RELEASE.TXT Driver File Contents (

         FILE NAME  :	REL_W31.TXT
         TITLE      :	NM2160/NM2093 WINDOWS 3.1x DISPLAY DRIVERS 
         VERSION    :	5.07
         COUNTRY    :	US
         ISSUE DATE :	9/19/97
	 CONTENT    : 	SETUP.EXE	InstallShield setup program
		      	_INST16.EX_	InstallShield library file
		      	_ISDEL.EXE	InstallShield library file
		      	_SETUP.DLL	InstallShield library file
		      	_SETUP.LIB	InstallShield library file
   		      	DISK1.ID	Disk ID text file
		      	NEOSYS.Z	NeoMagic driver compressed file for system
			NEOWIN.Z	NeoMagic driver compressed file for windows
			SETUP.BMP	NeoMagic setup logo bitmap file
			SETUP.DBG	InstallShield setup script file
			SETUP.INI	InstallShield initial file
			SETUP.PKG	InstallShield setup script file
			SETUP.INS	InstallShield setup script file

         Support OS     :  Microsoft Windows 3.1x US
         Display Mode   :  101   640x480  256
                           103   800x600  256
                           105  1024x768  256
                           111   640x480  64K (High Color)
                           114   800x600  64K (High Color)
			   117  1024x768  64K (High Color)
                           112   640x480  16M (True Color)
			   115   800x600  16M (True Color)
         Display Device :  TFT color LCD	VGA/SVGA/XGA
                           DSTN color LCD	VGA/SVGA/XGA
                           Simultaneous display (CRT + LCD)
         Function       :  Refer to Device Driver Specification v3.2 document.

	  6/03/97  Version 5.01  NM2160/NM2093 Windows 3.1x display drivers
	  6/23/97  Version 5.02  NM2160/NM2093 Windows 3.1x display drivers
	  7/03/97  Version 5.03  NM2160/NM2093 Windows 3.1x display drivers
	  7/30/97  Version 5.04  NM2160/NM2093 Windows 3.1x display drivers
	  8/20/97  Version 5.06  NM2160/NM2097/NM2093 Win3.1x display drivers
	  9/19/97  Version 5.07  NM2160/NM2097/NM2093 Win3.1x display drivers

         1.  Updated overlay color key programming for all NM2093 chips.
         2.  System hangs when open Neomagic display screen controller during
	     MPEG playback.
         3.  Picked area broke when flip drawing area horizontal.  Happens in
	     8 or 16 bits color depth.
	 4.  "Devide By Zero" message appears in the paintbrush when flip 
	     drawing area to vertical.  Happens ONLY in 16bpp color depth.
         5.  Paintbrush drawing is notched in 24 bits color.
	 6   Toggle from DOS BOX to DOS full-screen in 6x4x8 TV-PAL or TV-NTSC
	     mode will corrupt screen.
	 7.  Fixed 24bpp problem where can not open DOS full screen under TV.
	 8.  Fixed HW Icon is disabled opening DOS full-screen session.
	 9.  Fixed Color Key setting for the overlay.  Now the color key can 
	     be changed on-the-fly.
	10.  Fix bug: open XING MPEG then open NeoMagic control panel causes 
	     system to hang.
	11.  Fix bug: check for NM2097 and show supported resolutions and color
	     depth like NM2093.
	12.  Changing mode to 800x600 16M Large Font will hang system.
	13.  Changing mode with SETUP.EXE from DOS does not work.

         1.  NM2160 Video BIOS version 1.04 or later
         2.  NM2097 Video BIOS version 0.01 or later
	 3.  NM2093 Video BIOS version 2.15 or later

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