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Version 02:00
28 May 1999
Initial Whiteboard production release 
Enhancements to event selector 
Event selector in system tray
Version 02:01
29 May 1999
Event selector (virtual mouse) now retains one hit mode
One hit mode is now installation default 
Fixed double click problems
Fixed exception 00 in Toolbar processing 
OEM Customisation

Version 02:02
30 May 1999
USB data transfer errors corrected
Version 02:03
10 June 1999
Full FIFO support
Suspend to disk support
OEM customisation for non standard UART
USB DCU hardware screen fixed
Standard Install excludes Whiteboard components 
System tray has event selector option
System tray mouse icon buttons enhanced
ISRQueue concurrency problem during overflow fixed
Install problem with custom ports fixed
Version 02:04
13 June 1999
TBUPDDMP.sys is now release build
Reduced size of setup.exe 
Fixed problem with DCU add controller list
Fixed system tray mouse loop bug after mode change
Disallowed deletion of last calibration style
Fixed problems adding calibration styles
Version 02:05
17 June 1999
W95 Shutdown problem fixed
TBAlt text legends
TBAlt menu and title changes 
OEM customisation for non-standard sync operations
Driver now supports update of style keys for non-admin calibration 

Version 02:06
22 June 1999
Intellimouse problems under NT fixed
Version 02:07
27 June 1999

***English only release***

Improved multi-point calibration algorithm 
Fixed DCU bug, unable to change calibration styles
Fixed unresolved functions in api library 
Install USB controllers blocked on unsupported platforms
Resolved conflict with BACKPACK driver
Improved stabilisation and averaging
OEM customisation was not working in install

Version 02:08
19 July 1999
***English only release***
Windows 2000 support
Windows CE support 
Toolbar "add styles" bug fixed
Touch did not reset systray mouse in one hit mode
(Japanese language support)
Multi processor support on NT4.0 
Fixed Serial mouse confict on W95 OSR2 
Slow downs under W98 resolved 
USB Docking
USB Suspend
Cursor wrap with new calibration fixed 
DCU view mode fixed
Fixed missing DCU on re-install bug
Version 02:09
26 July 1999
**  English only release  **

controller start macros fixed 
W2K fix had broken NT4 - now fixed 
OEM help fixed 
Multi language system tray calibrate error fixed 
IR overflows fixed
Version 02:10
28 July 1999
USB assert  on redock fixed
USB enable touch fixed
Resolved conflict with OEM touch pad
Version 02:11
29 July 1999
OEM Customisation
Slow down on excessive liftoffs fixed 
Resolved compiler optimisation problem in usb code
Version 02:12
29 July 1999
OEM Customisation
Version 02:13
03 August 1999
Improved connection error detection and recovery 
PCMCIA and suspend / resume issues resolved 
Liftoff time factor improved 

Version 02:14
04 August 1999
Auto detect now works after hardware error
Corrected multiple timer threads problem after auto detect
Version 02:15
26 September 1999
Fixed W9x liftoff=1 problems
Removed calibration wrap when maped point < 0
Version 02:16
08 August 1999
Improved multipoint calibration at edges
Version 02:17
15 August 1999
Misc NT (un)install issues 
TBTest was slow under NT 
Get com port info from NT
Suppress serial.sys conflict error 
Cater for incomplete packets

Version 02:18
17 August 1999
Improved performance with liftoff = 1
Version 02:19
18 August 1999
Fix for NT "New hardware dialog"
Version 02:20
23 August 1999
IR comm timeouts increased
Automatic clone 
Memory mapped io support 
First BUS production release
Version 02:21
24 August 1999
Fixed "wrong OEM" porblem with clone option
Fix to WinCE send data interface
Version 02:22
26 August 1999
CE Serial buffer size reduced to improve performance
Backed out NT serial port event log fix and PNPISA disable change
Version 02:23
27 August 1999
Japanese and English Version

Misc whiteboard enhancements

Version 02:24
19 September 1999

Improved deglitch processing

Fixed a thread timing error in read data api 

BUS macros - missing InitHardware label is 
now a warning (previously gave an error) 

English only build
Version 02:25
26 September 1999
Non mfc calibrate
Fixed WinCE calibration thread problems 
Fixed occasional Win32 calibration errors
Reinit on external hardware signal
W9x BUS PIC enable fix
Reserves NT serial port - but does not disable PNP 

Version 02:26
17 October 1999
Improved W9x mouse port interface quality 
Look ahead deglitch
Harware event reset facility 
Poll interval reduced to 20 ms
Improved ltimed liftoff processing 
Macro NAK status fix 
Anchor mouse facility 
WinCE deglitch length setting corrected 
WinCE Reset setting fix 
Build sub versioning 
OEM customisation
Don't redetect after resume 
Resume now executes driver and controller load macros 
Don;t delete Windows' temp directory 
Fix TBTest bad invalidate
Version 02:27
21 November 1999
PS/2 (aux) port support
Keyboard support
Japanese, Spanish, French, German language support
Resolved API linkage issues 
Signed relative mouse support
Low pass filter option
Performance tuning options
Fix crash in GetDriverVersion
Systray popup menu positioning
TBTest shutdown removes icon from task bar
UART flush now has timeout

Version 02:28
07 December 1999
Special OEM release - not for general use
Version 02:29
07 December 1999
Win CE now supports hardware macros and "reset" 
Correct Pen 2.0 problem introduced my W9x mouse port performance changes
Improvements to Japanese translation
Calibration check option
API now supports Z and relative co-ordinates
TXS/TYS bit identifiers to support signed absolute motion
Default deglitch setting now 0
Support for multi language help and licence files 
DCU now shows macro status Unknown when no ACK 
Re-sync code now forces a resync if a packet is incomplete for > 2 seconds
Some install popups had incorrect header
Suppress the "Map Network Drive" button on Installl "Browse" dialog
Correct PS/2 display on systray "Enable" option

Version 02:30
19 December 1999
Corrected problems with v2.29 Japanese translation
Added title to "Checking calibrate" popup
Move DCU localised resources to DLL's
Corrected "Not Required" macro status (was masked by "Unknown")  
TBAPI.lib added to build and SDK
Fixed macro crash with malformed hex characters
Corrected UPDD branding in French translation

Version 02:31
05 January 2000
MODE macro command added
Acontrol Japanese NT playback fix
Ignore modem com ports under W9x
2's complement packet encoding support
TBSendMacro API
TBArchitect copy and paste fixes
Debug build of TBApi.lib corrected in release packages
Fix for calibrate OK message - only show on successful calibrate
Calibrate minimum movement function
Sound duration legend in DCU - placement corrected 
Toolbars made "event aware"
Toolbar auto-cal fixed, and support device inclusive and exclusive placement 
Z threshold changed to use absolute value
Removed segment dump debug info to speed up controller refresh
Improved NT de-glitch performance
Version 02:32
13 February 2000
NULL reset option
W2K Support
Improved touch-down filter

Version 02:33
08 March 2000
Replaced tblib with tbapi
Acontrol recovery when filed to find top level window
Acontrol insert missing mouse button up at end 
Acontrol - drop redeundant motion
Acontrol - fix mouse drift
Acontrol - reduce window wait time to 1 ms 
Fix problem loading string resources from DLLs
New API TBAPiUnregisterDataCallbackContext
AD-hoc settings support
Controller implementation support
Cal styles -> implementation 
Bundles -> implementation 
W2k Support
TBApiSendMacro API fixed
Changed bundle maintenance (add / remove)
WDM inf generation
Single / multi file install
Event aware calibration
Calibration fix for deleted devices
Fix crash in DCU events page
Fix problems with PS2 and USB hardware page display 
Toolbar autocal
Fix crash in enable interrupts (BUS) 
Fix crash when no mouse port (test mode only) 
Changes to accommadate heartbeat interval 20ms - all OSes
Improved touchdown filtering 
Fix to multiple events code 
Touch at x=0, y=0 is ignored
Rotate support 
Improved thread termination handling at driver unload time
Synchronous heartbeat for all OSes
Macro comments
Single progress dialog during install
Fix to install - failed with multiple USB controllers 
Fix for network install "lock up"
Shortened install time (no longer copies setup.exe) 
Install replaces files before reboot
Fix W9x load problem when vmouse calls with ecx=0
Tight coupling of USB to vxd
Increased priority of NT mouse thread to "low realtime"
Removed NT mouse yield 
Removed tbupddub.sys
Fix - BUS disconnect interrupt during reload
Fix - NT heartbeat now runs at PASSIVE_IRQL
Macro continues after NAK
Auto detect works even if NAKed 
Scrollable changes list in TBA!
Fix - W9x hearbeart accuracy
Allow W9xYield = -1

Version 02:34
09 March 2000
Scrollable history in DCU
Uninstall now removes tbupddum.sys and wd.sys
Fix for W9x yield = -1 code
Support W98 multi monitors separated in Y plane only
Version 02:35
12 March 2000
Improved toolbar event processing
Macro support now compensates for timer granularity
MSVCRT.dll added to build to support cabinet extraction 
Removed erroneous debug statement from USB interrupt code
TBA, removed implementation details from controller
Changed WinCE timer interval to 20 ms (NB no CE support in this build)
Version 02:36
15 March 2000
Allow more ad-hoc settings
Improved W98 multi-monitor support
Initial firmware macro generation during install
Reduce size of single file installation to 1.8MB
Version 02:37
23 March 2000
Change multi file install description
Fixed single file install
Fix - calibrate timeout left mouse port disabled until clicked OK
Blue calibration legends
Fix - extended settings screen did not work
Firmware settings generated during install
Pen 2.0 out of range code reinstated
Disable install to non system drive
Fix - W98 multi monitor to work after reboot
Pen 2.0 support right clicks
Version 02:38
30 March 2000
Install support for multi language help
Install support for multi language support (contact) text
Fixes for multi disk install
OEM customisation - hide DCU history button
OEM customisation - hide DCU clone button
OEM Customisation - disable advanced hardware option when auto-detect selected
FIX - disable com port selection when auto-detect chosen
FIX - load localised resources from DCU DLL's 
NT minimum liftoff time = 2 
FIX - tap button modes did not work 
OEM Customisation - calibrate at startup
LOCALISATION - Japanese text for disk 2 prompt
Disable driver when full screen DOS prompt active (W9X) 

Version 02:39
02 April 2000
FIX - W2K DTR and RTS signals were inverted
FIX - Selecting custom without changing advanced settings gave ,isleading message
FIX - Autodetect in NT4.0 gave BSOD on single CPU machines
FIX - Uninstall did not remove UPDD folder  on non-English versions of W9x
OEM - disable advanced hardware option except when "custom" port selected
LOC - Extra Japanese translations in DCU

Version 02:40
09 April 2000
FIX - Calibration works in "liftoff" mode
FIX - Clone support
FIX - Power resume now works when vmouse reinitialises during resumption
FIX - Suppress serial port conflict message in NT4.0 event log
FIX - Stop "new hardware" dialog appearing in NT4.0
ENH - Low pass filter in DCU
ENH - Improved callback time-stamping
ENH - Interrupt rate timer
ENH - Disconnect com port when in full screen DOS mode
ENH - Mouse ballistics only changed when W98 multi & custom segment used
ENH - Uninstall support for multi language files
ENH - Shortcut creation is now localisable
ENH - Loose file support
ENH - Progress bar title
ENH - New api TBApiEnumAdhocValues
LOC - More Japanese translations
LOC - Shortened French TBTest text
OEM - AControl, reduce window timeout to 2 seconds
OEM - AControl, ignore "previous" app
OEM - AControl, abort script after timeout
OEM - AControl, timeout uses relative time
OEM - Show CLONE button 
OEM - Skip directory page during install
TBA - Win 98 segregation
TBA - Use implementation name when not "standard"
TBA - Fixed controller deletion
TBA - WinCE reg generation from implementations
TBA - Release bulletin

Version 02:41
10 April 2000
OEM - Hide low pass filter option
Version 02:42
30 April 2000
ENH - TBCalib - bitmap customisation
ENH - NT 4.0, indirect serial port access (serial.sys) 
ENH - Raw Trace (test facility) corrected
ENH - Macros now support control operations to USB classes
ENH - Full screen DOS support 
ENH - Take serial port buffer length from registry
ENH - USB takes buffer size from device config
FIX - TBAlt is restored when second instance started
FIX - Corrected problems with TBApiEnumAdhocValues
FIX - Under NT, reboot requests from DCU did not work
FIX - Install did not allow creation of multiple sub-directories
FIX - Remove acontrol autostart when installing standard build
FIX - Suppress file deletion messages in NT4.0 
FIX - RESET option did not work in W2K 
FIX - RESET option did not work in NT4.0 - indirect mode 
FIX - FIFO option was ignored in W2K
FIX - Serial port was not closed in W2K
FIX - Prevent crash following W98 suspend with USB controller
OEM - TBPanel is restored when second instance started
OEM - Draw autolaunch
OEM - Default double click time = 500
OEM - Auto TBR selection
TBA - Permit releases of version 2.31

Version 02:43
21 May 2000
FIX: USB now uses correct packet size
ENH: NT4.0 now uses serial.sys
ENH: Improved calibration - currently only available in 4 point 20 % mode
ENH: Release all com ports if auto-detect fails
ENH: Do not suppress zero co-ordinates
ENH: Rotate 180 support
ENH: Extended USB macro support
ENH: USB removed redundant dir= macro command
ENH: Start DCU refocuses existing instance
ENH: Start TBPanel refocuses existing instance
ENH: USB Interrupt thread now starts after macro execution
ENH: Acontrol suppresses scripts when draw is active
ENH: Callback api timer is now based on packets rather than interrupts
OEM: Incorporate calibration BMP files in release package
OEM: Second custom build
OEM: Branding on TBProgress
OEM: Support for 3 new USB controllers requiring custom driver changes
Version 02:44
23 May 2000
ENH: Full support for Windows native multi-monitor mode in W98
FIX: Load NT 4.0 driver after serial.sys (stops KMODE exception in "indirect" mode)
Version 02:45
23 May 2000
FIX: Change to NT4.0 load order
FIX: After calibration timeout touching desktop restarted calibration
Version 02:46
04 June 2000
FIX - corrected out of memory error on "dump settings"
FIX - calibration background text was missing
FIX - suppress direct hardware option in W2K
FIX - corrected minor error in 20% 4pt calibration
FIX - missing DOS full screen lift events resolved
FIX - second install instance does not now force early reboot 
LOC - corrected text placements in French DCU and install
ENH - packet enable function in DCU
ENH - calibration beeps(optionally)
ENH - clone copies Windows double click settings
ENH - remove custom option when using OS com port support
TBA - can now bundle TBKeyPad
OEM - acontrol now reconises Japanese Draw
OEM - Recorder and TBPanel changes for new TBRs
OEM - additional firmware page
OEM - hide version in TBProgress
OEM - rename toolbar to action bar

Version 02:47
07 June 2000
ENH - Improved calibration error rejection (MinCalDelta)

TBA - TBKeyPad integrated release
TBA - Language customisation for DCU

OEM - TBR files now work for newer software
OEM - added new calibration customisation bitmaps
OEM - replace TBKey with TBKeyPad
OEM - removed default.tbr

Version 02:48
11 June 2000
ENH - Device name on calibration screen
ENH - Calibration beeps work with sound card
ENH - Calibration only reacts to correct device
ENH - toolbar "snap to edge"
ENH - Whole desktop is now always default segment
ENH - Install now supports long file names in W95 install 

FIX - stopped flicker in customised toolbar calibration
FIX - TBKeyPad software removed by uninstall (when integrated package used)
FIX - all vkb and tbr files removed by install

OEM - projected mode starts Draw annotation
OEM - Draw annotation option in start menu

TBA - Copyrights updated
TBA - Packet comment option
Version 02:49
25 June 2000
FIX - BSOD in W2K when using auto detect - and no controller present resolved
FIX - NT4.0 indirect hardware access did not work for some hardware configurations

ENH - Add none com port selection in DCU & install serial hardware page 
ENH - Install removes the temporary file setup.ini after installation
ENH - improved integration with TBKeyPad
ENH - Enabled systray sub menu is not now  a pop up when  there is only one device 
ENH - NT4.0 direct mode now attempts to remove hardware reservation keys
ENH - Removed redundant "announce" option from DCU

TBA - new option to suppress NT 4.0 serial log conflict 
TBA - fix to W98 only release script

Version 02:50
19 July 2000
FIX - DCU apply was being enabled when no change had been made
FIX - Removed redundant direct h/w options from W2K / NT4.0
FIX - Show localised licence in DCU when available
FIX - ACPI BIOS suspend caused failure
FIX - Time mode on liftoff event was not working
FIX - Systray icons added during cloned install
FIX - W2K serial port stall fixed
FIX - Install missing components for TBKeyPad
FIX - Horizontal DCU list scrolling redraw

OEM - Default tbalt to one hit mode
OEM - Intelligent TBRs
OEM - Default English TBR's
OEM - Acontrol, quicker shutdown
OEM - PNP id based auto-detect
OEM - Tailored DCU
OEM - Tailored Install
OEM - Systray versioning based on help file
OEM - Collapsed systray calibration options
OEM - Removed systray title
OEM - Select calibration style from systray
OEM - Patch for misdetected NT 4.0 COM ports

ENH - W2K multi monitor
ENH - Auto detect parks on COM port "none"
ENH - Improved file not found messages
ENH - Calibration bitmaps
ENH - Mouse ballistics override confined to W98 Multi only
ENH - W2K com port enumeration
ENH - 90 degree rotation
ENH - Silent install
ENH - Allow install to sub folder
ENH - W2K bus (pending testing)

LOC - Japanese translations for dynamic (control)  text
LOC - Improved Japanese text placements

TBA - Dynamic creation of customisations
TBA - Deletes CAB files when release deleted
TBA - Packages use implementation name, except when implementation is "standard"
TBA - Changed single / multi file default to multi
TBA - TBKeyPad integration, customisation of included tbm macros

Version 02:51
13 September 2000
FIX - W9X Crashes when used in conjunction with some video cards
FIX - Retain correct timing when NT timer granularity is reduced
FIX - Event selector icon was not redrawn in some circumstances
FIX - Prevent BSOD in PnP id based auto-detct
FIX - Corrected title of installation page - number of controllers
FIX - USB mouse caused reboot on W2K

ENH - Revision history "start at" option
ENH - Default logical desktop segment is "whole desktop" 
ENH - Improved anchor mouse facility

OEM - Hide some events
OEM - Tailored DCU
OEM - Alternate install folder

LOC - Various changes to Japanese translation

TBA - Database indexing changed to hash table
TBA - PnP ID option added to Implementations
TBA - Create sub-trees for controllers and packets 
TBA - Initial suport for INF based install 
TBA - Improved handling of existing files during copy to disk 

Version 02:52
09 October 2000
ENH -  Initial PnP support (1 controller & 1 controller type only) 
ENH - TBAlt unloads in response to driver unload  
ENH - Raw data mode
ENH - New reset option BYTE-NN
ENH - Bundle specific files can be added to INF package
ENH - Most debug messages now controlled by DebugLevel
ENH - No reboot install (INF based install only) 
ENH - ACPI hibernate support
ENH - W2K Direct hardware support

FIX - Dont use DSR's - fixes WHQL driver verifier problem
FIX - Don't queue retries - caused lockups 

OEM - New API TBApiActiveAppHasMacros
OEM - Removed PnP based auto detect
OEM - New logo bitmaps
OEM - VMD_SetMouse_Data was causing trackpad conflict

TEC - Use same PnP to UPDD association code for W98 and W2K
TEC - Initialise UPDD core at Win32 start (removed need for thread pool)
TEC - DCU no longer holds open handle to driver
TEC - Apply uses standard retry thread 
TEC - Improved debug info for macro syntax errors
TEC - Removed reload on WM_POWERBROADCAST 
TEC - Removed reload on WM_DEVICECHANGE
TEC - New mouse port interfaces in W2K and W98
Version 02:53
26 October 2000
ENH - PnP support  improvements
ENH - HTML help support
ENH - unmatched lifotff generates movement to stop screen savers
ENH - unmatched liftoff does not generate a button event

LOC - Several text changes in Japanese version

FIX - Show correct (controller implementation) name against USB device
FIX - removed popup message if TBAPI read thread fails 
FIX - corrected text localisation problem during install 
FIX - 2.52 DCU was dropping some changes when driver handle was closed 
FIX - W9X add / remove device manager entries correctly (pnp mode)
FIX - DCU defaults processing did not work in PnP mode
FIX - resolved WHQL inf checker warnings 
FIX - TBCalib now shows unsupported error when calibrating in "virtual desktop" mode
FIX - DCU add / remove controller is now PnP aware
FIX - mouse click test buttons now maintain state 
FIX - DCU is now redrawn after power events (stops "garbage" appearing)
FIX - Setaside memory removes any possibility of inappropriate access to paged memory
FIX - Removed small memory leak at driver unload (for WHQL) 
FIX - Block retry thread until driver initialisation complete
FIX - Release all resources if driver load fails (for WHQL)
FIX - debug trace mode now read from registry only at startup (was causing bsod in uninstall) 
FIX - debug message in macro processing was illegally accessing paged memory during interrupt
FIX - Unload now waits for system tray close to complete
FIX - Handle out of memory condition (for WHQL) 
FIX - Custom com port was missing from list in W2K PnP 
FIX - Uninstall removes multi language licence files
FIX - Stray pointer was occasionally corrupting PCI register space (W9x direct mode only) 

API - New API TBApiSetScaledMonitorDimensions
API - New API TBAPISetScreenSaverMode 

OEM - double click defaults
OEM - hide LPF

TBA - Inf mode option (partial implementation) 
TBA - Set "driver date" in INF mode

TEC - removed W9x thread pooling (driver load now done at KERNEL32_INITIALIZED)
TEC - CStore supports binary registry data
TEC - NT install is no londer forced to "direct mode"
TEC - driver connection object integrated with PnP binding
TEC - W9x UPDDInit moved to abstraction layer 
TEC - Improved allocation tracking in debug build

Version 02:54
03 November 2000
ENH - Win ME USB support
ENH - TBSystray daemon always runs 
ENH - Calibration check now works in multi controller environment
ENH - Calibration rotate setting is now purely documentational
ENH - Rotation now works at the mouse port
ENH - Rotation now works in virtual desktop mode
ENH - Virtual desktop mode efficiency improved

FIX - Uninstall in W2K now removes entry from device manager (PnP mode) 
FIX - Removed memory leak when driver handle closed
FIX - Dump settings on Japanese NT 4.0 was crashing
FIX - INF based install now shows release ID in DCU 
FIX - Changing from windows multi - monitor to single monitor mode did not work
FIX - A failed calibration check did not correctly re-instate auto cal data 
FIX - Removed 4 point 20% calibration mode because of incompatibillity with some controlllers
FIX - USB / Serial combinations were crashing
FIX - 2.53 occasionally crashed at driver unload time 
FIX - Unexpected USB cord removal sometimes caused BSOD

OEM - Changed customisation name 
OEM - Toolbar context link for HTML help

LOC - Japanese text changes
Version 02:55
09 November 2000
ENH - New callback for "raw events" 
ENH - DCU events page hides events with reserved / hidden in name
ENH - Reduce tbsystry resource usage
ENH - Pen 2.0 installs now work over 3rd party pen customisations

FIX - tbsystry crashed on PnP install in clean installation

TBA - Allow longer release notes 

Version 02:56
14 December 2000
ENH - W2K PS/2 interface support
ENH - NT4.0 PS/2 interface support
ENH - Support for USB controllers which require init before opening interrupt pipe
ENH - Calibration event is now configurable
ENH - Unmatched lift wakeup is now configurable
ENH - Removed requirement to install USB UPDD before controller plugged in (W98/ME)
ENH - Dynamic add of PS/2 device suggests reboot
ENH - Reset BYTE option now also applies to last byte of incomplete packet
ENH - Macro status reports failure in data transmission
ENH - Retain settings page in install withdrawn 
ENH - PEN 2.0 auto enable
ENH - Improved error handling in W9X indirect mode
ENH - W2K non-PnP ISA BUS support 
ENH - New BUS macro command - Wait
ENH - New BUS macro command - Fail
ENH - BUS macros are now re-entrant
ENH - Setup checks for presence of setup.exe

FIX - W9X indirect mode BSOD when port unexpectedly open during initialisation phase
FIX - Potential crash in usermode registry interface corrected
FIX - Dynamically added devices could get incorrect calibration styles
FIX - Corrected conflict with USB (HID) mouse
FIX - Removed garbage entry from USB INF files
FIX - Reinstate DCU warnings
FIX - Controllers (USB) which generate spurious interrupts before interrupt enable led to crash
FIX - Multi controller install with PS/2 as first malfunctioned
FIX - Clone was not working (incomplete application of serial PnP changes) 
FIX - Recover from mouse port not available 
FIX- Check for missing USBD.SYS
FIX - Install over version 2.2X now deletes old driver files (W2K) 
FIX - Macro editor was corrupting macros with comments
FIX - Check port option now works in NT4.0 indirect 

OEM - New firmware dialog and macro generator
OEM - Flash / flood firmware options
OEM - Satisfy serial PnP request

API - Renamed ScaledMonitor api to TBApiSetVirtualDesktopMetrics
API - TBApiGetRawEventState - new API 

TBA - direct h/w access defaults to off
TBA - W9X yield default to -1
TBA - Standard USB implementation now gets controller name in device manager
TBA - corrected W2K MAPI drive change problems

TEC - Bus macro editor
Version 02:56:02
21 December 2000
FIX - Recognise PS/2 connnected devices on ACPI systems
FIX - Allow USB device replacement on W2K  
FIX - Removed tnreg.exe from install

ENH - support 3 part version numbers
ENH - support "build levels"
ENH - Allow address / irq to be changed for BUS controllers
ENH - Suppport several new PnP devices
ENH - Support HID controllers on W2K
ENH - Support DTR/RTS/Break in W9X indirect mode
ENH - improved USB data throughput
ENH - BUS I/O absolute addressing mode 

OEM - Auto IRQ (BUS)

TBA - Intelligent defaults
TBA - Quick build 
TBA - Longer batch timeouts 

TEC - Upgraded to VC6
TEC - Removed superfluous thread creations on file open
Version 02:56:04
29 December 2000
FIX - BUS installation should set auto-irq OFF except for specific customisation
Version 02:56:06
19 January 2001
FIX - Circumvent Win98 SE startup registry bug
FIX - setupapi.dll caused problems installing on Windows 95
FIX - Loose option on multi disk
FIX - NT 4.0 indirect mode did not work on some machines
FIX - Recover from error when network cable unplugged (hardware specific) 
FIX - Errors during device deletion when "Apply" not pressed

ENH - Lightpen calibration mode
ENH - REG: option in BUS macros

OEM - Baseline function
OEM - Linearisation data load function
OEM - Hide event name 

LOC - Advanced hardware button, new Japanese translation
LOC - Minor Japanese placement corrections
LOC - COM port list in Japanese install shows all ports

TEC - Registry deletions now synchronised with updates
Version 02:56:08
21 March 2001
FIX - Error in BUS mode interrupt selection caused crashes
FIX - mouse registry entries >= 0006 were deleted in W9X
FIX - Changing calibration style before calibration caused errors
FIX - Keyboard APIs worked incorrectly in rotated mode

ENH - Write registry entry to signal end of silent install
ENH - Allow specification of folder and group for silent install (via registry)
ENH - Support   for Windows XP
ENH - suppress "no mouse connected" in W9X
ENH - Auto detect always looks at COM1 thru 4 even if OS wrongly indicates these do not exist
ENH - Remove Direct hardware access option from DCU
ENH - Report resources in W2K
ENH - "First time" calibration now executed later in boot sequence
ENH - Restart driver on systems where hardware does not function immediately ofter "resume"
ENH - Restart driver when system settings (eg screen resolution) change
ENH - Direct hardware support in W2K

API - New API TBApiDeleteRegistryValueCached

LOC - Missing control  in BUS page of Install - Japanese
LOC - Added some missing German translations
LOC - Reduced size of Japanese install screen to fit 640 * 480

Version 02:56:10
24 April 2001
FIX - Calibration as non admin on NT40 caused error
FIX - NT 4.0 Serial direct mode could crash under certain failure conditions 

ENH - Don't kill process on registry error during API call
ENH - Propagate double click metrics to non admin users

Version 02:56:12
19 May 2001
FIX - Report mouse type = PS/2 when PS/2 controller present
FIX - Correctly handle 2 stop bits in W9X indirect mode
FIX - W2K & NT4.0 indirect mode sometimes stalled due to incorrect flow control 

ENH - IRQ selection changed to drop list 
ENH - Advanced hardware settings title corrected
ENH - Support 8042 chips that generate spurious interrupts 

TBA - Use liftoff bit default can now be set in implementation

OEM - restricted IRQ list 
OEM - new logo bitmap
OEM - disable address selction for specific BUS controller 

LOC - French text on install "folder" page was too long 
LOC - Corrected "enabled" option on systray menu
Version 02:56:14
26 June 2001
FIX - Bug in registry branch deletion was missing some leaves
FIX - Bad data in DCU status removed (when connection failed) 
FIX - History option did not work for 3 part version numbers
FIX - Removed faulty chinese resource dll 
FIX - W9X PS/2 installer sometime not creating correct registry device entries
FIX - Ignore failure in FIFO operations to support incomplete W2K filter drivers (eg Edgeport) 

ENH - PS2 installation removes all known PS2 controller types 
ENH - Com port lists include non detectable ports
ENH - DCU language defaults to language of O/S if TBA dflt not supplied 
ENH - Removed irq sharing for PS/2 - caused problems in some machines

TBA - Direct hardware override
Version 02:56:16
30 August 2001
ENH - Auto swap xy
ENH - Restore calibration style after calibration timeout 
ENH - Improvements to USB macro handling
ENH - Silent install options can be mixed with clone 
ENH - Support PS/2 interfaces where int occurs before status is set 
ENH - Don't share PS/2 interrupt 
ENH - Support W2K systems with no mouse 
ENH - Allow entry of non-standard com port names in DCU
ENH - Suppress W2K surprise removal dialog 
ENH - Reduced size of setup.exe 
ENH - tbcalib can now be stalled until a UPDD OK status is seen  

FIX - W2K indirect mode uses no flow control 
FIX - W2K indirect mode sets RTS and DTR
FIX - Resolved internal error in registry branch deletion 
FIX - Calibration from system tray was corrupting autocal data
FIX - invert x / y was incorrectly applied to relative motion
FIX - Cloned install of USB device was removing existing mouse device definitions
FIX - dont remove c:\temp - caused problems for Wise installations 
FIX - Invert X default set incorrectly in 2.56.14 
FIX - Correctly handle unrecognised WDM Power events 

API - New API TBApiGetMaxX
API - New API TBApiGetMaxY
API - New API TBApiRecordCalibrationData
API - New API TBApiRestoreCalibrationData

EM - Removed history button for specific OEM
Version 02:56:18
25 September 2001
ENH - Allow controller determination through auto-detect
ENH - TBTest is topmost 
ENH - PS/2 on NT4/W2K flush data from unexpected interrupts to cater for unusual hardware

FIX - TBSystry did not work on first execution on clean machine 
FIX - Improved handling of rts/dtr in W2K/NT4 
FIX - PS/2 on NT4/W2K was using incorrect parms to allocate interrupt - caused occasional crash
FIX - PS/2 on W9X corrected error in interrupt handler for machines that set data register late

TEC - Correctly process duplicate registry updates during start-up
TEC - Improved termination of calibration program after timeouts 
TEC - TBSystry terminates if no driver loaded 

OEM - New logo
OEM - Suppress PnP message for new controller
Version 02:56:20
13 December 2001
FIX - default option for Anchor Mouse corrected
FIX - NT & W2K indrect mode support for 2 stop bits corrected 
FIX - NT & W2K could lose recieved data during macro execution 
FIX - TBApiSendData did not work on W2K 
FIX - Multiple similar device install problem resolved

ENH - Retry connections on W9X start to overcome mouse driver bug 
ENH - Interlock mode
ENH - TBCalib can optionally wait for ACK before starting 
ENH - Do not show "future" history
ENH - use the true system locale, not the system reported locale
ENH - Pulse RTS and DTR to enable some controllers which require this 
ENH - USB bind to iProduct

API - New, TBApiDeleteRegistryValue
API - New, TBApiGetIProduct  ---- return the IProduct value for a USB controller. 
API - New, TBApiBeep 

OEM - New logo
Version 02:56:22
21 December 2001
FIX - Prevent serial controllers showing a PID in DCU devices list
FIX - Allow HID devices to be added after USB removel
Version 02:57:00
22 December 2000
This a "beta" test build. It is supplied for evaluation 
of recent changes only subject to the following restrictions 

Changes to correct errors and ommissions found during the 
beta test may be made without notice. However only essential
changes will be made - so any changes can be expected 
to be minimal. 

If tested and approved the changes will be incorporated into 
the next producton version of the UPDD software. Please 
contact Touch-Base for details of planned dates for scheduled 

Version 02:57:02
23 May 2001

Version 02:57:04
17 September 2001
FIX - Removed debug message from tbmorph
FIX - Corrected tbseting tab order 
FIX - Corrected handling of unknown Power messages

ENH - HTML help now supported in Morph dialogs 
ENH - HTML help now supported from system tray 
ENH - Changes tbsystry to not require /ST option

Version 02:59
26 September 1999
Special version based on 02:15
Version 03:00:00
10 June 2001

Version 03:00:02
03 July 2001
ENH - Integrated upddplay 
ENH - Ignore W2K FIFO errors to enable support for partial filter drivers - eg Edgeport USB

FIX - Tbsystray crash in morph engine when called with /s
FIX - Right button interface to CIC PenX 2.0 

TBA  - Uninstal does not remove tbarchitect entries

OEM - Backlight control
OEM - Html help 
OEM - Improved custom macro interface and autolaunch 

Version 03:00:04
30 August 2001

Version 03:01:00
31 August 2001
No rev history is available for this version. 

It is a new product based on UPDD 2.56, with the full integration of PnP support. 

Version 03:01:02
26 October 2001
fix - w95 and nt40 now prompt for reboot 
fix - w95 problem with duplicated registry settings during startup
fix - error in TBApiGetRelativeDeviceFromHandle with deleted devices 
fix - w9x, prevent lockups in inst16
fix - improved handling of hot keys (&) in localisation  
fix - changed sequencing of rts / dtr signals in NT/W2K indirect serial mode 
fix - use flow control none in NT/W2K indirect serial mode 
enh - improved test for PenX / Pen2.0 loaded 
enh - DISKSIZE option for setup in MKINF mode 
enh - improved error message on registry error 
enh - framework for multi bundle support 
enh - standardised morph file location functions
enh - tbcalib bitmap overrides extended to all items, and use standard naming 
enh - dynamic instantiation of Pnp devices 
enh - interlock mode
enh - changes to device selction in list controls reflect to all tbmorph pages 
enh - mouse tracking speed set appropriately for relative devices  
enh - show iProduct on device list for USB controllers 
enh - progress dialog while unstalling
enh - localised about box text, and system tray icon popup "tip"
enh - tbtest is topmost
enh - PnP serial support added 
enh - PnP ISA bus support added 
enh - PnP PS/2 support added 
api - new api TBApiGetIProduct
api - 2 new private api's 
oem - moved automatic calibration from runonce -> run
tec - support for global registry options 
tec - return meaningful status on timeouts 
tec - re-organised inst16 source
tec - internal driver name is now always tbupdd 
tec - improved debug messages for heartbeat instantiation
tec - merged w9x and W2k WDM code 
tba - ftp interface

Version 03:02:00
06 December 2001
fix - corrected some minor errors related to 8.3 file names 
fix - force w2k / xp mouclass.sys driver to start
fix - support multiple mouse connections on NT4
fix - beep sometimes locked "on" 
fix - corrected fonts on morph dialogs 	(Japanese)
loc - localised system tray menu with tbmorphlib
enh - tbmorph, big check boxes 
enh - tbmorph big sliders 
enh - installer preserves read only attributes 
enh - installer detects and reports disk full condition 
enh - option to run systray extensions in an NT service
enh - installer can now register active-x controls
enh - support localised morph files with [LANG] in name 
enh - support interlock release time
enh - added packets dcu option to tbmorph 
enh - added history dcu option to tbmorph 
enh - morphable licence dialog 
enh - disable com port selection for PnP serial devices 
enh - morph supports multi line edit boxes
enh - interface with Pivot software (0/90 legacy mode)
enh - language registry setting overrides system 
enh - upddplay sticky keys 
enh - upddplay ascii strings
enh - tbtest window placement changed 
tec - ce abstraction layer now supports finite waits 
tec - macros moved to separate subtree
tec - partial v2.56.x compatibility in tbapi
Version 03:03:00
28 January 2002
fix - W98 wdm driver sound option did not work
fix - remove usb dependancy
fix - calibration in rotated mode now works correctly
fix - calibration text was not shown
fix - averaging did not work unless stabilisation was set
fix - corrected problems with interlock 
fix - reinstalling to an alternate folder caused extensions in nt service to fail
fix - changes to dcu device selection were not correctly reflected in property page displays
fix - upddplay extension caps lock operation corrected
fix - w9x serial indirect 115200 baud support did not work
fix - nt / w2k indirect serial 2 stop bits did not work
enh - support interlock release time
enh - inst16 can now remove specified driver instances
enh - cosmetic change to installer progress dialog 
enh - setup now prompts for reboot if dynamic device load fails
enh - improvements to setup mkinf mode
enh - allow INF name to be specified
enh - group and folder install options can be customised 
enh - double click settings can be customised
enh - remove inf files on uninstall where possible
enh - extended tbmorhplib to allow program specific localisations
enh - iProduct USB binding
enh - touch surround option
enh - removed rubbish from DCU status when controller is not initialised 
enh - screen saver detection code blocks first touch 
enh - screen low power detection code blocks first touch
enh - integrated support with new Pivot version (0/90/180/270)
enh - sticky keys option now aplies to first character of string
enh - MODE macro now fully supported in indirect mode
enh - speed improvements on TBApiSendData
oem - detect Chinese version of oem utility
api - new api TBApiRemoveDevice
api - new api TBApiAddToolbar
api - new api TBApiRemoveToolbar
api - new api TBApiCalibrateToolbar
tba - rewritten to integrate with Perforce
tba - tbftp ignores .dat files
tec - all threaded coded now protected by spinlocks

server: web1, load: 1.47