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Driver Package File Name: usr_pci.exe
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This code drop is for Fullerton Win98 install.

Checksum= E886
VXD DATE= 2/1/99
VXD REV = 1.00.016

- Removed V.90 Enhancement for Hyper-DSP

- Fixed DTMF tone resetting voice level sliders
- Removed CNG detector fix back to pre-11/6/98 code - should be like Fargo
- Fixed ring detection to record a standard ring ranging from 1-3 seconds
- Changed Voice Record gain from 8 to 4
- V.90 fix to improve connection and throughput rates, especially to Hyper-DSP racks
	performance now surpasses the controller modem performance

Latest Changes 12/29/98
Substituted new turbo dos drivers to address WHQL Micron compatibility issues

12/26/98 Changes
- Fixed lockup problems after repeated connections and transmissions
- Removed changes that attempted to resolve NT faxing problems (they did not work)
- Fixed turbocomm drivers for DOS Box support to fix WHQL problem - AGAIN
	this should resolve all known issues

12/15/98 Changes
Updated ATI9 and ATI10 Screens
Fixed Distintive Ring A,B,C,D reliability
Fixed NT 4.0 Faxing for speeds > 9600
Updated turbocomm drivers for DOS Box support to fix WHQL problem
Increased microphone gain to improve speakerphone quality 

11/24/98 Changes
Fixed CNG Tone detection
Fixed Call Screening/Monitoring problem
Fixed DTMF tones breaking volume control sliders
Fixed Silence Detection during TAM under Unimodem

Known Anomalies:

server: web4, load: 0.96