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CASIO Mobile Picture & Video Player with Camera  Version 1.00(US)
Mobile Picture & Video Player with Camera is a program that lets you record and
playback snapshots and movies with a digital camera card installed in the card 
slot of your CASSIOPEIA. 
It also includes a thumbnail viewer and other functions for easy management of 
your movies and snapshots.

<>Supported Models: E-125

To install Mobile Picture & Video Player with Camera
1. Make sure that the Digital Camera Card or storage card is removed from your 
   CASSIOPEIA before installing Mobile Picture & Video Player with Camera. 

2. Connect your CASSIOPEIA to your computer. Make sure you've installed
   ActiveSync properly and the software is able to detect a connection to your
   CASSIOPEIA. See the manuals that comes with your CASSIOPEIA for details on
   how to connect it to your computer.

3. Double click the SETUP icon (Setup.exe).

4. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

5. After installation is complete, install the Digital Camera Card into 
   the card slot of your CASSIOPEIA and tap [Start] on the CASSIOPEIA, 
   [Programs] and then [Picture & Video Player] to start up the application.

   # If the message "CASIO Mobile Picture & Video Player with Camera is already
     installed. Reinstall?" appears on the CASSIOPEIA, tap [OK].

   # If the message "The file "xxxxxx" is hidden, read-only, or a system file.
     Would you like to replace the existing file?" appears on the CASSIOPEIA, 
     you should tap either [Yes] or [Yes To All].

To uninstall Mobile Picture & Video Player with Camera
1. Make sure that the Digital Camera Card is removed from your CASSIOPEIA 
   before uninstalling Mobile Camera. 

2. On the CASSIOPEIA, tap [Start],[Settings],[System] and then 
   [Remove Programs].

3. In the list of programs, select CASIO Mobile Picture & Video Player with 

4. Tap [Remove].

5. In the dialog that appears, tap [Yes].

About Recording
<>Snapshot and movie image files you record are always stored in main memory 
  first. You cannot record directly to a storage card.

<>See your User's Guide for information about playback and other information
  about movies. Tapping the [Stop] button while a movie is being recorded saves
  the movie data and displays the movie index screen.
  To continue with movie recording, you must display the movie camera screen

<>The approximate number of snapshots and the length (in seconds) of each movie
  you can record appear in the lower right of the screen.  
  Note, however, that these values are for your reference only, and are 
  calculated based on image size and quality, and the amount of memory 
  currently available. The actual number of images or movie length you can 
  record may be somewhat more or less.

<>After you record an image, power may turn off when you switch to another 
  screen (for example, from the Movie Mode to the Snapshot Mode). 
  If this happens, just turn power back on.

<>Never remove the camera card from the CASSIOPEIA while the hourglass icon is
  on the display. If an error message appears when you try to record an image 
  after removing and then reinserting the camera card, or after turning power 
  off and then back on again, perform the following procedure to clear the 
  error condition.
  1. Remove the camera card from the CASSIOPEIA.
  2. Reset the CASSIOPEIA.
  3. Reinsert the camera card into the CASSIOPEIA.
  4. Restart Mobile Picture & Video Player with Camera and record the image 
     you want.

<>When recording stop action images, the number of images you can record shows
  0 if there is not enough memory to store the number of images at the 
  specified image size and resolution.
<>When recording the contents of a business card with the "Business card 
  recording" mode, best results can be obtained by positioning the lens about 
  10cm from the subject and fixing the CASSIOPEIA to prevent movement.

About Movie Files
<>Compatible Format
  Mobile Picture & Video Player with Camera supports playback of CASIO original
  movie format (.CMF) files. It does not support playback of any other format. 
  Files can be converted to CASIO Movie Format using the Mobile Video Converter
  on your desktop computer.

<>File Sizes
  Move files can be very large and can take up a great deal of memory for 
  storage. Because of this, you may find that you cannot save a movie file 
  because memory is being used for storage of other applications or data. 
  If this happens, take the following actions.

  # Play the movie file directly from a storage card.
    Save the file to a storage card and play it directly from the card.

  # Delete applications you no longer need or increase the data storage memory
    area. To delete an application, tap [Start], [Settings], [System] and then
    [Remove Programs]. On the dialog that appears, highlight the name of the 
    application you want to delete and then tap [Remove].

<>Turning off CASSIOPEIA power or removing the storage card while the snapshot
  screen or slideshow screen or movie playback screen or album page screen is
  on the display automatically returns to the index screen. 
  To restart playback, tap the name of the file in the index screen.
  Never remove a storage card while playback is in progress.

<>Movie File Playback
  # Playback of a movie file places very high processing demands on the CPU.
    Leaving the Pocket PC connected to its cradle, or running another 
    application while movie playback is in progress can cause rough playback of
    the movie file and other problems.

<>Events that Stop Playback
  Any one of the following events causes playback of an movie file to stop.
  # Tapping a menu ([File], [View], etc.)
  # Tapping any button or key not used by Mobile Picture & Video Player with 
  # Display of the low power message
  # Display of any alarm message

<>Memory Requirements
  Playback of a movie file requires at least 4500KB of free program memory. 
  If the messages "There is not enough memory to complete the operation you are
  attempting. Increase program memory and try again." appears, 
  use the following procedure to increase program memory.
  1. Tap [Start], [Settings], and then [System].
  2. On the window that appears, tap [Memory].
  3. On the dialog that appears, drag the slider to the left to increase 
     program memory.
  4. Tap [OK] when you are done.

<>Tap and Key Input Sounds
  To turn off tap and key input sounds while using earphones or headphones, 
  tap [Start],[Settings],[Personal] and then [Sounds & Reminders].
  On the dialog that appears, uncheck the [Screen taps] and [Hardware buttons]
  # [Sounds & Reminders] settings do not affect Mobile Picture & Video Player 
    with Camera volume levels.

<>Earphones and Headphones
  # Take care you do not set the volume too high while using earphones or 
    headphones. Long term listening to audio at high volumes can damage your 
  # Take care that sound leaking from your earphones or headphones does not 
    disturb those nearby. Even though you may feel volume is relatively low, 
    enough sound may leak to annoy others. Be especially careful in 
    environments where there is little background noise.

<>Copyright Material
# Mobile Picture & Video Player with Camera is intended for listening to audio 
  and music files for your own personal enjoyment only. Such files are normally
  protected by copyright law and by international treaties. 
  You may not otherwise reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, publicly 
  display, or create derivative works of such files, unless authorized by the
  appropriate copyright owner(s).

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