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GARMIN eTrex, eTrex Camo, & eTrex Summit Software Upgrade Information    



    Be sure to backup all data like routes, waypoints and track with MapSource 
    before updating the software.  Once the eTrex has been updated you can use 
    MapSource again to restore your data. 

    Uploading software versions older than what is currently in your eTrex
    can cause all stored data to be erased. 

    If this software is uploaded to a GPS unit other than the product for
    which it is designed, you will not be able to operate that unit.

    If the upload software fails, verify that you have good batteries installed
    and try again.  If repeated upload attempts fail, you may need to return
    the unit to GARMIN for service.


Instructions for uploading the new software to your eTrex using Microsoft
Windows 95/98/NT:

1.  Download the appropriate self-extracting archive file for your eTrex onto
    your hard drive.

2.  Unzip the files in the archive by running the downloaded executable file.

3.  Connect your eTrex to a free serial port (Com 1, 2, 3, or 4) on your PC
    with a PC interface cable.

4.  Turn on your eTrex and ensure the Format is set to "GARMIN". You
    can find this setting on the "Interface" system setup tab page.

5.  Change to the directory in which you unzipped the files, (i.e., C:\GARMIN),
    and run the update program, updater.exe.  Select the appropriate serial
    port and click "OK" to begin the software upload.
    During the upload, the eTrex display will indicate  the software is loading.
    The upload process should take 1-5 minutes to complete. When the upload
    is completed, the eTrex will reset itself and turn on normally.


 Changes Made From Versions 3.00 to 3.30:

1. Improved WAAS visibility and selection algorithm. 

2. Corrected RTCM support.  

3. Corrected support for the $HCHDG NMEA sentence (Summit only).
server: web4, load: 0.66