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                MonitorMouse(TM) for Windows NT 4.0 
                          Release 4.00
                          May 7, 2002

                     Elo TouchSystems, Inc.

MonitorMouse for Windows NT 4.0 contains a native, 32-bit driver
designed for Windows NT 4.0, setup program, video alignment
program, 32-bit control panel program, and diagnostic 
applications for Elo TouchSystems' touchmonitors.

Supported Touchmonitors and Elo Touchscreen Controllers

   - All Elo Entuitive brand touchmonitors with an internal
     serial controller

   - Elo Serial Controllers (IntelliTouch(R) 2500S, 2310B, 2310,
     2300, AccuTouch(R) 2210)

  |                                                       |
  | This driver does not support Elo USB Touchmonitors,   |
  | Elo USB controllers or Elo PC-Bus controllers.        |
  |                                                       |
  | Refer to for availability of Windows |
  | NT 4.0 drivers for these products.                    |
  |                                                       |

Installing MonitorMouse for Windows NT 4.0

Note: you must have administrator access rights on your
Windows NT 4.0 system to install MonitorMouse for Windows
NT 4.0. You must also have administrator access rights to run
the touchscreen control panel and video alignment

1.  Shutdown Windows and turn off your computer.

2.  Install your touchmonitor hardware as described in the
    IntelliTouch or AccuTouch Product Manual, Touchmonitor
    Users Guide, or the Quick Start poster.

3.  Start your computer.

4.  After Windows loads, click the Start button, and then click

5.  Click the Browse button to locate the SetupElo.exe program in
    the directory containing the driver install files. Highlight
    SetupElo.exe and click Open, then OK to run SetupElo.exe.

6.  Follow the directions on the screen.

7.  Choose the COM port to use with your touchmonitor.

    Select the COM port you connected the touchscreen cable to
    in step 2 above. All serial ports reported by Windows are

8.  Click Next.

9.  Restart Windows when prompted. Make sure you remove any
    floppy disks. 

    The touchscreen video alignment program will automatically
    run when Windows starts up. Touch each of the three targets
    as they appear on the screen. Click Yes when the cursor lines
    up correctly with your finger.

Changing the Touchmonitor COM Port

Use the following procedure if you selected the wrong COM port
for your touchmonitor during installation or want to change the
COM port to use with your touchmonitor. You must restart Windows
before the new setting will take effect.

1. Choose Start/Settings/Control Panel and double-click
   the Elo Touchscreen object.

2. Select the correct COM port for the touchscreen
   controller. Click OK to close the touchscreen
   control panel.

3. Restart the computer when prompted.

Uninstalling MonitorMouse for Windows NT 4.0

1. Click the Start button, point to Settings, and then click
   Control Panel.

2. Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon.

3. Select MonitorMouse for Windows NT 4.0 from the list of
   uninstallable programs on the Install/Uninstall tab.

4. Click the Add/Remove button then follow the directions on
   your screen.

5. Restart Windows to complete the uninstall process.

Release Notes

- You must have administrator access rights to run the Elo
  Touchscreen control panel and video alignment applications.

- Because serial communications services are not available
  until late in the Windows NT 4.0 startup process, the
  touchscreen will not begin to function for several seconds
  after the Windows desktop is displayed.

- To enable the "2-wire", no-handshaking mode, set the
  following DWORD registry key to 0 using regedit.exe:


Known Bugs

- The touchscreen will not work properly when the mouse is
  set for left-handed button configuration in the Mouse
  Properties control panel. Touch will always perform a right
  mouse function when the mouse is set for a left-handed

- If you press the Cancel button on the Elo Touchscreen
  control panel after using the Apply button, some of the
  applied settings will become un-applied.

- Uninstalling the driver will leave the following empty
  folder on your hard drive:

   C:\Program Files\Elo TouchSystems

Contacting Elo


Elo TouchSystems, Inc.
6500 Kaiser Drive
Fremont, CA 94555
Phone: (800) 557-1458
       (510) 739-4999
Fax:   (510) 739-5353

Elo TouchSystems GmbH & Co. KG
Haidgraben 6
D-85521 Ottobrunn
Phone: +49 (0) 89/60822-0
Fax:   +49 (0) 89/60822-150

Elo TouchSystems, NV
Diestsesteenweg 692
B-3010 Kessel-Lo
Phone: +32 (16) 35-2100
Fax:   +32 (16) 35-2101

Copyright © 2002 Elo TouchSystems, Inc.
All rights reserved.

MonitorMouse is a trademark of Elo TouchSystems, Inc.
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