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    Courier V.Everything Maintenance Release Notes

    Supervisor date:  09/20/96
           DSP date:  07/29/96
      ATI1 checksum:  7629

    Changes and enhancements since 4/29/96:

1.  Corrected Dial Security dialback number entry in 7 bits+parity mode.

2.  Corrected Remote Access password entry in 7 bits+parity mode.

3.  Corrected operation of CTS signal in V.25bis idle mode, CTS follows DTR.

4.  Corrected billing delay in V.25bis answer mode.

5.  Corrected V.25bis call teardown reset.

6.  Corrected intermittent fax receiver lockup.

7.  Corrected intermittent end-of-page error in fax transmitter.

8.  Corrected intermittent false loop loss detection.

9.  Corrected fax answer handshake failure when Call Selection is active
    and the caller does not present CNG tone during the first 4 seconds
    of the answer sequence.

10. Added work-around for certain other modems which incorrectly indicate
    estimated channel capacity and/or preferred symbol rate during V.34

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