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               MonitorMouse for Windows 95/98/98SE/ME
                            Version 3.01
                         February 26, 2002

                        Elo TouchSystems, Inc.

MonitorMouse for Windows 95/98/98SE/ME contains a native, 32-bit
driver designed for Windows 9x, setup program, video alignment
program, uninstall utility, 32-bit control panel program, taskbar
tray application and diagnostic applications for Elo TouchSystems'
touchmonitors and controllers.

Supported Elo Touchmonitors and Touchscreen Controllers

   - All Elo Entuitive brand touchmonitors with an internal
     serial controller

   - Elo Serial Controllers (IntelliTouch(R) 2500S, 2310B, 2310,
     2300, AccuTouch(R) 2210)

  |                                                       |
  | This driver does not support Elo USB Touchmonitors,   |
  | Elo USB controllers or Elo PC-Bus controllers.        |
  |                                                       |
  | Refer to for availability of Windows |
  | 95/98 drivers for these products.                     |
  |                                                       |

Installing MonitorMouse for Windows 9x

Shutdown your computer and connect your touchmonitor as described
in the accompanying documentation.

   1. After Windows loads, click the Start button, and then click

   2. Click the Browse button to locate the setup.exe program in
      the directory containing the driver install files. Highlight
      setup.exe and click Open, then OK to run setup.exe.

   3. Follow the directions on the screen. In some cases, Setup
      will prompt you to restart your computer.

   4. Touch each of the three video alignment targets as they
      appear on the screen. Click Yes when the cursor lines up
      correctly with your finger.

   5. When video alignment is complete, you'll have the option of
      running the Elo Touchscreen control panel.

Uninstalling MonitorMouse for Windows 9x

1. Click the Start button, point to Settings, and then click
   Control Panel.

2. Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon.

3. Select Elo MonitorMouse for Windows 95/98 from the list of
   uninstallable programs on the Install/Uninstall tab.

4. Click the Add/Remove button then follow the directions on
   your screen.

5. Restart Windows to complete the uninstall process.

Release Notes

- To enable the "2-wire", no-handshaking mode, set the
  following DWORD registry key to 0 using regedit.exe:


  where "XXXX" is the registry section for the touchscreen
  for which the no-handshaking mode is to be

- Full Screen DOS sessions are not supported. However, windowed
  DOS mode is fully supported. A touch to a full-screen DOS
  session will cause your system to immediately return to your
  Windows desktop. A mouse can be used to access programs run
  in a Full Screen DOS session.

- Your application can launch the Elo video alignment
  application. Simply execute ELOVA.EXE in the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM
  folder from within your application.

- Touch will not be available for a period of time while
  Windows logs on a new user. Touch operation returns once
  Windows completes the new user log on.

- Uninstalling the driver will leave the following benign empty
  folder on your hard drive: 

      C:\Program Files\EloTouch

Enhancements and Bug Fixes in This Release

- The right mouse button utility was modified to correct bugs 
  and support multiple monitors.

- A new setup program was created to automate installation
  of the MonitorMouse drivers and to configure multiple
  touchmonitors for use on a single Windows 9x system.
  The new setup program automatically replaces any previous
  installation of MonitorMouse.

- The driver now supports up to 4 touchmonitors on a single
  Windows 9x system. The multiple-monitor feature of Windows
  98/98SE/ME is fully supported. The driver has been suc-
  cessfully tested with the following multi-port serial

    - COMTROL RocketPort (
    - Equinox SST (

- No reboot is required to install the driver, except when
  updating a previous driver install.

- The control panel was enhanced to allow the COM port to
  be selected from the General tab when configured for a
  single monitor. An enhanced Diagnostics tab displays all
  registry values for each touchscreen.

- The control panel was resized to fit completely on a
  640 x 480 display.

- A blue "elo" icon is added to the taskbar tray to give you
  convenient access to Elo Touchscreen properties, the right
  mouse button utility and other functions. Click or touch
  it to view available menu options. Double-click or double-
  touch it to immediately launch Elo Touchscreen properties.

Known Bugs

- The touchscreen will not work properly when the mouse is
  set for left-handed button configuration in the standard
  Windows Mouse Properties control panel. Touch will always
  perform a right mouse function when the mouse is set for a
  left-handed user.

- If you press the Cancel button on the Elo Touchscreen
  control panel after using the Apply button, some of the
  applied settings will become un-applied.

- The Apply and Cancel buttons in the Elo Touchscreen control
  panel do not follow the accepted standard Windows conventions
  for functionality of these buttons in a control panel. The
  Apply button is not always available after modifying control
  panel options. The Cancel button doesn't cancel some settings
  that take effect immediately.

- When using an Equinox multi-port serial interface card, a
  loss of touch is sometimes experienced after initial video 
  alignment during installation on those touchscreens connected 
  to it. During testing this behavior was experienced in about 
  20% of the installations and normal touch response is always 
  restored when Windows is restarted.

- If the "No" button is pressed in the "Check Video Alignment" 
  dialog box the cursor remains visible during the subsequent
  alignment process.

- The background color of the COM port selection combo box on 
  the general tab of the control panel changes to the "item 
  selected default color" if the dropdown arrow of the combo 
  box is clicked twice. The color should remain the "item 
  not selected default color" if the COM port number has not 
  changed. This is corrected when the control panel is closed
  then executed again.

- When the control panel video alignment button is pressed and the 
  ESC key is hit just before the first target appears, the video 
  alignment is canceled but the control panel video alignment 
  button is disabled. Close, then execute the control panel to
  correct this.

- If the serial cable is disconnected and reconnected during 
  constant touch, a loss of touch sometimes results. Restart
  Windows to recover touch operation if this happens.

- When using Windows 95 in a multi-monitor configuration, the 
  RBUTTON window always appears in the center of the desktop after 
  the system is rebooted. We don't recommend using the right mouse
  button utility in multi-monitor configurations.

Contacting Elo


Elo TouchSystems, Inc.
6500 Kaiser Drive
Fremont, CA 94555
Phone: (800) 557-1458
       (510) 739-4999
Fax:   (510) 739-5353

Elo TouchSystems GmbH & Co. KG
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Elo TouchSystems, NV
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B-3010 Kessel-Lo
Phone: +32 (16) 35-2100
Fax:   +32 (16) 35-2101

Copyright (c) 2000 Elo TouchSystems, Inc.
All rights reserved.
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