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AMI-BIOS CHECK-POINT, (C)1991 American Megatrends Inc.,All Rights Reserved
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Checkpoint codes for AMI WinBios


  01         Processor register test about to start,
             and NMI to be disabled.
  02         NMI is Disabled.
             Power on delay starting.
  03         Power on delay complete.
             To check soft reset/power-on.
  05         Soft reset/power-on determined.
             Going to enable ROM. i.e. disable shadow RAM, Cache if any.
  06         ROM is enabled. Calculating ROM BIOS checksum.
  07         ROM BIOS checksum passed.
             CMOS shutdown register test to be done next.
  08         CMOS shutdown register test done. CMOS checksum calculation
             to be done next.
  09         CMOS checksum calculation is done, CMOS Diag byte written.
             CMOS init. to begin (If "INIT CMOS IN EVERY BOOT IS SET").
  0A         CMOS initialization done (if any).
             CMOS status register about to init for Date and Time.
  0B         CMOS status register init done.
             Any initialization before keyboard BAT to be done next.
  0C         KB controller I/B free.
             Going to issue the BAT command to keyboard controller.
  0D         BAT command to keyboard controller is issued.
             Going to verify the BAT command.
  0E         Keyboard controller BAT result verified.
             Any initialization after KB controller BAT to be done next.
  0F         Initialization after KB controller BAT done.
             Keyboard command byte to be written next.
  10         Keyboard controller command byte is written.
             Going to issue Pin-23,24 blocking/unblocking command.
  11         Pin-23,24 of keyboard controller is blocked/ unblocked.
             Going to check pressing of <INS> key during power-on.
  12         Checking for pressing of <INS> key during power-on done.
             Going to disable DMA and Interrupt controllers.
  13         DMA controller #1,#2, interrupt controller #1,#2 disabled.
             Video display is disabled and port-B is initialized.
             Chipset init/ auto memory detection about to begin.
  14         Chipset initialization/ auto memory detection over.
             To uncompress the POST code if compressed BIOS.
  15         POST code is uncompressed.
             8254 timer test about to start.
  19         8254 timer test over.
             About to start memory refresh test.
  1A         Memory Refresh line is toggling.
             Going to check 15 micro second ON/OFF time.
  20         Memory Refresh period 30 micro second test complete.
             Base 64K memory/address line test about to start.
  21         Address line test passed.
             Going to do toggle parity.
  22         Toggle parity over.
             Going for sequential data R/W test on base 64k memory.
  23         Base 64k sequential data R/W test passed.
             Going to set BIOS stack and to do any setup before Interrupt
             vector init.
  24         Setup required before vector initialzation complete.
             Interrupt vector initialization about to begin.
  25         Interrupt vector initialization done.
             Going to read Input port of 9042 for turbo switch (if any)
             and to clear password if post diag switch is on.
  26         Input port of 8042 is read.
             Going to initialize global data for turbo switch.
  27         Global data initialization for turbo switch is over.
             Any initialization before setting video mode to be done next.
  28         Initialization before setting video mode is complete.
             Going for monochrome mode and color mode setting.
  2A         Monochrome and color mode setting is done.
             About to go for toggle parity before optional rom test.
  2B         Toggle parity over. About to give control for any
             setup required before optional video ROM check.
  2C         Processing before video ROM control is done.
             About to look for optional video ROM and give control.
  2D         Optional video ROM control is done. About to give control
             to do any procesing after video ROM returns control.
  2E         Return from processing after the video ROM control.
             If EGA/VGA not found then do display memory R/W test.
  2F         EGA/VGA not found.
             Display memory R/W test about to begin.
  30         Display memory R/W test passed.
             About to look for the retrace checking.
  31         Display memory R/W test or retrace checking failed.
             About to do alterrnate Display memory R/W test
  32         Alternate Display memory R/W test passed.
             About to look for the alternate display retrace checking.
  34         Video display checking over.
             Display mode to be set next.
  37         Display mode set.
             Going to display the power on message.
  39         New cursor position read and saved.
             Going to display the Hit <DEL> message.
  3B         Hit <DEL> message displayed.
             Virtual mode memory test about to start.
  40         Going to prepare the descriptor tables.
  42         Descriptor tables prepared.
             Going to enter in virtual mode for memory test.
  43         Entered in the virtual mode.
             Going to enable interrupts for diagnostics mode.
  44         Interrupts enabled (if diagnostics switch is on).
             Going to initialize data to check memory wrap around at 0:0.
  45         Data initialized. Going to check for memory wrap around at 0:0
             and finding the total system memory size.
  46         Memory wrap around test done. Memory size calculation over.
             About to go for writing patterns to test memory.
  47         Pattern to be tested written in extended memory.
             Going to write patterns in base 640k memory.
  48         Patterns written in base memory.
             Going to findout amount of memory below 1M memory.
  49         Amount of memory below 1M found and verified.	
             Going to findout amount of memory above 1M memory.
  4B         Amount of memory above 1M found and verified.
             Check for soft reset and going to clear memory below 1M for
             soft reset. (If power on, go to check point# 4Eh).
  4C         Memory below 1M cleared.       (SOFT RESET)
             Going to clear memory above 1M.
  4D         Memory above 1M cleared.       (SOFT RESET)
             Going to save the memory size. (Goto check point# 52h).
  4E         Memory test started.       (NOT SOFT RESET)
             About to display the first 64k memory size.
  4F         Memory size display started. This will be updated during
             memory test. Going for sequential and random memory test.
  50         Memory testing/initilisation below 1M complete.
             Going to adjust displayed memory size for relocation/ shadow.
  51         Memory size display adjusted due to relocation/ shadow.
             Memory test above 1M to follow.
  52         Memory testing/initialisation above 1M complete.
             Going to save memory size information.
  53         Memory size information is saved. CPU registers are saved.
             Going to enter in real mode.
  54         Shutdown successfull, CPU in real mode. Going to disable
             gate A20 line.
  57         A20 address line disable successful.
             Going to adjust memory size depending on relocation/shadow.
  58         Memory size adjusted for relocation/shadow.
                Going to clear Hit <DEL> message.
  59         Hit <DEL> message cleared. <WAIT...> message displayed.
             About to start DMA and interrupt controller test.
  60         DMA page register test passed.
             About to go for DMA #1 base register test.
  62         DMA #1 base register test passed.
             About to go for DMA #2 base register test.
  65         DMA #2 base register test passed.
             About to program DMA unit 1 and 2.
  66         DMA unit 1 and 2 programming over.
             About to initialize 8259 interrupt controller.
  67         8259 initialization over.
             About to start keyboard test.
  80         Keyboard test started. clearing output buffer, checking
             for stuck key, About to issue keyboard reset command.
  81         Keyboard reset error/stuck key found. About to
             issue keyboard controller interface test command.
  82         Keyboard controller interface test over.
             About to write command byte and init circular buffer.
  83         Command byte written, Global data init done.
             About to check for lock-key.
  84         Lock-key checking over.
             About to check for memory size mismatch with cmos.
  85         Memory size check done. About to display soft error
             and check for password or bypass setup.
  86         Password checked.
             About to do pogramming before setup.
  87         Programming before setup complete.
             Going to uncompress SETUP code and execute cmos setup.
  88         Returned from cmos setup program and screen is cleared.
             About to do programming after setup.
  89         Programming after setup complete.
             Going to display power on screen message.
  8B         First screen message displayed. <WAIT...> message displayed.
             About to do Main and Video BIOS shadow.
  8C         Main and Video BIOS shadow successful.
             Setup options programming after cmos setup about to start.
  8D         Setup options are programmed, mouse check and init
             to be done next. 
  8E         Mouse check and initialisation complete. 
             Going for hard disk controller reset.
  8F         Hard disk controller reset done. Floppy setup to be done next.
  91         Floppy setup complete. Hard disk setup to be done next.
  94         Hard disk setup complete.
             Going to set base and extended memory size.
  96         Memory size adjusted due to mouse support, hdisk type-47.
             Going to do any init before C800h optional ROM control
  97         Any init before C800h optional ROM control is over.
             Optional ROM check and control will be done next.
  98         Optional ROM control is done. About to give control to do
             any required procesing after optional ROM returns control.
  99         Any initialization required after optional ROM test over.
             Going to setup timer data area and printer base address.
  9A         Return after setting timer and printer base address.
             Going to set the RS-232 base address.
  9B         Returned after RS-232 base address.
             Going to do any initialization before Co-processor test.
  9C         Required initialization before co-processor is over.
             Going to initialize the coprocessor next.
  9D         Coprocesor initialized.
             Going to do any initialization after Co-processor test.
  9E         Initialization after co-processor test is complete.
             Going to check extd keyboard, keyboard ID and num-lock.
  9F         Extended keyboard check is done, ID flag set. Num-lock on/off.
             Keyboard ID command to be issued.
  A0         Keyboard ID command issued.
             Keyboard ID flag to be reset.
  A1         Keyboard ID flag reset.
             Cache memory test to follow.
  A2         Cache memory test over.
             Going to display any soft errors.
  A3         Soft error display complete.
             Going to set the keyboard typematic rate.
  A4         Keyboard typematic rate set.
             Going to program memory wait states.
  A5         Memory wait states programming over.
             Going to clear the screen and enable parity/NMI.
  A7         NMI and parity enabled. Going to do any initialization
             required before giving control to optional ROM at E000h.
  A8         Initialization before E000h ROM control over.
             E000h ROM to get control next.
  A9         Returned from E000h ROM control. Going to do any
             initialization required after E000h optional ROM control.
  AA         Initialization after E000h optional ROM control is over.
             Going to display the system configuration.
  B0         System configuration is displayed.
             Going to uncompress SETUP code for hot-key setup.
  B1         Uncompressing of SETUP code is complete.
             Going to copy any code to specific area.
  00         Copying of code to specific area done.
             Going to give control to INT 19h boot loader.

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