FAQ2000.TXT Driver File Contents (xpdriverbt848.zip)

* Module      : FAQ2000.TXT
* Description : TV Capture capture card troubleshooting guide for Windows 2000
* Release     : TelSignal Co., Ltd.

1) TV application for Windows 2000

   WDM TV/FM is designed for Windows 2000 (NT 5.0) WDM environment.
   VFW TV/FM is designed for Windows 95 and 98 VFW/VxD environment.

     a) Update from Windows 95/98 VFW to Windows 2000 WDM in C:\WINNT
     b) Install BT878 WDM driver on Windows 2000 RC3 or later.
     c) Install BT878 WDM application.
     d) Copy original hardware profile C:\WINDOWS\TSCTVFM.INI to C:\WINNT

   The following files are enclosed :

     a) PMCTV.EXE    to watch TV, capturing video and frame grabing.
     b) PMCFM.EXE    to listen to the FM radio.
     c) TVCFG.EXE    to select the language.
     d) TVCARD.EXE   to select the capture card.
     e) TSCTVWDM.DLL is the interface for WDM application and WDM driver.
     f) FAQ2000.TXT  is the text help file that you see now.

2) Edit BT848.INF for the capture card

   WDM TV enhances extended features based on the Microsoft DirectShow such as

     a) FM radio tuning.
     b) Audio switch synchronized to Video source.
     c) Video switch directly on control panel.
     d) MTS control.
     e) Remote controller.
     f) TV Card configure utility.

   Please update all drivers when BT848.INF is well verified,
   restart PC and run WDM TV/FM application.

   Enclosed BT848.INF is used for TelSignal's reference design BT878TV3.DSN,
   which covers GT99032, TP99038, IT99032 and KW99032 capture cards.
   Enclosed TVCARD.INI list several TV card information profiles, please
   erase what cards that not belong to your company and add the one that not
   listed in the same way. Run TVCARD.EXE to select the TV card installed.

   Please add the following PCI ID to the BT848.INF for those capture cards
   without vendor ID, add entries for those capture cards with vender ID.


    %BT848.AudioDeviceDesc%=AudioSection, PCI\VEN_109E&DEV_0878&SUBSYS_FFFFFFFF
    %BT848.AudioDeviceDesc%=AudioSection, PCI\VEN_109E&DEV_0878&SUBSYS_00000000

   Please edit the hardware information block shown below in file BT848.INF,
   all the parameters should be set identical to the capture hareware wired.
   Please replace the verbal string with company and product name specified.

;TelSignal AddCodes : WDM extension
; WDM extension command information
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\WDMTV", ,           %SZ%, "TelSignal WDM extension"
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\WDMTV","TVfreq",    %DW%, 0x00000000 ; Frequency
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\WDMTV","TVcfg",     %DW%, 0x00000000 ; TVCFG
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\WDMTV","TVcmd",     %DW%, 0x00000000 ; Command
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\WDMTV","TVparam",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ; Parameter
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\WDMTV","TVresp",    %DW%, 0x00000000 ; Response
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\WDMTV","TVstatus",  %DW%, 0x00000000 ; Status

; Brooktree BT848/878 WDM extension information
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV",           ,  %SZ%, "BTTV information"
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","Copyright",  %SZ%, "TelSignal Co., Ltd."
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","Company",    %SZ%, "PMC"
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","Product",    %SZ%, "878TV"
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","Function",   %SZ%, "TV+FM"
; TV capture card GPIO and I2C information
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","AgpioStart", %DW%, 0x00000000 ; ASwitch Start Bit
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","AgpioEnd",   %DW%, 0x00000003 ; ASwitch End   Bit
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","AudioTV",    %DW%, 0x00000001 ; Audio TV
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","AudioFM",    %DW%, 0x00000000 ; Audio FM
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","AudioLine",  %DW%, 0x00000002 ; Audio Line
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","AudioNC",    %DW%, 0x00000008 ; Audio NC
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","AudioSW",    %DW%, 0x00000000 ; Audio Switch
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","AmutePin",   %DW%, 0x00000003 ; Audio Mute   Pin
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","AmuteOn",    %DW%, 0x00000001 ; Audio Mute   Value
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","AmuteOff",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ; Audio Unmute Value
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","AmuteStatus",%DW%, 0x00000000 ; Audio Mute   Status
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","FmFreq",     %DW%, 0x00000000 ; FM Frequency
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","FmI2C",      %DW%, 0x00000000 ; FM I2C Address
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","GPIE",       %DW%, 0x00000000 ; BT878 GPIE
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","GPOE",       %DW%, 0x0000000F ; BT878 GPOE
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","MTSioStart", %DW%, 0x00000000 ; MTS Start Bit
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","MTSioEnd",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ; MTS End   Bit
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","MTSioMONO",  %DW%, 0x00000000 ; MONO
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","MTSioSAP",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ; SAP
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","MTSioST",    %DW%, 0x00000000 ; STEREO
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","MTSioSW",    %DW%, 0x00000000 ; MTS Switch
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","MTSspST",    %DW%, 0x00000000 ; STEREO Signal Pin
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","MTSspSAP",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ; SAP    Signal Pin
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","MTSsvST",    %DW%, 0x00000000 ; STEREO Signal Value
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","MTSsvSAP",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ; SAP    Signal Value
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","TunerI2C",   %DW%, 0x000000C0 ; Tuner I2C Address
; The decoder must be GPIO type 0x0357, 0x0360, 0x0866 or I2C type 0x012C.
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteCode",    %DW%, 0x00000000 ; Remote Code
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteDecoder", %DW%, 0x00000866 ; Decoder Name
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteI2C",     %DW%, 0x00000000 ; I2C  Byte 1
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteI2Cex",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ; I2C  Byte 2
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteStart",   %DW%, 0x00000008 ; GPIO Start Bit
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteEnd",     %DW%, 0x0000000C ; GPIO End   Bit
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteReset",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ; GPIO Reset Pin
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteRScode",  %DW%, 0x00000000 ; GPIO Reset Value
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteRSdelay", %DW%, 0x00000000 ; GPIO Reset Delay
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteBitmap",  %DW%, 0x00000000 ; GPIO Bitmapped
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteBit0",    %DW%, 0x00000008 ; GPIO Bit 0
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteBit1",    %DW%, 0x00000009 ; GPIO Bit 1
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteBit2",    %DW%, 0x0000000A ; GPIO Bit 2
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteBit3",    %DW%, 0x0000000B ; GPIO Bit 3
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteBit4",    %DW%, 0x0000000C ; GPIO Bit 4
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteBit5",    %DW%, 0x00000000 ; GPIO Bit 5
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteBit6",    %DW%, 0x00000000 ; GPIO Bit 6
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteBit7",    %DW%, 0x00000000 ; GPIO Bit 7
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteBitS",    %DW%, 0x0000000F ; GPIO Valid Bit
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteBitSV",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ; GPIO Valid Bit Value

; 64 Remote hardware keys to software command mapping codeHW..SW command
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey00",   %DW%, 0x00020000 ; Key 0
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey01",   %DW%, 0x00010001 ; Key 1
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey02",   %DW%, 0x000B0002 ; Key 2
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey03",   %DW%, 0x001B0003 ; Key 3
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey04",   %DW%, 0x00050004 ; Key 4
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey05",   %DW%, 0x00090005 ; Key 5
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey06",   %DW%, 0x00150006 ; Key 6
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey07",   %DW%, 0x00060007 ; Key 7
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey08",   %DW%, 0x000A0008 ; Key 8
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey09",   %DW%, 0x00120009 ; Key 9
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey10",   %DW%, 0x0013000A ; Recall
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey11",   %DW%, 0x00100017 ; + 100
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey12",   %DW%, 0x0016001A ; CH. +
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey13",   %DW%, 0x0014001E ; CH. -
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey14",   %DW%, 0x001F001B ; Vol +
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey15",   %DW%, 0x0017001F ; Vol -
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey16",   %DW%, 0x00030030 ; TV/FM
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey17",   %DW%, 0x001C000F ; Zoom
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey18",   %DW%, 0x00180015 ; Mute
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey19",   %DW%, 0x0010000B ; Minimize
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey20",   %DW%, 0x000F0036 ; Freeze
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey21",   %DW%, 0x000E0037 ; OSD
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey22",   %DW%, 0x000D0039 ; OSD Reset
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey23",   %DW%, 0x000C003A ; OSD +
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey25",   %DW%, 0x0004003B ; OSD -
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey24",   %DW%, 0x001E0012 ; Power Off
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey26",   %DW%, 0x00070032 ; Channel Scan
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey27",   %DW%, 0x00000011 ; Video Switch
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey28",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey29",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey30",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey31",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey32",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey33",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey34",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey35",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey36",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey37",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey38",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey39",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey40",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey41",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey42",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey43",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey44",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey45",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey46",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey47",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey48",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey49",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey50",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey51",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey52",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey53",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey54",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey55",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey56",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey57",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey58",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey59",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey60",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey61",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey62",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;
HKLM,"Software\TelSignal\BTTV","RemoteKey63",   %DW%, 0x00000000 ;

;TelSignal EndCodes : WDM extension

3) Edit BTTUNER.INF for the tuner I2C address

   The tuner I2C address must set correct to tune TV and FM.

   For the Philips FI/FM series compatible tuner,
   including Temic MK2, LG and SamgSung tuner,
   please set TunerI2CAddress to 0xC0 if the address select pin connects
   to ground, 0xC2 if connects to VCC.
   For more information, please refer to Brooktree WDM guide,

     HKR,"DriverData","TunerBrand",     0x00010001, 0x02, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00
     HKR,"DriverData","TunerI2CAddress",0x00010001, 0xC0, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00
     HKR,"DriverData","TunerType",      0x00010001, 0x01, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00

4) Difference between WDM TV and VFW TV

   All the functions in WDM TV are the same with that of VFW TV but
   the following functions are support limited :

     a) PREVIEW MODE is valid only if the display is true color (24/32bit).
     b) COPY TO CLIPBOARD in preview mode only.
     c) SAVE AS BMP/JPEG  in preview mode only.

5) Time-shifting program

   Time-shifting technology is not supported because of the copyright issue.

6) Remote codes for BT848.INF

   #define RM_MODE               0x1C
   #define RM_MUTE               0x15
   #define RM_MINIMIZE           0x0B
   #define RM_RVS02              0x41
   #define RM_POWER              0x12
   #define RM_TVFM               0x30

   #define RM_VIDEO              0x11
   #define RM_SCRZOOM            0x0F
   #define RM_TEXT               0x13
   #define RM_AUDIO              0x10
   #define RM_MTS                0x10

   #define RM_KEY1               0x01
   #define RM_KEY2               0x02
   #define RM_KEY3               0x03
   #define RM_KEY4               0x04
   #define RM_KEY5               0x05
   #define RM_KEY6               0x06
   #define RM_KEY7               0x07
   #define RM_KEY8               0x08
   #define RM_KEY9               0x09
   #define RM_KEY0               0x00
   #define RM_RECALL             0x0A
   #define RM_ENTER              0x17

   #define RM_CHINC              0x1A
   #define RM_CHDEC              0x1E
   #define RM_VOLINC             0x1B
   #define RM_VOLDEC             0x1F

   #define RM_ADOADJ             0x16
   #define RM_VDOADJ             0x14
   #define RM_TUNELEFT           0x18
   #define RM_TUNERIGHT          0x0C

   #define RM_FAVORITE           0x31
   #define RM_CHSCAN             0x32
   #define RM_CAPAVI             0x33
   #define RM_AVISTOP            0x34
   #define RM_AVIPLAY            0x35
   #define RM_FREEZE             0x36
   #define RM_COLOR              0x37
   #define RM_OSD                0x37
   #define RM_CATV               0x38
   #define RM_DEFAULT            0x39
   #define RM_COLORUP            0x3A
   #define RM_COLORDOWN          0x3B

   #define RM_CLOCK              0x3C
   #define RM_DELETE             0x3D
   #define RM_ADD_CH             0x3E
   #define RM_INVALID            0x3F
   #define RM_VALID              0x40

7) Troubleshooting

   a) Previous version 5.00.3128.2 runs with Windows 2000 RC3 (built 2183)
      but not with Windows 2000 formal release (built 2195) because of some
      comaptible issues.

   b) Current version 5.00.3128.3 runs with Windows 2000 RC3 (built 2183)
      and Windows 2000 formal release (built 2195). Please run TVCFG.EXE
      to select the TV system or country code.

      Windows 2000 may report the following message when PC restarts :

        *** STOP : 0x0000009F (0x00000002,0x81066B50,0x81066B50,0x00000000)
        Beginning dump physical memory to disk
        Dump physical memory to disk : ...

      Please just wait for Windows dump memory to disk, and Windows 2000
      will restart and works normal.
      We try the Conexant's original WDM driver and the same message shown.
      We will ask Conexant for the solution of this problem.

   c) Please set Video standard if the TV system (NTSC, PAL or SECAM) is
      changed by

        Video setup dialog ---> Video Display ---> Video decoder page
                           ---> Video Standard

   d) Some tuner modules that not Philips FI/FM compatible are not support yet
      including Philips SECAM_LL+PAL_BG and Temic PAL D/K.
      Color of Temic MK1 tuner may lost if fast tuning.
      Fine tune is always tuned automatically with AMCAP type TV Dialog,
      manual fine tune is support in TelSignal's private fine tune process.

   e) The audio processor such as TDA8415, TDA8425, PT2254A and PT2315
      is not supported yet.

   f) Some BT848 GPIO type remote controller that connect ACK to GPINTR pin
      is not supported.

   g) Digit Cameras such as QuartzSight camera are not supported.

   h) Analog camera that connect to MUX3 is not supported yet.

   i) The AMCAP TV Audio dialog support Stereo only.

   j) The TV Tuner control dialog maybe lost in Microsoft AMCAP in Windows
      2000 build 2195.

   k) WDM driver runs with VFW based application such as Microsoft VIDCAP32,
      but Microsoft NetMeeting is in trouble with current WDM driver.

   l) Closed caption and teletext is not supported yet.

   z) Please mail me if any bugs or malfunctions found in
      TelSignal's BT848/878 WDM driver and WDMTV application.

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