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 ¢À How to upgrade your firmware in Dos mode ¢À
    1. Donwload firmware file to the Directory(C:)
    2. Reboot your pc.

    3. If you press F8 in  Boot, Windows95/98 Start-up menu will be appeared.
       (In case of window me/2000 , They are not supported in Dos mode, please boot 
        using booting disket/cd)
        If you see windiws95/98 start up menu, you can find "Dos prompt mode or
        Command prompt only". Then please choose this mode and boot in Dos mode.

    4. If the booting is finished in Dos mode, please move to the Directory(c:)that you 
       downloaded firmware file.
       (Write C:W>CD "DIRECTORY NAME" to move to Directory in Dos mode) 

    5. After moving to the Directory which contain firmware file, Please write 
       C:W>sfdndos.exe file name.bin and Run.

    6. If only one drive is connected : press "Enter" after inputting  "SFDNDOS file name.Bin"

       If you set up your drive as Master : press"Enter" after inputting "SFDNDOS file name.Bin SM "
       If you set up your drive as Slave  : press "Enter" after inputting   "SFDNDOS file name. Bin SS"
       If you got the message"firmware upgrade is finished", power your pc off and reboot your pc.
       (Caution: when  power the pc off, don't use Ctrl+Alt+Del or Reset) 
server: ftp, load: 1.11