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UMAX Software License Agreement

This document is a legal agreement between you and UMAX Data 
Systems, Inc. (UMAX).  Please read this Agreement carefully. 
By installing, copying, or otherwise using the Software Program, 
you agree to be bound by the terms of this license agreement. 
If you do not agree with them, you should promptly return all 
materials--including UMAX scanner(s),if the Software Program
was packaged with the scanner(s) --at your mailing or delivery
expense to UMAX Data Systems, Inc..

  The Software Program (the "Program") is owned by UMAX, and
  is protected by the Republic of China and international
  copyright laws and international treaty.

A.Under this license, you may:
  (1) use the Program on only one machine at one time, unless 
      this Agreement specifies otherwise; 
  (2) copy the Program for backup or in order to modify it; 
  (3) modify the Program and/or merge it into another program; and 
  (4) transfer possession of the Program to another party.
B.If you transfer the Program, you must transfer a copy of this
  Agreement, all other documentation and at least one complete,
  unaltered copy of the Program to the other party.  You must, 
  at the same time, either transfer all your other copies of the
  program to the other party or destroy them. Your license is 
  then terminated.  The other party agrees to these terms and 
  conditions by its first use of the Program.
C.You must reproduce the copyright notice(s) on each copy, or 
  partial copy, of the Program.
D.You may not:
  (1) use, copy, modify, merge, or transfer copies of the Program
      except as provided in this license; 
  (2) reverse assemble or reverse compile the Program; or 
  (3) sublicense, rent, lease, or assign the Program.

3.Limited Warranty
A.UMAX warrant that the original CD or disks are free from
  defects in material and workmanship, assuming normal use, for
  a period of three(3) months from the date of original purchase.
  If a defect occurs during this time, you may return your faulty
  CD or disks to UMAX or its authorized representative, along 
  with a copy of your receipt, and it will be replaced free of
B.Except for the express limited warranty set forth above, UMAX
  grants no other warranties, express or implied, regarding the
  CD, disks and related materials, their fitness for a particular
  purpose, their quality or their merchantability. No oral or 
  written information or advice given by UMAX, its resellers,
  agents, or employees shall create a warranty.
C.Some jurisdictions do not allow the limitations or exclusions
  of implied warranties, so they may not apply to you.

4.Limitation of Remedities
A.UMAX’s entire liability and your exclusive remedy shall be, at
  UMAX’s option, either 
  (1) return of the price paid or
  (2) repair or replacement of the Program that does not meet 
      UMAX’s limited warranty and that is returned to UMAX or
      its authorized representative with a copy of your receipt.
B.UMAX shall not be liable for any lost profits, lost savings, 
  or any incidental damages or other consequential economic
  damages arising out of your use or inability to use such 
  Program, even if UMAX, or its authorized representative, has 
  been advised of the possibility of such damages. UMAX shall not
  be liable for any damages claimed by you based on any third 
  party claim.
C.Some jurisdictions do not allow these limitations or exclusions,
  so they may not apply to you.

A.You may terminate your license at any time.  UMAX may terminate
  your license if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions
  of this Agreement. In either event, you must destroy all your
  copies of the Program.
B.This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of China.
  If any provision of this Agreement shall be unlawful, void, or 
  for any reason unforceable, then that provision shall be deemed
  severed from this Agreement and shall not affect the validity or
  enforceability of the remaining provisions of the Agreement.
C.If you have any questions regarding this Agreement, you may 
  contact UMAX Data Systems, Inc. at the address below:


TEL:886-2-5170055   FAX:886-2-5172017
server: web5, load: 1.38