LANSRV.TXT Driver File Contents (ie16combo5s.ZIP)

								Oct 1995

		       EZ-2000+ SERIES Ethernet Card
		   NDIS Driver for LAN SERVER Installation

* How to install EZ2000.OS2 on IBM LAN SERVER 4.0 *

1. In OS/2 Desktop, double click the mouse button on MPTS icon

2. Click the <Configure> button

3. Select the "LAN adapters and protocols"

4. Click the <Configure> button

5. Select the "Other adapters ..."

6. Put the Driver Diskette into floppy drive A or B and type the driver path


7. Click the <OK> button

8. click "MAGITRONIC EZ-2000+ Ethernet Adapter"      --> Add
   click "IBM OS/2 NETBIOS"            --> Add
   click "IBM IEEE 802.2"              --> Add
   click OK  --> Close --> Exit

9. Reboot your computer

* How to install EZ2000.OS2 on IBM LAN SERVER 3.0 *

1. You must first install IBM OS/2 in your system:
       Bootup with OS/2 Install Disk in drive 'A' and install OS/2

   You must install the LAPs program before installing the LAN Server or
   Requester program. Insert the "NTS/2 Adapter & Protocol Support Disk" in
   drive B and run the LAPs program:

       >LAPS  --choose "Install" and specify the target drive
		choose "Install" again and insert your prepared
			Driver disk in drive 'A'
		choose "Configure"
		click "MAGITRONIC EZ-2000+ Ethernet Adapter" --> Add
		click "IBM OS/2 NETBIOS"            --> Add
		click "IEEE 802.2"                  --> Add
		click OK  --> Exit  -->  Continue

	Reboot your computer

   Your CONFIG.SYS and PROTOCOL.INI files should reflect your card setup:


       Drivername = EZ2000$

2. You can now install the LAN Server or Requester program.  For more 
   instruction, please refer to your IBM LAN Server "Planning and Installation"

* How to install EZ2000.OS2 on IBM OS/2 2.0 Lan Server *

1. Assuming your OS/2 2.0 is properly installed and working, proceed to install
   LAN SERVER.	At this point in time, no network adapters must be installed in
   the computer.

2. Install LAN SERVER according to IBM installation procedures.  At the point
   where LAN SERVER asks for LAN Adapter, select any of the adapters supported
   by LAN SERVER.  For example, we select 'Western Digital EtherCard PLUS ...'.
   After LAN Adapter selection, continue installing LAN SERVER.

3. After LAN SERVER is successfully installed, shut down OS/2 for system
   configuration.  Do not insert any network adapters.	The OS/2 system will
   boot up and bring up LAN SERVER services. You will encounter errors with LAN
   SERVER because the network adapter you selected is not installed.  Ignore the
   errors and continue with OS/2 booting.

4. Assuming you are using EZ-2000+ SERIES card, insert the EZ-2000+ SERIES driver
   disk in drive A: and copy the following files,


   At the OS/2 Desktop, run OS/2 system editor.  You have to edit two files


   Editing CONFIG.SYS
   (1) Look for the following line


       and change it to


   (1) In the section [IBMLXCFG], add the following line

       EZ2000_nif = EZ2000.nif

   (2) In the section [NETBEUI_nif], look for the line

       Bindings = MACWDMC_nif

       and change it to

       Bindings = EZ2000_nif

   (3) In the MAC SECTION definitions, add the following section

	DriverName = EZ2000$

5. After modifying the two files above, shutdown your OS/2 system and turn the
   computer off.  Install the EZ-2000+ SERIES card using the same INTERRUPT and
   IOADDRESS specified in the PROTOCOL.INI file.  Turn on your computer to
   start OS/2.  Upon OS/2 startup, you should notice that LAN SERVER services
   will now successfully start without any errors.

* How to install EZ2000.OS2 on IBM Communication Manager v 1.0 *

Supposing that you have installed the IBM Communication Manager in your 

1. Copy both EZ2000.OS2 and EZ2000.NIF from the \NDIS\OS2 subdirectory of the
   shipping driver diskette to C:\IBMCOM\MACS directory.

2. Execute CM's install program, select EZ-2000+ SERIES adapter and select

3. Make sure "DEVICE = C:\IBMCOM\MACS\EZ2000.OS2" statement is in the
   CONFIG.SYS file.

4. Shutdown your OS/2 system, then reboot your PC.

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  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

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