Release.txt Driver File Contents (


V1.05.14 2005/11/02

1. Fix the issue of PCI for Win9x.
2. Use EEPROM 42h bit 3 to replace bit2.(FAE request)
3. Fix some issue about SSID which result in some association problems.
V1.05.13 2005/10/28

1. Enlarge MULTIPLE_SSID_SUPPORT timeout time to meet USB 1.1 or slower machine's lower response time
2. Modify to send the probe request frame 3 times for test MULTIPLE_SSID_SUPPORT 
3. Allocate memory for presetnsmoid funtion to work around a bug check 0x50 on NdisMemoryCopy(USB)

1. Fix Win98 can't install by using designate INF.
V1.05.12 2005/10/27

1. Fix the possible Roaming fail problem.
V1.05.11 2005/10/26

1. Fix Cameo france telecom disconnect probelm.
2. Modify BssBeaconCounterState machine to be a "running" state machine in GetBSSInfo and Linkup state.

1. Fix Win2000 can't install by using designate INF.
2. Make silent install more flexible.
V1.05.10 2005/10/20

1. To prevent the problem that makes a CAMEO's specific AP restart.

-Install Shield
1. Add related codes for SiSGina.dll for \WinNT\UTILITY.
2. Adjust the message words for some dialogs.


1. (interal) Update function.

V1.05.09 2005/10/17

1. Fix a issue for HCT test. 


1. (interal) Update function.


V1.05.08 2005/10/13

1. Fix can't manually set Txrate when changing SSID.
2. Modify QOS parameter setting for UP=7<UP=5 issue.
3. Fix the issues about OID_SIS160_NETGEAR_STATISTICS and OID_SIS160_TX_POWER_CH.


1. (interal) Add function.

1. (interal) Add function.


1. (interal) Update function.

1. (interal) Add function.


V1.05.07 2005/09/29

1. Complete the initialization for Vista.
2. Modify the TypeCode processing for receiving.
3. Fix HCT12.1 issue.


1. (interal)Update profile name in registery.

1. (interal)Update message data.

V1.05.06 2005/09/12

1. Fix the USB issue about setting OID. It would result in several bugs such as blue screen or hardware halt.
2. Fix the issue relating to Vista.


1. (interal)To encrypt some data..

1. (interal)To check encryption version.

V1.05.05 2005/09/05


1. (internal)Add 8021x string name.

1. Fix SSID does not display problem.
2. (internal)Add 8021x&WPA&WPA2 string name.

-Test Utility
V1.05.04 2005/08/26

1. Remove un-referenced sections [Inst*].
2. Add [SiSWireless.DelReg], key value (ex: RFType) assigned in this section can be deleted as long as driver is installed.

1. Fix a bug for showing string.
2. Fix that Setup.exe fail in 98/Me platform with CD-ROM.


1. Fix unable to connect to SpeedTouch AP.

1. Add internal function.

1. Fix SystemTray without to colse.
2. Fix display char too long to display.

1. Correct some warnings for PREfast.
2. Fix testUtility 5G region problem.
3. Fix the issue about RSSI for UBEC.
4. Fix the errors about compiling PCI and USB for Vista with WDK5216.
5. Change the way to decide whether to encrypt while sending EAPOL packet from checking EAPOL Key Inforamtion to checking the previous
   receiving EAPOL packet encryption status.
6. Fix the issue about USB 2.0 for WinME.
7. Fix TxRate is rapidly down on IBSS mode if no data is transmitted.
V1.05.03 2005/08/11

1. Modify and adjust the inf for "AMD64" and "SetupNT". 

1. Fix that there has yellow mark or blue screen for PCI driver.
2. Modify the range of Mexico's channels. The new range are Ch1 ~ Ch11.
3. Fix sis163 USB 1.1 can not be find.
4. Fix PCI maybe clashes with other devices.

1. Update sisnpf.vxd, Fix ME ping time out using WPA after back from S3/S4


1. Add 802_1x function.
2. Fix (avoid) too many response problem.

1. Add 802_1x function.

1. Add 802_1x function (does not complete)

-libeay32.dll, SSLeay32.dll
1. Update 2005.7.25 version
V1.05.02 2005/08/04

1. Add USB\VID_0A3A&PID_0163 for kingnet.
2. Remove un-referenced section [sis163.reg] for 163u.
3. Mark off RFType from [SiSWireless.reg] section, EEPROM has priority to be read as default value in our driver.

1. Fix WinME would halt when unpluging dangle by using USB 2.0.
2. Fix Win98 SiS163 USB issues.
3. Fix usb init issue.
4. Fix TxCount defination for PCI&USB.


1. Fix: In Window ME, it would cause blue screen when adapter is disabled.
2. If does not get DHCP IP to reconnect again.

1. Fix for DHCP procedure.

1. Ignore the filtering for venders and specify the input string as the source folder of *.ini .

V1.05.01 2005/07/14

1. Fix Win98 and WinME show can't find driver after installing the driver with package.

1. Fix the blue screen issue about disable or restart for Win98 and WinXP64.
2. Fix txrate is shown 24M when connecting with B mode AP.
3. Fix a bug for querying OID_802_11_NETWORK_TYPES_SUPPORTED.
4. Fix the crash when unpluging a SiS163 dangle on win2000 sp4.
V1.05.00 2005/06/30

1. Fix the RSSI issue when without connecting.
2. Fix that the RxRate is shown as 1M.
3. Fix that the mini PCI can't work normally on Win98.
4. Fix stay low rate if no data transmit for SwAutoRate.
5. Fix WiFi-WPA issue.

1. Fix that to change channel or wake up from S3 and S4 
   data was clear and connect needs to reset 4WayHandShaking_State.

1. Fix certificate button when WPA or WPA2 at NetStatus_Page action.
2. Fix the Ap which has two band A&G Connectin (A to G) problem in CSiteScanPage.
3. Customer request RxFail count flag ([OffSet] RxECount=) in SiSCFG.ini.
4. To correct XP query authetication mode and WEP status (WPA&AES)
   When a) plug in b) WZC to Ui c)wake up from S3 or S4
5. Add to show message for data, if will connect hidden SSID AP. 
   And add to show connected icon in CSiteScanPage,if connects hidden SSID AP.
V1.04.13 2005/06/20

1. Fix that B mode will dissconnect with Chariot.
2. Fix duration issue.
3. Fix initial miniPCI driver will cause blue screen.
4. Fix hidden SSID issues for ZyAIR-1000 and Cisco-1200 APs.
5. Fix that the hidden SSID can sometimes be seen after site scan.
6. Fix HCT12.1 ACPI Stress test for AMD x64 platform.

-Test Utility
1. Add "Enable Bulkout Reset" in RD page.
V1.04.12 2005/06/17

1. Fix not receive short preamble ack.
V1.04.11 2005/06/08

1. Avoid use fixed g mode txrate to connect B mode AP.
V1.04.10 2005/06/07

1. Fix failure of WIFI test.
2. Fix HCT12.1.01\2c_Priority and ACPI Stress test.
3. Fix that received no_ack packet,cause bluse screen.

-Test Utility
1. Add "qos parameter" adjustement interface in "RD page" for testing.
2. Update AutoTxRate values.
3. Add GainDifference in Antenna Page.
4. Fix Antenna Page.
5. Fix "qos parameter" interface bug for value settting.
V1.04.09 2005/05/26

1. Fix disable miniPCI card will cause blue screen.
2. Fix a HCT12.1 error.
3. Fix 163abg find no AP when sitescan.
4. Avoid 163PCI can't ping 163USB when in IBSS mode with Max or Fast PSP.
5. Add the QOS Switch of QOS/NON-QOS with the same AP and the Switch of PCI SW/HW mode.
6. Fix QOS Association IE by beacon&probe_response from AP.
7. Add WMM Qos code for USB; enable this only for A3 chip.
8. Revision detection of A3 chip (USB/ PCI).
9. For QOS concern , do not connect to AP automatically when driver start working.

-Test Utility
1. Add Antenna page.
2. Add 'CCA disable' in WlanTest page.
3. Fix statistics alignment 8.

1. Fix cannot show Chinese in certificate dialog
2. Merge some functions which help to handle private key
3. Support MS certificate with RSA or DSS signature
4. Fix: if private key of certificate is not exportable
   SSLeay32.dll (base on OpenSSL 0.9.7e)
   Support above feature
5. Remove private key exportable check in Certificate Dialog
6. Fix access violaion when exit SiSCfg (Release).
7. Support 9x/me if MS certificate with RSA or DSS signature import from 2k/xp 
8. Fix can't authentication with certificate file.
9. Remove sleeping 1 second when no packet received
10. Use principle subject name as identity.
11. Fix can't ping when connect to Broadcom AP.
   1) Skip checking EAPOL version.
   2) Fix get root certficate function.
12. Re-compile OpenSSL library and export libeay32.lib and SSLeay32.lib to SiSAuth
13. Fix authentication fail if certificate has no principle subject name

1. Synchronous driver "struct _NDIS_802_11_STATISTICS" 
   and dll changed mode Win32 Dynamic-Link form empty DLL to simple
   for alignment problem.

1. MOdify RSSI calibration.
2. Force to connect last station if WZC change to Ui and disconnect.(need add function)
3. To change Profile connect method by to connect last station.(need add function)

V1.04.08 2005/05/12

1. Disable channel 34, 38, 42, 46.
2. Adjust setting for CHANNEL_JAP_4G_20M_184.
3. Fix HCT12.1\2c_wlan_adhoc fail.
4. Add QOS code for PCI for XP.
5. Fix error when connecting with hidden AP.
6. Fix AuthenticationMode and Encryption error when initializing.

1. Fix PING timeout when DeviceChange occurs.
2. Add SiSAuthSuspendAgent() to suspend SiSAuth agent 
   accessing network adapter (read/write packet).
3. Set AGENT_D_START_PERIOD as 5 to reduce waiting for authentication timing.
4. Implement Eap methods: AKA, MD5, LEAP, MS-CHAP-v2, OTP, SIM 
5. Add SiSAuthPauseAgent()/SiSAuthResumeAgent() to replace SiSAuthSuspendAgent()
6. Add SiSAuthReAuthentication() to force SiSAuth agent re-authenticates.
7. Reset agent state when disconnect.
8. Fix disconnect when reconnect with difference certificate.

1. Add PacketSetSiSAuth_Suspend()
2. Add function:

1. Fix access Violation problem. (or SiSCFG disappear by O.S.)
2. Fix PING timeout when DeviceChange occurs.
3. Use PacketSetSiSAuth_Suspend() to suspend SiSAuth agent process when onDeviceChange 
   (to replace SetSiSAuth_NetworkAdapter())
4. Force SiSAuth re-authenticate instead of forcing disconnect when user switch back to SiS'UI from WZC.
   ==> avoid disconnect and reduce PING timeout times.
5. Replace PacketSetSiSAuth_Suspend() with PacketPauseSiSAuthAgent()/PacketResumeSiSAuthAgent()
6. change GetAuthentication and GetEncryption to access driver used.
   ==> avoid to get XP checked value when first initials or WZC changes Ui.

1. Adjust for 98/ME.
V1.04.07 2005/04/28

1. Fix the error of the channel setting when AP change the channel setting.
2. Fix mini PCI cause blue screen when restarting or shutdowning on WinServer 2003 SP1.

-Test Utility
1. Add SwAutoTxRate EEprom setting (0x42 b0) in RD page.

1. Delete redundant functions (SiSCert)
2. Fix ActiveEapMethod, call cleanupfun before change eap method
3. Fix SiSCfg can't work under win2000 (need msvcp60.dll)
4. Add function to select 802.1x protocol.
5. Prototype of 802.1x selecting dialog is completed but some details and bugs must be corrected.

1. Reduce memory leak (Mufasa)
2. 98ME: Read/Write driver's and profile's registry from/to HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
   NTXP: Fix Read/Write profile's registry if SiSWLSvc is started.
         Fix Reg_RemoveAllGUIRegistry() cant not clean all registry if multi cards.
3. Modifed locations on registry are:
4. Add function:

1. Fix: Parsing WPA IE might cause memory violation.
2. Add 802.1x options by define #SUPPORT_802_1x as 1.
   Lacking of: registry storing, connect opertion, profile editing.
3. At Adv/Power page, disable ATIM controls for pci card.
4. Force disconnect and then reconnect to the last AP when user switch back to SiS'UI from WZC.
5. Workaround for the same bssid in sitescan list.
6. Close 8021x function by defining #SUPPORT_802_1x as 0. 
V1.04.06 2005/04/21

1. SiWake can't invoke GUI automatically after SiWake disable and enable device.

1. Add handle checking on device change no matter whether wmi will arrial.
2. Fix: Certificate dialog cause utility fails if the current adapter is changed/disabled.
3. Fix: It shows incorrect encryption status on profile editor.
4. At netstatus page, hide the basic rate button.
5. At profile page, perform profile name comparison ignoring upper/lower case for an editing profile.

1. For driver information,
   Write registry value to HKEY_CURRENT_USER additionally and read registry value from HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
   For profile information,
   Read/Write registry value from HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
   Modified functions are:
2. Check all registry error values to ensure valid data if registry's query fails.

1. Modify CSelectDlg to provide the function: select certificate from file (*.pem, *.der, *.pfx) 
   a. When check 'select certificate from file' checkbox, CSelectDlg will enable User/CA 
      certificate browse button and disable List windown.
   b. When select a certificate file, Password Dialog may pop up if the selected file needs 
      password to open, or private key (User certificate) needs password to decode.
2. SiSAuth.dll will keep User/CA filepath if certificate is opened from file.
   If from file, User/CA filepath will loss when SiSAuth.dll unload.
   This means that SiSCfg may not find the specified certificate when SiSCfg restarts.
3. Modify CSelectDlg to open base-64 certificate.
4. Modify CSelectDlg to keep last choiced certificate path.
5. Reduce Memory Leak.

1. Fix cannot connect to AP with hidden SSID.
2. Fix blue screen of miniPCI on XP-64bit.
3. Fix that after disconection in IBSS, 163 cannot reconnect to the origional IBSS.

1. Add PCI\VEN_1039&DEV_0163&SUBSYS_00C80163 in PCI(sis163.inf).

1. Modify OEM_INI.EXE to cooperate with SetupNT\Utility folder.
2. Modify OEM.BAT to cooperate with SetupNT\Utility folder.
V1.04.05 2005/04/14

1. Fix: WZC should be disabled when utility firstly runs on.

1. Add: Functions about certificate at profile page.
2. Fix: Utility causes a fatal error when ui closes (it appears only in debug version).
3. Maintain certificate by hash value, ui should query its name to display the certificate.
4. Throught all program, modify relative code to co-operate with SiSAuth's new functions.
5. Fix: Utility will not close without SiWake if adapter is disabled.
6. Fix: Sometimes netstatus page shows wrong auth/encrypt information after connecting to a wpa/wpa2 ap.
7. Fix: It always appears certificate button when add/edit a profile.
8. Support WPA/WPA2/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK for Win2K/WinME/Win98

1. Enable SISWMI by #define at wmifuncs.h
2. Add functions:
3. Remove functions:
4. Modify functions to fit with the storing of certificate:

1. SuspendThreadFun() sometimes can't be suspended normally. 
2. Add CSelCertDlg into SiSAuth to show select certificate dialog.
3. Add the following function:
   SISAUTH_EXPORT BOOL SiSAuthGetCertificateNameByHash(BYTE *pHash, BYTE *pName);
   SISAUTH_EXPORT BOOL SiSAuthSetCertificatesByHash(PBYTE pHash);
4. Modify the following function:
   SISAUTH_EXPORT BOOL SiSAuthSelectCertificateExFun(HWND hWnd, PBYTE pBuffer);
   => The out parameter 'pBuffer' will filled with sha1 hash value of certificate instead of subject name.
   => sizeof(pBuffer) = 20

1. Update SiSNPF.VXD for Win98/ME, remove 4-way handshake part.

2. verify baseband_mode(ID_SIS160_CARRIER_BAND), return NDIS_STATUS_INVALID_DATA if invalid.
3. Fix query OID_GEN_LINK_SPEED error.
4. Fix "hard to connect to AP".
5. Fix "possible mis-detection of 5G AP channel".
6. Fix WinME cannot load driver.

-Test Utility
1. Add worst case for SwAutoTxRate in RD page.
2. Add "TxOkCount" field in RD page to set TxOkCount threshold value.
3. Add PacketGetWlanAutoTxRateOutput in sispkt
V1.04.04 2005/03/31

Note that: This is not support for 98/ME
1. Add: Modify AdapterName for A/B/G mode.
2. Utility set SiSAuth via SiSPkt.dll.
3. For WPA/WPA2, add buttons to select certificate.
4. Fix: LinkStatus at netstatus page and trayicon are not identical if linkstatus is down on utility starts.
5. Fix Unregister_wmiEvent()
6. Keep the id of certificate and display the selecting status on its button.
7. Add the checking for certificate.
8. Certificate is set to SiSAuth only when users press connect button.
9. The last id of certificate is recorded in registry, this can be query on next time to connect last ap.
10. Add about item on system menu.
11. Support WPA2/WPA2PSK/WPA/WPAPSK in UI for WinXP and AMD64

1. Remove: Modify AdapterName for A/B/G mode.
2. Pack and export functions to support SiSAuth.dll:
3. Add WPA2/WPA2PSK support for registry.
4. Add wmi event(link-up, link-dwon) support
5. fix packetcloseadapter()
6. In win2000, siscfg.exe need cryptui.dll and crypt32.dll of winxp

1. Add driver parameters(RTS/Fragmentation/TxRetry) on SiS163 USB for VID_0457&PID_5401.

1. Fix AES/TKIP Mix mode, countermeasure problem.
2. New airoha ABG chip rf paramters.
3. New rf paramters for Rf_UBEC_ABG_UW2452.
4. Change TXPE_ONDLY from 0x10 to 0x05 for Rf_UBEC_ABG_UW2452.
5. Add several new OIDs.
6. Merge linux code.
7. Change beacon tx rate from 54M to 6M on A mode.
8. Write beacon DMA run when beacon interrupt.

-Test Utility
1. Add "Advance Values" button in RD page to set modified values
V1.04.03 2005/03/24

1. Disable the checking for wep key error if WZC is run on.
2. Modify authentication-relative code.
3. Add SiSAuth functions for test.
4. Fix: It appears more than one dialog during testing Hibernate(s3/s4).

1. Update: PacketSetAssociationInformation() and PacketGetAssociationInformation().
2. Add: PacketCheckUSBMode() to determine usb hub is usb 1.1 or usb 2.0.
3. Update ADAPTER_DETAIL data structure for USBMode.

1. Fix compile error on linux.
2. Fix USB HCT12.0\Driver Verifier - NDIS\2c_stressclient will cause blue screen.
3. Get TxRetryCounts from registry and read as decimal number.
4. Fix HCT12.0\NDIS\standby will fail issue.
5. Fix AES Fragmentation can't receive problem.
6. Add Mix mode support in receiving fragmentation data frames.

-Test Utility
1. Add DFS function on sisBB page.(RD test only)
V1.04.02 2005/03/17

1. Use OID_802_11_CAPABILITY to query auth_encrypt capability.
2. Speed up the process for adapter removal/arrival by avoiding re-enumerating all adapters when device changes.
3. Modify: Multicard dialog does not redraw it's pages and re-open adapter if the arrived/removed adapter is not the working adapter.
4. Fix: SiSCFG might do redundant process if both WM_SIWAKE_DEVICE_XXX and WM_DEVICECHANGE message arrive.

1. Add: PacketGetSupportedAuthEncryptPairs(...).


1. Add USB\VID_0BF8&PID_100F for FSC for SiS163 USB.

1. Fix blue screen and add features for WPA2.
2. Fix HCT12.1\NDIS\1c_wlan_mediaevents.
3. Fix profile bug for BSS Mode.
4. Fix BSS error for association.
V1.04.01 2005/03/10

1. Fix: At netstatus page, progress bar does not run its setps on Win98/ME.
2. Fix: At netstatus page, TxRate combobox appears blank after an AP is linked up.
3. Re-GetSupportedChannels as long as region is set to driver.

1. Fix: Incorrect parameter in translating ansi string to uniocoe.

1. Fix: Incorrect parameter in translating ansi string to uniocoe.

1. Modify ubec abg txen_on,txen_off,rxen_off.
2. Workaround for ubec abg to setchannel.
3. Fix sw bug in 5G region programming/loading.
4. Fix Ad-Hoc connection error when using profile.(Error NetworkMode)

-Test Utility
1. Fix RD page failure when operated in 5G band
2. Workaround for ubec_ABG Test1(EVM) through RXEN,TXEN off/on
3. Fix EEPROM power programming backward compatibility problem.
V1.04.00 2005/03/07

1. Add an option in ini to enable the checking for encrypt-key error, ex:
2. Netstatus page/Profile editor: TxRate combobox suould list A mode txrate if the selected channel is 5G band, ex: ch36.
3. Force close messageboxes of siscfg if device is suddenly unpluged or disabled.
4. Fix: At sitescan page, sorting of signal strength is not correct.
5. Fix: At netstatus page, connected channel is always shown "auto" if AP mode.
6. Fix: At profile editor(simplicity vesion), it has only 1~14 channel in list.

1. Add PacketSetRxChkEncryptionEnable(...) to enable/disable Rx checking for encryption key error.
2. Modify the prefix of adapter name to become "802.11b/g" or "802.11a/b/g" according to hw's supported Baseband.

1. Change "802.11b/g Wireless LAN Adapter" to "802.11 PCI Wireless LAN Adapter".
2. Change "802.11b/g USB Wireless LAN Adapter" to "802.11 USB Wireless LAN Adapter".

1. Add Setup.iss for silent install.

-Test Utility
1. 5G channels txpower/apc eeprom load/programming.

1. Add an oid allowing application to disable/enable the checking for encrypt-key error.
2. Add the checking for encrypt-key error(on PCI).
3. Fix (ubec,5G,no rssi) sw programming error.
4. Fix a coding error about DEBUG_MINIPCI_TX_HANG.
5. Modify tx duration calulation.
6. Modify DefaultBasicTxRate at 5G band
7. Disable mixed DSSS/OFDM auto down rate at 5G band.
8. Remove duplicate channels in Europe and USA.
10.Support WPA/WPA2 and TKIP/AES Mix-Mode connect with AP.
11.Fix the problem that cann't stop receiving error frame.
V1.03.13 2005/03/01

1. Modify OEM_INI.EXE to cooperate with SetupNT\Utility folder.
2. Modify OEM.BAT to cooperate with SetupNT\Utility folder.

1. Fix: It might list wrong channels if adapter is changed from multi-card dialog.
2. Fix: At profile simplicity page, key/keyindex edit is disable if selecting wep encryption.
3. Fix: At profile editor, keyindex can be modified to more than 4 (by user's keyin).
4. Fix: At profile editor, auth box selects no item if auth is preiously wpa-psk and infrastructure is switched to ibss mode.
5. Netstatus page: Close function to auto-switch focus to keyedit if item is change and keyedit is enable, auto-switch can cause bssidlist to lose keyboard/mouse focus.

1. 98/ME version: Modify adapter name if hw's supported Baseband can be a/b/g.

1. Fix setup error for PCI on Win98 and WinME.
2. Fix copy file (sisnpf.sys) error for XP-64bit on AMD64.

1. Modify ubec 2452 TXEN_DLY,RXEN_DLY time.
2. Fix rftype=RF_DYN_UBEC_ABG_UW2452_NORSSI, baseband mode and channels sw error.
3. Fix sw error for tx rate in beacon for (PCI,5G).
4. Fix ASUS Led issue s3/s4 blinking.
V1.03.12 2005/02/24

1. Sitescan page: Filter WPA2 authentication/encryption from IEs.
2. SiteScan page: It performs text sorting insteads of key-flag sorting if clicking the head of encryption column.
3. Fix: Basic rates and supported rates are out of order when sorting at sitescan page.
4. Add: Add WPA2 and WPA2-PSK options, but they are not opened at this version.
5. Remove unused code/resource and rearrange common code.
6. For all combo boxes, query driver to list supported channels (depends on the current region, rf...), users can only select channels which driver supports.
7. For all channel setting and component, keep channel_enum as id insteads of channel number to identify a channel.
8. Remove 5G channel options, driver should naturally support 5G channel.
9. Utility Query/Set channel frequence directly.
10.RegionChannels are now only for 24G band.

1. Compare profile names ignoring upper/lower case, the same characterses with mixed case is regarded as identical.
2. Add PacketGetChannelInfo(...) to query supported channels from driver.
3. Add PacketGetWlanChannelFreq(...) and PacketSetWlanChannelFreq(...).
4. Add PacketGetSupportedBaseBandMode(...) to query the maximun supported Baseband mode.
5. Add channel-relative structures and functions.
6. NT/XP version: Modify adapter name if hardware supported Baseband mode can be a/b/g.

1. Compare profile names ignoring upper/lower case.

1. Modify to read registry from win32 key items even on AMD64 OS.

1. Fix Europe channels sw error.
3. Fix blue screen of win98 163 PCI when uninstall and disable device.

1. Support for XP-64bit and WinServer2003.
2. Add uninstall shortcut to StartMenu\Program Files\Wireless LAN Utility.
V1.03.11 2005/02/17

1. Fix a sw channel error setting out of range causing blue screen. 
2. Fix Airoha 5G Europe channels sw bugs.
3. Fix a typo in r1.03.10 that cause channel 14 related problems(scan channel 14 failure, create IBSS error).
4. Support Jap channels(20M class only).
5. Add FEATURE_WPA2_SUPPORT (Able to use Odyssey to connect WPA2 AP).

-Test Utility
1. UBEC_ABG_UW2452 SetTxPower range to 0xFF.
V1.03.10 2005/02/03

1. Change "USB\VID_0B3B&PID_1613" to "USB\VID_0B3B&PID_0163".

1. Fix: Sometimes it takes too long time to close utility.
2. Fix: At Info:Tx page, TxPower should not be loaded with default value if TxPower is disabled.
3. Pause the animation of trayicon during suspension.
4. Remove the increase/decrease of service counter.
5. Close adapter when user logoff.
6. Change SiSLogo.

1. Export function: PacketRequest(...).
2. Add function: AddReg_ServiceCounter(...)
3. Modify PacketStopDriver to prevent endless loop.

1.Fix: Incorrect function call if type is SVC_SETREG_DEVICEGUID.
2.Modify SvcPacketStopDriver to prevent endless loop.

1. Fix blue screen issue when switch UI&WZC.
2. Fix blue screen in mini PCI when minimum the fragmentation in UI.
3. Add channels for rf_AIROHA_ABG_AL7230.
4. Open 5G channels fot rf_UBEC_ABG_UW2452.
5. CF TxDMA to check last DWORD by BYTE to prevent over range to blue screen.
6. CF Win2K Rx&Tx by fast polling beacuse can not get interrupt(Ambicom same).
7. Suppport 165 5G channel scan for different type of RF(airoha,ubec,maxim) and test utility
8. Region A added.(value=0 backward compatible to B/G)
9. 5G slottime SIFS follow spec.

-Test Utility
1. Add channels for rf_AIROHA_ABG_AL7230.
2. Open 5G channels fot rf_UBEC_ABG_UW2452.
3. Fix (airoha 5G) SingleTone TxDA power probelm.
V1.03.09 2005/01/20

1. Add registry item "UISetRegionAfterInstallDriver".

1. Fix: At Info:Power page, sometimes listen interval can not be set to driver if value is zero.
2. Add SiS Logo at the top of multicard dialog if value is set in ini, ex:
3. Fix: Utility will be no response if shutdown OS.
4. Sleep 5 sec and set authentication mode after resuming from s3/s4.
5. Add: Set Region for adapeter(s) as long as re-install driver, set option in SiSCFG.ini to open this function:

1. Fix performance unstable of chariot.
2. Fix usb tx bulkout HW bug without ack fail count any more,esp. on ATI MB.
3. Fix low chariot initial throughput problem.
4. Detection of possible IoCallDriverFun(bulkout failure).

-Test Utility
1. Fix an unnecessary TestMode=0 (set to driver) when open/close test utility.
2. Fix OnInitTestMode function to prevent msm state to change when enable 2363 option.
3. CF Packet Tx Count sent one packet each time.
V1.03.08 2005/01/13

1. Fit quality with signal value, the value refers to current RSSI and Quality received from driver.
2. Modify simplified chinese string on systemtray menu to be identical to tab title on main window.
3. Remove unused read/write for INI.
4. Un display RSSI at Statistics:ViewPeer page if 163 chip.
5. Program fail due to quit program while the viewpeer dialog is existence
1. Add debug messages at PacketOpenAdapter() and PacketCloseAdapter()
1. Wait for 1 second until stopping sisnpf service success.
1. Wait for 1 second until stopping sisnpf service success.

-INF (usb only)
1. Fix: It displays incorrect name of source disk.
2. Fix: System shows error message during install driver by INF on Win98SE.

1. Fix Unwlsdrv.exe is useless for AMD64.

1. Modify the rf values for RF_DYN_AIROHA_ABG_AL7230.
2. CF add OID_SIS160_TESTPACKETTXCOUNT to count packet to prevent 
   Packet Tx jam in driver buffer.
3. Adjust the RfUbec_ABG_SetChannelFun for Rf_UBEC_ABG_UW2452.
4. Modify LED's control for ECS-Transmeta.
5. Fix ad_hoc connect issue.
V1.03.07 2005/01/07

1. CF Option.h value back 1.03.04.
2. Fixed asus use WZC with SW-radio on/off
3. Fixed when EEPROM bit15=1,led issue

-Test Utility
1. Packet Tx can set retry time and default value 0.
2. workaround packet Tx when busy can not Tx statue on time.
V1.03.06 2005/01/06

01.Fix: At information page, users should not press "enter" key to enter advance setting if WZC is enabled.

1. Update Unwlsdrv.exe(2000/XP) for driver .sys file not be deleted while uninstall.

1. Adjust code for build AMD64.
2. SetDefaultControlValue for RF_DYN_UBEC_ABG_UW2452.
3. Set bb.g[0x90]=0x2b and bb.g[0x7c]=0x24 for RF_DYN_AIROHA_ABG_AL7230.
4. CF fix NsmStartTimer.
5. CF workaround continue Tx stop when can not Tx Status in Hsm100msTimerServiceFun.
6. Close encryption key checking function.
V1.03.05 2005/01/05

1. Fix hw radio on/off working without sis-UI.
2. Fix driver can not connect to AP (POWERLED write wrong value).
3. Fix blue screen issue when switch UI&WZC.
V1.03.04 2005/01/04

1. Fix USB driver might hang in previous version, due to improper modification of code(PCI only)
2. Add 30h bit 15 to switch GPIO0 & GPIO1
3. Modify the code for LED

-test Utility
1. For convenience's sake, add a button for switching FPGA/Chip differences on BB page

V1.03.03 2004/12/30

01.Change Utility Icon.
02.Sitescan page: Auto set focus to key section for editing key/password.
03.Sitescan page: Set refresh button as default button when firstly entering the page.
04.Sitescan page: If one site is selected, users can directly press "Enter" key to connect this site.
05.Netstatus page: Users press "Enter" key to preform change/connect depends on current mode.
06.Profile page: Add keyboard control.
07.Information page: Set default button.
08.Information page: Let utility's last modified date as utility date.
09.Encryption page: Disable encryption box if number of item is less than 2.
10.Fix: At sitescan page, encryption box selects no item if authentication switchs to WPA-PSK.
11.Fix: At profile page, preamble is not correct if add a profile.

1. Fix: At Profile page, trying to save a new profile but it pops "profile has exists" message.
2. Fix: At Profile page, selecting box lists wrong profile name.
3. Fix: At Profile page, item strings are disappeared or trunacted.

1. Adjust some setting for RF_DYN_AIROHA_ABG_AL7230.
2. Give the received Beacon the current channel as default, so that 
   we can cannect to it without skipping.
3. Fixed for ECS LED&Radio On/Off function.
4. Fix performance decreasing problem.
5. Add SpinLock_baseband,SpinLock_rf, this prevent reentry of 
   baseband, which cause baseband.g to be read as all zero.
6. CF only when IBSS&Link can MsmStartScanChannelStateFun to 
   MsmTxPowerMgtNullPacketFun (USB&PCI need update) otherwise 
   if does not link will send destination all be zero and IBSS mode 
   Null packet H/W does not ack.
7. CF MsmTransmitBeaconFun to check Timer to prevent repeat send.
8. CF NsmHalt function to disable all interrupt to force stop DPC Rx&Tx.

-Test Utility
1. Set some registers for BBb and BBg when testing tx 
   ("Start" button).

V1.03.02 2004/12/23

1. Fix: At profile page, it appears "profile has exist" message if following the steps: Edit -> Cancel -> New -> Ok.
2. Fix: Radio is always off when firstly installing utility.
3. Modify: WMI messages route.
4. Modify: At Statistics Page, Tx/Rx rates should not be cleared in detail mode.
5. Add RF status at statistics page if WZC is enable.
6. Add region setting at information page according to ini and WZC status, as below:
   WZC_RegionBox=1	;if this value set to 1 and WZC is enable,a region setting box is added at information page.
7. Add message of encryption key error according to ini setting, default setting is hidding the message, that is:
   HideEncryptionKeyErrMsg=1; if this value is set to 1, it would not diaplsy message of encryption key error.

1. Add parameter checking in DoesServiceNeedtobeStopped() function.
2. Set GetRegErr_RadioControl=-1.
3. Add exported function: PacketGetRxEncryptionErrCode().

1. Fix HCT12.0 test with Driver verifier Blue Screen.
3. Fix QCom LED issue.
4. CF TxDMA and RxDMA forces to return if surpriseRemoves.
5. For debug purpose, add debug interface for rf/bb/mac 
   read/write/reset count.
6. Add checking for encryption key error.

-Test Utility
1. Fix ApcPeriod variable m_txpowerPeriod range.
2. Check MAC Address is from EEPROM otherwise pop message.
3. To write EEPEOM will check result if err will pop message.
5. To fix do not supprot power mode to show "unknow".
6. To show do not release power mode to show "default" and if set 
   RD mode to show "unknow".
V1.03.01 2004/12/16

1. Modify: display link speed insteads of Tx Rate at Statistics Page.
2. Auto switch to Netstatus page when applying a profile setting.
3. Auto launch profile editor if double click any profile.
4. Dynamicly acquire utility version and date for Information page.
5. Set radio status base on registry after openning adapter.

1. Add: export function PacketGetWlanLinkSpeed().

1.Use EEPROM 30~31h bit 14 to control LED's behavor
  0: as usual
  1: LinkUP   ==>Light On
     Lindown  ==>Twinkling
     Scan     ==>Twinkling
     RadioOff ==>Light Off
2.Modify compatible issue
3.Modify LED's behavor for Q-com
4.Fix OID_SiS160_RX_RATE
5.Fix HW_RADIO_OFF the light still on
6.Disable HW_Radio_disable fun when EEPROM 30h bit 12==0 or device 
  is not sis163_usb
7.Modify NsmTxTransmitMultipleFramesFun in Usbtx.c some break 
  condition should be return case.
9.CF enable InitMemDebugBufferFun for DriverInDebug&DriverOutDebug
11.CF HsmCFRxDMA maxnum access 20 packeks in one time.
1. for USB device , add PID\VID=6171\18E8 item
2. for PCI device , remove SUBSYS_617118E8 item


v1.03.00 2004/12/09

1.Add Driver UninstallIcon for 163.
2.Call Inst2000.fnRefreshDeviceScan() before finding device.

1. Add function: fnRefreshDeviceScan().

1. Add "(VID_0B3B&PID_1613)" in DeviceID Section.

2. Add OEM.BAT, the batch file can help to produce OEM package.

1. Fix ApcPeriod display in TestUility.
2. fix linux tx rate setting
3. fix linux scanning
4. Add new channels for RFUBEC and RFMAXIM.
5. support use hot ket to control radio on/off
6. Fix bug of the function hot ket to control radio on/off.
7. add OID_SiS160_RX_RATE

-Test Utility
1. Fix ApcPeriod display in TestUility.
2. Fix bug due to driver removing redundent "writing mac 0 to 1a" in 100ms Timer.
3. Add new channels for RFUBEC and RFMAXIM.
1. for PCI device , add SUBSYS_617118E8 item

1. Add: display Tx/Rx Rate at Statistics Page.

1. Add: exported function PacketGetWlanSiSRxRate().

v1.02.05 2004/11/29
1. Add mfc42.dll on setupMe98 folder.
2. Add OEM folder.
1. Add VID_0B3B & PID_1613 for TP_LINK.
1. Fix: system shows an error message when shut down or reset computer on WinME.
2. Fix: Buttons can not be pressed.
3. Add resource(Icon,Version Information) for TP_LINK_163.
1. Add resource(Icon,Version Information) for TP_LINK_163.
2. Merge W9X and W2K source code.
1. fix WiFi test, beacon distribution failure on miniPCI card.
2. remove redundant code for accessing mac 0x0,mac 0x4.
3. CF Fix HW TKIP length in TxDMA.
4. CF HsmEnableTxRateOption_6M_5 set HW can down rate from G 6M to B 5.5G.
5. CF Defualt TxRate Set to 24M.
6. to restore Tx Rate to default 24M (if larger 24M)
7. fix airoha ABG 5G.
8. modify GCT RX calibration.
9. fix dos mode.
10.Fix HCT-ACPI STRESS test,after standby sometimes key is not valid.
11.fix pci-code for hct testing.
12.Fix ACPI-STRESS test issue.

v1.02.04 2004/11/23
1.Checking for Service Count when closing UI.
1. Fix: Sometime system tray of SiSCFG can't be terminated if os is shut down or reboot.
2. Fix: Program abnormal if try to launch an openning Utility without any adapter.
3. Fix: Title bar is hightline even on inactivate status.
4. Fix: In some platforms, Utility is always on the top, user can't switch to another window.
1.remove DbgPrint
2.fix duration calculation
3.fix WiFi test , adhoc beacon contention, too high due to force_short_slot_time enabled
	(r1.01.02 not modified well, missing code when merging code)
4.merge linux code
5.enable #define FIX_SSID_INTERRUPT_SCAN 1. This will make scan work under 5G band
6.Fix sometimes Tx stoped under HCT test.
7.For using USB2.0 host card of VIA VT6212, fix the problem of hanging on for WinME.
-Test Utility
1.(for debug only) add option for print MAC, RF, BB data in MacSpacePage.


v1.02.03 2004/11/12
(1)SiSNPF.sys is not removed when uninstalling Utility.
(1) Fix: Sometimes program fails if open UI at the second time.
(1) Fix: It spends too much time to detect ASUS's HControl.exe when UI close, this would cause UI not open or defer UI's launch next time.
(1)CF fix autoTxRate problem
(2)add ee_enable bit 10 to control the recovery of MAC fail
(3)Don't run disable/enable when the adapter is PCI.
(4)EEPROM 31-30h bit11 for LED blinking method (ASUS request)
	0 =>Blinkling 
	1=> always ON
(5)Fix "not-smooth" link status bar in UI.
(6)modify rf bb register for airoha
(7)fix tx stop on ad-hoc mode
-test utility
(1) Fix RF UBEC power calibrate error problem
(2) Fix RF UBEC power fix Nible problem. (option FIX_NIBLE=7 or f ).
(3) provide EDIT for apc period setting on txpower page

Test Utility-1.02.02-041108-a andysheu
(1) Fix SHOW EEPROM TYPE problem, but (CF) CIS can not read and write


v1.02.02 2004/11/04
(1)Fix HCT12.0 issue
(2)Fix unload/load bssid_list is Null issue
(3) disable #define FIX_SSID_INTERRUPT_SCAN
(4) modify timeout for rf reg r/w
(5) add timeout for usb reg r/w
(6) fix can not into sleep mode
(7) merge linux code
(8) fix WiFi test , adhoc beacon contention distribution, 163 too high due to force_short_slot_time enabled
	by adding  another requirement to turn on "forcing short_slot_time"
(9) add tx power default value for 5G maxim-A
	2.4G		= 0x20;
	5G_LOW_BAND 	=0x1a;
	5G_HIGH_BAND	=0x10;
(10) for RF_DYN_MAXIM_A_NEW change default value 
	TXPE_ONDLY	= 0x04
	PA_ONDLY	= 0x06
(11)for 5G maxim-A,remove some code for Fix_RF_Maxim_A_2828 bug
(12) CF enable MAC_ACKF for autoTxRate
(13) add OID_SIS160_OUTPORT_W for H/W debug
-test utility
(1) add LoadScriptButton MACTEST function & OID_SIS160_OUTPORT_W for H/W debug
(2) To protect (CF) tx stop problem when send large numbers(when pTxDesc==NULL add delay time).
(3) Disable "Enter" key to close test utility.
1. Disable advance items if ini set, user can disable any item, ex DisableXXXX, as following:
;Complete=xxxx		;not necessary.
DisablePowerSave=1	;Disable PowerSave in info page,advance page and profile page.
2. Fix: siscfg want to stop sisnpf service but asus atk utility always use this service
3. the [WZC] item of SiSCFG.ini only refer to driver package first install.

1. Add the function "DoesServiceNeedtobeStopped()" to fixed point 2 issue

SiSNPF.sys	release date: 2004.11.04
SiSNPF.vxd	release date: 2004.11.04
1. Fix: point 2 issue

SiSCFG 1.04.12
1. Fix: Initial ServiceCounter when system reboot or shutdown
2. Fix: Execute siscfg.exe twice and adapter is disabled or removed, the dummy dialog will be appeared.
3. Fix: some chance or accident will cause UI to disappear or execute abnormaly.
4. Support MultiLingual string, if language is set in INI, ui would display responding lingual string, otherwise display default string, ex:
   In SiSCFG.ini
   Language=5; Language is range from 1 to 17, ex,ui would display english if Language=5.

v1.02.01 2004/10/28
1.fix IBSS transmit rate error when connected to 162
2.Fix a fatal error in v1.02.00 that may cause 163 to be unable to connect to AP.
3.change parameter for gct rf


v1.02.00 2004/10/26
1.can now distinquish different band(G/A) with the same BSSID(mac address)
2.Fix different WEP key index communication,by setting  SIFS to 0x190 if we have more than 2 keys
3.FIX SSID intercepts scan activity, causing scan unable to complete.
4.fix query OID_802_11_SSID,not necessary to truncate and append with 0x0 for SSID string
5.fix .11A 5G tx beacon,
6.11A 5G CapabilityInformation should not contain short_slot_time, short_preamble bits
7.Avoid hanging on for WinME when unpluging.
8.Avoid hanging on for Win98 when unpluging after suspend.
9.modify rf airoha register
-test utility
1. Get APC PDOUT value only when test EVM function. 
2. fix writing EEPROM tx power error
1. Fix. After resuming S3/S4, the radio state will be changed from off to on,
2. Fix. The length of passphrase does not consistent after modifing existent item of profile.
3. Fix. The authentication mode is inconsistent with Encryption at netstatus page 
4. Remove TxPower setting for non_162 chip.
5. Fix. It appears two message box to warn of passphrase when editing profile.
6. Fix. UI disappears at random. Once the machine disappear, it will always disappear.


v1.01.10 2004/10/18
1. Fix no CRC when run PER
2. modify RF register(Airoha OFDM.BB.0x42=0x88)
3. Fix TxRate is 54Mbps when connect to .11B STA in AdHoc 
4. CF HsmResetTxFun set TXCFG3_DRNFUL to prevent Tx Underrun.


v1.01.09 2004/10/14
1. Fix. UI will connect to any station duo to the length of ssid is zero after resuming suspending.
2. WZC and UI do not consistent
3. Fix: ui cannot make ad hoc connection with AES passphrase from profile page in W98/ME.
4. Add 5G_Channels in Netstatus and Profile page for SiS165, these channels are added according to SiSCfg,ini,ex:
5. Fix: Zero configuation will always connect to ad hoc network
6. Fix: SiSNPF service cannot be closed when uninstalling UI

1. Modify functions to support 5G_Channels.
2. Add functions: GetReg_ServiceCounter(...) and SetReg_ServiceCounter(...).

-install shield(src:is20041007_fix_startup_icon_name)
1. add Set_SIWAKE_STARTUP_ICON_NAMEin setup.ini as startup icon name(synch with sis162)

1. for remove startup siwake icon name.

1.remove "radio on/off" option in device manager/property page

1.remove advance page support

1.fix system hang when un-plug(caused by while loop in USB handling)
2.fix a fatal typo error ,which cause blue screen (for PCI card) when entering S3/S4.(previous effects on USB not known)
3.solve WOL(wakeup pattern)unable to wake up for PCI card 
	a. MAC CLK was disabled
	b. should not tx disassoction when entering S3/S4
4.CF Merge Martin's code(modify DMATX and NSMTx.c)  
5.CF HsmResetTxFun set TXCFG3_DRNFUL to prevent Tx Underrun.
6.Use EEPROM 30~31h bit 9 to decide if driver Disable/Enabled(by Siwake/siscfg) fun. is enabled. 
7.solving tx WEP with frag=256, possibly ICV error( by altering SIFS to 0x140)
8.for .11A, txpower setting can now be configured by EEPROM setting.
9.Fix .11A high band channel display error(channnel==>0) , UI should also be updated
(1)for .11A, txpower setting and its corresponding EEPROM setting supported.


v1.01.08 2004/10/07
1. Add GetDefini_BcmcTxRate to determine whether to enable BcmcTxRate,ex:
2. Modify simplied chinese string.
3. Fix: In Profile page,an error message will appear when key-in the tenth character.
4. Fix: Passphrase length is always Zero in profile page.
5. Fix: Program fails if connect to IBSS with AES encription.
6. Fix: Workaround ASUS XP SP2 Recovery CD problem
	Add function GetDefini_StartupOption() to determine whether to start on first time.
	add section [FIXRECOVERYSP2] status =1 in siscfg.ini to enable this feature.
7. Fix: If driver works not well, post message to siwake to disable driver.
8. Fix: sisnpf service is running at other process and local process want to stop this service
9. Fix: UI will auto replace XP WZC if UI is in system tray.
10.Fix: In profile page, the length of TKIP or AES are the same.
11.Visible or disvisible radio on/off control

1. Add function: PacketSetBCMCTxRateEnable(...)
2. Modify the funciton, SetReg_RegIndex() for 2K/XP authority issue
3. Modify the function, SetReg_NumberOfAdapter() for 2K/XP authority issue
4. Add the function, SetReg_ServiceCounter() for start/stop sisnpf service
5. Add the function, GetReg_ServiceCounter() for start/stop sisnpf service
6. Add the function, PacketGetWlanSiSReadHwRxFail() for acer weak usb host

1. Fix: In XP SP2, if logon user is guest, connect to CIMOM always fail. Error code = 0x80070005 (General access denied error)
2. The time interval of enable or disable driver depends on siscfg.ini [Delay] Time=10

1. Add some function
   a. SvcSetReg_RegIndex()
   b. SvcSetReg_NumberOfAdapter()
   c. SvcSetReg_ServiceCounter()
   d. SvcGetReg_ServiceCounter()

-unwuty.exe (src:20041003_remove_StartUp_SiWake_Link)
(1) Fix bug, in v1.01.05 ,though setting Set_UI_SIWAKE_FILENAME, the ".lnk" in startup folder fails to get removed 
    after uninstalling UI.
(1) Modify to synch with sisnpf.sys in 1.01.07
(1)fix 2c_LoadUnload test blue screen
(2)fix PER test mode (add NEWPERTESTMODE)
(3) set short time when FEATURE_FORCE_SHORT_SLOT_TIME=0
(4)Add OID for BCMC rate that can be changed as TxRate.
(5)Add OID for Query if RX is stopped then Disable/Enable the driver(by UI).
(6) SIFS set to 0x130 unless the AP only support 54M,then set to 0x90
(7) add 6us to duration(NAV) if tx OFDM packet
(8) short slot time set to 0x167, interchange EIFS value for short/long slot time case.
(9) fix "fail to s3/s4"(still needs testing)
(1) Enable 5G channel set Power function


v1.01.07 2004/9/30
(1)in v1.01.06 , "Resume from s4 then blue screen" wasn't really solved in Cameo's platform. This new version 
   is to solve it.

v1.01.06 2004/9/30
SiSCFG.exe []
(1)Fix: switch profile with WEP128 to WEP64 would mismatch.
(2)Fix: WZC always enable if SiSCFG try to disable it at the driver first installed.
(3)Fix: re-connect the last station after resuming S3/S4
(1) Ubec frequency off compensation ,bb parameter change
(2) rfairoha parameter change
(3) fix "under WEP, Radio off/on ping failure"
-install shield(src:is20040930_1.01.06)
(1) code sync with sis162
(2) parameter Set_UI_SIWAKE_FILENAME in setup.ini can be used to change setting of SiWake.exe file name.
-test utility
(1) FIX apc_adjustment in case of special case of channel


v1.01.05 2004/9/23
(1) SIFS value(Mac C0) changed from 0x130 to 0x90 for RTS/CTS compliance to AP
(2) MsmTransmitBeaconFun(pMsmContext) removed for adhoc usb1.1 system busy
(3) HSMFLAG2_FORCE_SHORT_SLOT_TIME action changed for adhoc usb1.1 system busy
(1) for plug/unplug blue screen issue , add checking Open->ReadEventHandle != NULL
-test utility
(1) remove retry adjustment for "test tx".
(2) lessen txpower adjestment timer, eg, delay 3000 changed to delay 300


v1.01.04 2004/9/17
(1)fix rssi value
(2)add reset rf register after radio on
(3)modify UBEC rf delay
(4)get rssi value when receive PROBE RESP packet


v1.01.03 2004/9/16
-install shield(src:is20040916_1.01.03)
 add option Set_UI_EXECUTABLE_FILENAME in setup.ini 
 add option Set_Install_Utility_Component_Name in setup.ini
 add option Set_Utility_UninstallIcon in setup.ini
 add option Set_Driver_UninstallIcon in setup.ini
(1)New translation for signal strength
(2)Fix:Channels are out of order when sorting
(3)Fix:SiWake.exe causes dll failure in w98/me
(1)modify UBEC register
(2)modify rssi table
(3)fix s4 blue screen
(4)Add new region table for Netgear
(1)modify code for the case when device does not exist and close if device was removed


v1.01.02 2004/9/13
(1)modify string resource for simplified chinese
(2)sorting behavior in sitescan page
(3)set default button in password dialog
(4)activate multicard dialog when select function from trayicon
(5)fix alt+F4 pproblem, and auto close main wnd when click close box
(6)disable tx_rate detecting when user dropdowns tx_rate combobox
(7) TP_LINK string and icon.
(8) Fix: Resume S3/S4, Hardware filter will be lost. 
	 This issue will cause ping fail with tkip/aes encryption. 
(9) Fix: Resume S3/S4, SiSCFG will access illegal memory address.
(10) Modify: XP WZC service depends on siscfg.ini [WZC] section.
    if Disable = 1, WZC will be disable.
    if Disable = 0, WZC will be enable.
(1) Fix Guest account problem
(2) Add Mufasa's 3 functions to disable driver

(1) New added file to fix guest account problem

(1)Setup.ini(for WinXP/Win2000):Add [SiSWLSVC] section 
   and set SiSWLSVC_Install = 1 if install siswlsvc.exe(fix guest problem)
(2) modify SiSPKT.dll(for WinXP/Win2000) for fix guest problem
(3) add SiSWLSvc.exe(for WinXP/Win2000) for solve guest problem
(1)change void CTxPowerPage::SpecturmMask_A(BOOLEAN Start) from EVM_global to HW method.
(2)add special channel cases for testTxPower adjustment in wlantest.ini
	high_rate_DBmLimit_for_all_channels,and high_rate_DBmLimit_for_channel_3, etc...
(1) modify gct rf parameters
(2) remove forbidden DbgPrint


v1.01.01 2004/9/2
(1)Add g mode tx_rate setting in Profile page
(2)Remove txpw_per_channel function in Info:Rf page
(3)Add a customize version resource
   target file will contain tp_link attribute if OEM_TP_LINK condition is set.
   ex, Menu > Project setting > Resources page > Preprocessor definitions :
   add a definition 'OEM_TP_LINK'
(1)sw auto tx rate theshold parameters changed. to solve hard to down rate to 18 or below.
(2) modify usb scan timer (200ms --> 120ms)
(3) modify rssi value from HW when scan channel(3)
(4) Fix Ad-Hoc Aes can't ping under first setting condition
(5) fix radio on/off issue
(6) modify RfUbecSetChannelFun ( sleep 40ms after setting )
(7) modify airoha rf delay.
(8) fix channel is out of region domain
(9) when setting SSID, turn on the radio if the radio is currently in the off state 
(10) fix rf maxim_a reg5 value error
(1) change evm tx mode to packet tx.
(2) Gray TxPowerComo item and SetPower Button by ini file in TestPowerPage.(RoyLee request)
(3) referPower use a_channel set if calibrate a_channel in TestPowerPage.


v1.01.00 2004/8/27
(1)Let polling thread can't run when driver enter d3 mode
(2)solve tx test(EVM/ packet tx), plug-out blue-screen related issue.
(3)modify mpci aroha rf reg.
(4)modify bb/gct parameters
(5)provide feature for forcing short slot time parameter (EEPROM 30 bit 8=(1:20us/0:9us))
(1)add testPowerPage.
(2)update EVM_A and TestPowerPage power ,continous tx packet function controlled by driver
(1)Fix: Ad hoc mode, channel selection and current region don't synchronize at Simplicity profile page
(2)Fix: Default tx-rate is auto at simplicity profile page
(3)Fix: Ad-hoc mode, Listen interval can be modified. (this setting can be changed at Infrastructure only) 
(4)Add customize title
(5)To get MultiCardDlg directly instead of finding window

v1.00.07 2004/8/20
 (1) Fix HCT 1c_reset failure
 (1) add TxPower and APC Calibration function in TxPowerPage
 (2) Update SpecturmMask function using to continuous send packet
 (3) If it is not sis page, then API initial on testmode.-UI
(1) Fix: Prevent re-connecting to the same AP
(2) Fix: Activate main window when clicking pages

v1.00.06 2004/8/17
 (1) fix beacon contention ratio too high
 (2) fix testUtility sw auto rate ajustment abnormal
 (3) Fix pci/cardbus ,after s3/s4, mac register values abnormal
 (4) Fix USB irp handling bug
 (5) Modify RF GCT parameters for 163A1
 (1) fix testUtility sw auto rate ajustment abnormal
-INF files
    (1)add for additional devices

(1)provide TestUtility Set APC Period timer for TxTest SpecturmMask_A(B) function
(2)Modify RF GCT parameters
(3)WORKAROUND for PCI/Cardbus BASE_ADDRESS alignment
(1) add Power Meter function in TxPowerPage
(2) Fix SpecturmMask_A/SpecturmMask_B periodically timer to 3 seconds.
	and set APC period to 1.5 seconds.
(1) Adjust auto Txrate to top of selection
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How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

For more help, visit our Driver Support section for step-by-step videos on how to install drivers for every file type.

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