3.0.04/ReadMe.txt Driver File Contents (3.0.04.exe)

Driver Package File Name: 3.0.04.exe
File Size: 3.5 MB

< Hardware Monitor III >
                        Support system : Windows SE/ME/NT/2000/XP

       Hardware Monitor is a self-diagnostic system for PC.

       The Hardware Monitor will protect PC Hardware by monitoring several 
       critical items including :

             Power Supply Voltage
             CPU & System Fans speed
             CPU & System temperature
             Case Open or not

       Some model that by decreasing the rotation speed of CPU fan, the noise 
       can be efficaciously reduced.

       These items are important to the operation of system; errors may result 
       in permanent hurt of PC.  Once any item is out of its normal range, an 
       obvious warning message will pop up and remind user to make a proper 

[System Requirements]

     1.It will detect Mainboard's model name,and it only runs with detected 
       Mainboard. Otherwise, it will occur an error message and exit program.
     2.Now, supporting motherboard:

                 "MX3W Pro"
                 "AX37 Pro"
                 "AX37 Plus"

                 "AX3S Pro II"
                 "AX3SP Pro"
                 "AX3S Pro"
                 "AX3S Plus"
                 "AX3S Pro-U"
                 "AX3SP Pro-U"
                 "AX3S Max"
                 "AX3S Plus II-U"

                 "AX4B Pro"
                 "AX4BS Pro"
                 "AX4B Max" 
                 "AX4B U2"
                 "AX4B Pro-533"
                 "AX4B-533 Tube"
                 "AX4BS Pro Lovely_Angel" 
                 "AX4BS Pro Police_Angel"


                 "AX45 Pro-533"
                 "AX45 U2-533"
                 "AX45 Max-533"
                 "AX45 Max-8X"

                 "MX45 Max-533"

                 "MX46 Max-533"


                 "AK77 Pro"
                 "AK77 Plus"
                 "AK77 Pro(A)-133"
                 "AK77 Plus(A)-133"
                 "AK77 U2-333"


                 "AK75 Pro"

                 "AK76 Pro"

                 "AX4G Pro"



                 "AX47 Pro-333"

                 "AX4T Pro-533"

     1. In NT/2000 platform, system can't support Case Open/Close 
        detection function.

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