EL2K_9x.inf Driver File Contents (044_3c940.zip)

; EL2000x.inf
; Windows Installation File
; %ver 1.00.24 - 06/03/2003 (EAA) 
; (C)Copyright 2003 3Com Corporation
; (C)Copyright 2003 Marvell

signature  				= "$Windows 95$"
Class     				= Net
ClassGUID  				= {4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
provider   				= %V_MS%
catalogfile				= EL2000.CAT
DriverVer 				= 06/03/2003,

%V_3COM%				= 3COM

50					= %Source_Disk_Name%,,, 

; All Operating systems Only
EL2K_9X.sys				= 50

ExcludeFromSelect			= *

%3C940.DeviceDesc%			= 3C940.ndi,		PCI\VEN_10B7&DEV_1700&SUBSYS_001010B7 
%3C2000.DeviceDesc%			= 3C2000.ndi,		PCI\VEN_10B7&DEV_1700&SUBSYS_002010B7
%3C2000K2.DeviceDesc%			= 3C2000.ndi,		PCI\VEN_10B7&DEV_1700&SUBSYS_002110B7
%OEM.DeviceDesc%			= OEM.ndi,		PCI\VEN_10B7&DEV_1700

; Win 9X Only *******

DriverVer				= 06/03/2003,
AddReg					= 3C940.ndi.reg, EL2000x_Addreg, EL2000x.common.params
CopyFiles				= EL2000x.ndis

DriverVer				= 06/03/2003,
AddReg					= 3C940.ndi.reg, EL2000x_Addreg, EL2000x.common.params
CopyFiles				= EL2000x.ndis

DriverVer				= 06/03/2003,
AddReg					= 3C2000.ndi.reg, EL2000x_Addreg, EL2000x.common.params
CopyFiles				= EL2000x.ndis

DriverVer				= 06/03/2003,
AddReg					= 3C2000.ndi.reg, EL2000x_Addreg, EL2000x.common.params
CopyFiles				= EL2000x.ndis

DriverVer				= 06/03/2003,
AddReg					= 3C2000.ndi.reg, EL2000x_Addreg, EL2000x.common.params
CopyFiles				= EL2000x.ndis

DriverVer				= 06/03/2003,
AddReg					= 3C2000.ndi.reg, EL2000x_Addreg, EL2000x.common.params
CopyFiles				= EL2000x.ndis




HKR,, EnumPropPages32, 0, "EL2K_CPP.dll,NetPropPageProvider"

; End Win 9X Only *******


HKR, Ndi\Params\NetworkAddress,	ParamDesc,,	%NetAddress%
HKR, Ndi\Params\NetworkAddress,	Type,,		"edit"
HKR, Ndi\Params\NetworkAddress,	LimitText,,	"18"
HKR, Ndi\Params\NetworkAddress,	UpperCase,,	"1"
HKR, Ndi\Params\NetworkAddress,	Default,,	""
HKR, Ndi\Params\NetworkAddress,	Optional,,	"1"

HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxFrameSize,	ParamDesc,,	%MaxFrSize%
HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxFrameSize,	Type,,		"int"
HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxFrameSize,	Base,,		"10"
HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxFrameSize,	Min,,		"64"
HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxFrameSize,	Max,,		"9014"
HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxFrameSize,	Step,,		"1"
HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxFrameSize,	Default,,	"1514"

HKR, Ndi\Params\HwChecksum,	ParamDesc,,	%HwCsum%
HKR, Ndi\Params\HwChecksum,	Type,,		"enum"
HKR, Ndi\Params\HwChecksum\enum,1,,		%On%
HKR, Ndi\Params\HwChecksum\enum,0,,		%Off%
HKR, Ndi\Params\HwChecksum,	Default,,	"1"

HKR, Ndi\Params\Moderate,	ParamDesc,,	%IntMod%
HKR, Ndi\Params\Moderate,	Type,,		"enum"
HKR, Ndi\Params\Moderate\enum,1,,		%On%
HKR, Ndi\Params\Moderate\enum,0,,		%Off%
HKR, Ndi\Params\Moderate,	Default,,	"1"

HKR, Ndi\Params\FixedIntMod,	ParamDesc,,	%MaxIrq%
HKR, Ndi\Params\FixedIntMod,	Type,,		"int"
HKR, Ndi\Params\FixedIntMod,	Base,,		"10"
HKR, Ndi\Params\FixedIntMod,	Min,,		"1000"
HKR, Ndi\Params\FixedIntMod,	Max,,		"30000"
HKR, Ndi\Params\FixedIntMod,	Step,,		"1"
HKR, Ndi\Params\FixedIntMod,	Default,,	"5000"

HKR, Ndi\Params\MessageLog,	ParamDesc,,	%LogMsg%
HKR, Ndi\Params\MessageLog,	Type,,		"enum"
HKR, Ndi\Params\MessageLog\enum,4,,		%Non%
HKR, Ndi\Params\MessageLog\enum,3,,		%Err%
HKR, Ndi\Params\MessageLog\enum,2,,		%Wrn%
HKR, Ndi\Params\MessageLog\enum,1,,		%Sta%
HKR, Ndi\Params\MessageLog\enum,0,,		%All%
HKR, Ndi\Params\MessageLog,	Default,,	"1"

HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxReceives,	ParamDesc,,	%NumRcv%
HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxReceives,	Type,,		"int"
HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxReceives,	Base,,		"10"
HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxReceives,	Min,,		"3"
HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxReceives,	Max,,		"500"
HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxReceives,	Step,,		"1"
HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxReceives,	Default,,	"50"

HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxTransmits,	ParamDesc,,	%NumTx%
HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxTransmits,	Type,,		"int"
HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxTransmits,	Base,,		"10"
HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxTransmits,	Min,,		"4"
HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxTransmits,	Max,,		"200"
HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxTransmits,	Step,,		"1"
HKR, Ndi\Params\MaxTransmits,	Default,,	"50"

HKR, Ndi\Params\FlowControl_A,	ParamDesc,,	%FlowCtrlA%
HKR, Ndi\Params\FlowControl_A,	Type,,		"enum"
HKR, Ndi\Params\FlowControl_A\enum,3,,		%bothFC%
HKR, Ndi\Params\FlowControl_A\enum,2,,		%sym%
HKR, Ndi\Params\FlowControl_A\enum,1,,		%asym%
HKR, Ndi\Params\FlowControl_A\enum,0,,		%noFc%
HKR, Ndi\Params\FlowControl_A,	Default,,	"3"

HKR, Ndi\Params\IEEE8021P,	ParamDesc,,	%PriorityTagging%
HKR, Ndi\Params\IEEE8021P,	Type,,		"enum"
HKR, Ndi\Params\IEEE8021P\enum, 1,,		%Enable%
HKR, Ndi\Params\IEEE8021P\enum, 0,,		%Disable%
HKR, Ndi\Params\IEEE8021P,	Default,,	"0"

HKR,Ndi\params\media_type,	default,,	%media_default%
HKR,Ndi\params\media_type, 	ParamDesc,,	%media_type%
HKR,Ndi\params\media_type,	type,,		"enum"
HKR,Ndi\params\media_type,	optional,,	"0"
HKR,Ndi\params\media_type\enum,	Autoselect,,	%media_auto%
HKR,Ndi\params\media_type\enum,	1000FULL,,	%media_1000_full%
HKR,Ndi\params\media_type\enum,	100FULL,,	%media_100_full%
HKR,Ndi\params\media_type\enum,	100HALF,,	%media_100_half%
HKR,Ndi\params\media_type\enum,	10FULL,,	%media_10_full%
HKR,Ndi\params\media_type\enum,	10HALF,,	%media_10_half%

HKR, Ndi\Params\WakeUpModeCap,       ParamDesc, , %WakeUpCaps%
HKR, Ndi\Params\WakeUpModeCap,       default,   , "27"
HKR, Ndi\Params\WakeUpModeCap,       type,      , "enum"
HKR, Ndi\Params\WakeUpModeCap\enum,  0,  	, "None"
HKR, Ndi\Params\WakeUpModeCap\enum,  25,  	, "Magic Packet"
HKR, Ndi\Params\WakeUpModeCap\enum,  26,  	, "Wake Up Frame"
HKR, Ndi\Params\WakeUpModeCap\enum,  27,  	, "Both"

HKR,, MaxMulticast,,         "128"
HKR,, WaitForRxResources,,   "1"
HKR,, SGMapRegistersNeeded,, "64"
HKR,, WakeUpModeCap,,	     "27"
HKR,, TCAUDIAG,,	     "tcaum998"

; File Section for Windows 9x *******


DefaultDestDir        			= 11
EL2000x.ndis				= 11

V_MS					= "3Com"
V_3COM					= "3Com"
Source_Disk_Name			= "ECD100P200"
disable					= "Disable"
enable					= "Enable"
NetAddress             			= "Network Address"
MaxFrSize             			= "Maximum Frame Size"
HwCsum                			= "Hardware Checksumming"
WakeUpCaps            			= "Wake Up Capabilities"
IntMod                  		= "Interrupt Moderation"
MaxIrq                  		= "Max IRQ per Sec"
LogMsg                  		= "Log Status Messages"
NumRcv                  		= "Number of Receive Buffers"
NumTx                   		= "Number of Transmit Buffers"
On                	      		= "On"
Off               	      		= "Off"
Non               	      		= "None"
Err               	      		= "Errors"
Wrn                	     		= "Warnings"
Sta               	      		= "Status Messages"
All               	      		= "All Messages"
FlowCtrlA				= "FlowControl"
bothFC					= "Asymmetrical and Symmetrical Flow Control"
sym					= "Symmetrical Flow Control"
asym					= "Asymmetrical Flow Control"
noFc					= "No Flow Control"
PriorityTagging				= "802.1p Support"
media_1000_full				="1000 Mb, Full Duplex"
media_100_full 				="100 Mb, Full Duplex"
media_100_half				="100 Mb, Half Duplex"
media_10_full 				="10 Mb, Full Duplex"
media_10_half 				="10 Mb, Half Duplex"
media_type 				="Media Type"
media_default 				="Autoselect"
media_auto				="Auto"

EL2000x.Service.DispName      		= "3Com 3C2000x EtherLink XL Adapter"
ProductSoftwareDescription 		= "3Com 3C2000x Adapter Driver"
ProductSoftwareTitle 			= "3Com 3C2000x Adapter Driver"
ProductMajorVersion 			= "1"
ProductMinorVersion 			= "0"
ProductSoftwareName 			= "EL2000"
ProductReview 				= "1"
SoftwareType 				= "driver"
NetRuleSoftwareType 			= "EL2000xSys ndisDriver EL2000xDriver"
NetRuleSoftwareBindForm 		= """EL2000xSys"" yes no container"
NetRuleSoftwareClass 			= "EL2000xDriver basic"
NetRuleSoftwareBindable 		= "EL2000xDriver EL2000xAdapter non exclusive 100"

3C940.DeviceDesc			= "3Com Gigabit LOM (3C940)"
3C2000.DeviceDesc			= "3Com Gigabit NIC (3C2000)"
3C2000K2.DeviceDesc			= "3Com Gigabit NIC (3C2000)"
OEM.DeviceDesc				= "3Com Gigabit NIC"
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