README.TXT Driver File Contents (MS0055.exe)

Driver Package File Name: MS0055.exe
File Size: 287.7 KB

This release adds additional Driver support for the following
Printer Manufacturers: EPSON

Epson AP-3300 ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-300 ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-2070 ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-2170 ESC/P 2

Requirements Before Installation:

Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 2)

Installation Instructions:

Installing a Printer Driver
1. Expand the downloaded driver in an empty directory using the -d option
   For example: NT4PRN.EXE -d
2. Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Printers.
3. Click the Add Printer icon, and then Select "My Computer", Choose Next.
4. Choose the Appropriate Port, Choose Next.
5. Select the option for "Have Disk"
6. Browse to the proper directory (<SPDOWNLOAD>\Support\Printer)
7. Select the desired Printer from the list box
8. Follow the remaining instructions on your screen.

Obtaining Additional Driver Support:
Finding drivers not supported by this release, Please consult 
WWW.MICROSOFT.COM or your Print Hardware Vendor for additional 
driver offerings.


From your web browser open the following URL:
2. From the section "Choose a Product or Technology"
   Select "Microsoft Windows NT Server"
3. From the section "Enter your search Phrase"
   Enter the following: "q142643"
4. Open the article titled: "Windows NT 4.0 Driver Library"

Note: The drivers mentioned in the article above are Microsoft Developed 
      and tested if the driver in question is not mentioned, Please contact
      the OEM for compatibility settings and Independent driver offerings.

Submitting a Formal Request for New Drivers:

To submit a request for a print driver or print driver enhancement for
Windows NT, please send your request to the following E-Mail Alias:


The request should have the following Information:

Requester's Name
Business Name
Requester's Contact Information (Phone # or Email Address)
Printer Manufacturer
Printer Model
Nature of Request (Feature Request or Driver Request)

NOTE: Sending mail to ntwish in no way guarantees that a 
      driver for your printer will be written by Microsoft.
      Additionally, you will not receive a reply to any 
      E-Mail sent to ntwish.

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