README.TXT Driver File Contents (W1PX_W95.ZIP)

	| README file for
	| ELSA WINNER Windows 95 Driver Disk, ver 4.03.2115
	|       WINNER 1000PRO/X
        | Copyright (c) 1994-97 ELSA AG, Aachen (Germany)
        | ELSA AG                    Internet   :
        | Sonnenweg 11               LocalWeb   : +49-(0)241-938800
        | D-52070 Aachen             CompuServe : GO ELSA
        | ELSA Inc.                  Internet   :
        | 2231 Calle De Luna         CompuServe : GO ELSA
        | Santa Clara, CA 95054
        | USA
        | ELSA Asia Inc.             Internet   :
        | 7F-11, No. 188, Sec. 5     CompuServe : GO ELSA
        | Nanking East Road
        | Taipeo 105
        | Taiwan, R. O. C.
        | 10/23/97, GBorgs


	1. Overview
	2. Contents
	3. Installation
	4. History
	5. Release Notes
	6. Known Bugs and Operating Notes


1.      Overview

	This disk contains the ELSA WINNER Display Driver for
	Microsoft Windows 95.

	The drivers support 256, 65536 and 16 Million colors in all
	resolutions available on used ELSA WINNER board.


2.      Contents

	Almost all files are compressed, their names are slighly
	changed.  Please note that the files can NOT just be copied
	from this disk. (see installation)

	The directory contains the following files:
	The files marked with (a) are not contained on the PRO/X and
	GLoria disk. The (x)-marked files are only available on this

	DATE.DOC        file identifying the disk, prod. date, etc.
	README.TXT      the file you currently look at
	LIESMICH.TXT    german version of README
	ELSAINI.TXT     additional informations for file ELSA.INI

	WINNER.DRV      driver file for "Non-PRO"-boards
	WINPRO.DRV      driver file for "PRO"-boards
	WINPRX.DRV      driver file for TRIO, AVI, PRO/X, GLoria

	MINIWIN.VXD     virtual mini display driver
	WINEX32.DLL     driver extension (32 bit extensions)
	ELSAD16.DLL     driver extension (Direct Draw interface)
	ELSADD.DLL      driver extension (Direct Draw HAL)

	ELSADSP1.INF    device information file for ELSA boards
	ELSAMON1.INF    device information file for ELSA monitors
	ELSAMON1.INF    device information file for ELSA monitors

	WINMAN.DLL      WINman control panel extension
	WINMAN.MON      WINman monitor configuration file
	WINMAN.EXE      WINman help application
	WINMAN-D.CNT    WINman helpfile, german
	WINMAN-D.HLP    WINman helpfile, german
	WINMAN-E.CNT    WINman helpfile, english
	WINMAN-E.HLP    WINman helpfile, english

	DXCTRL.DLL      DirectX Settings control panel extension
	ELSA2.PPM       DirectX Settings texture file
	GLOBE.PPM       DirectX Settings texture file
	RAST1.PPM       DirectX Settings texture file
	CYLINDER.X      DirectX Settings object file
	SPHERE3.X       DirectX Settings object file

	ELSAGDG.EXE     Display Treiber Guardian
	ELSAGDG.HLP     Helpfile for Guardian
	ELSAGDG.CNT     Help contents file for Guardian

	SETUP.EXE       Installation assistant
	ELSASU.HLP      Helpfile for assistant

	In case of trouble during or after installation, please make
	sure you have all the files mentioned above!


3.      Installation

	This section descibes the steps to install a ELSA WINNER
	Display Driver for Windows 95.

	To install the drivers, start the program SETUP.EXE in this
	directory. The installation assistant will help you to install
	the driver with the control panel.

3.1     Install over older versions of the ELSA WINNER Driver

	- Delete in the WINDOWS\INF directory the copies of the
	  older versions ELSADISP.INF (named OEM?.INF).
	- Install the original MS-S3 driver to build a new Device
	  Information Database.
	- Now follow th steps, described in section 3.2.

3.2     First installation of ELSA WINNER Display Drivers

	First install Windows 95 without special drivers for the ELSA
	WINNER graphics board. The installation procedure should
	install a Microsoft driver for boards based on S3 chips.

	The installation of the ELSA WINNER Display Driver starts from
	the Windows desktop.

	- Start the dialog "Properties for Display" by clicking right
	  mouse button on the desktop or per Control Panel.
	- Select the Property Page "Settings"
	- Push the button "Change Display Type...". A dialog "Change
	  Display Type" will pop up.
	- Push the button "Change..." inside the frame "Adapter Type".
	  You will see the "Select Device" dialog.
	- In this dialog push the button "Have Disk..." and change to
	  the WIN95 directory on the ELSAware CD for your WINNER board.
	- Select in the "Manufacturer" list ELSA WINNER Display Driver
	  and in the list "Models" your WINNER board.
	- If you use an ELSA monitor, make the same procedure for
	  "Monitor Type" in the "Change Display Type" dialog.
	- Close the dialog "Change Display Type". At this time the
	  screen flickers a moment. This is not a bug! Windows tries to
	  find out, which graphics modes are available with this
	- Now you can select resolution and color depth in the main
	  dialog "Properties for Display". For the first installation
	  you should select 1024x768 and 256 colors. This configuration
	  is available for all memory configurations on all ELSA
	- Close "Properties for Display" by "OK" or "Apply

	Normally you need to boot your system. Push the button "Restart

	In all following Windows sessions you can change the resolution
	without rebooting your system.


4.      Revision History

	This section describes changes to the previous releases of this

	Version 1.01 - first release.

4.1     Version 1.02

	- "Smoothy screen fonts" now works.

	- Problems when using "Mouse Trails" with color and or animated
	  cursors fixed.

4.2     Version 1.03

	- "Quick color depth change" now possible with Microsoft
	   QuickRes v2.0. (see 6.5.)

	- Support for POWERdraft for Windows 95 added.

	- DCI and DirectDraw support added

	- Refresh-Rate support added.

4.3     Version 1.04

	- Polygon-support: You can switch off driver support of
	  polygons by adding the line
	  to the section [Settings] in your ELSA.INI file.

	- Colored hardware cursors only supperted, if the line
	  exists in the section [Settings] in the ELSA.INI file.

	- Direct Draw, Pen Windows and Virtual Screen support added.

	- Some problems with refresh rate support fixed.

4.4     Version 1.05

	- "Grayed Text" bug fixed

	- Software-Cursor bug fixed

	- "Run=" entry in WIN.INI no longer used for WINman

4.5     Version  1.06

	- WINNER 1000TRIO: Reboot crash fixed

	- Schedule+ Page preview: Bug fixed

4.6     Version 4.02.0107

	- new Windows 95 conform version numbering. Now the DirectX
	  setup program runs as expected

4.7     Version 4.02.0108

	- WINman is now a Control Panel Extension. You find it in the
	  dialog "Properties for Display"

	- VESA now works also on WINNER 1000TRIO/V

	- Advanced driver information now available in "Advanced
	  Display Properties/Adapter"

4.8     Version 4.02.0109

	- POWERlib support updated

	- Incorrect cursor position with 2000AVI and 2000PRO/X is fixed

4.9.    Version 4.03.0110

	- Driver speeded up by usage of Device Bitmaps

4.10    Version 4.03.1111

	- Bugfix: Clipped lines with large coordinates now will be
	  drawn correctly

4.11    Version 4.03.2112

	- Refresh rate support for OSR2
	- Bugfix: Adobe Type Manager/Acrobat Reader now run
	- Bugfix: GPF with DeviceBitmaps and 256 color modes

4.12    Version 4.03.2113

	- Support for WINNER 1000/T2D
	- Bugfix: ELSA POWERlib and palette handling
	- Bugfix: VGA running background DOS-box


5.      Release notes

5.1     ELSA.INI entries

	The working mode of the driver can manipulate by entries in the
	file ELSA.INI. Normally you will need to reboot your machine to
	mak this settings working. In later releases ELSA will
	distribute a tool change working paramters more easy.

	The following table shows the meaning of this entries:

	Section [Settings]


		With this two entries you can change the color of the
		hardware cursor. The format is:
		at which rr, gg and bb are the hexadecimal values in
		the range 00 to FF of the base color components.
		You must specify ColorCursor=1 to make this working!

		no longer supported!

		Set this value to 1, if the screen flickers around the
		cursor shape while changing the pattern.
		This switch works only on WINNER 2000PRO/X, -AVI and

		Setting this value to 0, the bitmap- cache will be

		Set this value to 1 to force the 5-5-5 color format in
		16BPP modes.

	Section [Hardware]


		In few resolution/color combinations on some S3-based
		graphic boards the hardware cursor doesn't work. In
		this cases you can force the usage of a software cursor
		by inserting the line
		in your ELSA.INI file.
		This affects WINNER 1000 ISA/EISA, VL and PCI.

	Video-RAM base address and size

		Windows'95 needs direct access to the frambuffer of
		your graphics board. Normally this takes place by 64kB
		segments, mapped into the address space above 0A0000h.
		On VL and PCI systems you can map the full video RAM
		into the host address space. This increases the
		performance of multimedia applications.
		For example, insert the line
		to map the video RAM at the physical address
		Note that this address has to be above the end of your
		main memory and that it has to be a multiple of the RAM
		size of your graphics board. Additionally the end of the
		graphics RAM must not be above the addressable range of
		your bus type. These are for ISA bus 16MB, VL 128MB and
		PCI 4GB.
		If you specify a VRAM-Base you also need to insert a
		VRAM-Size entry:
		  for WINNER 1000AVI, WINNER 2000AVI,
		      WINNER 2000PRO/X and GLoria use
		  and for all other (previous) WINNER use
		  the size of the video memory in bytes.

5.2.    DirectDraw support

	The display drivers do support DirectDraw, but to use it in an
	application, you must install DirectDraw. The Microsoft
	DirectDraw components are not included in the standard retail
	version of Windows 95.

	To install DirectDraw start the program DXSETUP ind the


6.      Known Bugs and Operating Notes

	This section documents known anomalies or problems and gives
	hints on work arounds.

6.1     Videomode not available

	Because the controls for Desktop area and Color resolution
	display ALL possible modes on ALL WINNER boards not all
	indicated resolutions are available. The attempt to select such
	a mode fails. Windows rejects this attempt with a corresponding
	notification message.

6.2     No mouse pointer visible

	On the WINNER 1000, WINNER 1000VL, and WINNER 1000PCI under
	32 bpp no mouse pointer is visible. Enable Mouse Trails with a
	very short trail in "Properties for Mouse" in the Control Panel.

6.3     After the installation no mouse cursor is visible

	Probably there is no ELSA WINNER graphics driver active, but
	a standard driver for Microsoft S3 processors. This driver
	cannot recognize the the ELSA WINNER graphics board correctly.

	- To avoid this problem please install the ELSA WINNER graphics
	  driver for Windows 95.
	- Shut down Windows 95 with ALT-F4. While starting press F8.
	  In the following menu choose the third entry "3. Save mode".
	  Windows 95 will now start in a save mode with standard VGA
	  resolution. Now install the ELSA WINNER driver for Windows 95.

	- Activate the software cursor (e.g. animated mouse cursor) or
	  the mouse track.

	When the Device Manager recognizes the ELSA WINNER graphics
	board correctly, it is possible that no ELSA WINNER driver is
	With the Device Manager you can get information for all
	drivers (e.g. company). With the ELSA driver you will find
        the entry "ELSA AG Aachen (Germany)".

6.4     WINNER 1000AVI-VL

	This board works only with up to 64MB main memory. The S3 chips
	868/968 need 64MB physical address space and the VL-bus can
	only access 128 MB. For this board use the following entries
	in the section [Hardware] in your ELSA.INI file:

6.5     QuickRes 2.0 and Hardware Cursor

	Now it is possible to change the current Color-resolution
	(BPP) without rebooting Windows. Microsoft QuickRes 2.0
	switches the CursorType to Software when changing the
	color resolution. You can switch back to Hardware Cursor with
	"Properties for Mouse". Click Motion/Trail "on" and "off".

6.6     Unknown and PnP-monitors

	If you don't have selected a Monitor or you have a PnP (DDC1)
	Monitor, in all graphics modes the default refresh rate is
	60Hz. The DDC case is becaus a bug in Windows DDC support
	You can change to a higher refresh rate with the control panel
	extemsion WINman. WINman, unlike Windows, can evaluate the
	monitor information provaided by DDC exact.

6.7     Cursor corruption

	If you see some "snow" araound the cursor shape while changing
	the pattern, insert the line
	in the section [Settings] of your ELSA.INI file.
	! This fix slows down the performance of the cursor changing
	! operations !

6.8     LapLink 7.5 and Remote Control

	To use the feature Remote Control, the usage of device bitmaps
	must be disabled. Insert the line DeviceBitmaps=0 in the
	section [Settings] of the file ELSA.INI.

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How To Update Drivers Manually

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  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

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