regional.inf Driver File Contents (RKTools.exe)

;  This script contains the strings that can be used 
;  to define regional and language settings for Windows 95.
;  For more information, see "International Windows 95" 
;  in the Windows 95 Resource Kit.

;  Remove ";" from the value for your timezone
;TimeZone="AUS Central"
;TimeZone="Canada Central"
;TimeZone="Cen. Australia"
;TimeZone="Central Asia"
;TimeZone="Central Pacific"
;TimeZone="E. Europe"
;TimeZone="E. South America"
;TimeZone="Lisbon Warsaw"
;TimeZone="New Zealand"
;TimeZone="SA Eastern"
;TimeZone="SA Pacific"
;TimeZone="SA Western"
;TimeZone="Saudi Arabia"
;TimeZone="South Africa"
;TimeZone="US Eastern"
;TimeZone="US Mountain"
;TimeZone="W. Europe"
;TimeZone="West Asia"
;TimeZone="West Pacific"

;  English = Installs support for English and Western European languages
;  Greek = Adds additional support for Greek
;  Cyrillic = Adds additional support for Cyrillic
;  CE = Adds additional support for Eastern European languages

;  Remove the ";" by the related regional value to specify
;  the locale settings to use with Windows 95.
;locale=L0436    ; Afrikaans
;locale=L042D    ; Basque
;locale=L0403    ; Catalan
;locale=L0406    ; Danish
;locale=L0413    ; Dutch (Standard)
;locale=L0813    ; Dutch (Belgian)
;locale=L0409    ; English (United States)
;locale=L0809    ; English (British)
;locale=L0C09    ; English (Australian)
;locale=L1009    ; English (Canadian)
;locale=L1409    ; English (New Zealand)
;locale=L1809    ; English (Ireland)
;locale=L1C09    ; English (South Africa)
;locale=L040B    ; Finnish
;locale=L040C    ; French (Standard)
;locale=L080C    ; French (Belgian)
;locale=L0C0C    ; French (Canadian)
;locale=L100C    ; French (Swiss)
;locale=L140C    ; French (Luxembourg)
;locale=L0407    ; German (Standard)
;locale=L0807    ; German (Swiss)
;locale=L0C07    ; German (Austrian)
;locale=L1007    ; German (Luxembourg)
;locale=L1407    ; German (Liechtenstein)
;locale=L040F    ; Icelandic
;locale=L0421    ; Indonesian
;locale=L0410    ; Italian (Standard)
;locale=L0810    ; Italian (Swiss)
;locale=L0411    ; Japan 
;locale=L0412    ; Korea
;locale=L0414    ; Norwegian (Bokmål)
;locale=L0814    ; Norwegian (Nynorsk)
;locale=L0416    ; Portuguese (Brazilian)
;locale=L0816    ; Portuguese (Standard)
;locale=L040A    ; Spanish (Traditional Sort)
;locale=L080A    ; Spanish (Latin American)
;locale=L0C0A    ; Spanish (Modern Sort)
;locale=L041D    ; Swedish
;locale=L0404    ; Taiwan
;locale=L0804    ; People's Republic of China

;  Remove the ";" by the related keyboard value to specify
;  the particular keyboard layout to use with Windows 95.
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_0000080C    ; Belgian
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_00000416    ; Brazilian
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_00000809    ; British
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_00030C0C    ; Canadian Multilingual
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_00000406    ; Danish
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_00000413    ; Dutch
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_0000040B    ; Finnish
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_0000040C    ; French
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_00000C0C    ; French Canadian
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_00000407    ; German
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_0000040F    ; Icelandic
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_00000410    ; Italian
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_00000411    ; Japan (NEC and V)
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_00000409    ; Korea, Taiwan, People's Republic of China
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_0000080A    ; Latin American
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_00000414    ; Norwegian
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_00000816    ; Portuguese
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_00000C0A    ; Spanish
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_0000041D    ; Swedish
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_0000100C    ; Swiss French
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_00000807    ; Swiss German
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_00000409    ; United States
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_00020409    ; United States-Dvorak
;SelectedKeyboard=KEYBOARD_00010409    ; United States-International

;  For localized settings for the following [System] settings, see
;  the local version of the .INF file described in the following comments.
;keyboard=        ; keyboard.inf
;monitor=         ; monitor.inf
;mouse=           ; msmouse.inf or other INF file for specific device
;power=           ; machine.inf or other INF file for specific device 

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How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

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  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

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