MVINST.INF Driver File Contents (

0 Memphis Quick Start Installation Program

1 Welcome to the Memphis Quick Start Installation Program.

2 Quick Start installs the Memphis software and tests your 
2 system to ensure it is ready to run your games and applications.  
2 Quick Start automatically assigns DMA and IRQ settings for the 
2 Memphis to use, and updates your DOS and Windows
2 system files.

3 If you want to use a directory other than \MEMPHIS to store your 
3 software (\MEMPHIS is recommended), press the BACKSPACE key to erase 
3 the name shown below and then type the name of the directory.  
3 Press ENTER to continue when the new directory name is correct.

4 This is a test of the Memphis hardware settings.

5 Use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to highlight an item and press ENTER
5 to select.

6 Quick Start is now ready to copy files into the directory shown 
6 below.

7 Below are the values Quick Start selected for your Memphis.
7 You will hear a test sound each time an IRQ or DMA channel is tested.

8 If you want to change any settings, use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to 
8 select and press ENTER.  To continue the installation, select 'Complete 
8 Changes' and press ENTER.

9 The DMA channel setting was determined by Quick Start avoid possible 
9 system conflicts.  Select another available DMA channel if you want to 
9 change this setting.

10 The IRQ setting was determined by Quick Start to avoid system conflicts.
10 Select another available IRQ if you want to change this setting.

11 If you select YES (recommended), your DOS configuration files -
11 CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT - will be modified.  The previous 
11 versions of these files will be saved as CONFIG.000 and AUTOEXEC.000.

12 Use the UP and DOWN arrow keys and press ENTER to select a setting.
12 Press ESC to cancel.

13 If you select YES, your Windows configuration files (SYSTEM.INI and
13 WIN.INI) will be modified and the previous versions will be saved
13 as SYSTEM.000 and WIN.000.  Also, current Memphis drivers in your
13 Windows "system" directory will be updated.

14 Installation Information:

15 Quick Start has finished installing Memphis. 
15 Press F3 to exit to DOS, then restart
15 your computer by simultaneously pressing
15 the CTRL-ALT-DEL keys. Please remove
15 the floppy from the drive now.

16 Unable to perform system test.

17 Please Insert the Disk Named:

18 WARNING:  The file listed above was not found!  The installation is not
18           complete.  Press F3 to exit.

19 WARNING:  The Memphis software may not be
19           fully installed since you did not 
19           choose to update Windows' system files.

20 No changes were made by Quick Start.

21 Error: Unable to copy files.  Please run Quick Start
21 from the installation diskette to Install Software.

22 Press <F3> to exit.   

23 Unable to initialize the Memphis.
23 Please perform the installation again.  
23 Is the Memphis interface card installed in your 
23 computer? If so, call Technical Support (800) 638-2807. 

24          Insert the disk with MSCDEX.EXE
24                and press <ENTER>

25 The file FILELIST.TXT has an invalid format.

26 Press ESC if you do not want to install this program.

27 This file is required for unarchiving the
27 installation files.

28 Quick Start detects that the directory shown below 
28 already exists.

29 Press ENTER to continue.

30 Data Compression provided courtesy of LHARC 
30   - Copyright Haruyasu Yoshizaki -

31 If you select YES, the Memphis files will be 
31 copied to the directory you specified.
31 If you select NO, the Memphis files will NOT be copied.

32 If you select YES, the DMA channel and IRQ settings will be tested.
32 The tests will not be performed if you select NO.

33 If you select YES, the Memphis joystick port will be enabled. 
33 If you select NO, the joystick will be disabled.  The default setting 
33 is YES.

34 Select an IRQ setting.  Quick Start has determined the initial setting
34 to avoid any system conflict.

35 Press ESC if you want to change the name, or 
35 Press F3 to exit Quick Start.

36     Quick Start detects that a DMA channel
36     caused the system to halt.  You should 
36     manually select DMA channels, and keep
36     track of which one causes this problem.
36     Channels 5, 6 and 7 are the usual source
36     of failure.  Be sure to test the DMA 
36     channels on the next screen.

41 Software has not been installed in the default:

42 directory.  Install the software before setting 
42 up the hardware, or run the install program from
42 the directory where the software is installed.

43 Select a Sound Blaster compatible DMA channel.  Quick 
43 Start has determined the initial setting to avoid system
43 conflict.

44 To enable Sound Blaster Emulation, select YES.  To disable it, select
44 NO.  The default value is YES.

45 To enable MPU-401 Emulation, select YES. To disable it, select NO.
45 The default value is NO.

46 Select a Sound Blaster port address.  Quick Start has 
46 determined the initial setting of port address '220'.

47 Select a Sound Blaster compatible IRQ setting.  Quick Start 
47 has determined the initial setting to avoid system conflict. 

48 Select a Sound Blaster compatible DMA channel.  Quick Start 
48 has determined the initial setting to avoid system conflict.
48 WARNING:  Only DMA 1 is fully Sound Blaster compatible.

49 Select an MPU-401 port address.  The default setting is port "330".

50 Select an MPU-401 IRQ setting.  Quick Start has determined the 
50 initial setting to avoid system conflict.

51 NOTE: Many DOS-based software programs use 
51       IRQ 2 for the MPU-401 feature.  

52 WARNING:  The Memphis software is not fully 
52           installed since you did not choose to 
52           update the DOS system files.
52 NOTE:     System files are saved before being 
52           modified.  You may undo changes 
52           made by renaming the saved versions 
52           of the original files. 

53 WARNING:  The Memphis is not fully installed 
53           since you did not choose to update 
53           the DOS or Windows system files.
53 NOTE:     System files are saved before being modified.
53           You may undo changes made by renaming the saved 
53           versions of the original files. 

58 Select the PORT # for the CDROM Drive.  
58 This value is determined by Jumper 15 on the board.
58 If you do not know this value, Exit the Install Program,
58 refer to Appendix A in the Manual, and check J15 on the board.

59 59

60 PORT #%d not available

67 67

68 Select the IRQ # for the CDROM Drive.
68 This value is determined by Jumper 14 on the board.
68 If you do not know this Value, Exit the Install Program,
68 refer to Appendix A in the Manual, and check J14 on the board.

69 This disk is required to complete the installation.

71 Please specify the DMA parameter

72 Please specify the IRQ parameter

73 Please specify the SB parameters

74 Please specify the MPU parameters

75 That is an invalid directory name

76 OS/2 Detected, no updates

77 Modifying:  CONFIG.SYS

78 Modifying:  AUTOEXEC.BAT

79 mv.ini exists, not altered

80 Error: - the disk is write protected

81 Error: - invalid disk drive

82 Error: - insert the diskette in the floppy drive

83 Error: not enough memory to run the install program.

84 Building: %s

85 Copying:  %s

86 De-archiving:  %s

87 Error opening file TBPRO.BAT.

88 Copying files...

91 Do you have Windows 3.1 on your system?

92 Analyzing System Configuration

93 System Analysis Completed

94 Analyzing Quick Start Output

95 Skipping Auto-Detect Phase

96 Testing DMA/IRQ Combinations

97 No valid DMA/IRQ combinations found

98 Error: Insufficient Disk Space

99 DMA #%d not available

100 Testing DMA/IRQ Combination

101 Select a different combination

102 DMA/IRQ Combination okay

103 IRQ #%d not available

105 error: can not create mv.ini

106 Creating mv.ini

107 Updating system.ini

108 Updating win.ini

110 Error: not a Valid Drive

131 Warning: If you have Windows but do not let Quick Start

132 update your Windows files, you will need to refer to the

133 Installation Guide and perform this task manually.

134 Quick Start will backup these files before modifying 

135 them, and save them as 'win.000' and 'system.000'


137 Press ESCAPE to Continue without Updating Windows

138 Press ENTER to Return to Previous Screen

141 Type a directory name or [ESC] to Cancel

142 Error: Not a Valid Directory

143 Error: Not a Windows Directory

151 Testing IRQ=%d

152 Missing file TESTWAV (see filelist.txt)

153 Missing file PCMCOM (see filelist.txt)

154 Error during test

155 Missing file PLAYEXE (see filelist.txt)

160 The Software is already installed.


162 If you want to reinstall the software,

163 please use the original diskette.

165 Press ENTER to Return to Previous Screen

167 Quick Start will use the default or current IRQ/DMA settings.

171 Please Enter the Full Path Name of the Windows Directory

172 Press Enter to Continue, ESCAPE to Cancel

173 Please power-on the CDPC XL subsystem.  Do you wish to continue?

196 Cannot create directory

197 Cannot use specified drive

198 Insufficient Disk Space

199 Exit Install?

200 Important:   1) Place the Memphis CD in the CD drive.

201              2) The installation process will be completed

202              automatically after a reboot using the CD drive. 

203              3) Reboot your computer now by simultaneously

204              pressing the Alt,Ctrl, and Del keys.

205 Please select Install Software and Setup

206 Hardware.


208 Hardware Setup can be run only after

209 the software has been installed.

210 Press ENTER to Return to Previous Screen

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How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

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