GPSMAP76_390.txt Driver File Contents (GPSMAP76_390.exe)

GARMIN GPSMAP76 Software Upgrade Information


    If this software is uploaded to a GPS unit other than the product for
    which it is designed, you will not be able to operate that unit.

    If the upload software fails, verify that you have good batteries
    installed and try again.  If repeated upload attempts fail, you may need
    to return the unit to GARMIN for service.


Instructions for uploading the new software to your GPSMAP76 using Microsoft
Windows 95/98/NT:

1.  Download the appropriate self-extracting archive file for your GPSMAP76
    onto your hard drive.

2.  Unzip the files in the archive by running the downloaded executable file.

3.  Connect your GPSMAP76 to a free serial port (Com 1, 2, 3, or 4) on your PC
    with a PC interface cable.

4.  Turn on your GPSMAP76 and ensure the Serial Data Format is set to
    "GARMIN". You can find this setting in the Main Menu under "Setup".

5.  Change to the directory in which you unzipped the files,
    (i.e., C:\GARMIN), and run the update program, updater.exe.  Select the
    appropriate serial port and click "OK" to begin the software upload.
    During the upload, the GPSMAP76's display will indicate "Software
    Loading...."  The upload process should take 3-10 minutes to complete.
    When the upload is completed, the GPSMAP76 will reset itself and turn on


Changes Made from Versions 3.80 to 3.90:

1. Fixed shutoff problem with certain European tides.


Changes Made from Versions 3.70 to 3.80:

1. Corrected problems with European tides.


Changes Made from Versions 3.60 to 3.70:

1. Improved non-volatile memory storage of WAAS/EGNOS ionospheric mask corrections.

2. Reduced delays in acquiring a position when using differential GPS.

3. Added Canadian tide support.


Changes Made from Versions 3.50 to 3.60:

1. French translation update.


Changes Made from Versions 3.41 to 3.50:

1. Added updated support for RCV_CPO data.

2. Fixed problem with changing elevation units. Now able to change to meters
   without having to restart the unit.

3. Improve WAAS/EGNOS satellite selection algorithm to select the satellite 
   with the most beneficial corrections given the unit's current position. 
   Units will not use a WAAS/EGNOS satellite if the unit's current position 
   is outside of a given WAAS/EGNOS satellite's service volume.

4. Added new "Distance and Speed" unit. The new unit is "Nautical (nm, kt, m)".
   The old "Nautical" is now "Nautical (nm, kt, ft)".  The new unit is the same
   as the old, except it shows the small measurments in meters instead of feet.

5. New French translations.


Changes Made from Versions 3.40 to 3.41:

1. Added tide support for European and Australian tides V 5.0.

2. Added support for RCV_CPO data.


Changes Made from Versions 3.30 to 3.40:

1. No noticeable change to user.


Changes Made from Versions 3.20 to 3.30:

1. Corrected problem that prevented some pages and 
   menus from being displayed correctly.


Changes Made from Versions 3.10 to 3.20:

1. Restored transmission of GSV NMEA sentences in full for 
   every two-second update.


Changes Made from Versions 2.09 to 3.10:

1.  Increased the active track log to 10,000 points.

2.  Increased each saved track log to 750 points.

3.  Increased user waypoints to 1,000 waypoints.

4.  Improved various translations.

5.  Added EOV Hungarian and South African grid support.

6.  Added functionality to start, stop, or resume navigation
    from the route detail page's option menu.


Changes Made from Versions 2.08 to 2.09:

1.  Eliminated possible shutoffs when repeatedly finding Cities or Points of

2.  Eliminated possibly storing bad data when starting a Goto, which would cause
    the unit to shut off and would prevent the unit from turning on again.

3.  Eliminated possible lockups when deleting all user waypoints.

4.  Eliminated possible shutoffs and lockups when selecting a street for finding
    addresses or intersections using newer maps.

5.  Allowed entering and finding addresses with alpha-numeric street numbers
    when supported by the map data.

6.  Added a Setup Routes item to the Routes main menu page which allows setting
    the route waypoint transitions to Manual. When set to Manual, routes will
    transition to the next waypoint only when instructed to do so by the user.

7.  Added a Setup NMEA output item to the Interface setup page menu when the
    Serial Data Format is set to NMEA. This allows setting the following for the
    NMEA output: the precision of the minutes field for lat/lon, the waypoint
    identifier format, and which groups of sentences to transmit.  These
    settings allow compatibility with a wider range of NMEA-driven products
    including some older marine autopilots.

8.  Added receiving water depth through DBT NMEA input sentence.

9.  Added Location (both chosen & default formats) as choices for Medium and
    Large configurable fields.

10. Added geocaching user waypoint symbols.

11. Added more marine user waypoint symbols.

12. Added new Point of Interest types when supported by the map data.

13. Allowed finding duplicately-named cities by name across multiple maps of the
    same type if supported by the map data.

14. Used depth (if it is being received through NMEA) when marking a waypoint.

15. Used depth (if it is being received through NMEA) and altitude when creating
    the MOB waypoint.

16. Display approaching waypoint messages longer when based on distance.

17. Reset the Arrival alarm when the Arrival alarm distance is changed.

18. Prevented possible corruption of time in GARMIN output format.

19. Output correct week number in NMEA output format when operating through the
    end of a week.

20. Added Croatian map datum.

21. Changed Taiwan grid title from T67 to TM2.

22. Removed displaying the hotel & motel reservation number when reviewing exit

23. Changed threshold so that values greater than 9999 meters are displayed as
    kilometers.  Previously this threshold was 999 meters.

24. Improved appearance of BlueChart submerged pipes and cables.

25. Added Hungarian language.

26. Always display both street name and number when displaying addresses.

27. Improved the accuracy of the estimated accuracy value.

28. Correctly turn Anchor Drag and Off Course alarms on and off on Alarms setup

29. Correctly display the Mode after restoring defaults on the General setup

30. Correctly display the map page when rapidly changing pages.

31. Allowed the backlight to be turned on while a confirmation page is being


Changes Made from Versions 2.07 to 2.08:

1.  Retain waypoint comments between power cycles.

2.  Changed the anchor drag alarm to sound every time the boat moves outside the
    anchor area.

3.  Changed the anchor drag alarm setting distance units from miles to feet.

4.  Display approaching waypoint messages longer when based on distance.

5.  Eliminated possible lockups when saving a track back through midnight
    or noon.

6.  Improved WAAS performance after long periods of shading for both WAAS and
    GPS satellites.

7.  Improved WAAS performance when GEO ephemeris is available but almanac has
    not yet been collected.


Changes Made from Versions 2.05 to 2.07:

1.  Eliminated lockups at certain locations.

2.  Added waypoint comments.  When new waypoints are created, the comment will
    initially contain the date and time the waypoint was created.

3.  Added Project Location option for waypoints.

4.  Added Append To Route option for waypoints to allow appending of waypoints
    to new and existing routes.

5.  Added Toggling between displaying chosen & default location formats on the
    GPS info page when a cursor key is pressed.

6.  Added new Swedish RT 90 location format.

7.  Added control of marine services to the Marine tab of the map setup.

8.  Increased the breadth of waypoint symbols that can be received through the
    serial port.

9.  Improved responsiveness of positioning in shaded conditions.

10. Added display of the north reference source to bearing fields.

11. Properly show times for tide stations with UTC offsets greater
    than +/- 9 hours.

12. Always show street number and street name in correct order based on
    map data.

13. Allowed for all 4 digits of mils to be shown on the map feature
    review pages.

14. Re-sort waypoint symbol selection list after changing the language.

15. Changed confirmation box buttons on proximity page from OK & Cancel
    to Yes & No.

16. Increased the number of copyrights that can be displayed from 4 to 5.

17. Correctly get all copyrights strings from map data.

18. Made the size of the degree symbol consistent between degree symbols with
    north reference indication (e.g. deg true, deg mag) and those without.

19. Changed 'Map Location' text to 'Map Pointer'.

20. Map datums automatically associated with location formats can no longer
    be changed.

21. Changed Swedish and RT 90 location formats to have the northing on top and
    easting below and to use 'X' and 'Y' to indicate northing and easting
    instead of 'N' and 'O'.

22. Improved the appearance of the pointer tail.


Changes Made from Versions 2.04 to 2.05:

1.  Eliminated possible lockups when determining next street.

2.  Eliminated possible lockups when using WAAS.

3.  Eliminated possible lockups when the unit detects low batteries and attempts
    to shut off.

4.  Eliminated possible shutoffs when computing moon rise and set times for
    extreme latitudes.

5.  Eliminated repeated resetting of reference when measuring distance after the
    menu was exited with the ESC key.

6.  Eliminated occasional blanks at the end of lists when finding Points of
    Interest by name.

7.  Transfer more points to saved tracks when saving short track logs.

8.  Added support for displaying BlueChart data on the map.

9.  Changed display of distances to have 2 digits to the right of the decimal

10. Added support to display directions in mils.

11. Changed anchor drag alarm tone to sound until the message is cleared by the

12. Always display airports when available in map data.

13. Correctly indicate the services present at Fishing Hotspot facilities.

14. Added support for Addresses and intersections to have more than one city
    associated with them when finding.

15. Added support for diacritic characters in map data.

16. Added the ability to find streets by each word in the name when supported by
    the map data.

17. Consistently show either exit or cross road data regardless of the direction
    of travel on a road.

18. Display "inaccurate result" message if there is an error calculating a tide.

19. Completely removed transmission of Sonar sentence from NMEA output.

20. Used user-entered magnetic variation if north reference is set to user when
    transmitting RMC and BOD NMEA sentences.

21. Added indication of datum used by transmitting PGRMM NMEA sentence.

22. Smoothed positioning when operating in areas of heavy shading when user has
    not entered an altitude.

23. Changed name of existing Hu-Tzu-Shan datum to Taiwan.

24. Added a new datum named Hu-Tzu-Shan which conforms to the published Taiwan
    map datum definition.

25. Improved the initial accuracy estimate.


Changes Made from Versions 2.03 to 2.04:

1.  Correctly determine the date the first time satellites are acquired after
    the unit has been stored without batteries.

2.  Improved the name displayed for the preloaded Marine POI map on the Select
    Map menu.


Changes Made from Versions 2.02 to 2.03:

1.  Correctly determined when and where the map should be drawn.

2.  Ensured the maps are drawn after transferring maps from MapSource to the
    unit, and when displaying the map page the first time after turning the
    unit on.

3.  Only displayed maps that were not completely covered by other maps.

4.  If only one map contained the points being searched for, used it even if
    not selected by the user.

5.  Improved a few Swedish translations.


Changes Made from Versions 2.01 to 2.02:

1.  Prevented scrambled screens when pressing the NAV key twice.

2.  Prevented default Loran TD setup from being invalid.

3.  Allowed panning on map in all 8 directions on all units.

4.  Reported actual available size for maps to MapSource.

5.  Displayed tide station times using the daylight saving time setting.

6.  Corrected display of tides for stations that have a tide height bias.

7.  Stored saved track point locations so that they don't move when being
    transferred back and forth between the unit and a PC.

8.  Increased elevation display from 4 to 5 digits and prevented it from switching
    to kilofeet or kilometers.

9.  Remembered highlight position in list when reviewing waypoints on the
    route page.

10. Computed the area enclosed by a saved track.

11. Allowed finding Manmade Places, Water Features, and Land Features Points of
    Interest when available in map data.

12. Controlled bearing line separately from other navigation lines in map setup.

13. Displayed GPS status on Pointer page and Highway page when not navigating.

14. Displayed services available at Fishing Hot Spots facilities.

15. Displayed TracBack points as "BEGIN, TURN 1, TURN 2...END" instead of
    "TURN, TURN...".

16. Reduced occurrences and improved handling of "None Found" messages when
    finding points.

17. Stored map setup changes when exiting map setup instead of when turning unit

18. Added hilight timeout when panning on maps.

19. Stored Normal or Battery Saver mode when selected after Simulator mode.

20. Allowed finding Exits.

21. Stored all the track log points specified when saving a track.

22. Removed transmitting Sonar information on NMEA output.
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