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"Download.exe" is a DOS utility to use CW7502 download.
Please copy "Download.exe" and CW7502 firmware programs to the same directory.
The firmware has two files. One is "xxxx.rom" for main CPU of the drive.
The other one is "xxxx.sub" for sub CPU of the drive.
1. Execute "Download.exe".
2. Select the drive ID.
3. Select No.1 download.
4. Input the name "xxxx.sub", and execute download.
   The drive status should be power on, tray close, and no disc.
   While blinking Busy LED, the drive is changing to the new codes.
   Wait until Busy LED off.
5. Select download menu again.
6. Input the name "xxxx.rom", and execute download.
   The sequence is the same as "xxxx.sub".

The LED blink cycle of "xxxx.rom" firmware is faster than "xxxx.sub".
After download completed, please do the drive power off and on for its
stable motion.

server: ftp, load: 2.46