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              README file for CD-ROM device driver for IDE V1.0

     I.   Introduction
     II.  Requirements
     III. Installation Procedures
     IV.  Changing Settings after Installation
     V.	  FastCD

     I.  Introduction
     The CD-ROM packet comes with an installation utility. This installs
     the nessary CD-ROM drivers needed by your CD-ROM drive to interface
     with your PC.

     The drive installation diskette includes the following files:

     README.TXT  -- User's guide
     INSTALL.EXE -- CD-ROM installation program
     ACERCD.SYS  -- CD-ROM device driver

     II.  Requirements

     Hardware Requirements
     1. IBM PC/AT or compatible (80386-base system recommended)
     2. Minimum EGA graphic display (VGA recommended)
     3. Minimum 2M RAM recommended
     4. one free IDE socket
     5. one CD-ROM drive

     Software Requirement
     1. Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later
     2. MS-DOS version 5.0 or later
     3. MS-DOS CD-Extension (MSCDEX 2.21) or later

     III. Installation Procedures

     To install CD-ROM device driver, please follow the steps below:

     1. Insert the installation diskette in your system's 3.5-inch floppy
        disk drive.

     2. Change the directory to that of your floppy disk drive, and type
        the following at the DOS prompt:

              INSTALL <Enter>

     3. Follow the screen instructions to complete the installation.

     4. Reboot system to activate the driver.

     In general, you can just continually press the Enter key to install
     the default settings. A directory (default C:\ACER) containing the
     CD-ROM drivers is created during installation. Your AUTOEXEC.BAT
     and CONFIG.SYS files are also modified to include the following lines:


              C:\DOS\MSCDEX.EXE /D:ACERCD00

     IV.  Changing Settings after Installation

     To reconfigure the settings of the CD-ROM driver, use a text editor,
     such as EDIT.COM, to modify the previous two command lines in CONFIG.SYS
     and AUTOEXEC.BAT and then restart your computer to activate it.

     Changing the CONFIG.SYS file
     DEVICE=<path>\ACERCD.SYS /D:<device_name>

     The <device_name> is the name MSCDEX will use to find the device
     driver. The maximum length of <device_name> string is 8 characters.


     Changing the AUTOEXEC.BAT file
     MSCDEX /D:driver [/E] [/K] [/S] [/V] [/L:letter] [/M:number]

               C:\DOS\MSCDEX /D:ACERCD01 /L:G /M:10

     For more information, you can refer to the MS-DOS online help for MSCDEX
     by typing HELP MSCDEX.

     V.  FastCD

     FastCD is the "Software Cache" function which use the EMS memory to
     accelerate CD-ROM access speed .

     Because it uses EMS memory , you must add the following two lines into
     your CONFIG.SYS :

              DEVICE=C:\DOS\EMM386.EXE RAM

     And , to enable this function , you must attach an option papameter -
     "/E" or "/e" to ACERCD.SYS :

              DEVICE=C:\ACERCD\ACERCD.SYS /D:ACERCD00 /E , or


     These will reserve 2048 KB to be the Cache Buffer ; if you want to 
     tune the reserved cache size , attach the parameter "/E:#####" to

              DEVICE=C:\ACERCD\ACERCD.SYS /D:ACERCD00 /E:1024 , or

              DEVICE=C:\ACERCD\ACERCD.SYS /D:ACERCD00 /e:5192

     The maximum cache size is 32 MBytes , and its unit is 16 KB ,
     For example : if we want 17 KB , it will reserve 32 KB . 

     Notice : IF EMS memory is NOT enough , ACERCD.SYS will DISABLE 
              FastCD .

     ================================= END =============================

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