Release.txt Driver File Contents (

Date		Version		Note

2004.05.13	0.21		1. (Add) Support for Zebra RF chip (8225).

2004.05.17			2. Do not show 11b network in the "Available Networks" list when rtl8185 is set to 802.11g.

2004.05.20	0.22		3. release for WHQL test and Wi-Fi pretest.

2004.05.25			4. Fix the following issue:
				   The tx speed will be changed from 54M to 11M after some period if the following configuration is set:
				   1. The user sets rtl8185 to WIRELESS_MODE_AUTO.
				   2. The rtl8185 connects with a 11g AP.
				   3. The zero configuration function is enabled or the user refreshes the "Available Networks" in the setup utility several times. 

2004.05.26			5. Add roaming/reassociation mechanism for Wi-Fi test.

2004.05.27			6. Reduce the initialization time.

2004.05.27	1.00		7. First Release.

2004.05.28			8. Improve "Maximum Input Power".

2004.05.31			9. Fix "the high variation issue" of the "Signal Strength" shown in the UI when RTL8185 is idle.

2004.06.03			10. modified BssDescDupSource() -> add a sub-key (channel ID) for filter the probe response (major key is BSSID)

2004.06.04			11. Fix the issue: the error-related statistics is not correct.

2004.06.07			12. Fix the issue: Wi-Fi roaming with WPA enabled.

2004.06.08			13. (Add) Setting TX power by data rate for zebra.
2004.10.29			14. Turn off LED when disable 8185 card
2004.11.09			15. Add the Janpanese channel plan - TELEC for OMC8255.
2004.11.18			16. AES adhoc mode. 
2004.11.26			17. Fix WEP 128 bits under 98 issue
				18. Support Easy Configuration.
				19. fix bugs in RateAdaptive mechanism for OMC A-mode
2004.12.13			20. Fix the issue "¹ï Linksys WRT55AG throughput¤W¤U¾_Àú¶W¹L8Mbps".
				21. fix the issue : the ack-rate in g-mode is not 24M.

				22. Add DFS detection function for 4 kinds of Radar signal
				23. Enable passive scan
				24. Stop Sending beacon on sepcific channel after detection Radar
				25. change ZEBRA_B_RF_RX_GAIN_TABLE, and RF °Ñ¼Æ:
				    RF Register 0x00 =0x22f (enable high corner in high gain setting) 
           			    RF register 0x0c = 0x850 («e¤T­ÓbasebandªºPGA corner¤Á´«¥ÑRXHP,³Ì«á¤@­Ó¥Ñregister0x00 bit13¤Îgain table¨M©w)
           			    RF gain tabel = input power -78dBm¥H¤Uºû«ùhigh corner. 
           			26. rate adaptive ªº¤ÏÀ³®É¶¡¥[³t
           			27. two times side survey for different initial gain.

2005.01.07			28. Because the modification of RF register on 2004/12/24, resulted in some effects:
				    (1)the false alarm in T->R increase
				    (2)A/D driving current too low
				    Two registers must be modified:
				    RF Register 0x0d =0x06db
				    Base band register: 0x8c ->0x000a8008
				29. modify the 8255 2.5G,5G table

2005.01.25			30. modify the 8255 2.5G,5G table
				31. close OFDM in b-mode - in SwWirelessMode()
				32. fix : ¦b A-mode§@scan®É,¥X²{¦P¤@¥xAP¥X²{¦b¤£¦Pchannel¤¤
				33. Add burst mode.
				34. Fix: the network type is always 802.11b in HCT 12.0.
				35. set bandwidth to 13.75 for 8255 g-mode channel 14(Japan)  
				36. Improve the low rx throughput with BELKIN Wireless Pre-N Rounter (Airgo Pre-N solution).	
				37. fix Ad-hoc mode rate adaptive bug

2005.02.15			38. fix PreN low throughput problem - enable 9M in basic rate set 

2005.02.21			39. change 8255BoardVersion default value R3 to R8(for the difference setting on antenna)

2005.03.04			40. disable turbo mode
				41. modified the 8255 2.5G,5G table -> decrease the packet error rate in -30dbm 
				42. modified for Zebra(8225)E-cut

2005.03.10			43. change 8255BoardVersion default value from R8 to R7(for the difference setting on antenna)

2005.03.14			44. Rollback the zebra parameter to the driver version 2005.02.21

2005.03.24			45. modified the 8255 5G table -> It improves the EVM of Tx gain state 6 so the EVM difference between gain state 6 and 7 is reduced

2005.04.27			46. enable TxPowerTracking in miniPCI/8255
				47. Turbo mode enable  

2005.04.28			48. modified the 8255 2G 5G table according to 2G4D3XH.txt and 5G4D4E3N.txt 
				49. add TR isoolation config in EEPROM address 0x7c~0x7f 
2005.05.04			50. add LED control for Qcom

2005.05.10			51. fix bug - 8255 can not receive packet when wakeup

2005.05.19			52. change Tx power Index init setting:2G cck=0x17 ofdm=0x10,5G ofdm=0x8  
				53. for high power mechanism : addr 0x80=0xa4 -> addr 0x80=0x84	

2005.05.23			54. modified the 8255 5G table according to 5G4D4E3O.dat
					55. modified the channel 34 and 36 table

2005.06.02			55. change some parameter in turbo mode in 2.4G 

2005.06.07			56. fixed bug: some bug in scan mechanism(A-mode) - error return when SSID found during roaming

2005.06.10			57. modified the channel plan MKK1 to the support Netgear request - passive scan in old Japan channels 

2005.06.13			58. fix bug in b-mode: RF register c : 850->050 

2005.06.27			59. add scan HighPowerAp 

2005.06.29			60. fix UI S3,S4

2005.07.07                      61. Fix hang when suddently unplug .
                                62. Add channel plan in inf. 
                                63. Make signal strength looks good. 
                                64. Add oid RT_GetTxPower. 
                                65. Roaming support.
2005.07.08		      	66. Add filter for wireless mode. oid is OID_RT_WIRELESS_MODE

2005.07.09		      	67. Fix oid_RT_WIRELESS_MODE for mismatch parameters from upper layer

2005.07.11			68. Bug of first intention to connect failed fixed. modifed some oid mapping number. 

2005.07.12          		69. Fix the first intention to connect failed bug.

2005.07.15		   	70. Fix bug for hard connection

2005.07.19			71. Add a new LED-control for customer

2005.07.22			72. Enable WOL

2005.07.25			73. Fix bugs about unstable result in scan.  

2005.07.28			74. Fix S3 standby RF_ON
				75. Fix Reassociate error
2005.08.01			76. Associate after the first scan.
				77. fix hang-system 

2005.08.04			78. fix bugs:
					a. Driver freeze issue on WinMe/XP:
					b. Remove the device, but the driver's still exist
2005.08.07			79 fix:
				   a. bugs in change wirless mode
				   b. Over two profiles in WZC, but first profile won¡¦t be connected
				   c. In WZC, connect to a AP always fail when there is no profile in system. 					

2005.08.08			80.fix: receive fail when enable the adapter

2005.08.09			81.fix: do WEP authentication fail after link to a WPA AP

2005.08.15			82.fix: hang-system
				   modifiy: hidden AP connection 

2005.08.17			83.fix: WirelessMode for the TI-B+ AP 

2005.08.22			84.fix:
				   a. WPA2-PSK/Blue screen: Information Length may be longer than allocated buffer size
				   b. Buffalo AP(Brcm chip) issue  

2005.08.24			85.fix: result in a system hang when the Media player is running

2005.08.26			86.fix: signal strength not stable 
2005.08.29			87. Fix data type for X64

2005.09.02			88.fix  1.Non-EAP Packet should not be send out under WPA/WPA2-PSK/802.1x if key does not exist	 
					2.must restart an IBSS when Adhoc mode default wireless mode is changed.
					3.modified the driver description in WIN98/Me
2005.09.05			90.fix: rate adaptive timer be stopped when roaming scan  

2005.09.09			91.modify: 1. rate adaptive - the lower rate can not be upgraded because UpgradeByRSSI().[the original RSSI threshold is for 8225, this change is for 8255]
				   	   2. scan list buffer - change MAX_BSS_DESC from 40 to 80 
				   fix:    1. remove the join-bss-network before scan when Link Detection Timer identify that now is disconnected.	
				 	   2. OID_RT_GET_CHANNEL
					   3. can not receive any data packets when roaming back. 

2005.09.15			92.fix: 1. fast unplug repeatly	in win98/me - For NDIS51 miniports, set AdapterShutdownHandler				      
					2. error return in MlmeScanRequest().
					3. rate adaptive - modified some Tx retry threshold for 8255. 

2005.09.16			93.fix: 1. disable Wake On LAN  under win98SE ( WinME/2k/XP is ok). OS will put device into D3 if link changes
				        2. for DFS concern disable adhoc-channel 52,56,60,64 in channel plan - MKK1
					3. low rate bad throughput - auto rate fallback retry limit mistake

2005.09.26			94.fix  rf_zebra scan mechanism

2005.10.12			95.add AdhocWirelessMode in RegTable(set init value to WIRELESS_MODE_B)
				   modify scan list buffer - change MAX_BSS_DESC from 80 to 100 	
2005.10.17			96.Formalization for signal quality report 	

2005.10.20			97.Siganl Report in IBSS mode
				98.Ad-Hoc shall start at b mode for B/G device
				99.WHQL. Interrupt should be disabled before switching to page one register in configuration of WOL pattern			   
2005.10.24                     100. Ap Mode 1. wireless mode setting 2. shared key auth

2005.11.8 		       101.Add new oid to prevent from confliction between vendor provided UI and WZC(sp1 with WPA)
			       102.Change OMC DIG and RF table
2005.11.16		       103.ERPInformation in beacon  	       			       	
			       104.Interoperability issue with some AP under Share-Wep mode. Adjust Share-WEP procedude.
2005.11.18		       105.Change inf file. WiFi Style 11g Adhoc --> WiFi Adhoc   			     
			       106.Change inf file. Change Default value of "ChannelPlan" from "f" to "15"

2005.11.21		       107. Integrate with Zebra2

        		       108. Improve Zebra2 baseband parameter
			       109. Add "Engineerview" for engineer to debug, please use 
				debug INF for this function.

2005.11.30		110. Easy-Config support
				111. Dynamic turbo mode
				112. Parameter adjustment

2005.12.21		113. Some AP use IE that is similiar to WPA IE which cause STA reject to associate to it.

2005.12.25		114. Parameter Adjustment for Zebra2
				115. Dynamic Turbo mode
				116. CPU C3 adjustment
				117. PCI Bus Latency, Some bridge has bug
				118. Auto Turbo mode support
2005.12.29		115. WEP 64 pinging issue after system resume from S3.	
			116. Auto Turbo modification	
2006.1.2		177. Update Channel Plan Setting for MKK
			178. Dynamic/Auto Turbo modification
2006.1.2		179. Set default turbo mode to Auto
			180. Qcom LED behavior added
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