release.txt Driver File Contents (

                           R E L E A S E    N O T E S

                   Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Driver
                 For Windows.NET, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0,
                     Windows ME, Win98/SE, and Win95/OSR2.

                  Copyright (c) 2000-2003 Broadcom Corporation
                              All rights reserved.

Version 7.15 Aug 29, 2003
   1. Problem:
             The network icon may intermittently disappear when changing driver
             properties when PowerMon is loaded and QOS is enabled.
             The driver was incorrectly restarting phy auto-negotiation excessively
             causing the driver to take too long to report link up to the operating
             Added code to only restart phy auto-negotiation when there is a change
             in the state of ReverseNway.

   1. Request:
             Add "volatile" modifier to SendPass and DpcPass driver variables to
             prevent the compiler from optimizing references in ia64 and amd64
             Added "volatile" modifier to SendPass and DpcPass driver in ia64
             and amd64.

Version 7.14 Aug 28, 2003
   1. Request:
             Add support for multiple mac addresses on the same nic.
             Added registry keys and custom OIDs to allow third party software
             to configure the nic with multiple mac addresses.

Version 7.13 Aug 25, 2003
   1. Problem:
             The crc error counter for 5700 and 5701 was not getting zeroed
             out when T3_OID_RESET_STATS_COUNTERS is called.
             The crc error counter for 5700 and 5701 was not getting zeroed out
             when the OID call is made.
             Added code to zero out the crc error counter for 5700 and 5701 when
             T3_OID_RESET_STATS_COUNTERS is called.

   2. Problem:
             The retail WinXp32, WinXp64, AMD64 drivers were being compiled with
             incorrect compiler flags.
             The build environment was not configured correctly.
             Corrected the retail build environment of the affected operating
             systems to use the correct compiler flags.
             Executables will be slightly smaller.

Version 7.12 Aug 20, 2003
   1. Problem:
             Driver Verifier complains about a possible deadlock problem.
             The driver was holding a spinlock during Ndis calls in the send
             Removed spinlocks during Ndis calls in the send path.

   2. Problem:
            System fault under heavy network load (verifier C4_31)
            The driver may incorrectly use spin locks at ISR level
            Remove all calls to acquire spin locks from the ISR.

   3. Problem:
            Improper use of spin lock in shutdown handler
            The driver is using a spin lock in the shutdown handler
            Remove calls to acquire spin locks from shutdown handler

Version 7.11 Aug 15, 2003
   1. Problem:
             The OID_GEN_RCV_OK statistic incorrectly included receive
             overrun frames.
             The driver needs to subtract the number of receive overrun
             frames from the values reported by hardware.
             The driver subtracts the number of receive overrun frames from
             the value reported by hardware before reporting the statistic
             to Windows.

   1. Request:
             Improve bit error performance of 5703A0 and 5704A0 when used
             with long cable lengths.
             Program the phy's ADC and Gamma registers to more optimum settings.

   2. Request:
             Improve serdes drive levels on 5704.
             Programed the serdes config registers with the values recommended
             by the hardware design team.

Version 6.82 Aug 5, 2003

   1. Problem:
             Incorrect operation after PHY loopback test. Reported against 
             Linux configuration. 
             PHY register 0x18 is not programmed properly after running the external
             loopback test.
             Changed the value written to PHY register 0x18 from 0x480 to
             the correct value 0x400 (after external loopback test).						 

   2. Problem:
              Flow control does not function (CQ8181).
              LM_SetupCopperPhy() does not always program the flow control
              when the link comes up.
              Program the flow control in all code paths when the link comes up.

   3. Problem
              Idle cycle fix in 5704 B0 has side effects on certain HP/CPQ

              This hardware fix is not enabled in this version.

Version 6.80 July 29, 2003
   1. Request: 
               Add support for external loopback with loopback plug.

               Added new requested media type values for external loopback.


   2. Request: 
               Enable hardware fixes in 5704_Bx parts for known erratas.

               Added code to driver init routines to enable hardware fixes in
               5704 B0 silicon.  See 5704 errata for more details info about
               the changes/fixes in B0 silicon.


   1. Problem:
              AMD Solo System intermittently blue screens when installing driver for 5704

              The driver is executing pageable code at high IRQ level (UM_Initialize()).  

              Isolated the code executing at high IRQ level to a non pageable routine.


Version 6.69 July 9, 2003
   1. Problem:
              In Windows Win98SE: System cannot go into sleep mode when "wake up frame" is set

              Win98SE expects WakeOnLan capability of  MagicPacket  as well  as  WakeUpFrame
              during its query of  OID_PNP_CAPABILITIES; even if device Advanced Properties is set to
              WakeUpFrame only.  

              Added setting of MagicPacket support during handling of OID_PNP_CAPABILITIES.

              This change does not affect actual WOL function as specified in the Advanced Properties
              of the device, and only allows Win98SE systems to go to Standby mode.

   2. Problem:
              5700BX will stop processing packets under heavy loads.

              A CoalesceNow workaround for stale status block information on the 5705 was
              causing the 5700BX to hang.

              Qualified the CoalesceNow workaround to be applied to only the 5705.


Version 6.68 June 19, 2003
   1. Problem:
              The adapter doesn't drop link when WOL is disabled and the driver
              is disabled.
              If WOL is enabled and the adapter is linked at 1gb when the driver
              is put into low power state, the adapter does not re-acquire link
              at 1gb when the driver resumes.

              A typo in v6.65 of the driver was causing the driver to assume that
              ASF is always enabled.
              A change in v6.65 of the driver was causing the driver to not restart
              link autonegociation on resume.

              Corrected typo causing the driver to assume that ASF is always enabled.
              Changed the restart autonegociation routine to take into account the
              changes made in v6.65

              These changes affect all adapters in all versions of Windows.

Version 6.67 June 13, 2003

   1. Request: 
               Increment version number for revision control purposes.

               Changed version number from 6.66 to 6.67


Version 6.66 June 02, 2003


   1. Problem:
              CQ7927: System locks up when driver is unloaded on 5700/5701 with ASF.

              A workaround that is not applicable to the 5700 and 5701 related to
              nvram accesses was being executed which caused an access to a invalid

              Qualified the asf and nvram access workaround to be executed on only
              non 5700 and 5701 parts.

              This change only affects 5700 and 5701.

Version 6.65 May 31, 2003


   1. Problem:
              CQ7874,7873: Cannot get link after disabling power saving mode
              with ReverseNway. Cannot get link after changing from 100mb switch
              to 10mb hub.

              There was a corner case in the ReverseNway logic that was causing
              the phy not advertise correct capabilities when ReverseNway is
              disabled while the control suite has the driver suspended.
              There was a corner case in the ReverseNway logic that was causing
              the to not be reset properly when the phy lockup errata was executed.

              Corrected corner cases so the phy advertises correct capabilities to
              it's link partner.

              These changes only affect those platforms that have ReverseNway enabled.

   2. Problem:
              CQ7914: 5700BX fails to pass traffic while running 2c_Simultaneous
              WHQL tests.

              A change in the 6.60 driver to address an errata on the 5704 inadvertently
              broke an existing fix for the 5700_BX small fragment errata. The bug was
              causing the driver to run out of coalesce buffers when run on 5700_BX

              Corrected code so the driver will properly handle small fragment coalesce
              buffers on 5700_BX devices.

              This change only affects 5700_BX devices. Other devices will not see any
              change in behavior.

Version 6.64 May 20, 2003


   1. Problem:
              CQ785207: Device is Yellow Banged out after disable/enable of the

              There was a race condition in the halt cpu routine in which the
              halted cpu could still be holding the NVRAM arbitration bit.
              This was preventing the driver from reading the configuration
              information from the NVRAM and caused the driver to unload.

              Added check in the halt cpu routine to see if the halted cpu is
              holding the NVRAM arbitration bit.


Version 6.63 May 20, 2003

   1. Enhancements:


   1. Problem:
              CQ7807: Loopback- - Mac test fails

              The driver was not correctly configuring the 5705 for mac loopback
              if the device was linked at 10mb.

              Changed code to correctly configure the device when linked at 10mb.


   2. Problem:
              CQ7827: System will freeze on shutdown when linked at 10mb half.

              The phy was getting powered down during reset.

              Changed code to not power down the phy during reset.


Version 6.62 May 15, 2003


   1. Problem:
              CQ7656: Driver get yellow bang on 5788.

              A check for the device/bond id was detecting the 5788 as an
              unsupported device and therefore was causing the driver to unload.

              Removed the check that was causing the driver to unload.


   2. Problem:
              CQ7798, CQ7799: ChkInf found errors in the inf files.

              Typos in the inf files.

              Corrected the inf files.


   3. Problem:
              The workaround for the phy lockup errata was not being applied to all
              versions of the 5703 and 5704.
              There was a check for previous revisions of 5703 and 5704 that was
              incorrectly carried over from a previous errata.

              Removed check for specific versions of the 5703 and 5704 for the phy
              lockup errata.


   1. Enhancements:
              CQ7795, CQ7800: 1000 Full Duplex option in adapter advanced properties
              for all inf files.

              This option is suppose to be present in only inf files for specific
              OEMs. Removed 1000 Full Duplex option from files that are not applicable.


Version 6.61 May 14, 2003


   1. Problem:
         CQ7777: Some of the OID tests are failing in win98me

              Added parameter checks in the OID processing are not
              valid in all cases. These were added in rev 6.54

              Removed the checks, they do not work for all cases as implemented.


   2. Problem:
         The driver did not restart autoneg on Fast Ethernet only parts when resuming
         from hibernate or standby.

              This was originally intended behavior. However the driver needs to
              restart autoneg on resume due to phy lockup errata.

              During resume check for Fast Ethernet only capable parts and 
              restart phy auto negotiation.


   1. Enhancements:
              The following OEM device ID's are not in the inf files.

              Added OEM device ID's


Version 6.60 May 12, 2003


   1. Problem:
               Fixed problem with link getting dropped when shutting down Windows
               when using a 5703/2 with old versions of bootcode when OOB WOL is
               The bootcode was not properly passing configuration information to
               the ndis driver.
               Modified the ndis driver to read the configuration information directly
               from NVRAM.

   2. Problem:
               System bluescreens with random bugcheck values on .Net with 5704.
               A bug in the 4gb errata workaround with LSO enabled was causing buffer
               overruns which would corrupt system memory and cause random bugcheck values.
               Allocated static double copy buffers for use with LSO and 4gb aligned

Version 6.59 May 5, 2003


   1. Problem:
               CQ7664: New HP device IDs need to be added.
               Added HP device IDs to NIC .inf

   2. Problem:
               CQ7521: Mac loopback test is broken with fiber devices
               UM_AutogRetryTimerFunction() calls LM_SetupPhy() during test
               Added LM_REQUESTED_MEDIA_TYPE_LOOPBACK condition to call to 

   3. Problem:
               The driver will intermittently load with a zero mac address.
               The shared memory area that contains the mac address was not properly
               initialized when the nic is in certain low power modes.
               Read the mac address from the NVRAM and not shared memory.

Version 6.58 May 1, 2003


   1. Problem:
               Laurel PING -t gets 20-30% 'request timed out' on both ports (CQ7586)

               Fiber phy setup is being performed every half second because we are using
               the autoneg bit as a condition. This bit is not set when the fiber switch 
               is not doing autoneg.
               Only look at the autoneg bit when autoneg was successfully completed.

   2. Problem:
               Hardy having link status inconsistency (CQ7550)

               Fiber Phy was not programmed properly.
               Changed the NDIS code to behave like the Linux code.

Version 6.57 April 29, 2003

   1. Problem: 
               When the phy is poweredd down via BMAPI the network icon in the system
               tray does not always show link down.
               Race condition between the trying to indicate link down to the operating
               system and the phy reset routine trying to indicate link up to the operating
               Corrected logic error to remove race condition.
   2. Problem: 
               The OID OID_GEN_TRANSMIT_QUEUE_LENGTH does not support 64bit queries.
               The code did not support 64bit queries.
               Corrected code to support 64bit queries.

   3. Problem: 
               Updated phy workarounds for potential intermittent link problems for 5704/5705.
               Not applicable.
               Not applicable.

Version 6.56 April 18, 2003
   1. Problem: 
               The phy workaround implemented in 6.55 was not properly qualified to
               be applied to only 5704.   
               An 'if' statement was missing when the code was checked in.
               Added 'if' statement in routine with 5704 phy workaround to properly
               qualify the workaround.

Version 6.55 April 17, 2003

   1. Problem: CQ #7454, CQ #7559, CQ #7352, CQ #7453, CQ #7500, CQ7469
               Incorrect and intermittent WakeOnLan behavior on 5788. System waking up when
               not configured to wake and system not waking up when configured to wake.
               Ndis driver was not allowing enough time for the bootcode to complete
               execution of it's second phase of boot before communicating WakeOnLan
               configuration information to the bootcode.
               Extended max delay for the driver to wait for bootcode to complete execution
               by 60ms.
               Driver unloads will take 60ms longer to execute.
   2. Problem: 
               Ndis Driver takes too long to initialize
               The ndis driver had a lengthy delay routine are part of phy initialization
               The wait loop was qualified so it only applies to 5700 and 5701. Those parts
               were observed to require this delay.
               Ndis driver initialization should be faster by more than 20ms.

   3. Problem: 
               5704 intermittently will not auto-neg link at 1gb.
               The phy has a errata that requires the driver to check if the dfe is
               locked up.
               Added dfe lockup check routine as part of the phy reset routine.
               Slightly higher cpu utilization when the cable is first disconnected.

   1. Request: 
               Added support for dynamic 10/100 or 10/100/1000 phy auto-neg advertising
               for certain platforms.

               Added a check for the state of GPIO2 during link change events and adjust
               auto-neg capability advertising accordingly.


Version     Release Date
=======     ============
6.54	a.  04/09/03
	    CQ6302 Add OID to blink the activity LED
	    CQ7127 Add OID to reset stats counters
	    CQ7281 Add OID to implement OID_802_XMIT_LATE_COLLISIONS
	    CQ7315 Fix various OID return codes
        b.  Added fix for 5704S to fall back to HW AN Off when NICs TX fiber cable
            is removed.
        c.  Added workaround for 4gb memory errata for 5704 running under ia64.
        d.  Added 5788 tx/rx checksumming options in inf files.

6.53        03/26/03
        a.  Implemented workaround for CQ7242: Unable to wake system from shutdown
            after running hibernate under Windows 2003.
        b.  Always enable OOB WakeOnLan for legacy 5701 bootcode.

6.52        03/14/03
        a.  Added support for 5788.
        b.  Fixed problem with link down being reported if link was acquired during
            driver initialization.

6.51        03/13/03
        a.  Extended wait for link up during resume from Standby/Hibernation to
            fix packet drop issue in WHQL Standby/Hibernate testing.

6.50        03/10/03
        a.  Added 5704S support back in.

        a.  Fixed intermittent blue screen if there is a link status change during
            driver unload.

6.35        03/04/03
        a.  Fixed intermittent blue screen problem during driver init if the
            device is sharing an interrupt.
        b.  Added support for OID_GEN_TRANSMIT_QUEUE_LENGTH
        c.  Corrected support for legacy bootcode that doesn't support eeprom
            version information. This problem was causing WakeOnLan configuration
        d.  Fixed problem where serdes adapters were being treated as copper.
        e.  Fixed WHQL failure due to not waiting for link long enough on
            5702/3-A3 parts.
        f.  Fixed ASF hanging when system is going to standby/hibernate.

6.34        02/17/03
        a.  Added code to wait for the 2nd phase of bootcode to complete on
            5702/3/4/5. This resolves a WoL related issue with older
            v2.21a 5703 bootcode, and is generally "safer".  This also
            resolves an unwanted case where WoL was accidentally enabled.
        b.  Removed code to stop the TX and RX processor clocks on 5704
            when going into standby/hibernate or shutdown.  This resolved a
            hang when coming out of S1 with a 5704.
        c.  Minor change to interrupt coalescing algorithm.

6.33        02/14/03
        a.  Removed 5704 Serdes Support.
        b.  Added support for 5705 A3 DMA Workarounds.
        c.  Optimized Interrupt Coalescing algorithms for 64/66 systems.
        d.  Fixed problem when forcing WakeOnLan speed to 10mb and then
            having the system stay at 10mb when the system is resumed.
        e.  Incorporated improved power management for 5704 when the
            system is being shutdown or put into standby.

6.32        02/12/03
        a.  Updated driver send packets for resolve of Appletalk issue.
        b.  Updated driver for 5704 Fiber Auto Negotiation.
        c.  Added ODI_GEN_PROTOCOL_OPTIONS back into NdisQueryInformation
            because the WHQL tester expects it.
        d.  Fixed problem with NdisQueryInformation returning failure status
            when it's not appropriate.
        e.  Corrected removing 5782 Ethernet@WireSpeed option for WinXp.
        f.  Changed driver to runt tx frames with zero instead of garbage.

6.31        02/10/03
        a.  Removed OID_GEN_PROTOCOL_OPTIONS from NdisQueryInformation
        b.  Removed Ethernet@WireSpeed option from 5705A2/A3 and 5782.
        c.  Added check for null pointers in NdisQueryInformation to prevent
            system blue screens.
        d.  Fixed CQ#5069: Added HotPlug PCI port number assignment.

6.30        02/07/03

        a.  Enabled 5704 Fiber Support for resolve of bugs:  
             CQ#6288: BCM5704SA40 Fails to Negotiate with HP Procurve 2524 Switch.
             CQ#6725: Port 1 on 5704s Fiber does not pass traffic.
             CQ#6746: Fiber fails to link w/ 5.27 NDIS driver.
        b.  Added check to allow only valid mac addresses when the user manually
            overrides the mac address.
        c.  Fixed problem with ClkRun signal always being forced to active.

6.14        01/30/03

        a.  Fixed CQ#6800: 5704C Copy/compare test failure in .NET.  The failure
            was a result of unintentionally including the CQ#6381 fix in the
            .NET driver.

6.13        01/30/03
        a.  Fixed CQ#6247:  Under a heavy traffic environment, the driver could
            miss a status block update causing the chip to stall.  This problem
            has been observed only in the 2c_performanceblast Ndistest.

        b.  Fix CQ#6796 Window Diag fails on Internal Memory test on 5700-LOM
             by using alternate method to access memory.

6.12        01/27/03
        a.  Improved LSO firmware load time by not acquiring NVRAM lock.
        b.  Fix CQ6796 Window Diag fails on Internal Memory test on 5700-LOM
             by using alternate method to access memory.

6.11        01/24/03
        a.  Fixed buffer overrun problem when jumbo frames is enabled.
        b.  Fixed interrupt storm if a spurious interrupt occurs after resume
            from standby/hibernate due to stale status block information.
        c.  Fixed 2m_strss test failure due to late status block update during
            heavy bus traffic.
        d.  Fixed WOL failure when cable is disconnected when the system is
            put to sleep.
        e.  Fixed CQ6710 Running window Diag on 5700 LOM causes server to hang
        f.  Fixed CQ6736 BACS Window diagnostic failed on the internal memory test
            by using alternate method to access memory.
        g.  Added PHY power down for 5704 devices when WakeOnLan is Disabled.

6.10        01/13/03
        a.  Fixed CQ#6620 -- Driver may corrupt the stack on Windows 2000 if
            the packet being sent is very fragmented.

5.32        01/10/03
        a.  Fixed CQ#6539 -- Driver may not able to send packets when it runs
            out of double copy buffers.
        b.  Fixed problem with ReverseNway getting disabled after resume from

5.31        01/09/03
        a.  Fixed problem with not being able to disable Ethernet@Wirespeed
        b.  Fixed problem causing NMI errors on certain platforms during init.

5.30        01/07/03
        a.  Fixed cert test failure on 5705 when running at 10mb.
        b.  Fixed intermittent link failure when resuming from phy
            power down mode.
        c.  Improved system resume time when cable is disconnected.

5.29        01/03/03
        a.  Fixed CQ#6456 -- Crash during hibernation with BCM5700.
        b.  Updated copyright strings to 2003.
        c.  Added phy reset when powering up the phy from low power mode.
        d.  Fixed loopback test failure.

5.28        01/01/03
        a.  Added Phy Reset to link down events for 5705.
        b.  Removed 5704 support.

5.27        12/30/02
        a.  Removed DbgPrint statements from retail build of driver.

5.26        12/30/02

        a.  Fixed CQ#6481 -- MagicPacket capability was not properly reported
            to the operating system.  Access to PHY registers was not properly
            synchronized when the system comes out of standby.
        b.  Fixed CQ#6353 -- Access to PHY registers was not properly
            synchronized when the system comes out of standby resulting in
            NdisTest WOL test failures.
        c.  Improved driver load times when link pulses are not present.

5.25        12/20/02
        a.  Fixed Bug#6354 ASF CFG table gets corrupted when changing IP to static.
        b.  Fixed Bug#6026 Allow only management to station to wake sticks with WOL 
             advanced option set to Wake Up Frame.
        c.  CQ6381:  5704C fails copy/compare tests only on PAE machine while
               running Chariot.
            CQ6418:  5704 Fiber fails copy/compare on PAE machine while running
               Chariot on different cards.

5.24        12/17/02
        a.  Added 6.25 Mhz low power clock mode for 10mb link.
        b.  Added MpSpinlock check for 5705 coalescing timer tick routine.
        c.  Tristate GPIOs during driver init.
        d.  Enabled Phy DLL power down.
        e.  Removed check for NT4 SP4 in ndis4 oemsetup.inf

5.23        12/12/02
        a.  Fixed hang on shutdown during programming of PMCtrl register.
        b.  Updated INF files to reflect known PCI ID's as of this date.

5.22        12/11/02
        a.  Fixed various Wake On Lan issues related to PCI config cycles
            not getting written by the OS.
        b.  Fixed problem with 5705/5901 not completing pending transmits
            when the driver is unloaded under heavy traffic.
        c.  Mapped the following NDIS counters:
        d.  Changed Link Down events in the event log from "Error" to

5.21        11/27/02
        a.  Fixed 5704 and 5704S Fiber Negotiation issues.
        b.  Fixed 7 second link down indication.
        c.  Added work around for 5701A1 LSO hang.

5.20        11/19/02
        a.  Don't unload driver if BAR's memory enable bit is not set.
        b.  Enable Rx Accelerate for 5705A1 running on 33Mhz system bus.
        c.  Don't arbitrate halting of on board CPUs on 5700 and 5701.
        d.  Don't advertise SNAP encapsulation LSO support for 5705.
        e.  Prevent duplicate link indications to the OS.

5.19        11/12/02
        a.  Added three new OIDs for PHY Turn Off, Turn On, and Query operation.
        b.  Fixed yellow bang problem with 5705.

5.18        11/08/02
        a.  Fixed problem with 5901 not negotiating 100mb when plugged into a gigabit
            capable switch.
        b.  Fixed Waker/Dozer link problems.
        c.  Added Auto phy power down for 5705/5901 A1.

5.17        11/01/02
        a.  Changed WOL default capabilities to 'Both'.
        b.  Changed call to NdisMInitializeScatterGatherDma to pass TRUE for
            64-bit DMA capable.
        c.  Fixed HCT cable disconnect failure on IA64.
        d.  Changed link down messages in the error log to 'Error' from 'Informational'.
        e.  Fixed 5700 hang when unloading and reloading the driver.

5.16        10/21/02
        a.  Changed default DpcLoopCnt to improve mouse response on HyperThreading
            enabled processors.
        b.  Removed manual install options from inf files.
        c.  Added Isolate mode to phy power down sequence.

5.15        10/08/02
        a.  Disabled 5705/5901 Auto phy power down.
        b.  Adjusted link up timer due to pass whql media connect/disconnect test.

5.14        10/03/02
        a.  Corrected 5705/5901 Low power state clocking.
        b.  Enabled 5705/5901 Auto phy power down.
        c.  Fixed problem with linking at 1000mb when system is
            going into standby or hibernate.

5.13        09/25/02
        a.  Removed Jumbo Frame option for 5705/5901 on NT4
        b.  Fixed blue screen problem with 5705/5901

5.12        09/24/02
        a.  Added 5705MFE Support.
        b.  Added 5704S Support.

5.11        09/23/02
        a.  Fixed Ethernet@Wirespeed not getting disabled after phy
            reset on 5705/5901.
        b.  Shortened 5705/5901 reset sequence.
        c.  Corrected Low Power mode clocking for 5705/5901.

5.10        09/18/02
        a.  Fixed blue screen problem with 5705/5901.
        b.  Fixed Ethernet@WireSpeed not getting disabled with 5705.

4.13        09/16/02
        a.  Corrected driver WakeOnLan and Default options in the
            installation  .inf  files.

4.12        09/13/02
        a.  Fixed problem when only 'magic pkt' or only 'wake up frame'
            is selected from advanced properties tab.

4.11        09/12/02
	a.  Fixed problem with Vaux switchover for 5704.
	b.  Changed WOL speed behavior for 5704.

4.10        09/04/02
        a.  Removed 5705/5901 support for version 4.xx. 5705/5901 support
            will be in version 5.xx
        b.  Fixed problem with system not waking up with Magic Packet
            from shutdown.

3.51        09/03/02
        a.  Fixed problem with system waking from magic pkt when "Allow
            this device..." checkbox was unchecked.

3.50        08/26/02
            Bumped revision number to 3.50 for revision control purposes.
            No functional changes.

3.30        08/20/02
        a.  Fixed 2m_addre certification failures.
        b.  Fixed ReverseNway problems after resume from hibernate.
        c.  Fixed link indication problems with 5705/5901
        d.  Fixed IA64 SGL LSO performance problem.

3.29        08/13/02
        a.  Added 5901 Support
        b.  Fixed Pattern Match WOL problem with 5705/5901
        c.  Added support for 5705/5901 ClkRun register bits for MiniPci
        d.  Performance tuning for 5705

3.28        08/08/02
        a.  Fixed shutdown hang on IA64 platforms
        b.  Fixed problem with interrupt vector greater than 255.
        c.  Fixed eeprom corruption when BMAPI writes only 4 bytes
        d.  Removed invalid tx cpu checks for 5705

3.27        08/01/02
        a.  5703S Magic Packet WOL support
        b.  Fixed 5705 Statistics

3.26        07/30/02
        a.  Added PLL Powerdown in low power mode back in.
        b.  Added support for 5705
        c.  Removed init delay loops for 5705

3.25        07/25/02
        a.  Fixed problem with system hangs when WOL speed is forced
            to 10mb.
        b.  Removed corner case when processing TCP large send offloads
            that was causing the firmware to hang.
        c.  Enforced WOL speed requirements on 5704 adapters to minimize
            VAux power consumption.

3.24        07/11/02
        a.  Fixed problem with system hangs during suspend/hibernate.
        b.  Fixed linkspeed problems w/ ASF.

3.23        07/10/02
        a.  Correct INF to reflex correct driver defaults for OEM1_DEV4 device.
        b.  Fixed problem with System Shutdown leaving link at 1gig under certain

3.22        07/03/02
        a.  Added routine to read PowerSaving state from bootcode. This feature
            requires bootcode dated after 07/03/02.
        b.  Added code to notify bootcode of OS Shutdown/Suspend.

3.21        07/01/02
    Fixed the following:
        a.  Cable disconnect cert failure for XP/.Net.
        b.  Network link intermittently getting dropped when ASF is enabled.

3.20        06/28/02
    Fixed the following:
        a.  Large Send Offload hang due to dma queue out of sequence
        b.  System hang during shutdown.

3.19        06/26/02
    Fixed the following:
        a.  System hang/reboot due to PME getting stuck.

3.18        06/25/02
    Fixed the following:
        a.  Gray out power management when WOL capabilities is set to none.
        b.  Fixed continuous messages in Event Viewer for NT4.
        c.  Fixed blue screen/system hang problem when unloading driver.
        d.  Added Link Speed power saving.

3.17        06/19/02
    Fixed the following:
        a.  Added workaround so Win2k doesn't gray out power management
            button when only Magic Packet is enabled.
        b.  Changed workaround for .Net32/.Net64 link detect problem.
        c.  Changed max send packet BD from 32 to 128.
        d.  Added Power Saving OID

3.16        06/04/02
    Changed service names for .net32/.net64 back.

3.15        06/04/02
    Fixed the following:
        a.  Added workaround for .Net32/.Net64 link detect problem.
        b.  Corrected service names for .Net32/.Net64

3.14        05/22/02
    Fixed the following:
        a.  Incorrect link polarity in phy loopback test
        b.  Incorrect mac address for function 1 when firmware is not running.
        c.  Nic hang when running WHQL large send offload test.
        d.  Added Mac Address override in INF file for Win2k, WinXP.
        e.  Added workaround when the going into suspend or hibernate but
            the OS doesn't tell the driver that the supported PM mode has changed.

3.13        05/13/02
    Fixed the following:
        a.  Added WOL workaround that doesn't require link status polling
        b.  Adjusted MBUF Watermarks to fix problem 10/100 rx discard problem.

3.12        05/01/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  Corrected version number to 3.12

3.11        04/30/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  On Windows XP and later, both NDIS_MAC_OPTION_8021Q_VLAN and
            NDIS_MAC_OPTION_8021P_PRIORITY options must be enabled when VLAN
            support is turned on.
        b.  Fixed PCIX hanging problem
        c.  Added fix for mysterious 0x70 clearing problem.

3.10        04/23/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  Second function not being recognized by NT4
        b.  Official Alpha 5704 release

2.89        12/09/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  The standard receive buffer could overflow by 1 or 2 bytes when
            jumbo frame is enabled.

2.88        12/03/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  Corrected CQ6203 Long wait during Teaming configuration.

2.87        11/25/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  Corrected issues of Shutdown and going to Standby in PCIX systems
            with ASF Enabled.

2.86        11/15/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  Changed Link Down status to Error in Even Viewer.
        b.  Report 64bit DMA capable on 64bit adapters.
        c.  Fixed problem with losing link after running cable diags.

2.85        10/18/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  Fixed mouse not moving smoothly problem on Hyper-threading enabled
        b.  Fixed intermittent loopback failures on PCI-X systems.
        c.  Updated internal driver string names.

2.84        09/24/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  Check for duplicate Wake Pattern during handling of
            OID_PNP_ADD_WAKE_UP_PATTERN and return success if pattern already
        b.  No longer log or report Link Up and Link Down Status; when in
            Diagnostic Mode.

2.83        09/17/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  Freeing non-empty Ndis packet/buffer pool when driver verifier
            is enabled.  This is a very rare condition.

2.82        08/09/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  CQ4838,4862: Low performance when LargeSend is enabled on IA64
        b.  Fixed problem with interrupt vector greater than 255.

2.81        07/31/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  Freeing non-empty Ndis packet/buffer pool when driver verifier
            is enabled.

2.79        07/29/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  Provide statistics counter for frames dropped due to no receive
            buffer left.
        b.  Qualified bond id check with chip number.  Add additional bond ids.
        c.  Driver could crash when sharing interrupt.
        d.  LargeSend may cause a transmit lock.

2.78        06/28/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  Register access contention with ASF during driver initialization.

2.77        06/26/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  Ensure there is no bus activity when there is no link.
        b.  CQ4376: Hot replace of a fiber adapter leaves it in inoperable 
        c.  CQ4542: CPU test failure on a BCM5701 adapter running in PCI-X mode.
        d.  CQ4577: Register test failure on a BCM5701 adapter running in PCI-X

2.76        06/10/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  Freeing non-empty Ndis packet/buffer pool when driver verifier
            is enabled.

2.75        05/07/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  Register test failure on the fiber adapter.

2.74        05/06/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  Bad CRC count reported after running diagnostic.

2.73        05/01/02

    Allow a user application to query the driver's current flow control

    Fixed the following:
        a.  On Windows XP and later, both NDIS_MAC_OPTION_8021Q_VLAN and
            NDIS_MAC_OPTION_8021P_PRIORITY options must be enabled when VLAN
            support is turned on.
        b.  Intermittent memory test failure.
        c.  Removed speed and duplex settings from the driver's advanced
            property tab of a fiber adapter.

2.72        04/24/02

    Miscellaneous changes to the INF files.

2.71        04/23/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  System crash due to GPIO register access.  Added a workaround.

2.68        03/29/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  CQ3740:  Missing information in the NT4 help file pertaining to
            "1 Gb Full" duplex line setting for the fiber adapter.
        b.  High CPU utilization after a CPU test on BCM5703/02.

2.67        03/22/02

    EEPROM write was not working.

2.66        03/21/02

    Changed driver media description to "Broadcom NetXtreme Installation Media".

    Allow configurability of the LED control register.

2.65        03/14/02

    When the "Speed & Duplex" setting is set to "auto" on the fiber adapter,
    the driver will fall back to 1000Mb FD mode if the link partner is not
    attempting to auto negotiate.

    Fixed the following:
        a. CQ3636: Cannot pass traffic in 1000Mb FD mode after disconnecting
           the cable.

2.64        03/13/02

    Fixed the following:
        a. CQ3592: High CPU utilization on the fiber card when it is set to
           auto-negotiate with a switch that has auto-negotiate turned off.
        b. CQ3593: Program the link LED of the fiber card to reflect
           auto-negotiation result.

2.63        03/08/02

    Fixed the following:
        a. CQ3217: Cannot get link when connecting two fiber adapters

2.62        03/01/02

    Fixed the following:
        a. CRC errors on BCM5703S.

2.61        02/28/02

    Enable RX checksum and LargeSend offloading by default on WindowsXP.

    Added BCM5703/02 performance enhancements.

    Fixed the following:
        a. CQ3437: 1c_InitTime test failure.  Driver was taking too long
           to obtain link status.

2.59        02/25/02

    Fixed the following:
        a. CQ3386: Removed Ethernet@WireSpeed option form fiber adapters.
        b. CQ3396: Removing the driver on Windows9x, caused the system to
        c. CQ3387: WOL parameter not removed when upgrading to a fiber adapter.
        d. Removed Ethernet@WireSpeed option from BCM5700 based adapters.

2.58        02/22/02

    Fixed the following:
        a. CQ3355: WOL at 100Mb mode was not working on BCM5700.
        b. Changed the default for Ethernet@WireSpeed to enable.
        c. Unable to pass traffic at 1Gb link when Ethernet@WireSpeed is

2.57        02/22/02

    Added support for BCM5703s.

    Added the new PCI device IDs for the BCM5703/02 based adapters.

    Added support for Ethernet@WireSpeed.

    Fixed the following:
        a. CQ3153: 2m_WOLPattern Ndis test failure on the new HCT10 QFE5.

2.56        02/11/02

    Added ASF WOL support.

2.55        02/06/02

    Fixed the following:
        a. CQ2892: CPU utilization goes up when only the receive cable of the 
           fiber adapter is connected to the switch.
        b. CQ3035: Changed the copyright year.
        c. CQ3083: System locks up when running the interrupt test.
        d. CQ3105: 2c_LoadUnload test failure.

2.54        01/25/02

    Removed support for BCM5703/02 A0.

    This version is based off v2.32 and v2.41 with the following fixes added.
        a. CQ2097,2879,2888:  Intermittent autonegotiation failure when loading
           the driver for the fiber adapter.
        b. CQ2548: Unable to "unfail" on NT4 via a Hot-Plug utility.
        c. CQ2544: Hot-Plug utility displays an incorrect link status on NT4.
        d. CQ2891,2865: PXE client unable to do remote installation.
        e. CQ2613: W2K crashes while running continuous loopback in a PCI-X

2.53        01/23/02

    Fixed the following:
        a. Unable to read the MAC address from SEEPROM on BCM5703/02.

2.52        01/22/02

    Fixed the following:
        a. CQ2873: Failed 2c_AddressChange when running NdisTester.
        b. CQ2893: Jumbo frame was not working on BCM5703/02A0.
        c. CQ2879,2888: Intermittently failing the 1c_gtime test on the fiber
        d. CQ2544,2548: NT4 Hot Plug PCI issues.

2.51        01/10/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  BCM5703/02A0 cannot wake-up from hibernation and standby if the
            firmware is not active.

2.49        01/08/02

    Fixed the following:
        a.  Ensure MAX_PCI_RETRY is set to zero immediately after a reset.

2.48        01/02/02

    Added support for ASF.

2.47        12/28/01

    Fixed the following:
        a.  Lost of network connectivity when running Double-Take on
            Windows 2000.

2.46        12/27/01

    This is an NT4 release only.  This version is actually v2.43 with the
    fix listed below.

    Fixed the following:
        a.  Failed 2m_media.tst on NT4 when running in 10mb half duplex mode.

2.45        12/20/01

    Added a new BCM5703/02A0 firmware workaround for DMA write overrun.

    Fixed the following:
        a.  Taking extremely long time shutting down Windows 9x when the driver
            is running.

2.44        12/18/01

    Added support for BCM5703/02.

    Added PCI-X workaround for BCM5703/02A0.

2.43        12/11/01

    Added the new Ndis 5.1 VLAN extensions for Windows XP/.NET drivers.  To
    enable this feature, set the registry parameters for "VlanEnable" to 1 and
    "VlanId" to the desired VLAN ID.

    Added support for BCM5700 with BCM5411.

2.42        12/07/01

    Added support for BCM5703/02.

    Fixed the following issue:
        a.  Windows 2000 may crash when running the loopback test continuously
            on a multi-processor system.

2.41        11/15/01

    This is an NT4 release only.  This version is actually v2.32 with the
    fix listed below.

    Fixed the following issue:
        a.  NT4 shutdown causes the system to hang when WOL is enabled.

2.40        04/22/02

    This version is based off v2.32 with the following fixes added.
        a.  Lost of network connectivity during WHQL ServerTest on a PCIX-100

2.39        11/02/01

    Fixed the following issues:
        a.  "unfail" issue in OEM Hotplug utility.  Only affects NT4 driver.

2.38        11/01/01

    Fixed the following issues:
        a.  Intermittent problem reading PHY registers.

2.37        10/31/01
    Fixed the following issues:
        a.  NT4 HotPlug PCI state was not initialized.
        b.  1c_Reset, 2c_OffloadChecksum, and 2c_OffloadLargeSend was not fixed
            in v2.36.

2.36        10/28/01

    Fixed the following issues:
        a.  Second installation on NT4 does not update to a newer driver.
        b.  Fixed intermittent failures on 1c_Reset, 2c_OffloadChecksum,
            and 2c_OffloadLargeSend.

2.35        10/22/01

    Added support for BCM5700Cx LargeSend offload.

    Added support for BCM5702.

    Fixed the following issues:
        a.  PHY_LINK10 mode not working.
        b.  Failed file compare test with Netbui protocol.

2.34        10/03/01

    Fixed the following issues:
        a.  Not reporting link change status to the OS when the cable is being
            disconnected from a 10Mb link.  This problem only occurs on the
        b.  Encapsulation for Task Offload was not properly advertised.

2.33        09/19/01
    Fixed the following issues:
        a.  BCM5700 cable unplug problem at 1Gb on PCI-X system.  Also requires
            1.12, or 2.5 or newer EEPROM.
        b.  Refine the fix in v2.32.  Version 2.32 will crash if at the time
            of the unplug, the system was busy transmitting packets.

2.32        09/14/01

    Fixed the following issues:
        a.  BCM5700 cable unplug problem at 1Gb.  Also requires 1.12, or 2.5
            or newer EEPROM.

2.31        09/12/01

    Fixed the following issues:
        a.  There is a possibility of the BCM5700 not claiming its interrupt,
            which results in system lock-up.
        b.  XP blue screen when running 2c_simultaneous on BCM5700 with jumbo
            frame set to 9000.
        c.  Misreporting of CRC error statistics.
        d.  2C_OffloadChecksum failures with the fiber adapter.

2.29        08/25/01

    Fixed the follwing issues:
        a.  2m_standby Ndis test failures on Dell 8450 machine.
        b.  Driver fails to load when the adapter is behind an IBM PCI-X bridge.

2.28        08/23/01

    Fixed the following issues:
        a.  When receive checksum is enabled on BCM5700, the driver may
            crash upon receiving a fragmented UDP datagram that is less than
            60 bytes.

2.27        08/22/01

    Fixed the following issues:
        a.  Ndis WOL test failures in pattern matching.
        b.  Crash on Windows .NET sending a packet that was double buffered.

2.26        08/19/01

    Fixed the following issues:
        a.  Windows 2000 intermittently locks up when entering standby or
            hibernate mode.

2.25        08/17/01

    Allow a way to get the actual bus speed on a PCI-X system.

    Fixed the following issues:
        a.  NT4 driver installation will failed if the driver for an adapter
            that previously occupied the same slot was not removed.
        b.  Fixed TCP segmentation certification failures.

2.24        08/14/01

    Changed the description of the Broadcom fiber adapter to
    "Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Fiber".

    Added WOL support for the new A3 chip.

    Fixed the following issues:
        a.  B57w2k.sys driver locks up when running Storage Consolidation.
        b.  The fiber adapter intermittently fails autonegotiation after
            resetting HP2524 switch.

2.23        08/02/01

    NT4 driver installation now checks for the presence of Service Pack 4 or

    Fixed the following issues:
        a.  WOL speed was not properly set when shutting the system down.
        b.  B57xp32/64.sys drivers were not using NdisQueryBufferSafe which
            resulted in 1 failure in the 1c_KernelCalls test.
        c.  Failures in 1c_OffloadLargeSend.

2.22        07/31/01

    Fixed the following issues:
        a.  Fiber card back-to-back connection did not work on a PCI-X system.
        b.  BCM5700 crash on XP when telnet to a switch.
        c.  Driver crash after running ping for 30 minutes on an Athlon MP.

2.21        07/22/01

     Added LargeSend offload support.

     Enabled MagicPacket wake-up when the system shuts down.

     Fixed the following issues:
        a.  System crash on XP when enabling several instances at once.

2.19        07/17/01

    Fixed the following issues:
        a.  802.3z autonegotiation was not working reliably.
        b.  PHY loopback test was broken.

2.18        07/13/01

    Added support for Windows 95 Retail edition.

    Fixed the following issues.
        a.  System crash when running 2m_PerformanceBlast on an IA64 system.
            Under heavy traffic condition, the driver could miss an interrupt.
        b.  1c_Reset causes a system crash on Windows NT 4.0.  During a reset,
            a pended transmit request may not be properly completed.

2.17        07/10/01

    Added SGL support for the BCM5700 code path.  B57w2k will default to
    use the map registers and B57xp32/64 defaults to use SGL.

    Added a user configurable parameter for WOL speed.

    Fixed the following issues.
        a.  Driver was preventing the system from generating a dump file on
            system crash.

2.16        07/01/01

    Fixed the following issues.
        a.  Ndis resetting the miniport driver on the BCM5701 based fiber
            adapter when the cable is not connect.

2.15        06/28/01

    Added support for BCM5701 based fiber board.

    Fixed the following issues.
        a.  Intermitten running the 1c_FaultHandling script on Whistler with
            checked Ndis and DriverVerifier enabled.

2.14        06/19/01

    Removed all references to "Broadcom" from all OEM inf files.

    Fixed the following issues.
        a.  Possible memory leak in Windows 98 Retail edition.
        b.  Not indicate the correct link status to BASP.
        c.  Intermitten system crash when initializing the driver with the
            cable being plugged.
        d.  802.1p priority tag insertion was not done properly.

2.13        06/12/01

    Fixed the following issues.
        a.  Not initializing the chip's internal statistics counters to zero
            after a reset.
        b.  Intermitten system lock-up when transitioning to low power mode.
        c.  When forcing line speed, NdisTest complained about link status 
            indication during the WOL tests.

    Removed support for SGL.

    Added support for Windows 98 Retail edition to the b57w2k.sys binary.

2.12        06/01/01

    Fixed the following issues.
        a.  System crash on 2m_pblst.tst NdisTest.
        b.  Installation problem on NT4 when installing various OEM adapters
            at the same time.
        c.  Intermitten link indications at the end of WOL NdisTest.
        d.  System lock-up when booting up without a valid link.
        e.  Indicating received packets before Ndis sets the packet filter.
        f.  The default internal watermarks were configured for jumbo frame.

    Enable WOL at 10/100Mb on the new BCM5701 A1 chip.

2.11        05/23/01

    Added "RxClearTicksOnBd" and "TxClearTicksOnBd" registry key for configuring
    the 5701 interrupt mode.  By default, if these keys are not present,
    "RxClearTicksOnBd" is disabled and "TxClearTicksOnBd" is enabled.

    Tuned the driver for better performance on an MP system.

1.39        05/16/01

    Fixed the following issues:
        a. Low throughput with certain netperf test configuration in 100Mb mode.
        b. 802.1p was broken.
        c. Driver was reseting the statistics whenever there was a link change.

1.38        05/07/01

    Fixed the following problems.
        a. Oemsetup.inf generated "Parse error" when upgrading NT4.0 driver.
        b. Oemsetup.inf created multiple device entries when an older driver is
           already installed.
        c. Oemsetup.inf did not display the correct adapter string.

    Enabled WOL feature on Windows 9x driver.

1.37        05/04/01

    Fixed a bug in which a map register may not be freed.  On a PAE system,
    this bug will cause the system to crash when running the HCT test with
    driver verifier enabled.

    Added support for Ndis scatter-gather-list.  This mode is enabled by setting
    "UseSgl" keyword to 1 and it only works on the 5701.

1.36        05/02/01

    Fixed excessive interrupts problem.

    Modified link change dampening algorithm.  Originally, link change
    indications were delayed 1-2 seconds.  Now, link down indication is
    immediate and link up indication is delayed 1.5 seconds.

    Changed the driver description in the resource file to "Broadcom NetXtreme
    Gigabit Ethernet".

    Added "DpcLoopCnt" configurable parameter for capping DPC looping.

1.35        04/25/01

    Enhance the configurability of determining link change interrupt.  Added
    the following configurable parameters:

            0   Auto select link change interrupt (default).
            1   Link change is triggered by the PHY interrupt.
            2   Link change is determined from the link ready signal.
            3   Link change is determined by auto-polling.  (5701 only)

            The default mode for 5700 is "1" and 5701 is "2".

            0   Auto select the mechanism for determining link change status.
            1   Look at the MAC status register to get link change status.
            2   Look at the status block for link change status.  (5701 only).

            The default mode for 5700 is "1" and 5701 is "2".

            0   Auto select 540x LED mode based on the device's subsystem IDs.
            1   540x LED mode is set to "Triple Speed".
            2   540x LED mode is set to "LINK10".

    On the 5701, the status block size is configured to 80, 64, or 32 bytes 
    long depending on the number of rings enabled.

    Modified code to adjust the start of a receive buffer so that the payload
    will align at a 4-byte boundary.

    Modified b57w2k.inf to allow for generic installation.  The driver will
    check for supported devices and will fail if an unknown device is detected.

    Fixed the following issues:
        a.  No link up event after a PHY loopback test.

1.34        04/16/01

    Fixed problem in which an Ndis timer may not be properly disabled when
    unloading the driver.

1.33        04/11/01

    The following issues are fixed:
        a.  10Mbps not working.
        b.  PHY loopback failure in BASCS.

    Added support for "tagged status block" interrupt mode.

    Added support for Ndis 64-bit statistics counters.

1.32        04/03/01

    Added the "Athlon fix".  Enabled by default.

    Added support for BCM5701.

1.31        03/12/01

    Added support for the Agilent and BCM8002 SERDES (fiber boards).

    Added support for Windows Me and 98.

    Changed the severity of link down event message log to "Information"
    instead of "Error".

    Modified the driver to not log "Informational" messages to the EventViewer
    during initialization.  On a Windows 9x system, this will cause an
    undesirable error message box to popup after the system boots up.  This
    version of the driver will not log "Driver initialized successfully"
    message and link information during initialization.

    Added support for the new Fiber board with the BCM8002 SERDES.

    Enable LLC_LENGTH check when VLAN is not enabled.

    Added the "Dribble Bit" workaround.

    Fixed problem with the outgoing traffic being fragmented at 8190 byte
    boundary even when the jumbo frame size was set to 9000.

1.29        01/29/01

    Disable PCI-X relaxed ordering bit in the PCI-X command register.

    Changed DMA and MBUF watermarks when jumbo frame is enabled.

1.28        01/26/01

    Added support for PCI-X.

    Fixed system crash caused by running cable diagnostic in heavy traffic.

1.27        01/22/01

    Fixed intermitten crash on Whistler when entering lower power mode.  This
    was cause by the driver copying network wake-up frame beyond the give

    Added a workaround for the problem with not being able to DMA buffers that
    end at 0xfffffff8-0xffffffff address region.

    Driver will not switch to the auxilliary power if the system does not have

    Disallowed receiving packets bigger than 1514 but less than 1536 when
    jumbo frame is not enabled.

    Maximum jumbo frame size was changed from 8000 to 9000 bytes in b57nt4.hlp.

1.26        01/02/01

    Changed the way DPC is being serialized.

    Increased the maximum jumbo frame size to 9k.

    Added code to reset the PHY and wait for link during initialization.

    Fixed 1c_ofld.tst failure when only the transmit checksum is enabled.

    Modified the default interrupt coalescing parameters in b57w2k.inf and

    Restore PCI subsystem and subvendor IDs on a reset.

1.25        12/22/00

    Added support for the B1 silicon.

    Fixed no link up interrupt.

    Fixed intermitten W2k system hang on boot up when there is no cable
    connected with Netbuei and Nwlink protocol installed.

    Modified b57w2k.inf to enable WOL and TX checksum offloading capabilities.

    Improved driver performance.

1.24        12/16/00

    Fixed problem with link functuation when coming out of hibernation mode.

    Fixed possible memory leak due to transmit packet descriptor not being
    freed up when the driver unloads.

    Cosmetic changes to oemsetup.inf and b57w2k.inf.

    Added code to check for subsystem vendor Id.

1.23        12/11/00

    Fixed an intermitten system crash when unloading the driver on a busy

1.22        12/09/00

    Fixed 1c_gtime failure when forcing 10mb full duplex on an HP 2424M switch.

1.21        12/07/00

    Shorten "Link Selection" items in b57w2k.inf and oemsetup.inf.

    Added software workaround to recover from link mismatch settings.  For
    example, the link partner is forced to 100mb and the adapter is forced
    to 10mb.

1.19        12/04/00

    Replaced "Driver" with "Controller" in b57w2k.inf and oemsetup.inf.

    Fixed a very intermitten MAC and PHY loopback failure.

1.18        12/01/00

    Removed TxMtu configurable parameter.  Now the user only has to configure
    RxMtu to enable jumbo frame support.

    5401 B0 silicon was not being resetted when the 1gb link went down.  The
    reset is required as software workaround for the 5401 errata.

    Driver will now restore a couple of PCI configuration registers after
    a reset.

1.17        11/29/00

    Added the ability to configure jumbo frame parameter in the b57w2k.inf.

    Fixed driver reporting wrong link status after reboot when forcing
    link speed on both sides.

    Fixed failure in MAC loopback test.

1.16        11/28/00

    Updated the 5401 tap power-management script.

    Removed the busy polling for link when unplugging the cable.  The polling
    period was too long and it was causing BASP to drop some Chariot

    Removed support for A0, A1 silicon to reduce code size.

1.15        11/26/00

    Fixed intermitten system lock-up on shutdown when WOL is enabled.

    Multicast table was never cleared which was causing the intermitten
    failure in 2c_rmult.

    5401 reset on link down should occur only when the current speed is 1gb.

    Reduced driver load/unload time which will eliminate the 1c_gtime warnings.
    However, these warnings may still occur when WOL is enabled.  This is due
    to the driver waiting for auto-negotiation to complete before completing

1.14        11/22/00

    Added a software workaround for the 5401 to prevent it from locking up
    when the cable is unplugged during transmission.

    All the LEDs now indicate their corresponding link speed.

1.13        11/21/00

    Fixed problem with TCP connections dropping when running Chariot in
    10/100mb mode.

    Fixed problem with the adapter being disabled after exiting from the
    standby mode in Windows 2000.

    Fixed problem with the adapter not entering into wake-up mode when

    Ignore TX checksum parameter for B0 silicon.

1.12        11/18/00

    Added WOL support for Windows 2000.

    Fixed intermitten lock-up in 10mb mode.  Shadowed several MAC registers.

    Fixed PHY register read problem.  Occasionally PHY register read returned
    an incorrect value.

    Default TaskOffload and FlowControl parameter to off.

0.9         11/10/00

    Added MagicPacket support.

    In v0.8, whenever the driver detects a link mismatch, it will recover
    by switching to auto-negotiation mode.  This version does not have this
    recovery mechanism.

    Write the link settings to the EventLog after the driver has initialized.

    Fixed 1c_gtime failure when forcing line speed.

0.8         11/03/00

    NdisPacket allocated by the driver did not have the protocol reserved
    area which could cause system crash.

    Added a better handshaking mechanism with the firmware.

    Fixed the 2m_addres test.

    Added Compaq Hot Plug PCI support in oemsetup.inf.

    The MAC was not properly setup to operate in half duplex mode.

    Modified the driver to receive maximum sized VLAN packet without using
    the Jumbo receive ring.

0.7         10/30/00

    Fixed problems with forcing line speed.  

    Added checksum offloading capability.

    Fixed several issues with the Ndis test.  The following test should
    pass now:  1c_ofldn, 2m_load, 2m_misc, 2m_addre.

    Added support for IBM hot plug.

0.6         10/22/00

    Fixed lock-up that occurs when running the Ndis stress test.

    Fixed system crash when stopping the driver on an A1 silicon.

    Minor changes in b57nt4.hlp.

    Fixed problems with PHY loopback.  Added support for MAC loopback.

    Added a vendor specific OID for changing the MAC address.
    Tested VLAN tagging and 802.1p priority packet.

0.5         10/17/00

    Added a timer routine to periodically program the hardware to update
    the status block and generate an interrupt.  This is necessary because
    with A0, A1, B0 silicon, under certain condition, the host will miss

    Disable PCI NWI by default.

    The send producer index is written twice.  This is a bug in the A0, A1, B0
    silicon in which chip will miss the mailbox stimulus.

    Added tx/rx PAUSE frame negotiation with link partner.  Modified b57w2k.inf
    to allow the user to configure rx/tx PAUSE frame independently.

    Fixed VLAN bug.  The driver was retrieving VLAN tag from the wrong offset
    in the miniport reserved area.

    Added jumbo frame support.  The user must manually modify the registry
    parameter to enable this feature.  "RxJumboDescCnt" must be changed
    to some value greater than 20 but less than 256.  This value determine
    the numbe of receive buffers to allocate for jumbo frames.

    Modified oemsetup.inf and b57w2k.inf to default "DisableAutoNeg" to 1,
    which will disable auto-negotiation advertisement when selecting a
    particular line speed.

    Added a help file for b57nt4.sys driver.

0.04        10/02/00
    Added support for link change detection via PHY interrupt as oppose to
    having the MAC poll the PHY.  PHY interrupt processing can be enable
    via "UsePhyInterrupt" registry parameter.  Default is "auto-polling".

    Miscellaneous modifications oemsetup.inf and b57w2k.inf.  Also fixed
    driver update issues with oemsetup.inf.

    Added delay before the driver is unloaded to prevent W2K from detecting
    the card as a different device.

    Fixed the deserialized driver to queue outgoing packets when there is no
    more packet descriptors left.

0.03        09/21/00
    Modified reset and halt routines to handle shutdown more robustly.  Some 
    systems will not recognize the board after a warm boot.  This version
    of the driver should fix this.

0.02        09/09/00
    Initial release for the A1 silicon.

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How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

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