README.TXT Driver File Contents (P56exv90.exe)

Driver Package File Name: P56exv90.exe
File Size: 188.1 KB

   *							   *
   *   ESS ES336/ES56 Data/Fax/Voice Modem Installation Disk  *
   *							   *

A. List of Installation Disk Files

1. DELESS.BAT	;Batch file of uninstallation utility(UNINST.EXE).
2. ESMDMX.VXD	;Modem Windows 95 driver.
3. ESUART.VXD	;Modem Windows 95 DOS-Box driver.
4. MDMESS.INF	;Modem Setup information.
5. MDMESSA.INF	;Modem Voice Setup information.
6. README.TXT	;Use Notepad to view this readme file.
7. UNINST.EXE	;Uninstallation utility. 
8. SERWAVE.VXD  ;Virtual driver for play wave file.
9. VMODCTL.DLL  ;DLL file for voice function support.

B. Modem Win95 Drivers Installation

ES336/ES56 Data/Fax/Voice Modem is fully Compatible with Window 95
Plug and Play. Insert this installation disk into drive A: and 
follow the procedure of the Update Device Driver Wizard right 
after that windows found the "ESS Data Fax Voice Modem" new 
hardware device.

C. Uninstallation Procedure

Open Windows 95 Control Panel, and run Add/Remove Programs. In the
software list, select "Uninstall ESS Modem" then click Add/Remove
button. Do not remove the modem drivers from either Modem or
System Properties. 
server: web2, load: 0.76