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Works for 16CT model also. Tested Under win98 and win95 works well. Use the directory WFW311 for your inf files. regards Adam.

							AUG. 1994
		     Release Note
	     ENet-16 series Ethernet Card

Thank you for purchasing the ENet-16 series Ethernet cards.
The driver programs in this diskette support ENet-16 series Ethernet

*								   *
*  ENet-16 Series Ethernet cards do not have any on-board jumpers  *
*  or switches. All the hardware settings can be specified	   *
*  through our E16SD.EXE program. Please run E16SD.EXE program to  *
*  set up and test the hardware configuration.			   *
*								   *

The programs in this diskette is organized in the following manner.
Each directory contains a README.DOC file which provides you with
detailed installation instructions:

Directory	    Contents
---------	    ---------------------------------------------------------
\NETWARE	    Novell NetWare 2.1x, 3.x and 4.x
\PKTDRV 	    Packet Driver Program
\NDIS		    NDIS driver program
\NBIOS		    NetBIOS Emulator & Driver Program
\NT31		    MicroSoft Windows NT driver program(NDIS 3.0)
\WFW311 	    MicroSoft Windows for Workgroups   (NDIS 3.0)
\UTILITY	    Setup & Diagnostic program

    First release.

   ENET16.DOS v 1.32
   1). Support DEC pathwork, the modified driver interrupt  scheduling to
       work better with Windows for Workgroup.
   2). Support IBM PC support can connection with AS400.
   ENET16.OS2 v1.32
   Support DEC pathwork, the modified driver interrupt scheduling to
   work better with Windows for Workgroup.
   Changed NW40 to NW40.SRV
    Support NetWare v 4.x

3. \UTILITY\E16SD.EXE updated to version 1.07.
   The updated version is function selectable, can use numeric keypad key.

4. Added new dirver
      NDIS 3.0 drivers support MicroSoft Windows for Workgoups 3.11
      NDIS 3.0 drivers support MicroSoft Windows NT 3.1
5. \NBIOS v2.7
   Updated nbios.exe driver version to v2.70
   Fixed bug of establishing local session.

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