README.TXT Driver File Contents (silicon_motion_lynx_family_driver_win9x_nt_2000_me.exe)

===========================================                                    33
Silicon Motion Windows Driver Release Notes

03/11/99 (

1.  Game Monster Truck passes invalid negative source x, y to StretchBLT 
    & StretchDIB which causes GPF.  We let DibEng handle them in these cases.
2.  Add LynxE TV virtual screen support.
3.  TV only, 8 bpp modes with virtual screen enable.  Move virtual screen 
    with hw video 2 enable, VPR00 bit [20] should not be off.
4.  TV only, 8 bpp modes, when hw video 2 is on, go to DOS full screen 
    and EXIT.  Screen corrupted because Video 1 is off.  It should be on.  
5.  Disable Polygon for Lynx3D.  Garbage shown on WinBench98 Task switching 
    2 right before TimeOut error message.
6.  Use hardware cursor in StretchMode If panel size = screen resolution.
7.  Add Engine status bit checking between circle operations.  NTEST.EXE 
    shows line segments missing.
8.  Use Force MipMap if physical video memory > 2.5 M.  It solves system 
    hangs problems running MotorRacer II & ReadLine.
9.  Do not wait for status or vsync if DirectDraw Flip or Blt does not 
    happens in the primary surface.  Some Japanese games use triple buffers 
    and do not expect status checking before BLTs.

03/15/99 (

1.  Run game G-Police from Windows' My Computer, screen corrupted if you 
    do not have game CD ready and then exit.
2.  Undo v4.11.01.0012 #9.  It is not DDraw HAL problem.  Some of the old
    direct draw games do the flip or bitblt without checking the status.
3.  Remove HostBlt color to color Rop=0x66 (when Rops != SourceCopy) for 
    LynxE & LynxEM.  Japanese Windows with Plus installed, sometimes garbage
    shown on screen when screen saver is activated.

03/19/99 (

1.  AGP information does not show up running Final Reality.
2.  Rotation mode is on and go to suspend/resume, Esc UpdateRotation is not
    called any more.  New Control Panel needed to fix this issue.
    180 degree rotation, need to program VP_GraphStartAddr for display
    since Bios mode set will clear this register to 0 from suspend/resume.
3.  Software cursor is covered by hardware video when dual monitor feature
    is enabled.  Work around by turn on color key and set color mask to 
    the same as the color key value in non-oclusion modes.  This makes
    software cursor visible.
4.  Virtual desktop is enabled with hardware video is playing, move cursor
    down to make hardware video y = 0 or 50 <= x <= 5f, garbage line shows
    on top of the screen.  Eliminate this by turn on color key and set
    color mask to 0ffffh.
5.  Turn off burst mode 3c4.17 [5] = 0 for Lynx3D.
6.  Remove 640x480 res support if PAL TV is 800x600 (sm710, sm810).

03/30/99 (

1.  Default Lynx3D MCLK = 65. Check 3c4.83h bit [1:0] set in BIOS.
    00 - default, 01 - 60mclk, 10 - 55mclk, 11 - 50mclk.
2.  TV only, resume from monitor off, now display LCD/CRT simul.  SMI 
    Control Panel set it back to simul.  New Control Panel is needed for
    this fix.
3.  Do not allow 800x600x16 & 1024x768x16 D3D HAL in Lynx3D.  This is due
    to internal & external memory contention.  The driver will fail 
    Z-buffer surface create for these modes with returen NotEnoughMemory.
4.  Use as 2nd adapter, sometimes Win98 can not recognize it.  The memory
    & IO need to be sharable during initialization.  Margi reports this
5.  OSR1 HyperTerminal GPF.
6.  Add 85 Hz support for 640x480 & 800x600 resolutions.

03/31/99 (

1.  Video is chopped off at the bottom of the video window in TV only modes.
2.  A DWORD KEY \\LocalMachine\software\Silicon Motion Inc.\DriverCaps\Caps2D
    is added for various drawing operation options.  This is mainly for
    debugging prupose.

04/09/99 (

1.  Detect whether hardware interrupt is present and do not use hardware
    interrupt during weave and bob mode switchings if it is not available.
    Some machines will just reboot the system if hardware IRQ is not hooked.
2.  Remove 16 bpp modes gamma correction support.  Only support 24 bpp modes.
    Turn on gamma only when ddraw applications try to use it and turn it off
    exiting the ddraw.  LynxEM-AC/Lynx3D hardware cursor is shifted left
    by 2 pixel when gamma correction is enabled.
3.  DirectDraw flip.c is changed for double buffer video display.  The patch
    for Xing MPEG1 decoder is removed.  Normally, applications call
    updateoverlay to update position and flip to change video source address.
    However, Xing software call both functions at the same time.  This 
    causes DVD playback slower when double buffer is used compared with
    single buffer.
4.  VxD Clears first 256kB of video memory when the display driver is 
    disabling. This eliminate screen temporary corruption for some
    applications asking Windows Restart after installation.
5.  InterVideo DVD will create surface even when CanCreateSurface() fails.
    In stretch modes and play mpeg1 video, it will still use hw video if
    InterVideo DVD software has been installed in the system.
6,  Improve DirectDraw Flip Double Buffer quality.
7.  Temporary improve LynxEM4 with 4M memory devicebitmap size for 7% gain.

04/13/99 (

1.  Speed III texture dropping issue.
2.  3D flip causes TV screen flashing.  VPR44 should be set to VPR0C+VPR10.

04/23/99 (

1.  Put burst mode back on for Lynx3D.
2.  Add 720x480 TV only support for Lynx3D/3DM.  Bios version 2.20.67 or
3.  Wait until Engine idle instead of return to apps immediately in DDraw.
    Otherwise Game Recoil has a problem to clean Z buffer.
4.  InterVideo 1.2.40 using DirectShow command which causes DVD play 
    flipping status not correct in DDraw.

04/30/99 (

1.  TV only and restart Windows, Disable1 should call int10 5f0C to
    disable virtual refresh and reset vpr00 to disable flicker reduction 
    if current mode is 8bpp.  At the same time, check if TV only mode,
    we need to use sw cursor always in VGA.asm.
2.  Fix Scarsd3d game with bad quality.  this game doesn't pass z-buffer 
    in context in contextcreate, it pass z-buffer in setrendertarget.
3.  After disable dual monitor, set 3c4.66 [5:4] = 00 to enable both
    CRT and LCR Ram.  If CRT ram is not enabled, monitor detection
    will not work.  This has been fixed in BIOS as well.
4.  Add LynxEM AD detection for Gamma on with hardware cursor issue.

05/04/99 (

1.  Burst will be turned off when running 3D games besides 3D WinBench.
    However, burst will be turned on in 2D & DVD always.

05/07/99 (

1.  Do not save/restore 3c4.71 in Vxd.  Bit [3] has been used for global
    stretch on/off scratch bit for NEC which can be disabled in DOS full 
    screen and this status needs to be maintained when back to Windows
2.  MicroVision in Control.asm has been added to detect Lynx/LynxE/LynxEM
    and not support DVD play if TV is on.  Lynx3D/3DM hardware will have 
    MicroVision TV support.
3.  Virtual Screen in TV only mode, go to DOS full screen and back to 
    Windows desktop, ScreenOrgX & ScreenOrgY have been clear and caused
    virtual screen coordinates are not accurate.
4.  Use sw video play when 1024x768x16 as primary display and 2nd monitor
    is enabled.
5.  Dual monitor is on with software cursor by using desktop themes.
    Restart Windows back to dual monitor again and disable 2nd monitor,
    cursor becomes hardware and show black color.
6.  Fix version information for Verinfo.exe test.
7.  Latest LynxEM uses graphics engine for 16/14 bpp stretch and video
    engine for 8 bpp.  When coming back from DOS full screen, video should
    not be turned on in 16/24 bpp modes.

05/12/99 (

1.  After DirectMedia installed, even driver fails CanCreateSurface(), it
    still call CreateSurface().  We need to fail both places if the 
    driver does not support the current surface.  Play video on 1st display
    while dual monitor is enabled in 1024x768x16, sometimes it still uses
    hardware video play.
2.  Sm910 with ALI DVD decoder in mother board, VPR56 capture 
    request fifo can not be set to 0.  System hangs when open and close
    the DVD couples of time.  Driver set it to 7 for sm910.
3.  Make color key always on.  This will eliminate software cursor disappears
    underneath hardware video.
4.  For game Tomb Rader 3, to fix the vertical line segment bug, we have to 
    force Pespevtive_correction_OFF when w0=w1=w2.  We cannot do this for 
    general, since there will be garbages in foot notes in 3D WInMark and 
    3Dwinbench Quality 49 test (Texture Fidelity) will fail.

05/18/99 (

1.  LynxEM, Japanese game Den_To_Go game causes GPF.
2.  LynxEM, if 3c4.83h bit [7] = 1, set by bios from calling int 15h,
    then disable Win98 DualMonitor feature.  This is requested by NEC.

05/20/99 (

1.  LynxEM, if 3c4.83 bit [5] is set by system bios, stretch mode needs
    to be on even before control panel is loaded.
2.  LynxEM, using 1024x768 panel with stretch mode on in 800x600x24 mode
    and play video, severe underflow is occurred.  Use sw video play in
    this case.  This is done by Control Panel dated 05/20/99.

05/27/99 (

1.  If MouseTrail in on, SetCursorType can NOT switch to hardware
    cursor even the cursor fmt is Black & White. (NEC)
    mouse trail on, turn on and off stretch mode, cursor become hw.
2.  Enable MouseTrail, enable 2nd monitor and disable MouseTrail.
    The cursor become hw and shows up on CRT only. (NEC)
3.  Dual monitor enable, play hw video and move this video to 2nd
    display.  The 2nd display hw video will become blank when play 
    another hw video on 1st display. (NEC)
4.  Block video on panel when DVD is playing and dual view is on.

05/28/99 (

1.  Play InterVideo DVD with dual monitor on, the 1st diplay is corrupted.
    InterVideo DVD still can not display DVD on 2nd display.

06/04/99 (

1.  GPF playing Quick time 2.x.  EDX in "mov es:[lpPalettePDevice],edx" in
    both of GetPaletteTranslate & SetPaletteTranslate does not get
    initialized. (NEC)
2.  Remove patch which setting color key always to show software cursor
    on top of hw video.  Japanese game soft - Popuras beginning video
    screen is blank.  Leave this patch only when dual monitor is enabled. (NEC)
3.  Rotation mode, run flipcube and press ESC.  Screen become blank.
    New control panel will disable rotation mode and set back to normal
    mode.  (NEC)
4.  Control Panel does not SetFocus during ddraw exclusive mode. (NEC)
5.  In LynxEM/Lynx3D, VPR40 needs to be clear after mode set.  Japanese
    game - Groove Music Soft, LogOutut and LogIn, screen is stretched. (NEC)
6   Lynx3D, Rop3 with screen -> screen copy across external & internal
    memory, garbage shows up.  (Movita)
7.  Groove games, logout and login,
8.  Workaround Win95 DCT-150 VPE fails.

06/08/99 (

1.  Fixed XING Mpeg player double video windows on 820.
2.  Fixed panel flashing during power saving.
3.  Fixed power restore when TV is turned on.
4.  Changed stretching factor during mode set.

06/09/99 (

1.  Fixed video corruption when Dual Display was turned on.
2.  Fixed panel flashing issue during power saving.

06/10/99 (

1.  DDraw Flip.c needs to wait for Vsync if DDFLIP_NOVSYNC is not set.
    Japanese game SWDEMO does not run. (NEC)

06/17/99 (

1.  VPR40 should not be touched in Lynx3D after mode set while in TV
    only mode.  Side effect from NEC stretch mode implementation.
    The screen is stretched abnormally after change resolution or
    color depth in TV only.
2.  Update sw patches for 3D Mark 99 newer version.
3.  Need for Speed III game hangs when BiLinear is on.
4.  Shut down screen in TV only mode, the logout Windows logo screen
    is stretched up.  New bios required. (2.20.74 and above)
5.  Game Descent III character corrupted.
6.  GPF in Japanese game Armageddon.  Play game in centering mode.
    Stretch up the game while playing and then Exit the game.  The
    game will create surface again and generate GPF if the driver
    fails the surface creation.

06/18/99 (

1.  Game CodeMaster won't run.
2.  DX6 PPlane plan is corrupted.
06/22/99 (

1.  DirectDraw base addresses are not updated correctly for Monitor1 
    and Monitor2 when display mode change occures.  (NEC)
2.  Monitor2 on/off flag is not correct if change display mode while 
    playing Mpeg video. (NEC)
3.  GPF on Tunnel DP to full screen or exit.

06/23/99 (

1.  Enable Chrontel 7005 TV support for LynxEM. Control Panel dated
    06/23/99 and special bios are required. (Gateway)
2.  Low Res modes under display switchings, especially when TV on & off.

06/30/99 (

1.  Clear 3rd page memory before showing when 180 degree rotation is
    selected. (NEC)
2.  Low Resolution mode with stretch on, source width needs to be minus 
    by 1 due to DDA to avoid vertical line wraps around shown on right side of 
    the screen. (NEC)
3.  Stretch up 640x480 mode to 1024x768 panel size, source width needs 
    be minus by 2 due to DDA.  (Control Panel)
4.  LynxEM, Only allows 1 hw video when dual monitor is enabled with 
    800x600 panel.
5.  LynxEM, only allows at most 1 hw video when dual monitor is enabled
    with 1024 panel size, Below table shows whether video is sw or hw when
    the 1st video is opened :

                1st monitor             2nd monitor
                ===============         ===============
                1024x768x8 (hw)         640x480x8  (hw)
                1024x768x8 (hw)         800x600x8  (hw)
                1024x768x8 (hw)         1024x768x8 (hw)
                1024x768x8 (sw)         others     (sw)

                1024x768x16 (sw)        640x480x8  (hw)
                1024x768x16 (sw)        800x600x8  (hw)
                1024x768x16 (sw)        others     (sw)

07/02/99 (

1.  Rotation mode, press Ctrl+Alt+Del, dialog box does not show up.
    Increase counter in UpdateRotation when it is called and CheckCursor 
    will call it by itself if the counter is not changed. (NEC)
2.  Rotation mode in 180 degree, play video and press Alt+Enter, video
    is not rotated due to mode set happens.  Restrict ddraw to the 
    current mode to avoid mode set occurring. (NEC)
3.  TV only, go to S2D and back in ACPI, LCD has garbage. Fixed in Vxd.
4.  In VxD, preserve 3d4.3e bit [2] whihc is used for LynxEM stretch/
    expansion indicator for NEC.

07/07/99 (

1.  Low resolution modes, monitor off and resume, video is turned off.
2.  Several fixed for DCT 200.
3.  Highest 2k memory should be preserved during the driver mode set. 
    It containes hw cursor & pop up icon image.
4.  For stretch mode, (1) for video stretch, use src_y = src_y and 
    src_x = src_x - 1 and (2) for graphic stretch, use 
    src_y = src_y -1 in 800x600 panel; src_y = src_y - 2 in 1024 panel;
    src_x = src_x - 1 for all the panel type.  This is DDA related.

07/08/99 (

1.  Change Version to
2.  Add Lynx3DM dual monitor panel address and offset update. (VGA.asm)

07/09/99 (

1.  Japanese Win98, play hw video, go to DOS full screen and Exit.  
    System hangs sometimes.  Do not call InvokeDirectDraw in vga.asm
    if OS = win98.
2.  Play hw video and open ddcaps.exe to select low resolution, hw
    video is still used and corrupte the screen.  SW video should be
    used since video is used for low res.

07/12/99 (

1.  Play hw video and change resolution to low resolution mode, such as
    400x300x16, screen is corrupted due to hw video is still using.  sw
    video should be used at this time.  (DDDRV.C)
2.  800x600 panel, set 640x480 and stretch up in simul mode.  Set 
    1024x768 mode and switch to CRT only.  Display ends are not set 
    correctly. (Control Panel).
3.  MotorRacer 2, select low res mode and press F4 to switch different
    full screen modes.  Screen corrupted in Mode 13 and stretch is on.
    Control panel will check and do nothing if mode <= 13. (Control Panel)

07/14/99 (

1.  NEC IME v.9.5 causes GPF in kernel due to selector is wiped off in
    Win95.  We just map ScreenSelector in display driver instead of VxD.
2.  Screen corrupted when change resolution in Dual monitor with software 
    video is playing.

07/16/99 (

1.  TV only, change mode on the fly, virtual screen flag is not set
2.  Rotation in 180 degree, bottom screen is corrupted after setting
    other modes.  Update rotation should not do anything if 
    wRotation = 0. (NEC)

07/21/99 (

1.  Add Chrontel TV 7005 800x600 timing support.  Bios version 2.20.84
    and above for Gateway Chrontel is required.  (Gateway)
2.  For LynxE/EM, use 800x480 timing for PAL tv to reduce flickering.
    It is required by Chicony.  Make it generic.
3.  LynxE/EM, TV only, change higher resolution to enable virtual
    screen, shrink capability (VPR38) should be disabled (VPR38 = 80h)
4.  Dual Monitor enabled, do not allow mode change in 2nd monitor if
    DirectDraw is running.
5.  Disable MicroVision if Chrontel 7005 TV is used since KingMax DVD
    does not support it. (Gateway)

07/22/99 (

1.  Rotation mode and play QuickTime video, disable rotation causes
    screen corrupted. (NEC) 99% fix only.
2.  Enable 16 bpp downloadable ramdac feature.

07/28/99 (

1.  DSTN for LynxEM, uses gamma correction to fix color waving issue.
    Change 03EFh -> 03CFh for 16 bpp modes only.

07/29/99 (

1.  Win98 Monitor off and press power off button, system goes to unknown
    state.  Disable.asm (Chicony)
2.  Add more fix for 07/28/99 #1 in case of monitor off and resume.  The
    Gamma needs to be set again.
3.  Add 1024x768 (85hz), 1280x1024 (60hz, 75hz) & 1600x1200 (60hz,75hz)
    support for Lynx3DM.

07/30/99 (

1.  Add Lynx3DM chip type in VxD.

08/02/99 (

1.  Hw video is playing and open MS control panel and select Settings,
    video becomes sw.

08/04/99 (

1.  Lynx3DM Win95 hangs due to video memory needs to add 2M.
2.  Japanese Windows in Dual Monitor mode, screen corrupted if resume 
    from monitor off.

08/06/99 (

1.  InterVideo DVD play, open DOS full screen and press ALT+ENter.  DVD
    content is shaking.  (NEC)

08/09/99 (

1.  Icon corrupted intermittently if open 7 to 8 IE5.0 copy.  
    Remove StretchDIB mono to color expansion if rop != SrcCopy.

08/10/99 (

1.  Version
2.  DSTN 16 bpp, change 0020h -> 0060h using gamma.

08/11/99 (

1.  DSTN 16 bpp, change 000Fh -> 000Eh using gamma.

08/12/99 (

1.  SM720, TV only for low resolution modes.  Use 640x446 for NTSC and
    800x542 for PAL.  (Unknown)
2.  Separate DVM & 3DM in VxD and Control Panel.

08/18/99 (

1.  Fix VPE binary shrink issue with Margi's DVD to go.
2.  disable dvd playback share hw interrupt
    and fix hang on some dvd title      
3.  Update 3d code for dct, 3d winbench.

08/20/99 (

1.  Simul mode, play hw video, go to CRT only and switch to TV only,
    sData.ddipScreenWidth & sData.ddipscreenHeight are not updated 
2.  Fix Nec report DXDIAG test fail on M2.  (a) Src surface may be null 
    if it is colorfill. Test it before use it.  (b) Dest surface pointer 
    should base on sData98[0]->dwDesktopFlatAddr if it is offscreen surface.
3.  Changed pattern recognition in power management code. (VxD)

08/27/99 (

1.  Version ->
2.  DSTN dithering pattern patch for LynxEM/3DM.

09/01/99 (

1.  Clear surface video memory before ZV port receiving data.  (VPE)
2   ZV with shrink capability turn on, should not have sw shrink again.
    This causes ZV video shaking.  (VPE)
3.  Add Lynx3DM video fifo bandwidth control to be the same as LynxEM.
4.  Set 3c4.75h [0] = 1 if in DOS full screen.  This to inform Bios
    (2.21.00 and above) to block TV display switching.

09/08/99 (

1.  LynxEM/3DM have base registers, we remove the 24 bpp xy coord 
    restriction (less memory available) in order for PC99 to pass
    Min memorya and resolution test.
2.  Use 3d4.4A, 4C & 4D for horizontal & vertical display ends instead
    of 3d4.01, 07 & 12.
3.  Reset Stretch factor in case TV is turned off.

09/09/99 (

1.  fix Dxdiag.exe test M2 fullscreen,exit without call myDestroyDriver.
    Use separate flags for M1 and M2 ddraw on.
2.  Fix Japanese Office ellipse drawing garbage left over. (NEC)

09/15/99 (

1.  Clear memory before mode set in VxD to fix vertical green bars
    appear after exit full screen DOS in Win98.  (Gateway)
2.  fix garbage left like: dxdiag.exe, margi Dvdplay...
3.  fix curruption occurs when run carma2demo.exe and then cancel game.(NEC)
4.  Disable mouse trail in stretch mode.  (NEC)
5.  fix: If stretch is turned on when LCD is active but the hardware is not 
    in stretch mode, reactive the stretch mode and switch to software cursor.
6.  fix 3d game: den_go, incoming

09/17/99 (

1.  Fix sserial communication fails in 180 degree rotation due to no
    WaitBltBusy between 2 90 degree bitblts. (NEC)
2.  Disable hw video vertical interpolation in 1024x768x24 bpp modes
    to avoid severe underflow if color key is on.  This only applies to
3.  Disable hw video vertical interpolation in 1024x768 modes @85 Hz
    while playing motion comp DVD to avoid severe underflow.  For 75 Hz,
    we only allow vertical interpolation in DVD full screen.
4.  Change vertical panning from 2 lines to 8 lines to avoid certain
    pattern flashing quality issue.
5.  Japanese Hanoko application, scroll palette window locks up in
    16 bpp modes.  (NEC)

09/20/99 (

1.  Do not support blter surface on 2nd monitor.  DxDiag  run display2
    without 2nd monitor enable, garbage shows on top of 1st monitor.
2.  Add Lynx3DM DVD motion comp hw bob support on rev-AB and above.

09/21/99 (

1.  Do not terminate DXDIAG in SetExclusiveMode32 but just return error.
2.  Cursor sometimes disappear after fresh installation of Win95/Win08.
3.  Disable hw video vertical interpolation in 1024 panel if stretch mode 
    is on for 800x600 resolution with VPE DVD play.

09/22/99 (

1.  Add LynxEM+ device id.

09/23/99 (

1.  Fix 1 more piexl on right boundary when video is playing on full screen
    with Stretch mode is on. (NEC)
2.  Hw video screen coordinates are not accurate when stretch mode is on
    in 800x800x16 with 1024 panel. (NEC)
3.  Dual monitor on with 1st & 2nd display are both 16 bpp modes and change
    2nd display to 8 bpp.  The default 8 bpp color palette are corrupted.
    If bitmap is used as the background, the palettes are all zero due to
    Microsoft bug.  (HP)

09/24/99 (

1.  Add WriteCombine support for Lynx3DM rev-AB and above.

09/27/99 (

1.  Add AGP 2X support for Win98 DirectDraw.
2.  Fix M1=800x600x16,M2=1024x768x24 will cause video underflow. (NEC)
3.  Support interleave overlay.
4.  Change Flip status scheme.
5.  Change TV 8 bpp support for LynxEM/3DM.  Bios ver. 2.21.15 and above.
6.  Restore 3c4.22h bit [7:4].  CRT only, go to Dos full screen and 
    switch to LCD only.  ALT+ENTER with no CRT screen. (NEC)

09/28/99 (

1.  Change circle code to only handle diameter < 32.
2.  Block hw video for 24 bpp in stretch mode by set wSpecialStatus=3
    to inform directdraw.
3.  Margi DVD does not play on 8 bpp mode due to that application uses
    0-15 default color as color key.

09/30/99 (

1.  Add LynxEM+ support for Control panel.
2.  Add one more bad dithering pattern for LynxEM+ (1082 -> 1022 in 16 bpp)

10/07/99 (

1.  When task bar is on the right and play mpeg with stretch on, press
    Ctrl+Shift+Z, mpeg position is not correct.  (NEC)
2.  When play mpeg (golf99.mpg) and press Alt+Enter, right side of 
    screen has vertical line.  This is fixed by reduceing video X by 1.
3.  Remove the restore in the MiniVDD_Pre/PostVGAToHires functions so 
    display switching in the DOS box is kept throughout Windows.
4.  1k panel with 1024x768x16 mode in DualApps, do not allow hw video.
5.  Improve lcd panel video bandwidth by fine tune 3c4.4Ah registers.
6.  800x600x8 and set rotation mode to 90 degree, video corrupted
    when play mpeg.     
7.  DualView with mpeg is on, disable DualView and mouse cursor is still
    in software.

10/08/99 (

1.  Disalbe LynxEM+ 24 bpp Stretch mode capability.

10/12/99 (

1.  Improve ZV Margi DVD quality.  (Gatweay)

10/14/99 (

1.  Fix DVD test kit Exclusive mode test issue.  (Gateway/Margi)
2.  Set BlockVideo flag for 8 bpp with Stretch mode if the current
    resolution < LCD panel size.
3.  Japanese Excel 2000 - garbage shown when move text box inside
    Excel 2000 or 97.  Worng pattern x,y when it has been stored in
    off screen as device bitmap.
4.  Do not set 3c4.70h bit [4] to inform bios to block display switching.
5.  Punt to DibEng if 24bpp with color pattern (stored in off-screen) when 
    Dual monitor is on.

10/15/99 (

1.  For LynxEM+, disable vertical interpolation while in Stretch mode.

10/22/99 (

1.  Fixed corruption on the top line when playing maximized MPEG in 
    virual desktop modes.  (NEC)
2.  Fix color key show up in right side of screen when playing InterVideo
    DVD.  Remove 4 source pixels on the right.
3.  For LynxEM+, disable interpolation for 800x600x8 and 1024x768x8 with
    1024x768 DSTN panel.
4.  Improve Lynx3DM MotionComp DVD quality.
5.  Add NoStretch24 flag detection from SMOEM.INI.
6.  Read Registry for Stretch Mode status set by Control Panel.

10/28/99 (

1.  Add ScreenLinearAddressBase ptr checking in case we are in 
    starndard VGA DOS full screen.  Gateway docking station keeps 
    rebooting itself.
2.  Do not touch vpr10 & vpr12 for TV 8 bpp modes on the newer bios 
    version. Bios uses 16 bpp flicker reduction for 8 bpp modes and 
    these registers have been taken care of in Bios.  This should apply 
    to Sm710, SM712, SM720 and future chips.
3.  Use mmx instruction to send triangle vertex.  This should get the 
    burst transfer and improve small triangles by 25% in 3D mark.
4.  Fix Final Reality top line garbage.
5.  Lynx3DM should use graphics stretch for 8 bpp modes Stretch.

11/02/99 (

1.  TV low resolution modes should use 3d4.32 & 3d4.34 values to 
    initialize video window 1 top and bottom.
2.  Inform Bios that we are shutting down by setting 3c4.70 bit [6].
3.  Change NoStretch24 -> XgaNoStretch24.
4.  Work around Lynx3DM DMA MotionComp hang issue.

11/03/99 (

1.  Remove 1024x768 @85hz mode in INF file for Lynx3DM.
2.  Remove 1280 modes from display driver and ddraw mode table.  Leave
    1280 modes in INF.
3.  Lynx3DM should use 430 as TV height in NTSC even for low res modes.
4.  Fix 2d flip cube flashing issues.

11/04/99 (

1.  Lynx3DM 800x600x8 with roation enable, it needs to be on 128-bit 
    memory boundary.  This is the same as Lynx3D.

11/05/99 (

1.  fix  japaness game "dengo2" issue.  This game use 565 texture with 
    src color_key enable.
2.  Preserve CX register during int10 call in control.asm.

11/12/99 (

1.  Take Round-UP instead of Floor for nearest mipmap LOD.   Bug in 3DWB2000 
    Mipmap test 8,9.
2.  3dMark missing texture: change maxtexturesize and patch wrong vertex value.
3.  Dual monitor enable with primary display in 256 color, go to DOS full
    screen and EXIT, FPRA0 (Flat Panel Video Control - 3c4.A0 0needs to be 
    preserved since VxD does not save/restore anymore.
4.  Need to wait for engine complete before disable hw clipping.  Garbage
    showing on Speedy when right clipping happen on lines. (NEC)
5.  Error message showswhen inserting a graphic in Office95 PowerPoint. (NEC)
6.  Lynx3D/3DM rotate in 90 degree and play mpeg, screen corrupted due to
    128-bit engine.  Surface.c changed.

11/19/99 (

1.  SW Patch for 3DWB-2000 Quality Nearest Mipmap tests: Use cModel LOD 
    round up.
2.  Fine tune bandwidth when MotionComp DVD is playing for Lynx3DM.
3.  Monitor2 do not support 3D. Fix DXDIAG Display2 Direct3D test
    garbage issue.

11/24/99 (

1.  Fix Japanese game Kwan demo which display "please disable secondary 
    monitor from SMI driver" issue. Driver will block set M2 if it is Kwan 
    demo. (NEC)
2.  To fix WhqlDct250, d3d,  ColorKey tests -
    (a) turn off the old patch for Dct200:  UpdateForNoTexAlpha(pCtxt);
    (b) Set correct ColorKey Mask, otherwise Grey test will fail.
3.  Japanese game OFIR_DEMO shows vertical lines on menu screen. (NEC)
4.  Fix Office95 PowerPoint insert Graph error message. (Mastushita)
5.  To pass Alpha palette test, (1) Force Update Palette table, and
    (2) Convert indexed Color Key to RGB values.
6.  The first test *Speedy" in WinBench3D 2000 uses negative u, v,
    such as (-99.0).  Since our HW can not handle negative u, v, we have 
    to use Norm(u,v) to make u, v positive before send them to the HW.
7.  Fix Dx6 sample Boids hang issue.  Code in DrawTriangleListTexture720() 
    assume base address prvVtxHW[0] point to HWREG_X0. Because of vertex 
    swap, this is not always true. Use global variable prvVtxReg[0] in 

12/02/99 (

1.  support chip on PCMCIA card.
2.  fix bug on Setup garbage issue.(NEC)
3.  fix game TraceRacedemo issue(NEC)
4.  fix 3d game Descent3 demo garbage issue(NEC)
5.  update code to support WHQL DCT Mipmap LMN issue.

12/07/99 (

1.  Work around NEC game Kwan demo missing data problem.  This game 
    passess Z>1.0 which exceed the normalized z range. Driver zoom z 
    by 4 times.

12/15/99 (

1.  Fix NEC game TAK demo and Prince of Persia GPF and erro message 
    issue. These games should not be allowed to set monitor2. Fix in DRV2.C.
2.  Fix start NEC game Kwan demo from setup.exe which cause missing data.
    This fix is also put to sm820 code.  Setup.exe has different task id 
    from kwandemo.exe
3.  Updated files: d3drv.c, d3d720.c, d3dstate.c, d3dtex.c.  Fix bugs 
    in Texture Sizes test in DCT250 PC99 -
     a) Mark off  D3DPTEXTURECAPS_SQUAREONLY caps in d3ddrv.c
     b) If logWidth (logHeight) < 3, set it=3 in Cmd_0.
     c) If cySrc < 8 && cxSrc > 8, reTile loaded texture in offScreen memory.
4.  Fix GPF hang problem in 3DMark Benchmark test.  If turn 
    OFF D3DPTEXTURECAPS_SQUAREONLY, it will get GPF hang in loading texture 
    MMX code. Why ?????  SW Patch: Turn On D3DPTEXTURECAPS_SQUAREONLY for 
5.  Added support for low-res overlays in Video Window II.  It is a
    requierment on whql DCT-300.
6.  710 hw issue, style line with rmw generates garbage. 
7.  Added CM_POWERSTATE_HIBERNATE for Milleninum hibernation support.
8.  When run Kwan demo in simul at 1024x768x24, select JUST SKATE, screen
    display is missing data. (NEC)
9.  Ddhelp error message occur when run TAK demo. (NEC)   
10. Game Prince of Persi GPF error occurs when execute game and select 
    screen mode 1024x768, then exit game and run game again. 
11. fix DCT-300 StretchBlt 24 bpp failure.  Take care of it in driver due to
    DibEng bug.
12. Fix Simmens reported video can not be fullscreen if monitor2 is enabled. 
    If it is video overlay, driver allow it to be fullscreen. Because it 
    does not change display mode.
12. DSTN 8bpp quality improvement.
13. Fix DCT300 DirectDraw Blt Exotic - system hangs. The test blt palettized 
    texture. Driver load the palette to 3Dengine, it hang. Because 3Dengine 
    is not enabled.  If 3D is not enabled, driver fail the blt in this case.

12/17/99 (

1.  Supprot 1024x768 @85hz for LynxEM & Lynx3DM only.
2.  Support 1280x1024 @60hz with all color depth for LynxEM, and only 
    1280x1024x16@60hz for Lynx3DM due to SRAM issue.  LynxEM+ is not 
    affected for this change.
3.  Patch DibEng sw cursor can not reach y = 0 position if when Stretch Mode is on.
4.  Work around DCT300 D3D test Driver Scenario GP fault cuased by cmodel.
5.  Fixed bug "flat color with strip and fan" in DCT300 Test:Shading: 
6.  Add Caps necessary for DX6.
7.  Commented out 3DMark99 patch. (force largest map to 128x128)
8.  Commented out patch for WinBench2000 Quality Test:Mipmaps. Do not 
    need it anymore.
9.  Fixed WFIFO was off in DSTN panel after switching back from DOS full 
    screen reported by Acer 712 project.  It's fixed by adding save/restore 
    3c4.21[5] in PreVGAToHires and PostVGAToHires.

12/22/99 (

1.crt corruption after switching back from dos full screen in DSTN dual monitor mode.
2.update code for whql dct300.

01/03/2k (

1.fix bugs for dct 300 .
2.enable 720 AGP memory space for dct 300.
3.Fixed the screen flashing bugs in Windows Full Screen DOS and Windows DOS.

01/07/2k (

1.  Fix sm720 as secondary board hang if use Control Panel Display Property - 
    Settings. Screenselector is not mapped correctly in this case.
2.  Add MicroVision TV support for Lynx3DM in Control.
3.  Fix MS game Midtown pop up SMI message issue and wrong color in 1024x768x8 
    mode when run its demo.  The game try to enable monitor2. Driver block it.
4.  Lynx3DM 3d engine hw issue: draw out of surface border. We reserve 2k more
    memory to avoid this.  Run 800x600 WinBench, the bottom line is  wrapped 
    around on the top.
5.  Support 60hz only for 1280x1024.  Remove interface mode support.
6.  Use slave mode on DVD if Lynx3DM PCI board is used.  DMA will be enabled
    if AGP board is used.
7.  Remove VxD CP_POWERSTATE_HIBERNATE support temporarily to fix Win98 
    StandBy and Resume problem.

01/10/2k (

1.  Fix DCT300 driver scenario test. SetRenderTarget32() now also handles 
    Drawing Buf, which could be a screen surface or a texture surface with 
    different format.

01/13/2k (

1.  Set 3c4.71 [4] to 0 to inform Bios to always set auto centering mode.
    LynxEM+ does not support 24 bppp stretch, but if this bit is set, the
    screen will be on upper-left corner.  (IBM)
2.  No 24 bpp stretch modes are allowed.
3.  Hw video support on low resolution modes.
4.  On Lynx3DM rev-AC and below, do not support 1280x1024x16 and 24 bpp modes
    on 2nd CRT in dual monitor is enabled.  Also only support 60hz on 2nd CRT
    regardless of color depth and resolution.

01/20/2k (

1.  If 3c4.75h bit [4] = 1, then do not turn on hw cursor and hw video.
    This is required by Quanta/IBM for their suspend/resume password
    key in by using popup icon.  Video.c (DDraw) & hwcursor.asm (Display)
    are changed.
2.  Tune 720 video overflow under 1kx768 85 hz and 1kx768 true color modes.
3.  Use DVD DMV for modified PCI Lynx3DM boards.
4.  Lynx3DM as 2nd adapter, play hw video in 24 bpp and move the video to
    primary display causeing GPF.  Strchblt.asm update.
5.  SW/HW cursor switching when enable/disable stretch mode, sometimes hw
    cursor becomes sw cursor.  Install Windows Plus and select theme to
    duplicate.  Update Control.asm.  (Acer/IBM)
6.  RingFax application running, garbage left over on the pull down menu
    with software color cursor. (Acer/IBM)

01/31/2k (

1.  Do not disable hw cursor.  Request by Quanta/IBM with password
    input during suspend/resume.  Since hw cursor will not take any
    effect in standard VGA mode and Bios will disable hw cursor if
    in Extended modes.
2.  Patch DCT300 DPMS vertical refresh rate test failure.
3.  force max texture size as 128 for 3DMark 2000.  (NEC)
4.  Enable 1280 all color depths for Lynx3DM Rev-BA and above.

02/02/2k (

1.  Enable 2D/3D engine always.  3c4.21 bit [1] = 0
2.  Filter out 1600x1200 in validatemode () since some apps, such as DCT 
    or 3Dmark2000, will still set this mode even it is not available in 
3.  Resolve LynxEM+ DCT-300 hw video overlay issue.
4.  Wait for VPR0C status bit for Flip for Lynx3DM since it uses graphics
    stretch low resolution modes.

02/03/2k (

1.  Always turn on Z-buffer update for Lynx3DM Rev-BA to avoid hw hangs.

02/09/2k (

1.  Enable graphic horizontal replication in Lynx3DM low resolution modes.
    Lynx3DM uses graphics stretch always in Stretch.
2.  Garbage shows on LCD screen if press Alt_Enter for DOS in Dual Monitor 
    mode.  SMVDD.VxD (Acer/IBM)
3.  Fox&Bear 24 bpp color wrong.  Alignment issue.
4.  Fixed video underflow for the following modes:
    1024x768x24bpp 85hz - SM710
    1024x768x16bpp/24bpp 75hz, CRT only - SM710
    1024x768x8bpp, Primary in Dual Monitors - SM710

02/10/2k (

1.  Lynx3DM use graphic stretch for low resolution mode instead of video 
    engine.  320x200 bottom line wrap around when display switching happens. (NEC)

02/14/2k (

1.  If sm720 rev BA and memory size >4mb, do not use 3DWinbench 2000 mipmap 
    LOD patch.
2.  Patch Lynx3DM Rev-BA and above for hw clipping on polylines.

02/16/2k (

1.  Virtual Fighter II flickering if stretch mode is turned on in LynxEM+.
    LynxEM+ use video stretch for low res and 8 bpp modes.
2.  Use BIOS scratch bits to set mclk for sm720 Rev-BB to 65MHz, 86MHz, 
    100MHz or 107MHz.
3.  tune flip function based on ddraw spec for better performance.

02/18/2k (

1.  Update code for dvd test kit "update overlay BOB flash" issue.
2.  DSTN panel, boot to Windows from CRT only and execute BIOS function
    call 5f15 to simul.  Open ControlPanel->Mouse and press Cancel, screen
    corrupted due to frame accerleration address caculated wrong in 
    VGA,asm. (IBM)

02/22/2k (

1.  Move video window beyond left screen boundary, video source starting
    address needs to be updated accordingly.

02/29/2k (

1.  Disable mode setting for MediaPlayer.
2.  Hw video on the top during full screen and windowed video switchings.
3.  Fix GPF when enable 2nd display in Millennium OS.

03/02/2k (

1.  Implement code for no_v_sync_wait if DDraw.  This causes WinBench2000
    demo mode to popup No_V_Sync error message.
2.  Add Millennium Hibernation support in VxD by using Windows version 
3.  Do not allow for motioncomp for 1280x1024x16 @60hz and 1024x768x24@85Hz
    due to underflow in Lynx3DM.
4.  Set WIN.INI flag to stop Media Player from changing modes.
5.  Add Hibernation mode support for Millennium in VxD.

03/07/2k (

1.  Fix SMI board with other graphic board work together, hw cursor 
    disappear issue. Use MMIO instead of I/O.

03/09/2k (

1.  Remove monitor from configuration list if CRT is not attached.
2.  Only support 3D 640x480 mode if Lynx3DM with (4M and HP system,
    SubSystem Vendor ID = 103C).
3.  update code for toys2 top line issue.  The root cause:
    3d eninge can't handle very samll y value (like x e-5). 
    This cause top line skip drawing.

03/10/2k (

1.  Delete MaxResolution from registry on panels so that all resolutions 
    are available.
2.  Only do LookupGamePatchTable once in D3D.

03/14/2k (

1.  Low resolution modes always use 60Hz.
2.  Only allow 640x480 3D mode if Lynx3DM video memory <= 4M.
3.  Use slave mode for Lynx3DM 1024x768x24 MotionComp.  DMA will hang
    the system.
4.  Do the DSTN color patching for Lynx3DM as well.
5.  Disable COLORKEY for 720 in 8-bpp stretch modes.
6.  Do not allow overlay when dual monitor is on with 800x600x16 mode.
7.  Remove "Do not allow 3D when (res >= 800x600 && mem size <= 4M)

03/17/2k (

1.  Fix bug: Tomb Raider 4 white block issue.  Cause: not enough memory for 
    640x480x16 fot 4M memory,  we got null texture handle.  Fix: Ask ddraw 
    to allocate texture surface for us instead of doing that by ourself, 
    that way, ddraw may arrange space for new texture surface.
2.  Remove panel video for 8x6x8 bit mode in surface.c.
3.  Game - Alien & Predator will enable monitor 2 during init.  Block it.
4.  Do not allow 2nd monitor if DVD motion comp is playing in Lynx3DM.
5.  Turn off DVD video interpolation on CRT only 1024x768@75hz and above.
6.  No hw video allow in Lynx3DM Rev-AC when dual monitor mode is enabled:
    (1) 1024x768 panel, (2) 800x600 panel with 1st display is 800x600x16.

03/20/2k (

1.  Don't remove MaxResolution string, but set it to 9999,9999 instead 
    to get rid of a stupid MS bug.
2.  Set handshake between with Control Panel to avoid CheckCursor to 
    come in for display switching cases.

03/21/2k (

1.  Rewrote the power management for the monitor and added power management 
    code inside the PnP enumerator to skip the entire power sequence for 
    the secondary monitor.
2.  Patch for Aliens avp.exe: No highlight for menu list:
    Reset Blendmode from 01000900 to 0D000900,i.e. set Modulate2X for 
    texture alpha.
3.  Fix bug: system hang up in game Homeworld, etc.
    Cause: Even though we don't support AGP texture, BUT ddraw still allocate 
    texture memory in AGP memory. In slave mode, Push vertices and receive 
    texture data from AGP memory may conflict.

03/23/2k (

1.  Fix hang problem for Tomb Raider4, HomeWorld, Star Waw, etc..
    Cause: Slave mode with AGP texture may cause dead loop.
    Solve: Wait engine idle before push vertices.
    Note: We may not need to wait after draw one triangle.
2.  Moved all process tetsing into overlay code. Only overlays need to 
    be patched anyway (for now!).  This causes WinBench 3D Quality test
    #61 to have application not responding issue.
3.  Worked around DVD test "Overlay Scaling" scaling issues. (MediaMatics)
4.  Fix underflow issue for HP.  If sm720AC with 1024x768 panel and 
    monitor2 is enabled, block all hw video due to MCLK=75 only.

03/28/2k (

1.  #define DD3D_TEXTURE_565.  Need 565 format to fix game DieHard no 
    logo issue.
2.  Work around sm720 AC underflow issue. If it is 1k panel, block hw 
    video even M2=640x480x8 or 800x600x8.
3.  Fix DVD test kit issues for Lynx3DM.

03/29/2k (

1.  Do not allow MotionComp for 1024x768@85 for 8/16/24 in CRT only 
    for Lynx3DM.
2.  Reserve 12M APG memory for Lynx3DM.  3DWinBench99 test 6 will not
    run if only reserve 8M AGP memory.

03/30/2k (

1.  Patch for final fantasy viii no display.
2.  Only use MotionComp slave mode for Lynx3DM-RevBB at this time.
3.  Add 1280x1024 all color depth for Lynx3DM Rev-BB and above.
4.  Set default 3D mclock=93 mH for sm720 wRevId >= 0xb0.
5.  Support all 1280x1024 color depth if Lynx3DM > Rev-AC.
6.  Fixed bug in DCT nearest tests for sm720 RevBB.
    Cause: the patch for DCT Nearest tests fot sm820 is not good !
    Fix: 1. Take off PNT_SMP_RND_UP.
         2. take stShift value as fsnap.
7.  Fixed temporary horizontal white stipes during switching from window 
    DOS box to full screen DOS in dual display. Reported by QA and NEC.

04/03/2k (

1.  For sm720 revBB or later, set wait sync for DMA as default.
2.  For sm720 revBB, double buffer flip need wait vsync,  triple buffer 
    does not need wait sync if DMA is enabled.
3.  If DDFLIP_NOVSYNC flag, do not wait vsync for DMA.
4.  Fixed Bug: In the game Toy Story2, DX7 sample FireWork, etc.
    Top_left screen corrupted.
    Cause: Drawing one more line out of drawing buffer, that overwrite
           in the following texture buffer
    Fix: add 1 to the height for 3D drawing surface.
5.  Set default 3D mclock=86 mH for sm720 wRevId >= 0xb0.

04/06/2k (

1.  Patch for game NFK.exe. Bug: Menu text corrupted.
    Fix: Disable Texture AGP memory Caps.  Set D3DDEVCAPS_TEXTURENONLOCALVIDME 
    caps as default.  Disable it for game nfk.exe (NEC)
2.  Game Wotdemo, Patch the top line. (NEC)
3.  Fix miss data bug for game Half Life when DMA enabled.
    If no flip, driver need kick off DMA in EndScene().
4.  Fix bug: fail out by not enough memory when running 3dMark2000 Benchmark
    test in 640x480x16.
    Cause: Report error while cannot allocate memory for mipmap.
    Fix: 1. Instead of reporting error_outOfMemory,  ask ddraw to
            allocate memory for us.
         2. Recalculate VidMemSize.
    Note: pass for 640x480x16.but still fail for 800x600x16, even
              enlarge AGP memory to 16M or 32M ???
5.  Fix a problem reported from Quanta on the LynxEM and Lynx3DM.
    Under 16-bit color mode, when you go to the shutdown screen, the screen
    flicker severely.  However, under 8-bit and 24-bit, it is ok.
6.  Add monitor detecion on Lynx3DM only before enabling dual monitor mode.
    Put monitor detection in ValidateMode () to avoid 2nd monitor shows on
    display control panel page if CRT is not attached.
7.  Add monitor detection in ValidateModeEx() for Lynx3DM.  Patch Display
    Property bug.  If monitor detection fail, close Display Property too. 
    Fix Display Setting App confuse GPF.

    Steps to duplicate the problem:
        1. Connect monitor.
        2. Enter Control Panel Display Setting.
        3. Enable M2 and Apply.
        4. Disable M2 and Apply.
        5. Disconnect monitor.
        6. Enable M2 and Apply.

    This time the enable will be failed because of no monitor connected. 
    But Control Panel confused. If change M1 mode and Apply, it has GPF.

04/12/2k (

1.  Dos full screen back to Dual monitor Windows desktop, blue screen is
    flashing on LCD side temporarily.  To access LCD Ram, virtual bit needs
    to be turned on.  However, it will cause screen severe flashing.  Only
    write CRT Dac when back to Windows from DOS full screen.  (VGA.ASM)
2.  Add argument    LPDDRAWI_DDRAWSURFACE_LCL pDestSurfx  in function 
    vReLoadTileTexMipmap() and vReLoadTileTex() for the purpose of 
    texture DMA. Driver need to know texture in AGP or local video memory.
3.  Remove 1280x1024 hw MotionComp support.  Play DVD in simul mode and 
    switch to CRT only, severe underflow.  No way to block it since
    surface will not be re-created.
4.  Remove 1280x1024x24 @75hz and @85hz support from INF file.
5.  Patch Game BioHazard.exe: There are Vertical & horizantal spans on screen
    Patch: Substract s,t by 0.5 even for nearest filtering.
    Set flag1 for testing HW enable Substract 0.5.
6.  Only do rotation if 3c4.18[0] = 1 in linear address mode.  S2D in 
    180 degree rotation, system locks up when resume.  Contorl panel keep
    polling UpdateRotation mode when 3c4.18 [0] = 0.
7.  Patch Game Indy3D.exe: Fog is too heavy.
    Patch: Disable fog at all.
8.  Enable DVD MotionComp DMA again.  Need to use bios with AGP1X setting.
    DVD DMA does not stable with AGP 2X setting.
9.  IME application data corrupte duing help menu scrolling. (NEC)
10. Change CRT detection scheme before enable dual monitor mode.  This time
    allow 2 display icons to be shown and the 2nd display will not be enabled
    if CRT is not attached.  This will eliminate the issue when dual monitor
    is set and then CRT is removed. These is no way to disable 2nd CRT if 
    there is no CRT is attached.

04/14/2k (

1.  Turn off Bios stretch if rotation is on.  S2R/S2D will see the problem
    if Bios set stretch as default.  (NEC)
2.  Patch for Demo INDY3D, FIFA2000, DR_MAG_DEMO. (NEC)
3.  DSTN 4M boards should not have enough memory for 1280x1024x24 due to 
    memory reserved for frame acceleration.

04/25/2k (

1.  Fixed bug for CULLED_FAN in tris.c.  Error can be seen in Game Thief.exe, 
    when drawing Fan and the first triangle has been culled.
2.  Fix .0069 version does not allow flag1.exe to enable/disable DMA 
3.  Fix NEC Game : Expert Pool (#58) : Green fill screen, Enable 565. 
4.  Fix TomRaider4, first triangle color on door not correct when fog turn 
    on if DMA enabled.
5.  Fix game Battle Zone white screen issue.  kick off DMA if dma enabled 
    and blt32() is called.
6.  Do not allow 2nd monitor if DVD is playing due to underflow.
7.  Fix Game pbr.exe (NEC)
        (a) if ColorKey enabled, we turn on alpha test by driver
            ONLY if alpha test and alpha blending are disabled.
        (b) To fix bug that ground are corrupted, we
            have to enlarge z buffer by 100 lines to prevent from
            following texture being written, since there is No HW clipping !!!
8.  Fix the problem of no Alpha test for NEC Game Ucdemo and DrDemo .
9.  Fixed GPF in High-End WinBench 99 on 1024 DSTN panels. (Source)
10. #if FLIP_VPR    //fix 3Dwinbench complain hw hold bus issue. use old 
    vpr flip method.
11. If 3DWinbench , do not work around alpha blending bug when DMA on.
12. Support 565 texture format in general and 
    update myGlobal.lpTextureFormats code in d3ddrv.c.
13. Some game has texture with size < 8x8, we cannot ignor them.
14. Enable DMA with limitations - (a) No Texture DMA due to status bit stuck
    fifo, (2) use software vsync checking instead of hardware auto flip
    bit since it will hold the bus too long reported in WinBench3D (~8% 
    performance hit), (c) need to kick off DMA for each State & Vertics
    instead of whole DMA buffer (~8% performance hit).  This is waived
    if WinBench 3D is running.
15. Disable DRAM refresh before MotionComp DMA and enable it after DMA
    if Lynx3DM-16M is used to patch system locks up.

04/26/2k (

1.  Added kludge for Korean word processor corruption.
2.  Fixed the problem of "screen flashes" . The NEC game name are "tower", 
    "bzdemo" and "expendable"   Patch the screen flaashes problem, 
    Force waiting.
3.  1280x1024x24 @75 & @85 needs to be removed from driver (INIT.ASM)
    as well as INF.
4.  For Game pdr.exe, we have to disable 565 texture format.
5.  if AGP not enabled, turn off DMA. Fix some game hang issue if it is PCI.

04/28/2k (

1.  Use slave mode to init Z if DMA on. Fix NEC game Urban Chaos Demo 
    and Teamalligator bugs  which init Z two times during a frame.
2.  Fix V-Sync off feature which broken in version .0071.
3.  try wait engine in kickoff DMA instead of wait in flip().
4.  Remove ESC function call for SetVPR00.  Hw video becomes blank 
    in 2nd CRT when dual monitor is enabled.
5.  Fixed NEC Game NFSdemo (Screen Flashes).
6.  Fix blinking cursor in Millennium monitor off.  VxD call bios physically
    to turn off the monitor.  This seems to be the Millennium bug.  When we
    ask OS to turn off the monitor and it never happens.
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