SETUP.INF Driver File Contents (

[Source Media Descriptions]
        "1", "WheelMouse Setup", "", "."

[Default File Settings]
"STF_BACKUP"     = ""
"STF_COPY"       = "YES"
"STF_ROOT"       = ""
"STF_TIME"       = "0"
"STF_VITAL"      = "YES"

[INF Files]
        1, whmice.inf,,,,,,,, !READONLY,,,,,, 2841,,,,,

[Win9x USB INF]
        1, whmusb.inf,,,,,,,, !READONLY,,,,,, 7341,,,,,

        1, whmusb2k.inf,,,,,,,, !READONLY,,,,,, 4727,,,,,

[Win2K INF]
        1, whmice2k.inf,,,,,,,, !READONLY,,,,,, 3578,,,,,

[Uninst File]
        1, uninst.exe,,,,,,,, !READONLY,,,,,, 86016, SYSTEM,,,,
        1, setup.ini,,,,,,,, !READONLY,,,,,, 1447, SYSTEM,,,,

[USBInst File]
        1, rmusb.exe,,,,,,,, !READONLY,,,,,, 34855, SYSTEM,,,,

[Panel Files]
        1, wh_exec.exe,,,,,,,, !READONLY,,,,,, 77824, SYSTEM,,,,
        1, wh_hook.dll,,,,,,,, !READONLY,,,,,, 36864, SYSTEM,,,,
        1, wh_cpl.dll,,,,,,,, !READONLY,,,,,, 77312, SYSTEM,,,,
;        1, e-mouse.ini,,,,,,,, !READONLY,,,,,, 582,,,,,

[System Files]
        1, whmice.vxd,,,,,,,, !READONLY,,,,,, 12452, SYSTEM,,,,

[USB Files]
        1, whfltr.sys,,,,,,,, !READONLY,,,,,, 16052, SYSTEM,,,,

[NT PS2]
        1, whi8042.sys,,,,,,,, !READONLY,,,,,, 33472, SYSTEM,,,,

[NT Serial]
        1, whsermou.sys,,,,,,,, !READONLY,,,,,, 19360, SYSTEM,,,,

[NT5 PS2]
        1, whmice2k.sys,,,,,,,, !READONLY,,,,,, 5973, SYSTEM,,,,

        1, whfltr2k.sys,,,,,,,, !READONLY,,,,,, 7109, SYSTEM,,,,

[NT5 Serial]
        1, whser2k.sys,,,,,,,, !READONLY,,,,,, 18643, SYSTEM,,,,
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  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

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  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

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