Disk1/ReadMe.txt Driver File Contents (KITWK950ALL.zip)

Driver Package File Name: KITWK950ALL.zip
File Size: 7.1 MB

Slim multimedia Keyboard v2.1(Zippy)
Copyright (c) 2001 WayTech Development, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

System Requirements

Before installing the Slim multimedia Keyboard Driver, please make 
sure that all hardware connections are correct, and 
that the system complies with the following requirements:

* IBM PC compatible system
* Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP(32bit)

Keyboard Interface
USB Keyboard:PID:800A¡B800B¡B800C

* Warning *

If you already installed Slim multimedia Keyboard Driver (your 
keyboard can run without this driver), please run uninstall 
program to uninstall your original driver. 


To install the Slim multimedia Keyboard Driver ,please refer to 
the following instructions.

1. Please insert the CD included in your package into your 
   CD-ROM drive. 
2. If your computer is set up to auto-install programs, then 
   Windows will automatically detect the CD and run the 
   "setup.exe". If Windows does	not perform this procedure, 
   Choose RUN from the Windows START Menu. In the Run window
   , type d:\Location\setup.exe (where D: is the location of 
   your CD-ROM drive) to start the installation Wizard.
3. Follow the Wizard's instruction Wizard's on-screen 
   instructions until the software is successfully installed.


To uninstall the driver:

1. From the Windows START Menu, select SETTINGS then CONTROL 
2. In the Control Panel, double-click the ADD/REMOVE 
   PROGRAMS icon to enter the Add/Remove Programs Properties 
3. Click the INSTALL / UNINSTALL button.
4. Select MediaKey from the list
5. Click ADD / REMOVE button
6. Confirm the Uninstall

Release Note & Bugs Fixed
v2.0a 06/07/2001
1.Function Library:Add Calculator¡BMail to¡BMy Document¡BX'fer¡BSystem Property¡B
                 Screen Saver¡BScroll Down¡BScroll Up¡BShopping¡BStock¡BNews¡B
                 People functions.
2.Support Language:English¡BJapanese¡BTradChinese¡BGerman¡BRussian¡B
                   Spanish¡BItalian¡BPortuguese ¡BFrench
3.Update Help Files

v2.0b 06/12/2001
1.Update Magickey.exe to support running RayMan2 by shortcut.
2.Update OptDlg.dll for MultiLanguage
v2.0c 06/13/2001
1.When put WWW button from UI on WinMe and Win2K,it will open two browsers:Update WTInter.dll

v2.0d 07/02/2001
1.Fix can't close about dialog issue on win2k.Update WTmenu.dll(06/28)
2.Change UI to remove option button and add wake up button.
3.Remove "option" function.

v2.0e 07/19/2001
1.Have a key is "Mycomputer".
2.The "MyComputer" function doesn't show OSD.
3.Update "WTSystem.dll"(07/06)¡B"Wtbnress.dll"(07/10)
4.Update Multi_Lang's Magickey.reg.

v2.0f 07/23/2001
1.Update WTmeun.dll(07/23)-->Fix doble click about item from menu.
                             That will pop two about dialogs. 

v2.0g 11/21/2001
1.Update Install98.exe(10/02) to support 106key for WinXP.

v2.0h 12/03/2001  
1.Update Install98.exe(11/30) to update 106key be "106 ú{ê (A01) L[{[h (Ctrl+p)"

v2.1i 12/04/2001
1.Change about version 2.0 to 2.1

1.Update driver.

1.Update WdAcess.dll(12/05)
server: web1, load: 1.55