Release.txt Driver File Contents (PCMCIA.exe)

O2Micro (C) OZ711Mx MediaBay Reader Release Notes
2004/02/12  V1.0.7.1  : for MC1A1 FIFO fix
2004/02/09  V1.0.7.0  : for AMD or IA 64 bit.
2004/02/02  V1.0.6.8  : Fix the SanDisk SD 512MB issue on FJ' poppy2
2004/01/05  V1.0.6.7  : SanDisk MSPro support
2003/12/17  V1.0.6.6  : SD write_protection with SD in the socket for M1/M2/M3
2003/12/17  V1.0.6.5  : Testing purpose. Temporally version
2003/10/27  V1.0.6.4  : SD write_protection with SD in the socket before power-on
2003/10/23  V1.0.6.3  : MS Security patch 811493 Boot/Suspend/Resuem issue
2003/09/24  V1.0.6.2  : Sony Blue MS Duo cards support serial/parallel mode
			Sony MSPro cards support serial/parallel mode
2003/09/23  V1.0.6.1  : playing MP3 and copy files S3/S4/Resume, disk drive removed					
			xD-Picture Card 256MB support
2003/08/28  V1.0.6.0  : Win2k upgrade driver media cards will not function
			Upgrade MbxStby.sys to v1,0,0,5
2003/08/11  V1.0.5.9  : HPQ Spin-Down issue
2003/07/28  V1.0.5.8  : FJ MSPro issue fixed
2003/07/24  V1.0.5.7  : MP1 COMBO mode support
2003/07/21  V1.0.5.6  : Remove MP1 patch
2003/07/15  V1.0.5.5  : Fix MC3 SD Format Issue
2003/07/14  V1.0.5.4  : Fix FJ MC3 SD WP Issue
2003/07/08  V1.0.5.3  : Fix the issue which PCI 9Ch register did not be restored
2003/06/30  V1.0.5.2  : 32bit access & 4bits MP1/MC1 ODR combo mode support
2003/06/05  V1.0.5.1  : ODR auto-detection & No system hang in MS inseration
2003/05/26  V1.0.5.0  : Enable MBX new H/W performance improvement (complete)
2003/05/14  V1.0.4.9  : Enable MBX new H/W performance improvement
2003/05/08  V1.0.4.8  : MC3 support
2003/04/27  V1.0.4.7  : SD Security API - security area query
2003/04/24  V1.0.4.6  : PDC SD card support
2003/04/23  V1.0.4.5  : SD Security API support
2003/04/02  V1.0.4.4  : Fixed Win98SE suspend/resume issue
2003/03/23  V1.0.4.3  : Fixed problem which violate the items of "SD Memory Card Physical Test Specification for SD Host Products v1.0"
2003/03/10  V1.0.4.2  : MBX performance improvement & fix the delay inaccurate problem 
2003/03/03  V1.0.4.1  : Win98SE support
2003/02/21  V1.0.4.0  : Fixed ATA handling problem
2003/02/20  V1.0.3.9  : Added a new MSPro error handler on MBX series
2003/02/17  V1.0.3.8  : Remove DeviceIoControl
2003/02/10  V1.0.3.7  : Fix a potential problem on MS/MSPro HDBench
			Fixed a problem that no drive letter if no card during S3/S5 and havs it before resuming
2003/01/30  V1.0.3.6  : Fix the problem that no drive letter after resuming from hibernation
2003/01/30  V1.0.3.5  : Test the potential SD problem
2003/01/29  V1.0.3.4  : Potential driver problem fixed
2003/01/28  V1.0.3.3  : MS performance improvement
			Support HP series 
2003/01/12  V1.0.3.2  : MS read performance improvement
2003/01/07  V1.0.3.1  : Save/Restore 2 bytes of PCI configuration registers
2003/01/02  V1.0.3.0  : MS-Pro support
2002/12/12  V1.0.2.9  : Fixed a Win2k suspend/resume potential problem
2002/12/09  V1.0.2.8  : Add mbx device control function
2002/12/06  V1.0.2.7  : Fixed protential problem on one specific Sony memory stick
2002/12/03  V1.0.2.6  : Fixed a system hang issue for write protected media
2002/11/13  V1.0.2.5  : Add one memory stick reset sequence for one specific card
2002/11/07  V1.0.2.4  : Assign the register base address right after we got the resource to fix a potential problem
2002/11/06  V1.0.2.3  : Added a system control handle function for HCT test
2002/11/05  V1.0.2.2  : Vary the number of the checking item depending on chips
2002/10/24  V1.0.2.1  : Change the MBX reset sequence to resolve a potential interrupt problem
2002/10/08  V1.0.2.0  : Change the multiple-read checking in ATA handling portion
2002/10/07  V1.0.1.9  : Change the multiple-read checking in memory stick/MMC/SD
2002/10/02  V1.0.1.8  : Memory stick performance improvement
			Fixed Memory stick setup time problem
2002/10/01  V1.0.1.7  : Fixed a data error problem on memory stick
2002/09/25  V1.0.1.6  : Fixed a problem that Win2k will not be frozen if writing to a write protected media
2002/09/25  V1.0.1.5  : Supports 8M and 4M capacity Memory Stick cards
2002/09/25  V1.0.1.4  : Enhance a data checking in SD/MMC
			Improve some unnecessary interrupt checking
2002/09/13  V1.0.1.3  : Added a checking at the ReadID of SmartMedia
2002/09/13  V1.0.1.2  : Remove the redundant register access checking
2002/09/13  V1.0.1.1  : Added a checking to support smartcard
2002/09/07  V1.0.0.10 : Add a more checkng in memory stick identification drive
2002/09/07  V1.0.0.9  : Fixed a bug that we can not sse the drive letter of memory stick 
2002/09/05  V1.0.0.8  : Enable the memory stick read back checking
2002/09/05  V1.0.0.7  : Fixed a MMC/SD Write CRC error handler
			Fixed memory stick write sequence
2002/09/02  V1.0.0.6  : Fixed a MMC/SD Write command glitch
2002/09/01  V1.0.0.5  : Fixed a MMC Write bug
2002/08/28  V1.0.0.4  : Memory Stick performance impovement
2002/08/27  V1.0.0.3  : M1B1 WP 
                        Fixed the issue that the MMC can not be formatted
			Fixed the issue that will hang the win98SE during installing the ATA driver
			Performance improvement                       
2002/08/23  V1.0.0.2  : Removed the MMC WP checking
			Fixed the Memory Stick initialization problem                        
2002/08/20  V1.0.0.1  : Fixed a bug which can not detect MMC after using SD						
2002/08/09  V1.0.0.0  : WHQL testing
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