VERSION.TXT Driver File Contents (

0629a (Sensaura Library 2135)
0629a.INF : add ecs model 1019&0A52 (lpc model)

0629 (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : fix bugs : MPU401 crash system on 37 chip

STEP2.SYS : Add a key called "DisableMPU401XP" in INF file to see if MPU401
            should be disabled in Windows XP under the condition
            "EnableLegacy = 1 or 3".

0628 (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : implement MPU401 as a PCI device interface rather than subdevice

STEP2.SYS : fix the problem that XP HCT failed on driver verifier, it is
            due to inappropriate processing on PnP IRP

STEP3.SYS : 1. delete port event notify, because it has bugs in Win2000, WinME, and Win98
            2. add 3 dummy mute node to overcome the HCT mixer driver test errors

STEP4.SYS : fix MPU401 failed on KsDirectMusic test

0627 (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : 1. support Digital Right Management ---> Copy Protect

STEP2.SYS : 1. support Digital Right Management ---> Digital Output Disable
            2. delete the support of 11k, 16bit, mono format in DataRangeIntersection

STEP3.SYS : 1. restore the support of 11k, 16bit, mono format in DataRangeIntersection,
               since this is not a failure.

STEP4.SYS : 1. Correct some errors in "KsStudio.exe". Remove the functions that support
               supermix node. Use WaveFormatExtensible format in DataRangeIntersection.

STEP5.SYS : 1. fix Digital Right Management ---> Digital Output Disable.

STEP6.SYS : 1. Solve the fail in HCT, Wave driver test (close MPU401 and game),

STEP7.SYS : 1. No change, only modify INF file to pass INF checker.

STEP8.SYS : 1. Topology uses multiplexer acrhitecture.
            2. Add Microphone gain, range 0dB ~ 12dB. Set by the key, "MicAddGainDB",
               in INF file.

STEP9.SYS : 1. Add three volume node (LineIn_WaveIn, Aux_WaveIn, CD_WaveIn) and use port
               calss event to notify each other, if any change happens.

STEP10.SYS : 1. Correct the error in driver verifier. The handler of port calss event
                must be in non-paged memory.

STEP11.SYS : 1. remove microphone add gain, restore renderer.cpp, and remove helper.cpp.

STEP12.SYS : 1. remove stereo mix volume. when microphone gain = 0dB. do nothing.

STEP13.SYS : 1. remove stereo mix volume.
             2. when microphone gain = 0dB. do nothing. (Jhon).

STEP14.SYS : 1. Correct the problem of "forget release dmachannel interface".
                The function of this version is the same as STEP10.SYS.

STEP15.SYS : 1. When OS is WindowsXP, 2000, ME, open MPU401 and game.
             2. Add a private property "KSPROPERTY_CMAUDIO_MIXER_UI" to indicate
                mixer.exe whether the Validity SpdifIn, CopyProtect Buttons should be
                shown or not.
             3. use new CMnprop.dll, which support interface "ICMAudioProperty2".

INF : modify INF as the INF of 0625b

0626 (Sensaura Library 2135)
SYS : change ac-3 topology to resolve phantom controls problem on mixer

0625a (Sensaura Library 2135)
INF : add uninstall mechanism on driver package

0625 (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : 1. remove limitations on MONITER_SPDIF_IN
            2. disable MPU401 if PCI IRQ above 15 (for Intel 845 problem)
INF :       multi-section sub-vender/sub-device

0624b (Sensaura Library 2216)
STEP1.SYS : 1. fix the problem of initialization failure of grapher
INF       : Add uninstall mechanism on system

0624a (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : 1. remove limitations on MONITER_SPDIF_IN
            2. disable MPU401 if PCI IRQ above 15 (for Intel 845 problem)

0624 (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : 1. Change the name PcSpeaker to MonoIn

STEP2.SYS : 1. Open External Bass
            2. modify pnp.cpp and pnp.h

0623 (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : 1. fix the power management problems with Sensaura


0622 (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : 1. In "AdapterDispatchPower", when entering power state D3, we should
               CloseStreamManager. Otherwise, system will be crashed, because
               Sensaura rendering timer is still working.
            2. In case we go to any sleep state we disconnect the interrupt service
               reoutine from the interrupt.
            3. Delete "retard closing StreamManager". It has no use now.
            4. Solve the problem of "when Reverb is enabled and wave check box in
               MS volume control is muted, we still can hear the reverb sound".

STEP2.SYS : 1. In private property "KSPROPERTY_CMAUDIO_MISCELLANEOUS", "FuncLimited",
               and "CutMSSpeakerConfig" can be get and set.

STEP3.SYS : 1. Fix the problem in HCT wave driver "test case 9:36 sampling rate
               accuracy". When the WaveIn format is other than 44k/48k, we should
               fail that WaveIn capture in ValidateFormat. Then system will convert
STEP4.SYS : 1. Correct the noise of MicAsCenterBass, when start and stop playing.
            2. Use Sensaura's new library to set 3dBBoost=TRUE, and take multiply
               coefficient 1.4 out.

STEP5.SYS : 1. When set to the maximum left or right pan in wave control of the
               Microsoft volume control, the front 2 speakers will all be muted.
               (In STEP1.SYS, point 4, we made some mistake)
            2. In step4, there is an eorror, "the LineInAsRear setting is not issued
               to CMI8738 at Windows start up" (only in step4). We correct this
               problem in step5.

0621 (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : 1. The full function chip, can be used as FuncLimited LX chip.
            2. When chip is FuncLimited, delete AC3-pin in WaveCyclicSB16.
            3. When use 44k rendering for SPDIFOUT, we must receive a 2 channels
               format from system, because the Sensaura library can't support
               channel mixing st this time. (if we un-check Reverb, and use MCI
               to play sound, the sound will be missing).
            4. Correct the errors in LinInAsRear, LineInAsBass, MicAsBass.
            5. In HCT test, retard closing StreamManager for 1 sec, if the sound
               rendering time is less than 1 sec.

               #define STREAM_MANAGER_DELAY_COUNT   400        // 1 unit = 2.5ms
               #define STREAM_MANAGER_DUE_TIME      (-10000000)// 1 unit = 100ns

STEP2.SYS : 1. The Matrox PCVCR problem: When recording is active, the rendering
               should switch to DSSPEAKER_QUAD, only when the dwSpeakerConfig is

STEP3.SYS : 1. When we multiply a coefficient 1.3 to the Sensaura rendered data,
               the value may possibly overflow (> 32767 or < -32768), so we should
               do the saturation in the MMX code (This is a temporally solution).

STEP4.SYS : 1. When WinDVD play AC3 digital data, 039 chip use channels 1 to play,
               037 use channel 0 to play, so we should mute channels 0, and 1
               simultaneouly. Otherwise, noise will be heard. This solution can
               cover all chip version.

0620 (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : 1. After Sensaura rendering, multiply a coefficient 1.3 to increase
               the signal level for HCT test of Sensaura WDM driver.
            2. only Sensaura INF exists (HCTINF is cancelled).

               #define VOLUME_COEFF1                13
               #define VOLUME_COEFF2                20

STEP2.SYS : 1. In INF file, use "CutMSSpeakerConfig" to disconnect the speaker
               config from Microsoft control panel.

STEP3.SYS : 1. When judging FuncLimited, chip 055 is inversed.
            2. When chip is FuncLimited, ValidateFormat will fail the format,

0619 (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : 1. PC Speaker mute
            2. Microphone recording gain control (Boost when recording)
            3. When playing a 6 channel wave during recording is active,
               inform Sensaura and switch to 4 speakers.
            4. In KSPROPERTY_CMAUDIO_MISCELLANEOUS property, add an item called,
               EnableSensaura, to save ADAPTER_USE_SENSAURA in registry.

STEP2.SYS : 1. In KSPROPERTY_CMAUDIO_SPDIF property, add an item called,
               SamplingRate, to select rendering SPDIF on 44k or 48k
            2. fix speaker geometry
            3. fix Microphone recording gain control (stored in HWMixerExtSettings)

STEP3.SYS : 1. fix the bug of "When recording is active, switch to 4 speakers"

0618 (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : 1. Use multiplex node and sum node to select recording source in topology.
               User can choose multiple sources in MS recording control
               (traditional 8738 way).
STEP2.SYS : 1. fix the problem that 037 chip 18H D24 cannot read correctly

0617 (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : 1. Use multiplex node to select recording source in topology
            2. "RecordMultiplex" in INF is used as the default selection (1-5)
                RecordMultiplex = 1 ---> Wave
                RecordMultiplex = 2 ---> Line In
                RecordMultiplex = 3 ---> Aux
                RecordMultiplex = 4 ---> CD
                RecordMultiplex = 5 ---> Microphone
                RecordMultiplex = 6 ---> All (Wave + LineIn + Aux + CD + Mic)
            3. KSPROPERTY_CMAUDIO_CHIP_INFO can get CMI33, CMI37, CMI39, CMI55

STEP2.SYS : 1. RecordMultiplex = 6 ---> decided by RecordSettings
            2. Add the following property, which is used to determine the
               private combined record-settings.

0616 (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : 1. Solve the problem of MCI FALSE-Multi-Channel.
               Use "Enable-Reverb" to control MCI 2 or 6 channels
            2. Add the following properties
                   KSPROPERTY_CMAUDIO_CHIP_INFO = 6;
                   KSPROPERTY_CMAUDIO_CHANNEL_NUM = 7;
                   KSPROPERTY_CMAUDIO_PLAY_6CHAN = 8;
            3. Note that KSPROPERTY_CMAUDIO_PLAY_6CHAN can over-write
               "Enable-Reverb" in KSPROPERTY_CMAUDIO_GLOBAL_REVERB
            4. Disable ForceGenerateCenter/ForceCopyMode in property page

0615 (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : Add a registry key, MasterVolAtten, which can cantrol the master volume
            MasterVolAtten's unit = dB, ex., 0x0001 = 1dB, 0x0002 = 2dB
STEP2.SYS : Add 055 chip version judgement (by John)
STEP3.SYS : 1. Mute LineIn, Aux, CD, and Mic, when volume level is 0
            2. fix the bugs of reported maximum channels (=6, not 4),
               but 033, 037, 039_As_037 the SpeakerConfig is limited to 4

0614 (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : fix the bugs of speaker settings, the sound channels heard is coincident
            with the speaker settings in mixer.exe now. The speaker settings of direct
            sound is Microsoft's problem. It has no solution for the present.

0613 (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : Sensaura update channels.cpp, common.cpp, mintopo.cpp, shared.h,
            (in, ConvertLogToLin(int vol, int pan), a second augument is added)

0612 (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : Sensaura library updated (fixed bugs on "Soldier of Fortune",
            "Unreal Tournement")
STEP2.SYS : 1. Force central generation on 6-channel
            2. fix the bug of "AdapterCommon->QueryCapability return wrong BOOLEAN state"
            3. fix the bug of "the set method of PropertyHandler_Miscellaneous always
               return FALSE"
STEP3.SYS : 1. Microphone gain control

0611 (Sensaura Library 2133)
STEP1.SYS : Wave Playback/Capture, Force CopyMode on private mixer(new dll)

0610 (Sensaura Library 2133)
STEP1.SYS : some modifications from SENSAURA

0609 (Sensaura Library 2133)
STEP1.SYS : h/w copy mode usage for A-A path Control
            enable h/w bass as 5-channel activate

0608 (Sensaura Library 2133)
STEP1.SYS : add front left/right volume control to private mixer
STEP2.SYS : optimise dma channel management (intermediate version)
STEP3.SYS : optimise dma channel management
STEP4.SYS : add chip capability query support (full function or LX/MX)

0607 (Sensaura Library 2133)
STEP1.SYS : support AC/3 over S/PDIF (buggy)
STEP2.SYS : bug fixed (Working on PDVD3.0, WinME, ChipVer 37/39)
            Mic Volume restoration after system suspension

0606 (Sensaura Library 2133)
STEP1.SYS : update to Sensaura Library 2133 (fix global reverbation on 2D stream)

0605 (Sensaura Library 2128)
STEP1.SYS : global reverbation, surround mode bug fixed
STEP2.SYS : some Sensaura bug fixed
STEP4.SYS : software volume control for 4/6 channel
STEP5.SYS : global reverbation interface
STEP6.SYS : restore/save all settings automatically
STEP7.SYS : full-duplex review
STEP8.SYS : full-duplex 037/039 optimization
STEP9.SYS : some bug fixed

0604 (Sensaura Library 2120)
0604.SYS : Private Property Page (support SPDIF)

STEP6.SYS : 6-channel playback with Sensaura Library 2113A (buggy)
STEP7.SYS : 6-channel playback bypass Sensaura Library 2113A
STEP8.SYS : 6-channel playback with Sensaura Library 2120

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