Readme.txt Driver File Contents (Driver_Sharp_AL-1000_Series.exe)



                                                         July 2001

This document gives the details of important matters which must 
be checked before you install the AL-1000 series printer driver. 
Be sure to read this document thoroughly before continuing with
the installation.




Thank you very much for purchasing a SHARP AL-1000 series digital
laser copier.

It is compatible with both Microsoft Windows 3.1 (hereinafter 
referred to as Windows 3.1), Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.1x 
(hereinafter referred to as WFW 3.1x), Microsoft Windows 95 
(hereinafter referred to as Windows 95), Microsoft Windows 98
(hereinafter referred to as Windows 98), Microsoft Windows Me
(hereinafter referred to as Windows Me), Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
(hereinafter referred to as Windows NT 4.0) and Microsoft Windows 
2000 (hereinafter referred to as Windows 2000).


                          Compatible OS


The SHARP AL-1000 series printer driver is only compatible with 
Windows 3.1, WFW 3.1x and Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 
NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. 
Because of this, it does not support printing from other operating 
systems such as plain MS-DOS (when not running Windows), 
Windows NT 3.5x and OS/2. Furthermore, the printer driver cannot
be used under Windows 95 and Windows 98 when running in MS-DOS mode.


                 Using with Other Printer Drivers


Installing the SHARP AL-1000 series printer driver on a computer
that already has the Windows Printing System or a GDI printer driver
installed can lead to a conflict between the printer drivers.
This conflict can cause them to perform improperly.
To avoid this problem, change your current printing destination with
the printer driver from Parallel (usually LPT1) to File, and then
install the SHARP AL-1000 series printer driver.


                Installations of the printer driver


[Windows 95 and Windows 98 Plug and Play Installation] 
Installing the SHARP AL-1000 series printer driver using Plug and
Play from the CD-ROM may display an error "Cannot find file 
SPIPNP.DLL". This problem is solved by changing the directory to
the root directory of the CD-ROM.  (Ex D:\ or E:\ ).

[Installing using Add Printer Wizard]
Installing the SHARP AL-1000 series printer software CANNOT be 
performed using "Add Printer Wizard".

If the SHARP AL-1000 series printer properties dialog is open and
uninstall is performed, the software will not be completely removed.
You will have to install the SHARP AL-1000 series printer driver
and then uninstall with the dialog closed.




- If you have problems printing complex or 14" documents, lower the 
  printer resolution to 300 dpi.

- If you get Out of memory error, Lower printer resolution to 300 dpi.

- DOS Printing Problem: After installing AL-1000 Series software,
  The PC should be rebooted.  This will correct printing from 
  the DOS prompt.

- Print to file: To print to a file, change the port settings from 
  LPT to FILE: Change the port assigned for the printer.  Do not 
  select the "Print to file" option from application.

- Printing problem when using Rectangle line art in MS Word97:  When 
  using the rectangle tool to create a filled line under 6 point the
  line will not print correctly.  In this case create your line using
  the line tool found in the Drawing menu.
- Printing from MS POWERPOINT97: The PowerPoint97 print dialog has 
  Black/White Printing enabled as default.  This result is opposite
  to the screen appearance (Black text on a white background).
  If Black/White printing is disabled, the printed result will appear 
  the same as the screen (White text on a dark background).

- The Lighten/Darken, Contrast, Output Type settings of the AL-1000 
  series printer driver does not work with some applications  
  (for example Adobe Photoshop).  Please use the settings in the 
  software application to correct these.

- Please only use DOS printing after closing Windows, as it may cause 
  Windows to go out of order.


SHARP Corporation does not guarantee the accuracy of the information
contained in this document and the software (SHARP AL-1000 series
printer driver) which accompanies this document for any purpose
other than what they are intended for.


Microsoft, Windows, Windows NT and MS-DOS are registered 
trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and 
Windows is an abbreviation for the Microsoft Windows operating 
OS/2 is a registered trademark of International Business Machines 
Corporation of the United States.

All other company names and product names are trademarks or 
registered trademarks of the respective companies.

                               Copyright (C) 2001 SHARP Corporation
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How To Update Drivers Manually

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  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

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