4,817,147		4,827,431
4,841,561		4,845,735		4,856,031		4,891,823
4,922,534		5,048,056		5,113,412		5,146,472
5,258,996		5,258,997		5,260,971		5,265,151
5,291,520		5,317,594		5,394,440		5,465,273
5,486,825		5,721,830		5,765,021		5,787,305
5,801,695		5,809,075		5,822,371		5,825,816
5,825,823		5,835,538		5,838,724		5,859,872
5,862,179		5,862,184		5,867,629		5,910,978
5,931,950		5,940,459		5,953,374		5,970,103
5,982,814		6,002,713		6,092,095		6,112,266
6,115,415		6,178,200		6,181,737		6,185,249
6,233,275		6,233,284		6,373,886		6,512,787

Silicon Laboratories, Silicon Labs, ISOmodem, and ISOcap are trademarks of Silicon 
Laboratories Inc.  Other products or brand names mentioned herein are trademarks or 
registered trademarks of their respective holders.  The information in this document
is believed to be accurate in all respects at the time of publication but is subject
to change without notice. Conexant assumes no responsibility for errors and 
omissions, and disclaims responsibility for any consequences resulting from the use
of information included herein. Additionally, Conexant assumes no responsibility for
the function of undescribed features or parameters.  Conexant reserves the right to
make changes without further notice. Conexant makes no warranty, representation or
guarantee regarding the suitability of its products for any particular purpose, nor
does Conexant assume any liability arising out of the application or use of any 
product or circuit, and specifically disclaims any and all liability, including
without limitation consequential or incidental damages. Conexant products are not
designed, intended, or authorized for use in applications intended to support or
sustain life, or for any other application in which the failure of the Conexant
product could create a situation where personal injury or death may occur. Should 
Buyer purchase or use Conexant products for any such unintended or unauthorized 
application, Buyer shall indemnify and hold Conexant harmless against all claims
and damages.
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