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¢¼ Caution:

 Samsung is not responsable for problems during the firmware upgrade. 
 When you encounter problems during the upgrade, please contact a Samsung Service Center.
 If your drive is still in warranty please contact your retailer first. 

 When you upgrade your firmware, please check the "Buyer" on your label of drive.
 If you upgrade wrong firmware, you will have a problem in operating.
 ex)  SD-612B/*** 63BT123456 F/W=T403(***=Buyer)

 ¢À How to upgrade  firmware ¢À

    1. Download  the attached "Bin file(firmware)" and "Sfdnwin.exe file(download
       program)" into a temporary folder.

    2. When you run "Sfdnwin.exe", Pop-up window will appear. you can see your ROM-
       drive(s) in the Pop-up window.
       Then choose the drive whose firmware you want to upgrade.
       ex)Drive:SAMSUNG CD-R/RW SM-332B/T403

    3. You will  see three icons on the top from left. 
       If you click the first icon from left, you can see  "Investigation window"  then open 
       the firmware file that you already downloaded to the temporary folder.

    4. You will see the message" Ready" after finding the firmware file that you want. 
       Then click the middle icon on the top of left.  Then your firmware will be upgraded 

    5. When you  finish upgrading firmware , reboot your pc automatically.

 ¡ØSfdnwin.exe : A program which can make your drive download our firmware(s) in Windows.
                 (It's for only Windows) 
server: web1, load: 0.99