1869FM/APP/FMRADIO/ENGLISH/JMODE/SUGGEST1.TXT Driver File Contents (1869fm.zip)

Driver Package File Name: 1869fm.zip
File Size: 2.5 MB

The Setup program is terminated abnormallly when it proceeds 
testing for sound card's low level recording function (Wave
recording) under Windows 95. Your PC might be hung up also. 

Possible reason:
Ths possible reason is that the sound card driver used in your
PC is not the correct one for your sound card. Therefore, the
sound card's Wave recording function works abnormally.

Please remove the current driver for sound card (in different
names) from Windows 95. Read carefully User's Manual to re-
install the driver for Windows 95 properly. To ensure your
sound card to work well, please use the right driver supplied
by maker to re-install it. 

If you do not sort out the mess first and keep installing 
Setup program, it will skip the sound card checking processes 
to avoid hanging up the system again. 

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