WHQLDrv.txt Driver File Contents (MS0055.exe)

Driver Package File Name: MS0055.exe
File Size: 287.7 KB

To update your system with the new driver, you must install the driver.
If the driver you downloaded has a setup.exe file included, run that file.  

If the driver does not have an installation file, 
the driver can be installed via control panel.  
Open control panel and do the following:

Under Windows 95:
1.  Start Device Manager by double-clicking System in Control Panel

2.  Find the device the updated driver is for and select it.

3.  Click the 'Properties' button, then select the 'Driver' tab.

4.  Click the 'Update Driver' button.

5.  If prompted, specify the folder the updated driver is in.
(example: c:\drivers\A1234)

Under Windows NT:
1.  Select the catagory of device you are updating from control panel.

2.  Follow one of the below sets of instructions:
	Select 'Settings' tab, 'Display Type', 'Change', 'Have Disk'
	Select 'General' tab, 'Change', 'Have Disk'
	Check 'Don't detect', 'Next', 'Have Disk'
	Select 'General' tab, 'Change', 'Have Disk'
	Select 'Devices' tab, 'Add', 'Unlisted or Updated Driver'
	Select 'Adapters' tab, 'Update'
	If no printers exist select add printer, follow instructions, 
	select 'Have Disk' when prompted.
	If upgrading existing printer, right-click printer, 
	'properities', select 'New Driver'.
SCSI Adapters
	Select 'Drivers' tab, 'Add'
Tape Devices
	Select 'Drivers' tab, 'Add'
	Select 'Telephony Drivers' tab, 'Add'

3.  When prompted for driver disk, specify the folder the updated driver is in.
(example: c:\drivers\A1234)
server: ftp, load: 1.68